Batman vs. Superman: New Batmobile Detailed In 2 Behind-The-Scenes Photos

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Batman vs Superman Batmobile Cockpit Batman vs. Superman: New Batmobile Detailed In 2 Behind The Scenes Photos

Despite a delay to summer 2016, we were promised a first look at the iconic costume Ben Affleck would be suiting up in for Batman vs. Superman soon and this week director Zack Snyder delivered, quite literally. Using his own Twitter account to break the news, Snyder first released a teaser photo of the new Batmobile, partially concealed with a tarp.

The photo was ominous in its grayscale, shadowy aesthetic, yet exciting, new and high-tech, hinting at more to come the following day. Again, Snyder delivered, this time setting the internet community ablaze not only with a clear shot of the cockpit of the new Batmobile, but putting Ben Affleck beside it, sporting the cape and cowl. For the first time, we could see Batman and his ride in what will ultimately become the DC Entertainment shared movie universe (see: Justice League confirmed).

Of course, since it’s Batman, the reveal couldn’t get away free without being turned into a hot internet meme – check out our Sad Batman photo gallery for more on that. For now, we’re going to focus on the successor to “The Tumbler” – the tank-like Batmobile featured in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

First, here are the official images of the new Batmobile:

Zack Snyder Batman vs Superman Batmobile Tease 620x370 Batman vs. Superman: New Batmobile Detailed In 2 Behind The Scenes Photos

Batman vs Superman Photo High Res 620x370 Batman vs. Superman: New Batmobile Detailed In 2 Behind The Scenes Photos

Can you picture this thing driving through Metropolis?

Neither photo reveals a wide shot of the complete design so it’s difficult to determine the full size and scale. It does however, clearly embrace more of a low-rider, long-form design reminiscent of Tim Burton’s first Batmobile for Michael Keaton’s Batman, but at the time has a tech-forward, wide-set hardware-heavy element to it as well, similar to the Tumbler.

Two more images have surfaced online revealing slightly more detail about this Batmobile model, the first coming from Blue Realm Studios who posted an image some claimed leaked a while ago of the model sculpture for the to of the vehicle. Take note of how far back the cockpit is. Judging from the lines, it appears the section including the window and what’s in front of is could slide in and forward so Batman can get in and out.

Batman vs Superman Batmobile Photo Sculpture Roof 620x370 Batman vs. Superman: New Batmobile Detailed In 2 Behind The Scenes Photos

The second, appearing randomly on Instagram, features the full-size model for filming placed on top of the custom chassis. This one provides a good look at the frame and size, especially when it comes to the wheel positioning.

10326478 1471207606448635 1074234763 n Batman vs. Superman: New Batmobile Detailed In 2 Behind The Scenes Photos

Neither of these are official or complete, but they do offer more than what we had. Now we can look forward to color images of Batman and his ride. Dig the new Batmobile? How does it compare tot he Tumbler? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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Batman vs. Superman is scheduled for May 6, 2016.

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Sources: Blue Realm Studios, sagesurge

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  1. Am I the only one who is beginning to wonder if this thing is the Batmobile and the Batwing all rolled into one?

    THAT would be pretty cool!

    • Superman and Batman split up to go save people, and Superman is like: “you sure that car is fast enough?”
      and then batman just smiles and drives off the edge of a bridge and wings pop out from the sides of his car lol

      • I just came at that thought.

    • I thought that just looking at these. It would be cool.

  2. No, i was thinking the same thing. I could see the wheels retracting in and there appears to be rearward vents near the back wheels that may even point to a water craft. There is a panel that appears to be ‘popped up and open’ above the wheel in the side shot. This might be part of the panels that open up for the wheels to retract.
    Nolan had a combo car/bike so why can’t Snyder have a combo car/aircraft.

    • I wasn’t thinking retractable wheels as much as separation of body and chassis.
      But either could be a cool new live action twist!

    • Considering this version of Batman exists in a Superman world with interstellar craft and antigravity its not unforeseable that Wayne would adopt alien tech if he gets a chance.

  3. Batmobile more than meets the eye.. if Gary Oldman cameos as comish Gordon i dont know what to think anymore..

    • Why would they spit on their reboot like that?

      Nolan Batman is more or less complete, however they could still make money if they did some kind of “magic” cross-over where Snyder Batman vs Nolan Batman.

      Nolan Batman is iconic and the studio can find ways to make money from him.

      • I’ve always said that the inclusion of Bale’s Batman would’ve virtually sealed a billion dollar box office for any crossover / team up movie. Currently he was the familiar face for audiences in the same way that RDJ is for Marvel’s universe.

        This is why they paid the required millions for RDJ’s services. Bringing Bale back also would’ve saved the time and energy being spent on rebooting a new Batman. Time and energy that should be spent on introducing other heroes in the DC canon.

        For all the buzz over Batman right now, there is still a lot of doubt with this project.

  4. I know they will feature an old version Batman 55 years old to be precise but if this movie is the launching point of a Justice League movie then don’t you think that its a bit off that all JL characters are at their prime while Batman is old.

    • I think it would be more interesting though because it could lead up to a Tower of Babel storyline as a possible scenario. Tower of Babel is Justice League: Doom.

      • Well if it leads to that then it would be great but how about after that? Since DC/WB is making a continuity of each character they cannot just make another batman solo movie that his in prime physically or make another plot for JL where batman is young.

    • I think it would make sense since Batman has always been the voice of wisdom among the group.

  5. Kind of looks like a Star Trek space ship mated with a Manta ray, and that’s what they got. Too bulky and wide to get through traffic. Might get stuck under a MAC truck, the car is so low-slung.
    I am looking forward to this film, however.
    Wish they were doing a REAL Green Hornet movie (not the Seth Rogan farce!), based on the 60s TV show (perfect casting on that, by the way…wish it would come out on DVD–although there are bootleg copies of dubious quality out there). Then we could see The Black Beauty cruising the streets, complete with GH & K!

  6. Geez, no wonder Batman is sad. He rides a dune buggy .

    • That’s not the finished vehicle – just the chassis with top roof on.

      • Thanks for the clearing that Rob.

  7. The body looks cool but the wheels …I just dunno about the wheels.

  8. It looks like they’re taking the suit directly from Frank Millers DKR, and the Batmobile looks an awful lot like the Batmobile in Arkham Knight, I hope this is good for Batman’s sake, and not just some DKR adaptation.

  9. Looks like a good start for the suit’s color palette….

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like your connection there is based on the image of the unfinished batmobile, which just has the top of the car and the connected wheels. When they attach the rest of the car it’s not going to look very much like that flat Tamiya.

  10. Looks like its shaping up to be pretty cool. More sleeker and sharp than the dark knight movies.

  11. so verilly wonder and greatest work of design and construstion of the new batmobile of batman movie and nothing more than say of the movie production. Never getting in let batman friends. So than see US.