New ‘Avengers’ Deleted Scenes: NYC Chaos, Shawarma, & More Loki

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The Avengers 360 Shot Post Conversion 3D New Avengers Deleted Scenes: NYC Chaos, Shawarma, & More Loki

It’s been almost a year since the release of Marvel’s team-up The Avengers (2012), but that doesn’t mean fans have seen every bit of footage the film had to offer. While previous Blu-ray releases have supplied endless deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes looks at production, the newest batch of newly unveiled footage is more substantial, showing just how developed certain storylines were – before ultimately winding up on the cutting room floor.

The new scenes come thanks to the release of Marvel’s ‘Phase One’ Collector’s Edition, delayed since last year due to legal issues. While these extra clips may not lay groundwork for what’s next from Marvel, they do help round out a film that fans already found up to snuff.

It’s no secret to anyone following The Avengers prior to release that a large section of the film’s cut content centered around Captain America’s transition to modern society. The main subplot of that diversion was a brief flirtation with a New York waitress (Ashley Johnson) – the same waitress briefly shown being rescued by Rogers, then expressing gratitude for the Avengers in the final media montage.

Thanks to the newly released deleted scenes (via CBM), we know just how much Johnson’s perspective was going to play in the film’s third act, alongside the police officer – and Dollhouse alum – played by Enver Gjokaj. Have a look:

A larger appearance from two friends and past collaborators of director Joss Whedon, but also a greater emphasis on the ‘everyman’ approach to the superhuman abilities of the world’s mightiest heroes. It’s clear that Whedon’s original 3+ hour long cut of the film focused more on characters surrounding the central cast – like the alternate opening starring Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) – but ultimately had to be left out due to time constraints.

The same is true of another scene in which Captain America rescues a family fleeing from the invading Chitauri. It may not carry as much weight as the Cap/waitress plot thread, but does offer another chance to see the hero doing what he does best:

The next pair of videos deal with the motivations and (in)ability to lead of Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Anyone who sat through Thor (2011) knows that ruling kings are usually required to be more…mentally stable and grounded than Thor’s trickster brother, and as the new scenes show, audiences aren’t the only ones who took notice. Maybe his villain days are over for now, but he was certainly prepared to show humanity his bad side.

Featuring an extended look at the initial dialogue between Loki and ‘The Other’ (Alexis Denisof), as well as a second mental link between the pair during the climactic final battle, it’s clear the enemies of Earth pulling Loki’s strings weren’t without some reservations:

The final pair of clips offer a few brief additions to one of the film’s first action sequences, featuring more of Loki and Hawkeye’s escape from the S.H.I.E.L.D. base:

Of course, what would any discussion about The Avengers be without a shawarma reference? The middle-eastern meat reference may have become one of the more offbeat post-credits scenes in all of Marvel’s slate of superhero films, but in a special featurette contained on the Blu-ray, the cast and crew reveal that the scene almost never happened. Enjoy:

Unfortunately there isn’t an explanation for what caused the scenes to be removed completely from the final cut of the film (or what makes up the remaining half hour of reported cuts), but it’s not hard to see why this footage fell by the wayside of Whedon’s relatively direct and faster-paced superhero action film. A deeper look into what makes the Avengers members tick may not have been explored as much as the director had intended, but that seems to be the top priority for The Avengers 2.

Also, with a S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series on the horizon, it might not have been in Marvel’s best interest to make their top agents out to be less-than-elite. Anymore than absolutely necessary, anyway (seriously, who shoots at the Hulk?).

Aside from a brief look at Thor attempting to breach the Tesseract’s force-field (rendered redundant by Iron Man later doing the same) and brief shots of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) evading a rampaging Hulk, that makes up all of the additional footage revealed thus far. Sadly, there is still no longer look at Hawkeye – so it seems Jeremy Renner will need to wait for The Avengers 2 in order to make that wish a reality.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Blu-Ray Set is available now.


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Source: CBM

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  2. part where the lil kid hands cap his shield back lol >>>

  3. whoa didn’t know Alexis Denisof was in the movie

    • Yup uncredited as The Other. Only realised when i heard on Joss’s commentary

  4. damn… it just hit me. no one really has a secret identity! you can argue thor still has one but you only got the name on that fake id in the movie.

    • The exact reason i say DC universe heroes specifically justice league are pussies. They ALL have secret identies. Marvel heroea are much more transparent.

      • Yep, also making their friends and family members more vulnerable. Way to go Marvel heroes. Keep showing your faces.

        • Friends and family…sorry who?

          Just Tony Stark has Pepper Potts. That’s it. Everyone else is military or hates him. Bruce Banner? Loner. Thor? Different planet. Hawkeye and Black Widow? Government agents. Captain America? From another time…

          Wolverine’s a loner as well, and otherwise everyone in X-men is only affiliated with X-men, not family and friends back home or wherever. Only Spider-man really socializes, and only Spider-man wears a mask.

          • They only know tony’s name and hulk’s name. Nobody knows who captain america is really or who black widow, hawkeye and thor are

            • In the marvel universe Cap’s name is widely known.

              • But it’s not like the people will immediately think that this guy dressed as Captain America is the same Captain America from WWII. Why would they think that?

                So at this moment in the MCU, the public only knows him as a guy dressed like Captain America. Idk if they will make it public that is the exact same Steve Rogers from the 40s.

      • (cough) Spider-Man (cough) (cough)

  5. Wow… I actually wish Marvel would release a full EXTENDED/UNCUT version with these footage. I’d definitely buy it eventhough I already buy the bluray. I doubt it will happen though…

  6. Im having SHAWARMA right NOW!!!!! MMMMM GOOD

  7. Awsome!

  8. I serious can’t stand auto correct spelling.

    I meant Awesome!

    • If it’s auto correct spelling’s fault, why are all your comments spelled wrong? Wouldn’t the auto correct fit that? ;)

  9. Doner Kebabs!!

    There’s plenty Kebab joints over here in the UK, only we don’t call them “Shawarma”. It’s Turkish fast food, only it’s often run by Greeks.

    • as far as I know, shawarma is different from doner (gyro).

      first off, shawarma is Lebanese, doner is Greek.

      shawarma is also like a meat ball. doner is sliced off a huge stack of slowly rotating meat.

      and I would MOST definitely buy another copy of this movie if it contained a bunch of restored scenes.

      • There was a large slab of meat rotating in the the background in the restaurant and they seem to be eating pitta breads. That’s why I assumed it was the same as Doner Kebabs.

        Yeah, it’d be cool to see the restored scenes, but sometimes they are left out for a good reason. Even if they are cool.

      • Shawarma is not like a meat ball. It is “sliced off a huge stack of slowly rotating meat” like you described for doner.

    • yeah kebabs, shawarma & gyros are 3 different things.

      • Doner Kebabs are not like shish Kebabs. They are identical to what the Avengers are eating in that scene. So I think Shawarma and Doner Kebabs are the same thing.

        • They are very similar and related, but have differences. Shawarma is an Arabic dish, Doner Kebab is of Turkish origin. The primary differences are in the spices used, cooking times, variations in preparation, etc. To the average joe they are basically the same thing

          • And now we know, and knowing is half the battle.


            Erm… AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

  10. I wish/really hope that Whedon and Marvel come out with the entire movie in the entire edition, extended edition, deleted scenes, hell, make it the original 3+ hours, I don’t care, it sounds it could have been WAY better than what it turned out to be, so they should, the cop and the waitress was a good scene, why was it cut, that’d be better in the movie other than the comedy they used WITH EVERYONE!

  11. Sweet

  12. Its not hard to guess why some of the scenes were cut, but these among all the other released and the unseen cuts really does paint a very different Avengers film. Would it have been better? We do not know. As I said some of these scenes are not hard to imagine why they were cut but who knows how some of the cuts would have done if kept, and the film was presented (edited together properly) as such. That is an interesting thought.

    I enjoyed the film very much but after multiple viewings (and some thoughts even in the first viewing) the only criticism I can come up with is the fact that the film could have been deeper in the characters. The film would have still been fun and funny still, but some gravity to go with the levity was definitely planned. You can see a grounded character story for each character (minus Clint Barton/ Hawkeye apparently, poor Jeremy). Joss Whedon as stated in the article was planning a different direction initially until he made what was probably a safer route for the first outing of the Avengers. I am excited to go this route for the Avengers 2 though as it seems all of Phase 2 is going deeper and a bit darker, which is a plus in my opinion.

    With good reason Joss opted to make a more streamlined, stand alone tale for the Avengers to be presented. Other than the first Iron Man the other films were not as successful critically nor storywise in preparation for the crossover. Thor’s character development was rushed in his own solo film with Hawkeye only appearing for a cameo. Black Widow was presented as the hot girl that can kick ass while Iron Man regressed character wise in his second outing only to repeat a similar character journey as his first outing- which kind of lessened the impact of the great first film. The Incredible Hulk while rebooted lacked some complexity or levity that audiences can really relate and attach too (and plus you have the task of replacing the actor again for the Avengers film). Captain America, beside Iron Man in his first film, got really great character insights and development but whose war story was rushed to fulfill his appearance requirement for the Avengers.

    Essentially Joss Whedon had to return to the basics and reintroduced the characters not only to each other or to remind the audience who they are but also delve deeper and contrast these characters and make them memorable for the Avengers. Whedon intended to go deeper but it seems the problem was how can he go deeper in writing and directing these characters when it is obvious that these characters needed to be better fleshed out on the surface along with their own stories and arcs. Now try to add that rectification along with the formation of a team and their fight against Loki- it is a tall order in which Whedon made a great call to wind back and focus on really getting these characters right and their world right.

    It is not to say that most of Phase 1 films were bad, but they could have definitely been better as seen in the first Iron Man film and The Avengers. The Phase 1 films seemed more like spin off or episodes of the same series rather than their own film franchise starters. They were dependent on each other and getting the characters ready for the Avengers but the Avengers could have been released by itself and it would have worked more or less the same way because it was good for what it was– a gimmick in which the right writer/director chose to rectify the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Solo films are better highlighted due to the Avengers, rather than their supposed purpose of supporting the Avengers.
    Just as the Star Wars prequel trilogy depends on the original Star Wars films. (This is not to say that Phase 1 films were bad as those films)

    With that out of the way and Whedon overseeing the production of the Phase 2 set of films with Marvel having learned from the hiccups, the second string of solo films seem to provide a great set of grounded fantasy, levity gravity, fun and character driven films. The Avengers 2 may now be the Empire Strikes Back to The Avenger’s Star Wars. The first was fun, fantastical, grounded, direct, entertainment, while the second can go deeper and darker while digging into the characters and the aftermath of Phase 2 films.

    I like these deleted scenes such the first one with the cop/waitress and Cap and the deleted Captain America intro, Avengers intro, on their own. They may not have fit in the final product but they point to special things to come from the mind of Joss Whedon and Co.

    • Why are you the one who always come up with the ‘essays’?

      • Yeah sorry about it. I tend to rant on certain topics. Thanks for the feedback.

        • Just for the record, I enjoyed reading your essay. It’s nice to see well thought out opinions in the comment section.

          • @The Archer: I agree with notZura. It’s called Screen RANT for a reason. You’re allowed to rant here… and I’m sure there are plenty people, including myself, who enjoy reading your rants (even though I personally don’t always agree with the CONTENT of the rant ;))

  13. a scene i’m interested in seeing the 1st version is during the opening, when selvig, hawkeye and loki are coming out of the portal room and getting into the truck, when loki is climbing in the back, he is wincing as if in great pain. i just wonder what the scene was to have included.
    i also wish they would do the original 3 hour cut as well. i would buy it in a heart beat.

  14. WHY NO HAWKEYE? :c ugh.

  15. I’m SOOOOO glad they decided to delete the waitress scene.

  16. I’m bummed that some of these scenes dint make into the moviesomeof them are really good and for me watching them it felt more like a war movie. Aw well, this movie is one of my favorites and i think the sequel will be even better :)

  17. All the scenes with the other humans were just drawn out. The scenes with Loki and the Other make the Other seem less mysterious and more of just a simple villain who is gloating over Loki. The family in the car scene looks cheesy and the kid especially. I’m glad they got rid of all of those scenes… though personally I wish we’d seen the scene where the waitress picks up the glasses and watch and realises what the aliens are going to do… it helped explain why they moved them into one place – so they could vaporise them with a bomb.

  18. The Shawarma scene was dumb, plus even the heroes looked like they were about to hurl that gastronomically-disasterous fare. Even Indians probably don’t like Indian food. I think I’d rather eat a “Hanuman Hamburger”!

    • “Me Hulk. Me hurl!”

    • They looked like exhausted people who were eating food that hit the spot. Bad shawarma is certainly bad, but good shawarma hits the spot.

      What does indian food have to do with anything?

    • The schawarma scene was brilliant. Not only was it a funny twist on Marvel post-credit scenes, but it also served to humanize the heroes.

  19. That sucks, Disney blocked half of them due to legal issues.

  20. I’m glad they got rid of all of those scenes… though personally I wish we’d seen the scene where the waitress picks up the glasses and watch and realises what the aliens are going to do… it helped explain why they moved them into one place – so they could vaporise them with a bomb.

  21. Huge thanks to “QuiltedGhost” from youtube for uploading all these videos (there’s many, many more on his channel btw).

    I was starting to think that with the set only being available in the US & Canada, that us fans abroad would not get to see the exclusive footage at all – which, to me, is totally unfair since there are plenty people overseas who are just as big a fan of the MCU as any of the American fans – and imo we have every right to this content as well (content that should and very well COULD have been included on the individual releases).

    Having seen everything though, I’m kinda glad I didn’t get this case (which I definitely would have pre-ordered if I were living in the US).
    These deleted/extended scenes, featurettes, etc. (while being pretty damn cool), definitely aren’t worth paying for – and since all these extras are only about 30 minutes long IN TOTAL, it’s not even worth putting on one, separate BD disc (which can house more than 50GB of data). Plus, from what I’ve seen and heard, the case is flimsy, the tesseract looks and feels cheap (and doesn’t work properly either) and the Iron Man bonus discs that came along with the separate movie releases aren’t included in this set at all! (And imo, the best extras from the entire MCU were on those the two bonus discs from IM1 & 2)

  22. I’ll never forget seeing that shawarma bit for the first time in the theater. Most of the people left after the Thanos tease and it was like me and four other people sitting through the credits and then that glorious thing happened. It was pretty funny.

  23. Too bad most of these have already been taken down.

  24. damn, they’re already down!

    • Excatly doe smh

  25. Gah, copyright! Really, Disney? Are you that threatened by Youtube? Now I have to go search for these vids elsewhere…

  26. All videos are down; here are some replacements:

    And another extra: