New (Annoying) Trailer For The Mist

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the mist New (Annoying) Trailer For The MistThere’s a new trailer out for The Mist, which is based on a Stephen King novel that I haven’t read. It might not bother you, but both of the trailers for this film annoy the heck out of me with their portrayal of an idiotic supposed Christian. I understand the film is similar to the book in this respect.

The character spouts off stupid lines like:

“Read the Good Book, it calls for blood.”

“We want [to kill] the boy.”


And from the first trailer the woman who speaks these lines apparently gets a few other morons on her side as well.

Now I can understand having what transpires in the film giving these characters “End Times” ideas, but wanting to sacrifice a child? Give me a damned break… maybe if they were Mayans, for crying out loud. There is no “blood sacrifice” in the New Testament and portraying these characters in such a fashion just chaps my ass.

Having said that, if she turns out to be something other than she seems and is related to what’s going on outside, I’ll be happy to eat my words.

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Aside from that, The Mist just seems like a different version of The Fog but with giant, fake looking CGI bugs.

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  1. I’m not bothered by it at all, I’m really looking forward to seeing it. Frank Darabont has been 2 for 2 with his King adapations, The Mist looks like it’ll be another winner.

  2. thank you for your words and God Bless you as a christain man and Fan of the story I am rolling my eyes (once agian because that is what a satan fueled hollywood loves to say) at this crap. First of all I do not recall her having that big of a roll in the short story and she was deemd crazy or a little bit out of control by other bible believing christains. Once again those in league with the well…use this oppertunity took trash good folks. To those who dont know what the “good book” says Jesus said Love your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as you love yourself. And in the epistols the holyspirit talking thru Paul said. Beloved let us love one another for love is of God and anyone who loves is born of God and knows God he who Loveth not knowth not God becuase God is Love.
    They do this all the time but alas the Bible also says the Lord is slow to anger and will not be mocked they can act and choose sides how ever they deem fit.
    Daniel Gentry (feel free to email me)

  3. I’m pretty sure Mrs. Carmody will serve the same purpose in the movie as in the book. She’s a very religous woman that goes crazy, and most crazy people don’t put much thought into what they do. You’ll have to take it up with King about the human sacrifice bit.

  4. We all know that most religous people aren’t crazy in general, BUT….after weeks of hearing these Carrie White Moms screaming Jesus at us in the new york subway cars, I for one am ready to see another one nailed to the wall alla Brian Depalma….lol
    I’m serious. Atleast once a week the “A” train gets someone yelling that I’m going to hell. The hatrid and predudice vomiting out of their mouths is awfull. I guess it depends where you live.

  5. Nicks, I’m really sorry to hear that, bud. As in all groups of ANY type (Christians, black people, Muslims, hispanics, gays, etc.), it seems that the minority whack jobs are the ones that get the attention and make the majority look bad. :-(


  6. I like Steven King’s very religious character in “RoseRed”. Not only is she smart and compasionate, but she’s integral for saving everyone at the end of the movie.(AND she Lives! lol)

  7. Stephen King routinely portrays Christians as puritanical buffoons or hypocrites.

    * Carrie’s mother shames her for menstruation
    * A religiuous nut in Lawnmower Man
    * A Bible-toting murderous redneck Prison Warden in Shawshank Redemption.

    Because of this pattern, I don’t give King the time of day–I won’t even waste time on a trailer.

  8. Yeah, never mind The Stand or Desperation.

    Oh, and the Lawnmower Man film has so many changes to it, that it is nothing at all like the story.

  9. “There is no “blood sacrifice” in the New Testament”

    Um…I guess I read a different one then. The one I read had this guy being sacrificed at the end. But yeah, other than that, none. Oh and some pigs.

  10. Oh come on, Brian. You know exactly what I meant. And the second item you refer to is is Old Testament, superseded by the New.


  11. For more fundamentalism, read Crichton’s State of Fear. Anyway, I’m pumped for this film; the novella is excellent, vivid and scary as hell!


  12. Actually my pigs comment was supposed to be a reference to when he cast the demons in to the pigs and then made them all run off a cliff. Guess i should’ve made that more clear.

  13. I actually think this and even the first trailer, looked really good – until the giant flying bugs made an appearance. Still not sure I’ll see this but the first part of the trailer certainly has me intrigued.

  14. The bugs and “pteradactols” are both in the book, among others (tentacles you saw). Don’t want to say anymore, lest I ruin it!


  15. Brian,

    Ah, ok, gotcha. Thought you were yanking my chain. :-)


  16. Wow! You are so wrong about this Vic. My favourite Stephen King short story finally comes to the silver screen and Frank Darabont is directing it. This is going to be killer.

    Oh, that trailer kicks serious butt!

    Bring it on! Yay!

  17. Lou,

    Hey, it’s cool. I don’t expect everyone to share my opinion. :-)

    I still think the creatures look CGI-fake though…


  18. The effects are still being tweaked. So they should look better by the time it’s released.

  19. No problem Vic – and the CGI monsters are really a small part of the story. The real monsters are the ones we carry inside us – think The Twilight Zone’s – The Monsters Are Out On Maple Street – and you will get a better idea of The Mist.

    If done right this will be a true horror movie.


  20. Lou,

    I haven’t read the story the movie is based on, but my concern is that those “monsters” will be in the form of “Christians.”


  21. Well take in mind the story was written more than 20 years ago before religion became the cultural whipping boy it has today. And Christianity is not the whipping boy in the movie but a cover for the weak and dark side of human nature to hide behind.

  22. Hmm… I could be totally wrong about the movie, but all I have to go on is the trailer.



  23. Like they say, don’t judge a book by its cover.

  24. …or a movie by it’s trailer, eh? :-)