New Doctor Who Logo Revealed

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doctor who 2010 logo New Doctor Who Logo Revealed

There’s a new logo for Doctor Who in 2010

At the end of this year, we will see Matt Smith replace David Tennant as The Doctor, Stephen Moffat replace Russell T. Davies as head writer and executive producer and now the BBC has unveiled what will be the new logo for Doctor Who starting in 2010.

With everything becoming anew, they have also decided to change up the logo that has been with the show since its return in 2005. The simple, but memorable, logo we’ve become accustomed to will now be replaced with a more modern looking design featuring the letters DW forming the shape of Tardis.

The always wonderful Stephen Moffat had this to say about the new design.

“A new logo. The eleventh logo for the eleventh Doctor – those grand old words, Doctor Who, suddenly looking newer than ever. And look at that, something really new – an insignia! DW in TARDIS form!  Simple and beautiful, and most important of all, a completely irresistible doodle. I apologise to school notebooks everywhere, because in 2010 that’s what they’re going to be wearing.”

As a fan of Doctor Who and someone that’s not at all comfortable with change, I just don’t know how much more I can take. I’m ecstatic about Stephen Moffat taking over the show because he is the mastermind behind all time my favorite Doctor Who episodes; “The Girl in the Fireplace,” “Blink,” “Silence in the Library,” and “Forest of the Dead.” Yet, I’ve still yet come to terms about David Tennant leaving.

Still, this new logo is pretty amazing. I love everything about the design. It’s so simple that you can’t believe they haven’t done it earlier. I think this is one change I can definitely get behind. Also, you know what a new logo means? Oh yeah… a new opening sequence. I wonder if they’ll keep the theme song or mess with that as well. With everything changing, nothing is safe.

Only a show like Doctor Who could release a 24 second trailer for a new logo and have me watch it more than once.  Check it out below.

On November 20th, the BBC will be running their annual Children In Need charity drive in which a special clip/trailer from Doctor Who is expected to air. No word yet if it will be from the “Waters of Mars” special or the two-part Christmas special, where we’ll see David Tennant regenerate into Matt Smith.

doctor who logo1 New Doctor Who Logo Revealed

What do you think? Are you happy with the new logo? Have you come to grips with Tennant leaving? What other changes do you think will be coming as we inch closer to the new series?

Let’s hear it!

The second of the four Doctor Who specials, “Waters of Mars” is expected to air in the UK sometime in November. No word yet on when it will air on BBC America.

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  1. Don’t like the DW logo, sorry

  2. The DW-Logo is really beautiful, but my heart is still bleeding, knowing that the best Doctor ever, David Tennant, is going to leave the show :(

  3. Definitely not crazy about the new logo, but who really cares as long as the show remains the same. I still wish Tennant was staying on.

  4. I have come to grips with David Tennant’s leave, and even come to terms with the totally different look of the Doctor, but I’ll need to get used to this new logo. I’m not sure if I really like it right now or not. I absolutely love the logo right now, it’s so cool, it’s awesome!

    But I guarantee that I’ll absolutely love it when the new who episodes come along because when I was watching the first season with the ninth doctor in it, I thought I could never like it as much as it had with David Tennant, but I love it just as much, maybe a little more too.

  5. Im not partial on the new logo… the current one is alot better imo

    but its a minor thing in the wonderful universe that is doctor who, so I dont mind as long as the show is great… and I expect no less from moffat.

    I love tennant as much as everyone else, but i have an open mind about the recasting

  6. I see DW I think Dark-Wing Duck, lol. :-D

  7. I’m going to miss Tennant immensely!!!
    He was the best Doctor ever!!!!!!!!

    Guy kicked ass!!!!! and 1000 more !!!!!!!!!’s

  8. As someone that was introduced to Dr Who in the ’70s Tom Baker will always be my Doctor. With the multi-purpose scarf and K-9 what could be better??….. Tennant!!!!!

  9. Nx9117, Tom Baker was the original for me as well, but Tennant embodies the role like none other…
    Gonna miss him! :-(
    I hope Tennant does some parallel guest Who apperances ?
    New logo ok! But don’t ever change the “Dr.Who” theme music or I will go Guy Fawkes on your ass !!!
    BBC nice work on your Dvd sets. I love the extra mile you go to enhance the experience!!!
    Great job on the Doctor Who sets…

  10. Aaaaaw, video is not available internationally :(

  11. I like it and it was really only 17 seconds. I’ve seen stills of the new Doctor and he doesn’t look like he will measure up. My favorite Doctor? Peter Cushing, though I’m sure that Tennant would give him a close run, only operating on a dim memory of Cushing’s performance…

  12. Hard to believe that Who casting goes back to Peter Cushing (Grand Moff Tarkin) but it does,,,
    Lol Old Man, I remember the Dalek origin Cushing/Who epic. Awesome!!!

  13. Cushing was great, but the only problem with those two movies was that for some reason they made the Doctor an “eccentric inventor” from earth rather than an alien Time Lord.

    Don’t mind the new logo – the one they’ve got now was actually the most radically different one. The DW Tardis is quite clever. Whatever they do with the theme, get that string section out of it! I’d like to hear it totally electronic again.

  14. Cushing as Doctor Who? That was more a rape of the concept than an actual “movie” about it….

  15. Cushings wasnt the time lord we all know and love

    he was Dr who… Dr not Doctor
    plus he was human, an inventor, not a time traveling alien

  16. I wasnt happy with the casting of Matt Smith, but I am willing to give them all a chance beause lets face it, everyone involved deserves one.
    My only fear is that they are trying to make it more young person orientated, which is the last thing Doctor Who needs, as the point of the show is that it appeals to all age ranges. Lets hope they do not end up alienating the adults who love watching.

  17. I have to say, when I first saw it, I was a bit worried. Now I’ve had time to really get used to it, I think it’s rather neat. It sort of ties in with the whole 60′s-ification (if that’s a word) Moffat seems to be going for.

    I mean, think about it. Matt Smith in a recoloured Troughton outfit? TARDIS with black windows and St John’s Ambulance sticker? Now the logo looks like an update Hartnell? I think you’ll get your wish, The Big Dentist, I’ll bet we’ll be hearing unadulterated Derbyshire goodness before 2010 is out!

  18. Too simple,too childlike, too cut and dry, not enough mystery in it, too cartoonish. I fear this series is headed toward the morning cartoon crowd.

  19. Anyone not liking the logo should refer themselves to:
    ANYTHING is better than that. Be grateful, my friends. BE VERY GRATEFUL.

  20. @DrSamBeckett

    I feel the same way. With Matt Smith as the doctor and now the new assistant being a younger with a 21yr old assistant, I don’t want it to go the way of Sarah Jane Adventures by becoming very much a kid oriented show.

    Although, I always found it interesting that in the UK Doctor Who is considered a kids show.

  21. I certainly believe Doctor Who was percieved as a kids show during the 60s, 70s, and 80′s, but since this recent revival I definetely think the whole show was geared more towards adults.
    However, I sense a more sinister plan by the BBC. Get all the adults interested a few years ago, they in turn get all children they know to watch the show, and now with that target audience in place, they will squarely aim their greedy pockets at the child market.

  22. i think you’re on to something there. it’s all in the hands of the bbc. moffet is working for them. now they have their robert pattinson wannabe lookalike to get the spoiled teenybopper bucks rolling in for merchandise. i feel this show is heading toward failure. i’m sure there’s a reason why dt and russell quit. there is no way this will last without the older crowd watching.

  23. If they can do anything close to the greatness of season 3, then the new dr will succeed greatly. in my opinion season 3 was the best over all story line with season 4 being the worst. I can only HOPE they write a good lines of episodes where atleast 90 of them are worth watching, almost half of the last season i fast forwarded though.

  24. obviousely you’re not a woman. we just love to watch david. which in addition is why the show will fail. i admit, there were some bad episodes. gee, fear her comes to mind and oh the idiots lantern. but all of season four are good. i just dont like the library ones.but season 3? come on, tinkerbell doctor was just ughh!

  25. As someone who has followed Doctor Who since the days of Jon Pertwee, I can tell you – it’s all about change.

    The Doctor Changes (11, actually more times)
    The Tardis Changes (Quite a number of Interiors)
    The Companions Change (very often)

    Even the Timelines and the Villains change. The daleks and cybermen have been redesigned many times over the years. Their origins have changed more than once and most interestingly of all, their entire histories have changed.

    For the first three doctors, there was no Davros but from Genesis onwards, almost every story (those set in the past and the future), had him. Essentially dalek history changed – something that needs to be accepted in a show about time-travel.

    It’s the ability to constantly change that has kept Doctor Who so interesting for so long.

  26. Hey Gavin,I thought that there was only supposed to be 12 Doctors and that was it.

    I haven’t seen much of the show recently,but I used to watch it when I was a kid,so obviously my favorite Doctor was Tom Baker,who I believe is probably the most iconic figure and The Doctor,followed by Jon Pertwee.

    Peter Davidson was a pretty good Doctor too,but I didn’t really care for Colin Baker,and that’s pretty much where I stopped watching.I have seen a few episodes with David Tennant,thought he was good too.Didn’t even get a chance to see Eccolson because he was gone just as soon as he got there.

  27. Well Shamose, Big D, in my defense I did see them only once and it was 44 years ago. I do faintly remember some stupid corn in “2150AD.” I think what stood out to me is I would drop in from time to time on Baker’s watch and he just didn’t connect to me like Cushing. Must have been all those doctors Cushing played in the Hammer productions. I bet by the 70′s he was sick of playing the role of DR. or Doctor…

  28. That’s the cool thing about Star Wars , Lucas cast two of the most iconic horror actors of all time with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

    Oh wait this is a Doctor Who thread,,, shiiiiiit???

  29. What shall I say,at lest I don’t be quite sure of the new change,which I mean in my heart I always think DT fits Doctor quite well,and BBC should never made such a change.But then I think why not get something new?Maybe MS can do better,he’s younger,maybe we can find more passion from him.Whatever,always support Doctor Who.BTW:The new logo looks quite modren…but I prefer the former one,which brought me lots happiness in the past years…