First Dragonball Trailer = Fail

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goku with dragon ball First Dragonball Trailer = FailFail.

That’s the quintessential word of choice describing what I think about this trailer, and even the movie for that matter. Today we get our first look at what the Dragonball movie is shaping up to be, with the release of the first teaser trailer.

The trailer does nothing right for me. I actually think it looks awful and terribly cheap. With that in mind, I do have to admit that I am not a fan of the anime cartoon shows so I guess I could be biased.

I know it’s just an early teaser trailer and that it may be kind of unfair to judge a movie based on that. However, a trailer does share with us a lot of information such as how its filmed, the style and tone, what the effects look like, how the characters look and act, etc.

Take a look and see what you think before I really tell you how I really feel:


From all of those aspects, I have very little faith in this film and from what I’m reading online, neither do most others (including fans of the tv shows). The scenes shown here really make it look like they’re trying to imitate so many other movies but none of it really works.

So if that’s the case, who is this film appealing to? I would imagine most movie-goers aren’t excited about this, and if actual dragonball fans are worried as well… then I can’t see this doing very well at the box-office.

I will keep an open mind and see what future trailers have to offer. Perhaps its too early to throw down the hammer on this. But from the start, I have had nothing but negative feelings toward the promotional material and this trailer just adds to my feelings about this.

Dragonball is based off a successful manga series that lasted from the mid-eighties to mid-nineties which evolved into several anime television series’ and multiple video games.

The live-action Dragonball film hits theaters April 10, 2009.

So what do you think? Am I being too harsh?


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  1. As a lifelong DBZ fan, I HATE this trailer. The studio, writers, and director clearly don’t get what it’s about at all. Piccolo looks ridiculous, and the ensemble cast of characters is totally opposite of the show, which constantly relied on Goku, which worked. F*ck this film.

  2. @ Graham Day

    This movie has already been decided by this actor roster, and the fact that it’s not true to the DB/DBZ series. This trailer has shown the best parts already and that is scary, because they did gthe same thing with babylon A.D. showing the best bits and that movie was mediocre (mainly due to Hollywood raping it per director quote). It looks like and will mostly like be like a worse version of Never Back Down, and that movie was terrible.

  3. Still holding out hope for this one.

    Like someone else said this DB movie is based on Dragonball and not DragonballZ. DBZ was MUCH more popular than the latter and I feel this is why fans of the series are so judgmental of the movie.

    The director has talked about a trilogy to incorporate the Saiyan Saga and Frieza Sagas in later films which I would love to see. Unfortunately, if this film does poorly we may never get to see them.

    At this point I would have rather seen them use the money to produce 5-10 more DBZ animé’s but like I said, still hopin’.

  4. All I can say is, trailers don’t make the movie. Trailers that looked great: Battlefield Earth, Avengers, Speed Racer (back off 790 :-) ), Hulk (although there were aspects of Hulk that were pretty good); how many of these films did the fans like? I rest my case.

  5. @ John Taylor
    @ INK
    @ Graham Day

    I’m a big DB AND DBZ, Of Course fan will be judgmental this is more realistic.

    Movie trailers themselves can make or brake a movie. Number one u will see if alot meaning the same scenes over and over.

    Look at Rise of the Silver Surfer they completely changed it i read the comics not the same

    Xmen -not the same

    Spawn- i mean they were aiming for Rated R and hollywood wanted Rated crap.

    Now look at how movie have evolved since the last 3 years alot has changed

    CG, and money being spent on movies increase all the time

    look at how they did the recent hulk, hancock , transformers

    This is the best they can do on the 1st trailer

    I will give this movie a chance when it hits HBO.

    Just from looking at this trailer the move looks cheap.
    Some graphic looks like a Scifi movie

    I mean i seen better CG in Smallville
    then still havent seen krillin
    Next thing we know krillin will be a CG character

    I understand the whole actor thing , and changing a story so that i will make a litte more since to the senseless

    LIke SIN said DOA,mortal kombat 2, street fighter. It looks like a mix between and Japnese movie remake that we stole and made it our own

    this will Stain DB and DBZ

  6. I agree, with Jeanet i got a little sad watching that trailer. I am a huge fan of the 3 series owning all episodes and movies on vhs and dvd”just a little obsessed:)”
    well first of anyone stating DBZ movie you are wrong as it is only DB movie. the movie from that trailer looks like it will not be any good. at least that is my current opinion, future trailers may change my mind. watching the trailer it reminded me of watching the double dragon movie which i did enjoy when i was a child, but i dont want to see that kind of movie made now. Piccalo is green, not grey or an offwhite as he looks on my screen atleast. They are changing the whole story it appears, which is fine as long as it is still a good story, which it maybe. Transformers worked out to be a good movie, with them changing the story quiet a bit so no reason this couldnt be the same. Cast could be worse. I think dialoge will make or break this film. I will still see it fail or not, and that is when i can make my final opinion.

  7. The adventure part of the story makes it watchable for the non fan. Which might save this from commercial failure. One of the things fans don’t realize is that their opinion doesn’t matter. Company perception is that while fans may grumble they will end up seeing it anyway. Since the non-fan has no sensibilities about the franchise they aren’t going to be bothered that Piccolo is only slightly green/yellow or that for some reason his antenna are slicked down. They will be more concerned about pure entertainment value. I think the reason “Speed Racer” failed at the B.O. was a combination of high tech beyond anything filmed before combined with the wrong pacing. “Dragonball” is filmed in a traditional style and has a much greater action/adventure tone to it.

  8. @ John Khales

    Trailers do make the movie at times. DOA trailer was crap and so was the movie. MK Annihilation -Crap Trailer and Crap Movie. Sorry but this movie will be crap because they are trying to have it be some kind of Laguna Beach looking crap. This is just NEVER BACK DOWN with DB/DBZ characters thrown into the mix.

  9. And the Speed Racer trailer looked like crap from the beginning. THis is a plot to appeal to tweens.

  10. i understand what everyone is saying the fans will hate it and they people not fans will like it duh…this always happens but it will Die in the box office
    They will realize when if fails that they used the wrong format for this film … look at marvel movies they had flops and then they came back Nicely…

    This will fail like Spawn

    Sci-Fi channel look like they made this

    and the Characters look like they going to the Anime convention

    and of course company dont care they jus want the move and the name itself sells

    but if they read the manga and watch the episode they could add detail and really turn it into the DB universe

    but its more like lets make DB our way HOLLYWOOD

  11. It seems like a kung fu action movie with dragonball stamped on the front so that it might capitalize on that popularity. There really aren’t words for how bad this looks.

  12. Well some important news might be coming in a day or so. Stay tuned!

  13. Dude, it’s not even the real trailer–

    “No Trailer with Max Payne
    October 6th, 2008
    Our friends at DB Legends talked with Fox about the status of the trailer and if a different one would be shown with Max Payne. As it turns out, the trailer that was leaked was not meant to be shown to the public, and they were working on a better one that was planned on being shown with Max Payne. But because the film’s special effects are still not done, it has been delayed until later this year.
    Fox quote:
    First off, we love your enthusiasm for the film. We are so sorry to ask that you remove the content. It is not meant to irritate or discourage you and your readers from following this film campaign. It’s just that the pieces of content that are being leaked were not created to be used this way. They were only meant to be shown to potential Licensing & Merchandising partners who need to make partnering decisions far in advance of release date, and the content has not been approved for online use. Elements like music clearances and even talent approvals have not been pursued because we had no intention of having this go online. Alot goes into a trailer or video being authorized for online use….

    We had hoped to have a really kick-ass trailer done by MAX PAYNE’s in-theater date, but because alot of effects shots are still being worked on – we’ve decided to wait until there is more material to work with, so we can really “wow” you and the fans. This is not uncommon for a film that still has 6 months until it goes in theaters. It looks like the real trailer will be released a little later in the year.

    Again, thanks for all your interest. I am happy to update you when we get new artwork and approved video to distribute. We appreciate you removing the content, and don’t mean to cause you any headaches with your readers.”

  14. :-P

  15. with old man here …. i hope i get a smile put on my face

  16. I hope you do. But methinks people will still find something else to gripe about.

  17. i wont gripe if its worth paying for i jus hate how sometimes hollywood takes movies and just do what ever they fill is good to them..

  18. Understood. But none of us will really know till it’s actually released and we see it in its entirety.

    I look forward to the spring ;)

  19. I wanna be impressed i want to thing it will be good so i will wait for the real trailer. .. and then when u finish school u will unleash great movies upon the planet earth

  20. Ok what is anyone even talking about now. It goes from the crapy looking Laguna Beach Warriors, I mean DB trailer to the PG-13 Max Payne. I fail to see Carrie how this DB trailer is not a “real” trailer since it has the Fox Logo on it. And sorry I dont need to see the whole movie to know it will be garbage like DOA.

  21. Whether this trailer was an accidental leak or not, the movie will still be crap regardless of what else they do to the effects. Special effects don’t always equal a quality movie.

  22. Hey, just because one thinks it’s going to be crap without actually having seen it (which I am still not getting–if it is crap when I see it, cool, but again, I have to *see* it), doesn’t mean it’s the gospel or something.

  23. The same goes for the one trying to say its not crap without having seen it also trying to make it out to be the gospel or something. The fact of the matter is this movie is not going to be stellar and will be an overall let down which equals crap. I’ll wait for Never Back Down part 2 before I waste theater money on this.

  24. @Carrie

    I’ll see about getting another post up on this reflecting the latest info regarding the footage.


  25. This franchise doesn’t have the base to be stellar. To be stellar it would need a base 5 maybe 10 times greater than it has. Then you could command a 190 million budget. That would draw better quality everything. Then it would have a chance to be stellar. They need to grow the franchise and all the hate isn’t helping. I can only hope for a solid “B” movie with enough entertainment value to draw more interest to the franchise. The story material is good, certainly better than GT episodes. Just wait for it to come out and if you can’t stomach it, then wait for a TV release, or a dollar a day rental. Just tell yourself it’s all a … dream… it never happened. :D
    You’ll sleep easier.

  26. This trailer is proof that you can rate a movie before seeing the entire thing: zero out of 10.

  27. How can you say that avoidz? It’s not even taken from a final print. Most of the complaints are superficial and weak. If you want DB/DBZ to be this secret guilty pleasure that an elitist group only shares, then form your own group and leave everybody else alone.