New G.I. Joe Trailer: More Cheesy Than Heroic

Published 6 years ago by , Updated May 10th, 2009 at 9:30 am,

new gi joe trailer New G.I. Joe Trailer: More Cheesy Than Heroic

The new international trailer for G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra looks to hit all its cues, but viewers might come away with the early symptoms of CGI fatigue.

We’re introduced to all the players, including General Hawk (Dennis Quaid), Destro (Christopher Eccleston) and The Baroness (Sienna Miller). We see that Cobra’s minions get metallic masks, in keeping with G.I. Joe tradition. We learn that the Joes get elaborate bio-suits that turn them into semi-superheroes.

But, the tone so far looks to venture a little too far into camp. The action comes off way over the top, while the CGI skirmishes look not too far removed from the “one per half-hour” frame rate of the original animated series. The great war between the defenders of freedom and international terrorism is just looking a little childish in these trailers — in an era when we’re fighitng the real thing every day.

Then again, it’s just a trailer. And it’s not like this is aspiring to knock off Citizen Kane. There’s a chance we’ll be looking at more of The Mummy than Van Helsing. What say you?

G.I. Joe opens on August 7, 2009.

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  1. Seriously, when do people walk perfectly side by side like that in real life anyhow? I’m just talking about the picture, I can’t see the trailer, blocked where I am…

    But I’ve seen so many screens from the movie of the cast all walking side by side in a perfect straight line like that, wtf? When I’m in a group, we’re usually all just bunched up in a very disorganized manner, lol. That is something you only see in movies…

    I guess I’ll see the trailer when I get home…

  2. i think this trailer looks badass, cant wait for this film

  3. WOW, that trailer get me syked up to the max. I haven’t seen a trailer that made me want to go see the movie like that in a while. popcorn will be consumed in mass quantities.

  4. Looks pretty good to me John (love that name 8-) ). As long as I don’t get the stupid humor like in some films, I’m satisfied with the over-the-top action. I spend my $8.50 for great CGI and no-holds-barred action sequences.

  5. I was wondering when someone from here was going to post this for all to see and comment on.
    Save for the bio-suits I think the trailer looks pretty good. Of course it’s going to be over-the-top and nowhere near a real-world experience but come on it’s a summer movie action film based on a toy/cartoon show. Were you expecting something deep? I like Dennis Quaid and Christopher Eccelston (Dr. Who 2005 anyone?) so here’s to hoping they show Destro in his chrome-domey glory!
    1st person to say the Ray Parks is not gonna absolutely rock as Snake Eyes is full of crap.

  6. This trailer makes me think of that live action Thunderbirds movie that came out a year or two ago.


  7. Snake Eyes and his cool ninja look and padded muscle suit, ooohhh, lol. Personally I think it would be far too stuffy to walk around with the mask on all day. ;-)

  8. They need to clean up the CGI it looks a little weak. I’m getting the feel like this is Power Rangers on steroids. And is it just me or did they take the name GI Joe and just apply it to the game Crysis? They are all just basically running around in Nano-Suits.

  9. I’ll see this for Cobra but I don’t know about the rest. Doesn’t look that good but I loved G.I. Joe when I was a young buck.

  10. my bad – I meant Snake Eyes. oops

  11. Wow, a movie based a children’s cartoon looks childish? unbelievable!!!

  12. Well, maybe they should have made it an animated movie then. :-)

  13. Did anyone notice the sceen towards the end where the two joes are running and dodging missles seems to be very close the scene in transformers where the robot is dodging missles? I forgot the auto bots name sorry. It seems like they took a page directly out of michael bays book.

  14. I can’t watch this trailer (at work, and it’s blocked), but do you mean the instead of simply side stepping away from it, they do some fancy spinning leap through the air thing?

  15. I had NO interest in this movie whatsoever. Now that I have seen the trailer, it looks like it’ll be a fun, no-holds barred action film. I think I’m in….

  16. Popcorn flick. Nothing cerebral.

    I love the line: “We’re running out of time, eject!” If you remember in the cartoon, they always ejected before the ships were even hit. A little tongue-in-cheek. :)

  17. Had low expectations but I can’t lie, the trailer looks pretty awesome. Yes the CGI is a little “weak”, but bundled up together with great camera shots (not up close) and great action choreography it looks pretty damn good. The hummer flipping through the air was great. Snake Eyes looks badass.

    And then there’s Channing Tatum (I hate saying that name, does anyone know if that’s his actual name?). Personally, I think the guy is so average/mediocre (acting, looks, personality). I have no idea why people like him so much outside of the Disney channel tweens. But hey, more power to him, just please don’t cast him as a superhero.

  18. WOW
    Way to steal that last scene dodging the missiles from the first Transformers movie

    OY – Baroness and Scarlett look hot but otherwise………

    Geez ACCELERATOR suits??……

    Lets rip Iron Man while we are at it

  19. I am surprised nobody knows where those suits are from. In 2005 there was a very short lived animated GI Joe series called Sigma 6. In that show they wore those suits all the time. It was a more futuristic show that the original stuff so they added in the futuristinc feel from those suits.

    That being said, the show was awful and didnt even last its first season. No idea why they would incorporate a failure of an idea into their first major movie.

    I am really looking forward to this though. Make all the cartoons from my childhood into live action movies!! We already got 2 (Transformers and GI Joe) bring on the rest!! Voltron, Thindercats, He-Man and M.A.S.K.!! Matt Trakker’s flying Camaro and Stiletto’s Motorcycle were the best!!

  20. Utter crap.

  21. Looked good until those silly accelerator suits came in and then that last scene of them jumping around in the suits while dodging missiles. That looked way too much like a video game.

  22. @ Doom3524

    Now there’s an idea! M.A.S.K.!I loved that show and the toys were awesome!

    Too bad that there’s no way that Hollywood would actually make it good.

  23. @ DOOM

    What about Ninja Turtles? Xmen? Spiderman?

    I like it when Hollywood goes for these ideas, I think in a way it’s way more challenging to create a live movie out of a cartoon or even video game and comic because the original story is designed for a completely different medium.

  24. If they can put together a G.I. Joe movie, they could easily do M.A.S.K. The toy line and show have more of a hardcore cult fan base, and it wouldn’t be hard to please those fans. With the kinds of CGI being thrown around for Transformers and the upcoming G.I. Joe movie, you could easily see Thunderhawk opening it’s doors and going into jet mode.

    Casting would be an issue, but Bryan Cox would be perfect for Miles Mayhem while Aaron Eckhart would fit the bill for Matt Tracker. The rest of the characters are really a toss up. If they do it I just hope they don’t try to Jar-Jar Binks the whole thing by making T-Bob and Scott a huge part of the film

  25. Its tragic that this movie ever got made. It looks so over the top and truly stupid! It will be interesting for hormonal boys but the rest really should just stay away and find something more intelligent to do.

  26. I just saw the trailer… No comment…

  27. Ok, I’ll say this:

    Why Dennis Quaid, WHY???????

  28. Looks fun, and as its GI Joe, I’m really not expecting much more.