First Dragonball Trailer = Fail

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goku with dragon ball First Dragonball Trailer = FailFail.

That’s the quintessential word of choice describing what I think about this trailer, and even the movie for that matter. Today we get our first look at what the Dragonball movie is shaping up to be, with the release of the first teaser trailer.

The trailer does nothing right for me. I actually think it looks awful and terribly cheap. With that in mind, I do have to admit that I am not a fan of the anime cartoon shows so I guess I could be biased.

I know it’s just an early teaser trailer and that it may be kind of unfair to judge a movie based on that. However, a trailer does share with us a lot of information such as how its filmed, the style and tone, what the effects look like, how the characters look and act, etc.

Take a look and see what you think before I really tell you how I really feel:


From all of those aspects, I have very little faith in this film and from what I’m reading online, neither do most others (including fans of the tv shows). The scenes shown here really make it look like they’re trying to imitate so many other movies but none of it really works.

So if that’s the case, who is this film appealing to? I would imagine most movie-goers aren’t excited about this, and if actual dragonball fans are worried as well… then I can’t see this doing very well at the box-office.

I will keep an open mind and see what future trailers have to offer. Perhaps its too early to throw down the hammer on this. But from the start, I have had nothing but negative feelings toward the promotional material and this trailer just adds to my feelings about this.

Dragonball is based off a successful manga series that lasted from the mid-eighties to mid-nineties which evolved into several anime television series’ and multiple video games.

The live-action Dragonball film hits theaters April 10, 2009.

So what do you think? Am I being too harsh?


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  1. Ben Ramsey’s credits include
    love and a bullet which was rated a 5.1 out of 10 star movie

    The Big Hit which was rated a 5.7 out of
    10 star movie

    and has penned “Luke Cage” which
    is currently in production

    James Wong credits

    Final Destination was rated 6.7 out of
    10 stars.

    While the ratings aren’t stellar they are a few steps up from a steaming pile!
    Which can be expected with a relatively small fan base. By the way Toriyama san wouldn’t write a new DB property he’s said as much before.

    ratings are from

  2. Who said Dragonball GT?
    That never happened!
    Begone with such words!

  3. I agree with SUPA 46 some Hollywood movie that are Japanese Influenced fail… the characters look crappy, the story dumb’s down and the complexity of the whole movie fails. Not every hollywood action movie does this though, but i do have to say that lots of Asian action movies are better even with crappy effects.

    I wouldn’t say that hate is keeping movies from going places but think about the movies that should have been great. X-MEN all of them think 1st movie ok
    2nd movie better than 1st 3rd movie FAIL 1st of yall why get the guy who made the rush hour movies to even make XMEN he even said he never read a comic

    So with that being said i would have more faith if some director’s did there homework when it comes to video game movies, anime and comic book movies

    Marvel has a path paved out follow them a little bit .. their movies have been good because they know about the genre
    And so has Chirstoper Nolen he changed up batman but made it good.. Even that guys that made smallville

  4. @ old man

    You know there was recently a movie called Wanted that very few people knew about and they were able to get A-list actors into that mediocrity. The fan base is strong enough my friend. The problem is the age range of the fan base because which is 10 – 30, and most people who have time to watch DB Saga are between 10-23. So that already doomed the creators to make it some cheap Laguna Beach crap.Also I’m not sure where you are getting your ratings scale, but the Big Hit is at least an 8.

    Also I agree with BJ and everyone else that Hollywood needs to stop trying to Americanize everything Asian. And if you dont know what Im talking about just look at all the PG-13 horror crap from the last 8 years, The Grudge, the Eye, One Missed Call, ETC.

  5. I believe the fan base is strong, but the strength is relative. Especially in the U.S. Its popularity isn’t equal to Batman, Spider man, X Men, or Iron man. I bet the average U.S. film attendee over 59, if shown the Hulk photo and a Goku photo, could name the Hulk and his alter ego. Goku and the name of his Saiyan father doesn’t even have that level of recognition. They simply haven’t been around long enough.

    Who are the Asians??

    It’s interesting to note that it’s considered an American phenomenon to label citizens by their ethnicity rather than the country they came from. For example, Koreans and Cambodians find little in common, but when they arrive here they become “Asian.” This is something that is becoming a greater and greater problem. Do U.S. citizens become hyphenated Americans when their nationality is, what? Koreans, Japanese, Haitians? How far can the emphasis on keeping cultural roots go before national identity is compromised? Because the nations of the world all face this problem, the same thing is happening in places like Japan too. As for the movies; “The Grudge,” “the Eye,” “One Missed Call” or even movies like “poltergeist,” and “The Exorcist” hold little interest to me. I haven’t seen any of those and so can’t judge based on their merits. I wouldn’t categorize mediocre movies with total wastes like “Ishtar” or “Three Amigos” either. A movie rated on a 10 star level would have to rate 2.5 to a 3 to be unworthy of seeing in some venue. For me ,because it’s “Dragon Ball,” it already rates a 3.4, because I’m interested in it. “Ishtar,” for example I had never heard of before seeing it. A friend wanted to see it, because they thought it would be funny…:( About as funny as cat claws on a chalk board to me. I was never so glad to get out of a theater in my life! That thing was 1/2 star. It got that for Beatty and Hoffman showing up. How they got through that without sickening and dying, I’ll never know! The movie in “The Ring” that killed everybody, was actually “Ishtar.” :)

  6. @ old man

    Firstly you just killed your own comment about fan base saying it is not relevant, so why mention it in the first place. Also Wanted has a much weaker fanbase than DB yet they got Morgan Freeman and Angelina Ho-lie on board. Secondly I said Asian because many movies have been taken from the many different nationalities and races of Asia and have been Americanized mostly for the worse, but some like The Departed which is an American version of the Chinese film Trilogy Infernal Affairs is pretty good. Also don’t assume everyone posting is “American” that shows narrow mindedness and again trumps your why do Americans label people by ethnicity. Also don’t try to take this to a debate of nationality origin and how people identify themselves.

    Asia is a continent. People from Asia are hey guess what called Asian regardless of what country in Asia they from. Furthermore some one would say Asian if they were not sure what part of Asia some one or something was from to not be offensive.

    Also it’s common knowledge a 59 year old would not recognize who Goku is becuase DB Saga was not introduced during their era, especially if they were not from America. You can show a photo of the HULK to a 59 year old non-American and they would probably not know who the Hulk is, much less his alter ego, so what the point of the Goku/Hulk comparison? Also DB came way after Hulk in respect to the Manga, show series so of course a 59 year old would not readily recognize Goku.

    Three Amigos is a classic, Isthar just by box cover didnt look funny. So it again comes down to the fan base and age range . I suggest looking up the track record of original movies or anime from Asia that have been turned into Americanized crap. The list is long.

  7. Re: SIN187UM

    I’m not saying it’s going to be great. I’m not making any comments one way or the other because the fact is, like you, I haven’t seen it. So how in the blue hell can anyone make a comment one way or the other without having seen it? That’s crazy. That’s like writing a book report on a book I only read the jacket of.

  8. Because that is my 1st amendment right to say if soemthing if crap or not without seeing the whole movie. If I want to say a movie is crap based off of a crappy trailer its my right, and this website provides a platform for that. Hell is too hot to be blue. Also there has been some one who has written a report on a book just by looking at the cover.

  9. Re: the old man

    You know what, after further contemplation…don’t bother. A lot of people can’t seem to comprehend reason. This is a circuitous discussion that is going no where. Kudos to you for making the effort, though 😉

  10. Add you self to that list of non reason comprehension. This will continue to be circuitous as long as people try to one up some one.

  11. “Blue hell” is a figure of speech. Furthermore, the hottest part of a blame is the blue part, so if hell is a hot place, then referring to it as blue would certainly make sense.

    And I’m not trying to “one up” anybody. I am just not one who will prejudge someone or something without knowing the full story. If you consider that attempting to “one up” you, then that’s your problem.

  12. @ Carrie

    LOL wow the fact that you try to make yourself seem so educated is funny. Thanks for telling me something I already knew. Furthermore blue can also represent coolness as well, or sadness. And yes you are trying one up someone. My only problem is this CRAP DB movie and CRAP trailer. Period.

  13. I don’t seem educated–I am.

    And you’re welcome to your opinions, guy. Keep up your glorious comments. I’m sure everyone else here appreciates reading them, and experiencing first hand how insightful you truly are. Bravo.

  14. Firstly guy or girl or whatever your preference the only person who said you werent educated was yourself. But you try to make yourself seem so much smarter than than anyone else which is easy online. Thank you for compliments, your attempts at sarcasm are weak indeed. If my comments being enjoyed Im sure they would be deleted. Encore at 7. Now leave me alone LAME.

  15. SIN187UM vs Carrie: “Mortal Kombat!”

  16. What *are* you talking about? Whatever. I’m not trying to make myself seem smarter than anyone on here. But I must say it isn’t hard to make myself seem smarter than someone more simple than anyone else on here could ever hope to imagine.

    “Now leave me alone LAME.” What are you? Seven? You called *me* out first. Don’t start things you can’t finish, kid.

  17. “Finish Him!”, Carrie.

  18. Re avoidz: LMAO 😀

  19. @SIN187UM

    I don’t know what kind of forum you’re used to but here at Screen Rant we are civil and polite to one another even when we disagree.

    Dial it down or you’re going to start finding your comments deleted.


  20. Looked at the trailer and comments. Trailer looks mediocre and the movie looks like hot garbage. I agree with everyone who says this trailer is a failure and that the movie will be a failure. I also agree with SIN on the last bit, and didnt see how he was being uncivil. He just simply responded to sarcasm directed towards him and gave a shared point of view. Anyway like I said this movie will fail, and this trailer of the footage proves it.


  21. Re Chuck: “I also agree with SIN on the last bit, and didnt see how he was being uncivil. He just simply responded to sarcasm directed towards him and gave a shared point of view.”

    Clearly you didn’t read all of the reviews, since SIN calls me out by name first, or where he calls me lame or accuses me of being uneducated.

  22. @ CHUCK

    Thank you.

  23. “Carrie said,
    October 7th, 2008

    You know what, after further contemplation…don’t bother. A lot of people can’t seem to comprehend reason. This is a circuitous discussion that is going no where.

    SIN187UM said,
    October 7th, 2008
    @ Carrie

    LOL wow the fact that you try to make yourself seem so educated is funny. Thanks for telling me something I already knew. Furthermore blue can also represent coolness as well, or sadness. ”

    I did read. Just because you did not type @ SIN187UM doesn’t mean it was not directed at him which seems like that is what he obviously felt that, it was the first comment. Secondly he never said you were not educated, just that you were trying to act so educated with the blue flame comment. there is a difference. Also he did finish it when he told you to leave him alone, and personally i would have chosen another 4 letter word for the trying to be sarcastic with compliments bit.

  24. RE: Chuck.

    You are clearly SIN in disguise. Why don’t you just man up instead of posing as someone else?

    Also, there were other people who were saying the same things on here, so no, that first comment was not directed at anyone specifically. And how else do you construe “LOL wow the fact that you try to make yourself seem so educated is funny” other than that he was clearly implying I was trying to be something that I’m not?

    And finishing something by calling someone “lame” is not finishing anything–that’s someone who’s trying to keep it going or is assuming that they’re being smart in getting “the last word.” As for you choosing a another four letter word, well, good luck with spelling it properly.

  25. Think what you want too, but sorry not him. Also wasn’t it you who typed the last response? What it seems like is that you typed the last response then ran to the admin to make sure it was the last word. Oh my god he called you lame, big deal i’m sure you have been called worse, i know I have. Now you see how you try and put some one down who is only giving his view on something, trying to insult someone’s grammatical ability. You have clearly just now just proven him right in his statements.

  26. Yeah, I typed the last response. I’m not going to go run and hide from anyone, including you. Also, right back at you in “think what you want to,” because for your information, no I did NOT go to the administration. I can fight my own battles. I don’t need to hide behind anyone or anything. And again, no, I don’t take lightly someone trying to diminish me publicly. However, if one can throw out insults, then they should be man/woman enough to take them as well.

    I don’t have to insult someone’s grammatical ability or lack thereof–the proof is in the pudding.

  27. Because I am respecting the what I feel is an unwarranted warning from admin, and from the simple fact I’ve told you to leave me alone anyway I don’t need to do anything but sit back and watch, nor do I need to disguise myself from anyone online or offline.


  28. @SIN
    I will gather all the dragon balls and wish peace up this comment board

    Nimbus CLOUD awayyyyyyyyyy!!!

  29. @ Carrie