New G.I. Joe Trailer: More Cheesy Than Heroic

Published 6 years ago by , Updated May 10th, 2009 at 9:30 am,

new gi joe trailer New G.I. Joe Trailer: More Cheesy Than Heroic

The new international trailer for G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra looks to hit all its cues, but viewers might come away with the early symptoms of CGI fatigue.

We’re introduced to all the players, including General Hawk (Dennis Quaid), Destro (Christopher Eccleston) and The Baroness (Sienna Miller). We see that Cobra’s minions get metallic masks, in keeping with G.I. Joe tradition. We learn that the Joes get elaborate bio-suits that turn them into semi-superheroes.

But, the tone so far looks to venture a little too far into camp. The action comes off way over the top, while the CGI skirmishes look not too far removed from the “one per half-hour” frame rate of the original animated series. The great war between the defenders of freedom and international terrorism is just looking a little childish in these trailers — in an era when we’re fighitng the real thing every day.

Then again, it’s just a trailer. And it’s not like this is aspiring to knock off Citizen Kane. There’s a chance we’ll be looking at more of The Mummy than Van Helsing. What say you?

G.I. Joe opens on August 7, 2009.

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  1. Was this the trailer for the Halo movie? Accelerator suits? OH he must mean that G.I.Joe ripped off the spartan armor 😛 I totally get it now.Other than that this movie will regrettably have a meeting with my eyeballs,lets hope i survive it :)

  2. By no means does this look like an incredible action movie. It does look like an exhilarating one though, so count me in.

    I’m all for mindless action, even if the CGI isn’t exactly great. It’s not like the special effects any of us saw, while growing up, were any better anyway.

    Besides, Snake Eyes just looks so freaking rad.

  3. You know, it does look a little camp, but I think that’ll be the reason why I’ll see it. 😀


  5. lol… that last part did look like a halo game. I never liked the cartoon… it sucked big time… i would have rather watched the police academy cartoon if you guys remember that… but it does seem like its going to be like a bigger budget “sci-fi channel” movie… all cheese and no nachos. I’ll reserve full judgment till i see the movie…

  6. That trailer is 70 levels of awful. If any of you who hate Transformers actually think that G.I. Joe looks good on any level based on that trailer, you no longer have any ground for criticizing Transformers. I thought the beginning was from Star Wars Episode I – the underwater sequence on Naboo. Honestly, this will be the crappiest crap fest ever.

  7. Since i’m not familiar with the characters… like i said i hated the cartoon. Who’s the bad guy of the 2 ninjas… the black one or the white one…?

  8. it looks like a mix between halo and iron man………..this is gonna be crap

  9. It won’t be worse than Speed Racer,and that’s about all I can say right now.

  10. Okay people – enough with the complaints! I’ve seen the trailer and even though I wasn’t a die hard fan of the cartoon – I did read the comics!! I saw this trailer and yes, I would go to see the film. They said don’t see Transformers but it was excellent; they also did not like the first “X-Men” movies but they were x-tremely good! Both films made a lot of money and got new (er) fans!!
    I just saw the new Transformers trailer in the theater today while waiting to see “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” I want to see it when it comes out too! “Wolverine” was x-ellent!!! They mixed up his backgound a little but I guess they had to “fix” it for the newer fans to explain how he got his “adamantium”,etc. Gambit was good but the actor needs to work on Gambit “Cajun” accent more. A must see for “X” fans. As for “Joe” I definately agree its worth a looksee! I particularly like Christopher Eccleston (Having seen some of his films) I think he’s gonna surprise everyone! He did an excellent “Doctor Who” and was better than David Tennant! Who cares if the “Joe” film resembles a game – they make games that remind me of “Joe”??? They even made one based on “XMO:Wolverine and its already in stores! So, quit complaining and just enjoy the movies and BTW, they are planning a live action movie of the “Thundercats” and even “Cowboy Beebop”!

  11. How many times has a shot like that been used in movies since “The Right Stuff” in the early 80’s?

    I can think of Armaggedon with Bruce Willis for one..anybody think of more?

  12. @ Mark, if the movie is as good as this trailer makes it look, then Transformers deserves an award for excellence in comparison…

    I can’t believe Dennis Quaid signed on to do this… he should be ashamed…

  13. this movie is gonna be as enjoyable as watching a cake bake in the oven. Trailer did not impress me.

  14. Well depending on the type of cake it could be quite fun as u know the fluffy goodness is soon to be produced. LOL.

    As long as I dont see Snake Eyes that f-ing gun in the trailers I’ll go to see it. Heck if he does use it I will still go see it but it will be a failure like Gambit’s hat was in Wolverine.

  15. This trailer is outta control. I can not wait for the movie. And people remember it’s just a movie. It’s a cartoon turned into a movie. So forgive the cheesy undertone.

  16. I just don’t understand how people bash or downgrade a movie like this because it’s too over the top. It’s a mindless action flick and that’s what it should be moved as. It’s not a political movie making a statement and it’s not looking to be the next great masterpiece in cinema. It should be enjoyed for what it is. A throwback movie where you get to see Snake-Eyes kick stormshadow’s can in live action.
    With all that said i’m looking forward to watching it.

  17. I don’t mind over the top, Live Free or Die Hard is over the top and I LOVE that movie, but it doesn’t have to be so cheesy and corny while doing it…

  18. Think of the trailer as a pizza… it aint a pizza without CHEESE.


  19. 2 Words….STORM_SHADOW. That is the only reason to see the movie. Him and Snake Eyes were the only reason… oh yeah and Quick Kick…and the twins, Tomax and Xamot! Too bad like every other film, they will leave out the best, most exciting characters…

  20. Ken, Dennis Quaid has gotta eat man. Honestly, I applaud Quaid for getting this. A major blockbuster film property with merchandise rights to the roof and from looking at Dennis in this trailer, it seems like an off-day at the office than working. Good for Mr. Quaid.

    I have no complaints for this, it is supposed to be fun but I do have one. Why accelerator suits? There is a limit to how cheesy or camp you can make something. If you need the suits then are you telling me that the Joes from the comics and cartoons are a lot tougher than Channing Tatum? Say it ain’t so, Joe!

  21. I think it looks like it’s going to be a very cool popcorn action film! I can’t wait to see it! But, I’ve only been waiting since 1984, since they first talked about doing a live action movie! I do wish that they would have stuck more to the look of the 80’s comic and left the nano-suits on the hangers!

  22. Hello, I am the Official Judge of Movie Trailers, for the world.

    I know that this movie trailer looks cheesy. However, it is actually heroic.

    The real heroes in this story are the brave men and women who will be forced to rebuild the Eiffel Tower. Pressure much? Wow, like, that’d be super tough.

    I believe in them though. Because I believe in the French. In fact, may the French be with you.

  23. @the official judge of movie trailers
    all the french have to do is cgi-it back in… just how they cgi-d its destruction. Fire with fire…lol. I don’t know but i am going to see this movie though…

  24. They might surrender half way through the rebuild process, then people from other countries will have to move in and finish the job for them…

  25. @ken j
    Wow… Lol thats cold. But if i were to add on to that comment i would say… Then they would complain about how “brutes” we were at doing the job for several years ahead.

  26. sorry but G.I joe and transformers always sucked in my book

  27. Well seeing how as the French did give us (The US) the Statue of Liberty it would appear they are capable of completing and doing fine work.

  28. Pssshhhh, they couldn’t even get it to stay copper color… 😛

  29. @ Ken J

    ROFL, that was our fault for not polishing it. 😛

    how do you get smiley emoticons?