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I know, I know, G.I. Joe is probably going to be a disaster of a movie – but we must nevertheless soldier on (get it?) with all the news that gets released about it. The latest is a set of four new posters, each concentrating on a specific character. We also have some news on the trailer from a week or so ago that we never got around to mentioning here on the site.

Check out the posters below (click for larger view) and then on to the trailer report:

gi joe poster1 New G.I. Joe Movie Character Posters

Is it just me or does it come off as kind of silly trying to apply a sleek, grey-scale styled aesthetic to what is clearly aiming to be a brainless action flick? The folks at Paramount probably think it makes it look cool when in fact it does no such thing. They’d have been better off being really brash and bold with the posters, to reflect what the film is most likely actually going to be. Of course that’s all speculation; for all we know it could be Oscar worthy material and therefore this kind of design is justified. Yeah, I know, seems unlikely…

When I used the word “disaster” at the top of the post I wasn’t using it lightly – you just have to look at the reviews of the trailer that was shown a few months ago. And sorry, it’s not available online yet.

Here’s an excerpt (you can read the full review here if you wish):

I just came from a “test screening” of the first teaser trailer for “G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra.” What can I say about it? Well, it was horrible. No, actually it was worse than horrible.

The trailer begins with some jets zooming by and dropping some bombs. Then we see Dennis Quaid as Hawk talking to members of a new elite fighting force he says has been put together to fight terrorism.

Next we see some quick shots of a number of characters like Scarlett, Channing Tatum’s Duke on a motorcycle, Sienna Miller as the Baroness sliding down a staircase railing, and a quick shot of Snake Eyes and Stormshadow fighting. About the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow fight…it looks about as bad as a fight from the “Double Dragon” movie from the early 90’s.

Yeah… that’s not good at all, is it?

What do you make of the new posters? Do you like the design or do you think they’re kidding themselves? Will G.I Joe be a disaster or is everyone judging too quickly?

Sources: /Film and NukeTheFridge

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  1. I WAS pumped for the film until I saw the costumes. Posters, meh? I don’t know, no real emotion. Trailer sounds awful–another “not-quite-finished, rushed into production, to beat the WGA strike” script. Now we’ll see the fruits of that “labor.”


  2. SInce I personally haven’t seen the trailer I will reserve judgement. However, if I recall many were trashing the Wolverine trailer that was leaked from comic-con and now that it is available in HD a lot of skeptics are changing their tune, myself included.

  3. This will bomb…

  4. Well WE didn’t trash the Wolverine footage from Comic-Con. This is what I had to say about that footage back in July:

    “They showed an extended trailer for the film which I have to say was pretty damned awesome and the crowd went nuts… The buzz on this has been that it’s not going to be good but you certainly couldn’t tell that from the trailer that was shown.”


  5. @Vic

    Was speaking in general, not specifically ScreenRant. Plus my memory is getting wrose daily so I could just be remembering things that didn’t happen :)

  6. I’m not sure you should expect much from either G.I. Joe OR Wolverine just yet.

  7. I’m just wondering if anyone in this movie will wear actual ‘military’ uniforms.

  8. This is starting to remind me of Street Fighter.. you know, some odd military personnel doing their best to overcome a shadowy global crime syndicate with some super-villain character at the helm, and everyone wears funny clothes and has funny names.

  9. Wow, a bunch of young hip guys and a hot chick in tacticool black outfits with a tacticool ninja since ninjas are always cool, and so are assassins, they must have that in this movie if they want to cram in every gimmick in the book…

  10. I’m indifferent toward the GI Joe movie, but I find it interesting how similar these posters are to those for the new Star Trek movie, i.e., graytone headshots of individual characters. Those posters, like these, are utterly underwhelming to me, and I think really poor marketing for anyone who doesn’t already know who these characters are. I think Paramount’s promotions department needs to expand its creative horizons…

  11. I agree Jason, why not show them in action?

  12. I think G.I. Joe was always a bit, well let’s sa, not quality material as a cartoon or a comic… And I don’t see them really pulling it off on the big screen as Live Action. These Combat/war movies don’t come out to well when they’re too flashy, colorful and all that.

  13. I must say that my expectations for this movie dropped alot after they decided not to be a real american hero, but go NATO or some B.S. like that. In my mind, the animated movie, was great and will allways be superior. Much like the Transformers one was….. And I can’t picture M. Wayans as an action hero, much less a comedian, and yes I saw D&D…….

  14. I’ll go into the theatre, sit down with a bunch of other dudes in their 30′s, full-on expecting crap and hopefully, HOPEFULLY I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  15. I don’t find Sienna Miller atractive but in that wig and those glasses all I can say is MEEE-OWWWWW !! Saucer of milk table 2…Magic of Hollywood I guess..

  16. ANd what’s with the visor on Snake Eyes helment…An organization like GI Joe and all they could come up with is a pastry dough blender for a visor..Great Googley Moogley…

  17. This poster layout is so overused these days. Every “big” film for the last 5-10 years has used the single person in their badass pose on a poster look. While it makes a statement, it’s becoming a tired statement. I was never really a big GI fan, but i was initially kind of excited about this. Not sure that’s the case any longer.

  18. @Dannyboy

    I’m glad they went from being all American to UN or NATO or whatever because this movie is going to be CRAP and the last thing we need is for people to use this against all-American type things, lol.

    If it looked like it might turn out to be something good, then it would have been nice to keep the whole red-white-blue pride in it.

  19. This poster is cool for person,Plus G.I. Joe Snake eyes real Two Sweet……:)

  20. I never watched the cartoon and I never played with the little action figures. But when I was a kid it was all Eagle eye joe and Kung fu grip…now that was the $#17 YO !

  21. I am going to give the movie a chance.I wasn’t that excited for the first transformer movie and it turned out to be a badass experience.The trailer wasn’t that great I will admit,but I dont think it should be judged so soon.And as far a wolverine goes,anyone who says that movie looks crappy has a problem..

  22. they should have made it truer to the cartoon…set it in vietnam (ala predator) and make the Joes look real…like soldiers. I think they should have made this movie more realistic…hell the youngest fan of G.I. joe in the 80′s is practically 30+ I think we could forgive If you made it a little more grown up and realistic.

  23. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tommy Solomon, 3rd Rock From the Sun) is Cobra Commander? Marlon Wayans (White Chicks and a bunch of other bad movies) is supposed to be an elite soldier that is going to save the world? Plus Stephen Sommers is putting characters from his crappy Mummy movies into this film (Brenden Fraser whom will be playing a “Ranking Sergeant” that is the great great-grandson of Rick O’Connell a f****** character from The Mummy)? You gotta be f******* kiddin me! What jacka$$ in Hollywood green-lighted this s***? Avoid this movie like the swine flu! Hopefully if no one shows up to watch this crap we will never have to worry about a sequel.

  24. Well ur were worng because G.I. Joe was the best summer movie this year

  25. it made a lot of money. don’t make it a good film. Boobs are nice though.

  26. @Mikeyboy

    LMAO! If there as ever a keeper of a quote – yours would be it. 8)

    “it made a lot of money. don’t make it a good film. Boobs are nice though.”