We recently got our first look at the official video game for the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster, Avatar, when director James Cameron appeared at Ubisoft’s E3 conference. Along with a lot of details on what the game will involve (and how it’s being developed at the same time as the movie), we got three cool looking images from it.

Today, thanks to FilmoFilia, we have three more images from the Avatar video game. The game is being developed with the help of Cameron himself right alongside the movie, with Cameron almost making it his mission to make a truly quality game based on a movie (most are just made and rushed to have on the shelve when the movie opens in theaters, with quality of gameplay and graphics usually suffering). The images are very cool, check them out below:

avatar game image4 New Avatar Video Game Images

Freeze, sucka'!

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avatar game image55 New Avatar Video Game Images

Mind your head...

avatar game image66 New Avatar Video Game Images

Beast and machine battle...

Although I’m not a huge gamer, I still look forward to playing the Avatar video game. The primary reason being because it’s being developed alongside the movie, with Cameron taking a personal interest in seeing it turns out to be good. Also, Cameron has said that certain elements that were created for the game were actually incorporated into the movie itself, which sounds very promising indeed – I would think it would normally and logically be the other way around.

The images so far for the Avatar game have looked pretty damn sweet, and out of these three newest ones I’d lean towards the first one as my favorite. Something about the machine directly opposing that monster looks extra badass. Here’s hoping the actual game itself turns out to be at least decent (although I certainly hope for a lot more from it).

For a few more Avatar game images, as well as info on the movie from the E3 conference, you can take a look at Screen Rant’s earlier post.

What do you think of what we’ve seen of the Avatar video game so far, particularly these three images? Do you think the game will turn out to be well done and not just rushed like most movie-to-game adaptations?

Avatar is scheduled to hit theatres on December 18th, 2009. The game is expected sometime early December, also in 2009.

Source: FilmoFilia