Why It’s Too Early To Be Discussing ‘New Avengers’

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The New Avengers Movie Why Its Too Early To Be Discussing New Avengers

Once again we are at that point where wild rumor has begun to circulate the Interwebs, pointing to potential – but totally unconfirmed – developments within the Marvel Movieverse. Today the rumor looks ahead beyond the end of Marvel Phase 3 (which is only now taking semi-solid shape) to what happens when Avengers 3 (and likely a big showdown with Thanos) is all over – along with the contractual obligations for most of major players currently in Marvel’s Avengers lineup.

UTF is the current site claiming to have “inside sources” feeding them hot rumors. Right now, with so many sites claiming to have THE inside sources on everything from the future of the DC Movieverse to the future of the Marvel Movieverse, it’s harder than ever to tell the could-be-facts from the total fiction – but this New Avengers angle has a certain amount of logic behind it, which is the only reason we’re discussing it.

We already saw the sort of turmoil Marvel faces when it comes to the matter of contract (re-)negotiations; in 2013, franchise star Robert Downey Jr. had a somewhat ugly battle with the studio – not just over his own contract, but those of his allegedly underpaid co-stars – before the matter was finally settled with the star landing a suitable deal to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron and The Avengers 3.

Iron Man 3 Box Office Why Its Too Early To Be Discussing New Avengers

It’s almost been a footnote that Downey has NOT re-signed for Iron Man 4; that supporting actors like Gwyneth Paltrow are ambivalent about a long future with the franchise; or that other leading actors from the Avengers ensemble are probably less-than-enthused about their pay checks. However, taken together, all those small hints point to a future where actors jump ship (or become too costly), even as the Marvel Movieverse continues to expand beyond the initial three phases.

We here at Screen Rant have always been of the opinion that the current iteration of The Avengers has a limited shelf-life; it’s just the nature of the movie biz, really. We already listed the new Avengers we want to see onscreen, and looking at the mythos of the source material and potential direction of the films, New Avengers may be just what the doctor ordered by the time the “Twenteens” are coming to a close.

In the comic books, the “New Avengers” are a team that has had three versions – but sticking with the first version from the mid-2000s; the team was made up of heroes who didn’t want to adhere to the Superhero Registration Act, which reframed superhero vigilantes as government-sanctioned agents, whose secret identities and personal info were kept on file. At the center of the new team were Captain America and Iron Man, who would become enemies in the Marvel “Civil War” when Tony Stark decided that superhero registration was a necessary evil – an idea that a guy like Cap (who fought that sort of fascism in WWII) vehemently disagreed with.

Marvel Movies Phase 4 Why Its Too Early To Be Discussing New Avengers

In the time since its inception, The New Avengers has hosted the likes of Black Panther, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Captain America II (Bucky), and Doctor Strange – all of whom will be introduced either in Marvel movies or Marvel Netflix series within the foreseeable future. (Although, Cage, Fist, Jones and Daredevil will likely be in a Defenders team-up flick for Netflix, so that would be sort of redundant, no?)

Other New Avengers characters like Ms. Marvel, Mockingbird, Spider-Woman or Ronin (Hawkeye’s alter-ego) could (or may) easily be introduced at some point in the future of Phases 2 & 3. Heck, by the time Phase 4 rolls around, we could even see the day where other studios lend characters like Wolverine or Spider-Man to the roster (as they were both New Avengers in the comics).

…Or not.


The Marvel Movie Reality

The New Avengers Luke Cage Iron Fist Doctor Strange Why Its Too Early To Be Discussing New Avengers

After sitting down with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and talking all things currently Marvel, I can say this much: At the moment, dollars dictate. Pure and simple.

Yes, there will have to be new blood steadily pumped in (Marvel is currently going with a “one sequel, one new property” per year model) – but if the box office returns and fan love are behind a particular property, and the actor(s) is willing and able, a deal will get struck and that particular actor/character will continue on into further installments. For the franchises and characters that can’t drum up the profits to justify their own solo existence… well, that’s what team-up films are for, right? (Hulk, looking at you, buddy…)

At this time, any reports about New Avengers - from “sources” or otherwise – are simply premature. There is no concrete story planned that far in advanced demanding that this or that character end up on a New Avengers squad by 20-twenty-something. What there is, is a loose vision of overarching story ideas; some new risks like Guardians and Ant-Man bought and paid for by the mega-success of Avengers; a lot of on-the-fly trial and error decision-making; and some very frustrated directors left in the wake of the Marvel Movieverse’s at times stumbling expansion.

That’s all to say: This is a pretty fluid situation from a business point – and whatever the best laid plans MAY be, they could be drastically altered by whatever developments occur between now and the distant future of Marvel Phase 4.

Would we like to see some New Avengers by Phase 4? Who would we want on the team? What would the storyline be? Well, that’s a great discussion for another article (which is probably coming soon).


WATCH: Kevin Feige Talks About the Future of Marvel Movies


Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

Source: UTF

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  1. that’s right, stick to UTF. Yeah.

    • IT ****

    • It’s not even a scoop. We already know from Marvel when the main stars have their contracts ending (The Avengers 3 for quite a few of them) and we also know from Marvel execs that The Avengers roster is changing/rotating.

      Frustrating that so many puclications are writing stuff like this for links.

      Scoop: New Batman movie coming after Affleck’s contract expires, sometime between 2020 and 2070.

      • Can’t wait.

      • This is what baffles me. If you guys or any other site posts a story like this (and ya have), it’s a great scoop! A find!

        And when another site posts a scoop, it’s sooooo predictable.

        Well, yeah, so was the return of the Original trilogy to Episode 7. So was the inclusion of Thanos in GOTG. So was Green Goblin in Amazing Spider-Man 3. But when the scoopster got ahold of that, it was fine.

        Honestly, I read the source piece, and not only have their previous sources been proven true, their current source sound legit. They went out of their way to say a really matter of fact thing, that “yeah, if RDJ isn’t back, we’re goin with New Avengers”. I don’t know about you, but as a geek, that’s huge news. Sure, it’s ‘obvious’, but so were a lot of things. Now that someone from Disney has said as much, I’m happy with it.

        Honestly, this scoop isn’t like the Bryan Cranston is Lex Luthor! scoop that went wild a little bit ago. It’s a really tiny scoop, and the writer doesn’t pretend that it’s something it isn’t, so I don’t konw why people are ragging on it.

  2. I can see a New Avengers team being formed after Avengers 3. Avengers 3, Thanos comes down and wrecks sh*t, multiple Avengers killed off and then a New Avengers team is formed.

    • Lol! I want Thanos to smash everything and kill everyone except Thor and Hulk. Maybe Cap can come along too. I just want Iron Man to die JUST to give the mcu a NEW spot- light character. It will be sad to see the best(and only) Iron-Man die for sure. But I hope it’s quick, heroic, awesome, clean, and with a great deal of respect and dignity. Phase 4…seems to just..i dunno, nothing’s been said but i have a feeling that it’ll be the best thing ever. Maybe the ‘New Avengers’ can be a Netflix team up.

  3. Took me at least a good minute to figure out what “Twenteens” meant…

  4. Looks like its all downhill after Avengers 3. I hope its not watered down heroes after the Thanos showdown.

    • after the series of one after another success Marvel has already accomplished – I seriously doubt anything is downhill. so far they have been fairly loyal to the source material (ie. costume, basic character traits, etc – even a quick shot showing that Steve Rogers is a pretty good artist), adding little details like that has to give you hope. Come on this is the Marvel – the house of ideas!

      There are literally 60 + years of hundreds may be thousands of story lines they can pursue and so many characters it’s dizzying. For instance – GOTG can definitely lead to various other solo characters or groups: the Inhumans, Adam Warlock, Kree / Skrulls, Quasar and various other “space based” characters or other teams including Nova & the Nova Corps … which could lead back to earth when Nova joins to the New Warriors. And each of the team films can branch out to individual films (ie. the opposite of the Avengers – start with a team film and then do some solo films).

      and if Thanos is the “Big Bad” for Phase 1 – 3 … how do they top it for Phase 4 – 6 ? ….. may be The Beyonder and a version of Secret Wars – the 1st true multi-title crossover event that EVERY major hero was involved in. Which by then there will be tons of heroes of villains to use a substitute characters for the X-Men, Fantastic Four & Spider-Man (and all their villains).

      And the litany of “earth based” heroes yet to be touched: Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Wasp, Mockingbird, Tigra, Spider-woman and of course … Elektra (who WILL be coming with Daredevil eventually if not right away) … and that’s just SOME of the women!

      and THEN …. in about 10 PLUS years may be – they might get to doing Civil War.

      So far all the current actors have been great – but if they have to replace certain actors to continue the story … they’ll do it without blinking. Robert Downey, Jr. steps out …. Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp or any # of other actors (some you may not even know yet) will step in to take his place as Tony Stark.

      But the awesome part is that virtually every actor LOVES being part of the Marvel Universe and will likely all sign new contracts.
      and no matter what – like James Bond … the characters & their stories will continue … and continue to get bigger & even better.

      Keep your hopes up … there is also always Uatu … The Wathcer to ask the audience … What IF …?
      and in about 15 or 20 years … they’ll start over for the new generation of people going to their local Hologram theaters.

  5. So unless they have internal conflict that causes characters to side against each other, what could they do leading to a 4th Avengers?

    It’s a shame we can’t see them all take sides, fight each other then Galactus comes along to threaten Earth and everyone bands together to defeat him. Lets hope Fox allow Disney to use the character or buy him back.

    • Yea Galactus or the Skrulls or the Kree.

      • Skrulls as villains would be good and worthy opponents.

        • Fox owns Galactus, but Marvel still holds Skrulls and Kree. Ronan the Accuser and the Kree will be in Guardians and the Skrulls were originally the “army” Loki spoke of. However early in development the Skrulls were pulled (around the same time as wasp) so they could be used “for something bigger and better down the road”.

        • The chitauri were the ultimate versions of the Skrulls…so…yeah.

  6. Avengers 4: Civil War
    Avengers 5: Civil War Part II

    • No to both. Marvel Studios does not have the movie rights to everything Marvel. The last thing I want is some bastardized version of Civil War.

      • Plus the complaints of shoe-horning characters we haven’t seen on screen yet purely to see them killed off or replacing characters from the Civil War arc to further the story.

        You need Mr Fantastic in there to allow Sue Storm the chance to switch sides and have Reed realise how wrong he was to side with Iron Man.

        • you need spidey most of all!

      • I don’t care for Civil War either. Way too much to do for years before we even got to that point, which I hope we don’t.

      • agreed fully

  7. I stopped paying attention to people in various sites that claims they have exclusive news with ‘inside source’. Who ever knows the real truth behind these rumors, perhaps it’s just publicity boost, attention seeker, fanwish, or they do have actual source who only hears a casual lunch talk discussion in the Marvel (or DC) room regarding “What ifs” and jump into conclusion that it’s a scoop-worthy.

    Well, I personally think it’s too soon to discuss Phase 4, let’s just talk about Phase 3 and Avengers 3 which will not come until 4 years from now. I agree with this article, things can change suddenly, right now Marvel is doing good with CBM, but who knows how the audience will react in the next few years. Everything can change. So let’s not get our hopes and excitement too high too fast, otherwise it will end up as a big disappointment (complete with irritating never-ending complaints). Let’s keep it real, and focus on what’s coming soon.

    Put that aside, I think the idea of New Avengers is cool. Besides, Feige himself has already stated that Avengers is a team with shuffleable rosters, so it’s not a farfetch idea. Still, it’s still too far away. Let’s just hype for Avengers 2 for the time being… :)

    • Yeah, back when I was sort of involved in the pro wrestling world (foot in the door style) and working for Dave Bautista’s site, we had to deal with so many people “in the know” on the news websites who posted outright lies or made up rumours for site hits and because of that, impressionable and so-called “smart” fans bought into it and had perceptions of people that were completely false.

      That’s why I’m a stickler for confirmed stuff although I do find it fun to speculate based on what I might do if I were in charge.

      • Those damn “smarts.”

        Always out to pull some reverse-za-bee-da gimmick just to draw heat.

        • Haha, yeah.

          I’d compare the smart marks in pro wrestling fandom to the rabble we’ve all formed on this site. People who read and devour every little tidbit of information, rumour and news and yell the loudest if we have a compliment or complaint to make (usually the latter) but only account for 10% of the actual viewing audience.

  8. What a meaningless article. Two pages to say nothing.
    There was no acrimony between RDJ and Marvel. Anyone with any semblence of intellectual honesty knows that 1) it was a negotiating ploy to critisize cast members pay and 2) it would have been a difficult production on Avengers 2 if RDJ hadn’t addressed it.
    Further, there is no Avengers without Hulk. Everybody on this site knows Feige is anxious to do Planet Hulk and an Avengers based on World War Hulk. Since the M.C.U. is planned for four Avengers thru 2021 any talk about other projects is merely an effort to start yet another rancorous debate.
    You insult all of us.

    • ^^ Agreed !

      stop it with these “RUMOR” articles – state the facts as you know them and leave the rumors to others – unless YOU – Screen Rant – have the source giving the rumor.

  9. I think it is way too early to be talking about this, but I do like the idea of having multiple teams of Avengers. Also I would like the idea of a team up movie that isn’t Avengers… say Hulk for example, currently not enough momentum for a stand alone hulk movie, but have Banner and another character like Ant-man, off doing something on their own, that might be more marketable.

    Also by the time Avengers 3 comes along, and Thanos presumably will show up, I would be open to them splitting it up into 2 films, and not having to rush things. Some parts of Avengers were forced (ex -Banner’s at the end being able to control the Hulk with NO explanation whatsoever) I would have loved to see a 3 hour cut of Avengers, but even better would be to have gotten Avengers part 1 and 2. With other franchises doing it (harry potter, Hunger Games etc) I would be open to it, or possibly bookending, ending a phase with an Avengers movie, but starting the next phase with a continuation of that story.

    • So Avengers could end with one villain defeated but another escaping and a spinoff opens with some members tracking the villain down and forming a splinter group when they can’t defeat him/her/it alone?

      Could be a nice way to explore Hawkeye, Black Widow and War Machine without having to go solo or try and force a side plot into the main movie that could be half-baked or push the running time up. Could also introduce new characters that way too.

      Might be the only way we see heroes fight each other, two Avengers teams existing with different ideals, one on each US coast.

      • I know it is thrown around a lot, but I kind of envisioned an Empire Strikes back type of ending, where the Avengers don’t win, possibly a few team members die. I’ve seen Whedon say he wants to go darker with the sequel, it would be an interesting road to go down.

  10. The thing I don’t like about MARVEL is that most (not all) of their characters are arrogant. Iron Man, Thor(ish) and Spiderman. Doctor Strange will be arrogant but I just really want to see some Magic since Harry Potter is gone. I liked Captain America because he wasn’t a “look at me!” kinda guy and witty comebacks are good but most of the time they feel just… Off…

    • That’s the thing though.

      Iron Man is cocky because he’s so talented and the heart condition and problems he’s faced (alcoholism in particular) is a way to humble him.

      Thor was cocky because he was guaranteed the throne in Asgard but squandered it and was stripped of his godliness and exiled to Earth to learn humility before he could regain what was taken from him.

      Spider-Man is a shy, awkward teenager who can barely talk to a girl he likes without tripping over his words but with the mask on, he can be who he really wants to be and gain the confidence to say what he likes.

      It’s basically what we as humans experience.

  11. “it’s way too early to be talking about Phase 4 and all these rumors are just rumors and so you shouldn’t pay them any attention…”

    So why won’t you guys ever stop posting unfounded DC rumors?
    I’m not saying you should, I enjoy all rumor and speculation, but I have to wonder if this rumor was about JLA2 if Kofi’s article wouldn’t be jumping up and down rejoicing instead of “Psh, whatever”.

      • One question.

        How do you know DC doesn’t have a plan? I assume you’re in their movie meetings every day?

      • You think you’re fighting for one side against another side – but there are no sides, man. We earn from articles on DC AND Marvel. And I love seeing BOTH brands of films – and the little CBMs in between. That’s what KOFI OUTLAW thinks.

        Anything else is just your version of things, man.

        • I just get the feeling you’d post something about a Marvel movie, your excitement would be obvious but there’d still be people claiming you’re anti-Marvel. It’s ridiculous.

        • It wasn’t even really the article that bugged me so much… who updates your Facebook? Because the article on there came with the header: “overwhelmed by the amount of comic book movie rumors out there? We are too! Hit like if you think Marvel should focus on getting Phases 2 and 3 RIGHT before even thinking about Phase 4.” or something like that. It seemed to imply that Marvel hasn’t been getting Phase 2 right, which I know a lot of people feel that to be the case.

          MoS was just as divisive, but had the article been speculation about JLA being a 2 parter or something, I can’t see SR saying “DC should focus on getting BvS RIGHT before even thinking about Justice League.” That’s the difference. Language matters. Every rumor from DC comes with a “WHOOP! HECK YES!”, but if a rumor about New Avengers comes out, it’s “too early to discuss”.

          • Bladeseerker is on point. Props brotha.

            It is true that Screenrant writers seems to be a little more DC biased. While it may not be because they particularly prefer DC, they seem to either be afraid of DC fanboys (because they seem to be the majority here), or just like to cheer for the underdog (or most likely both :P)

            But, anyway props @Bladeseeker. You had the courage to say what some of us are thinking.

            • I’m re-posting a great comment I saw:

              DC fans are like religious extremists. 

              Hyper, militant, illinformed, clueless, and insist that they and their way are not only the best and only way, but that every other way should just be gone or wiped out.

              All anybody can do is just laugh at them.

              • Yikes. Just how far has DC gotten into your head that you need to constantly re-assure yourself with this misplaced sense of dominance?

                • Finally!

                  Looks like it’s official, Dr. Conspiracy Theory here finally revealed his true colors, despite what he says, he’s a DC fan-boy all the way.

                  GTFO Dr. Truth Bender and go make up some more lies, old man.

                  • *chuckles*

                    Ba-ba-ba-doo-wop-bope SCREENRANT!

  12. While I’m okay with an New Avengers line-up, I think that they should focus more on the down-to-earth aspect of Marvel following A3. For example, there could be references (and maybe even cameos) to the older MCU but for the most part should be self-contained.

  13. I can’t see the Avengers working in film without the big four of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk. Bucky and Rhodey are poor replacements for Steve and Tony.

    New Avengers works in the comics because it has Spider-Man, Wolverine and The Thing. I think the New Avengers will be pretty boring in film without these characters.

  14. I can,t wait to see avengers:age of ultron in 2015 and in the future marvel movies like thor 3,captain america 3,black panther,doctor strange,guardians of the galaxy 2, and anengers 3 in 2018.

  15. OK, way too much to do with current Avengers yet before talking about thinning out the ranks and culling the herd and putting new people in their places (although I like the idea of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch joining up). But let us speculate for a moment, and say that if, hypothetically, they made an Avengers movie without Thor, Cap, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow (and Nick Fury??) present, who would I like to see the team be? Hmmm, darned good question. Well, definitely I would like to see Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Goliath, and Wasp. Since Cap and Iron Man (the only two possibly cerebral enough and with leadership abilities enough so far to lead the team) would be gone on this hypothetical realignment, I guess the next one to be able to lead the team would be Giant-Man/Goliath. But he is too old. you say, via the Ant-man movie (and I am talking Pym here, not Lang). Hmmm, problem–how to deal with that? Maybe introduce Kang, who time-travels, as a villain, and he does something like somehow (darned if I know how–just speculating) bringing Pym into the future (which would now be our present, or the present of this new Avengers team/movie) and drop him there, man-out-of-time almost in a convoluted Captain America-way. This of course could lead to all kinds of soul-searching and dedicated mission/quests for Pym. It would certainly give him a kind of drive. Needs work, but there might be something there with this idea. So now we have Pym/Goliath, Wasp, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch. Who else might qualify? I could possibly see (after these first four are added as the new nucleus) Black Panther (also possibly a good leader choice, but doesn’t he have his main job back in Rawanda?); Vision; the Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel; Ms. Marvel (mainly because alot of you others want her); or maybe Spider Woman (because she is a babe, but I hope not too much like a Spiderman clone). I think this should be enough choices for now to chew on, although I know many other Screen-Ranters may have other ideas and fave candidates of their own. Remember this is purely personal preference/speculative, fantasy football with super-heroes here. Anyone else got a good team to suggest?

  16. how is it? i feel like you like to tear marvel up sometimes… ive seen your DC articles.

    what can marvel do? if their biggest guys wont sign up then they gotta plan what to do. its part of the problem of having a universe on screen. dc are gonna have a real hard time when it comes to them having to death with this type of situation because their characters are really the only iconic JL members

  17. Hey Kofi,

    First time commenting, and a long time listener to the podcast. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the interview (and the article)!

  18. I could see Marvel doing a version of the Dark Avengers with Blade, Ghost Rider, The Punisher and Daredevil as their leader/ moral compass…. Just saying….

    • I’d honestly be more interested to watch that than Justice League Dark.

  19. Yeah don’t even get me started on all the reasons Civil War would be a disaster right now…
    But for the moment, one simple explanation is that Fox still has X-Men and FF, and Sony still has Spider-man. All of whom play important, if not central parts in the story. Civil War was a huge moment in Marvel history, and changed the course of every single superhero and their respective teams. To do a condensed version of it would not be good.

  20. Remember Tony already stood up to the government in IM2 – and while its the bastard of the MCU its technically canon so far. As such you’d have to have a government team or pro-gov character introduced to get Cap & IM on opposing sides of any superhuman registration act.

    So keep the civil war well away and good.

    Also remember Feige’s notes on characters being like Bond? They can and will be replaced. I’d like to see them pay more so we can get longer strides out of great actors, looking at Hemsworth, Evans and Hiddleston. But aside from that, things will be what they will be.

    Feige also said, characters who can’t be justified for a solo film yet, will get a TV show, remember the Netflix deal is only for those 4 characters, FOR NOW. I expect we’ll see a Punisher series on Netflix along with maybe Ghost Rider sometime in 2016. If CGI wasn’t so expensive I could even see the Hulk going episodic, rather than Blockbuster.

    So expect more TV, more rotating casts and a lot of MARVEL fun. Rock out with your glock out!

  21. They can always go cosmic. There are more cosmic things than Galactus and his heralds. The Builders, Ex Nihilo (Gardeners), Captain Universe, or even Beta Ray Bill. Who has the rights to Namor? And the Inhumans and Black Bolt? There’s also the Kree and Skrull option and merge a bit of GotG with the Avengers. I, personally, really didn’t care much for Civil War.

  22. I want to see a CBM where the bad-guys win, then in the end it proves that a true Super-Hero, fights ONLY for the statement he seeks to make, to avenge the fallen heroes. Cheesy? Yes, but a great deal of lesson. It would be really awesome just to see a CBM that really packs in a message, one that will make your moms and wife(s :D)cry. One that will blow your mind, one that will leave Joss Whedon pissing his pants and sucking his thumb.

    Why is it so hard for CBM writers to realize the BEST CBM come with a life message, not just good vs. evil(good wins) kinda crap. It’s sad. It’s sad that people miss the meaning of heroes, they’re made to uplift(in one way or another)and to bring hope. Some CBM(the sequels mostly)miss the point by a long shot. Please reconsider your thoughts of heroes. They’re such great things to inspire, and yet they’re wasted on-screen some of the times. I miss these Super-Inspiring-Heroes, bring them back DC and Marvel…the days we live in, they come with some great lessons. Bring them to the light please.

    ^^^^^Cheesy^^^^^But needs to be done. PERIOD.

  23. I love Ironman but almost for that same reason I want him to leave while there’s a golden (and aluminum alloy) legacy. The stories aren’t as fresh and new as Ironman 1, and there’s just too much of this, too much of that, too dark here, too animated there. Not enough of this or that. Meh. I just want one more GOOD Ironman movie that doesn’t try to do too much.

    New Avengers? I don’t know too much of the comics stories. But I would love to see Spider-man, Wolverine, & Black Panther in there, added to Thor and Hulk (who in real life are young and/or CGI enough to not have to leave any time soon, and whose characters are the least hindered by any situational qualms (Tony Stark with his love life and mortality; Captain America with his honor and his ties to civilization. Thor? Effin’ semi-immortal space god. Hulk? SMASH.) and thus the most reasonable to stick around. Even have some thing where Hulk gets manipulated and they have to fight HIM for a while before the new enemy rises and they unite.

    Yes I’m fully aware of all the studio limitations. But our fantasies aren’t bound by such trifles, are they now?

  24. You mean to tell me SR does not have ANY inside sources? WTH? im done here!! LMAO, I hate those lame inside sources garbage sites! Im so glad this is not one of them.. keep up with the facts guys or at least the very plausible

  25. Yes i think its defiantly too early for New Avengers but not some new avenger characters. Besides updating tech and making 1960s origins that don’t make sense…make sense i find no need to use “the Utimates” story lines which FOX and SONY have gone too. Everyone seems to be missing the beauty that is or was Marvel, which is the classic version. The 616 universe and why on earth would you have a civil war or world war hulk or a “new avengers” happen before establishing the 616 universe as a whole??? Using these classic arcs such as the infinity gauntlet to do so. I mean these heroes have not even had a proper go around against the “super villains” never mind each other (civil war). I’m 33 and You people who want new avengers are too young or too immature in you imagination to know whats great, Those are the same kind of people who line up to watch the crap that Fox has been calling Xmen. Classic marvel is where the magic happened its the reason that EVERYONE is here. The only way i want spiderman and wolverine together with the avengers is first a reboot with some actual talent and integrity and second in a Marvel Universe Movie. With a threat so great to dictate such a team up. Speaking of which anyone remember Marvel Team ups?? Those would be way more justifiable in my books.

  26. Just give me the Avengers #16-@27 roster,than I’m happy (except there won’t be an Goliath thanks to that “Ant-Man” movie & A2) :-(

  27. They should just focus on the other characters free A3 and have old characters make cameos. IM2 and 3 were terrible so we don’t need anymore of that crap