New Alice in Wonderland Trailer [Updated]

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Alice in Wonderland new header New Alice in Wonderland Trailer [Updated]

Update: We now also have the International trailer for Alice In Wonderland!

When the first teaser trailer (prematurely) hit the web for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, I was very excited because not only was it our first proper look at Burton and long-time collaborator, Johnny Depp’s next film together, but it’s one of the classic fictional tales brought to life with a director who couldn’t be more perfect for the job.

I did find the trailer a tad obvious in that it showed many instances where the footage was just in there for the gimmicky 3D effect (such as Depp’s The Mad Hatter throwing the carpet towards the screen). But I guess that’s nitpicking on my part.

Five months and some images and posters later, and we now have a new trailer for Alice In Wonderland which has just surfaced online. This one gives us a better look at a lot of the characters – definitely a helluva of a lot more of Depp as The Mad Hatter – and they all look great.

I particularly got a kick out of seeing more of Helena Bonham Carter as The Red Queen (“Off with their heads!”) and The Cheshire Cat, voiced by the brilliant Stephen Fry.

Check out the trailer below and enjoy:

Update: Have a look at the new International Trailer for Alice In Wonderland:

In case you missed some of that (it’s a pretty fast paced trailer with a lot going on), the good folks over at /Film have taken the time to snap a whopping 40 stills from the trailer and post them to give us a better look at specific images from it. I’ve included a few below (click each for larger versions):

Alice in Wonderland trailer image The Red Queen New Alice in Wonderland Trailer [Updated]

Alice in Wonderland trailer image The Cheshire Cat New Alice in Wonderland Trailer [Updated]

Alice in Wonderland trailer image The Mad Hatter New Alice in Wonderland Trailer [Updated]

For the rest of the huge 40 image gallery you can over to /Film.

It’s amazing how Depp is able to put his mark on every strange role he takes on (particularly in Burton’s films), simultaneously making you feel like you’re seeing him as an actor once again but also disappearing into the role. He’s got the mannerisms of The Mad Hatter down to a tee, even if his “Joker-esque” demeanor is noticeable.

I’ve said it before but I really can’t think of a more perfect match to the source material than Burton – I’ve been wanting a new version of Alice in Wonderland for years now, and whenever I thought of who could direct it I always came back to Burton. When they announced his directing it I was over the moon, and by the looks of all we’ve seen so far, including this new trailer, he’s absolutely nailed it.

Thoughts on the latest Alice in Wonderland trailer? Do you think Burton is the perfect match for this material or is there someone else out there who would have been the more suited choice (I certainly can’t think of one!)?

Alice in Wonderland‘s huge cast includes Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Mia Wasikowska, Anne Hathaway, Crispin Glover, Stephen Fry, Matt Lucas, Michael Sheen, Christopher Lee, and Alan Rickman. It hits theaters on March 5th, 2010.

Sources: TrailerAddict and /Film

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  1. I still would have loved to have seen Burton make a Batman film with Depp in the lead, now that would have been an interesting take on the character.

    This film looks ok, exactly what I expected from the pair.

  2. @DrSamBeckett
    johnny Depp as batman!!!!!!!!!!! loooool
    though i didn’t liked christian bale in TDK , i absolutely don’t want to see depp as batman, i mean how the hell you got this idea its cheeziest most ridiculous idea Ive ever heard
    that’s why your not a movie producer and thank god for that

  3. O….k….

    Imagine Depp when he was younger, doing Batman Year One. I’m not saying get them to do it now, that would be a horrible idea!

  4. depp as riddler!!

  5. @ red skull

    I see your point, but if they do The Riddler, it needs to be a hugely different performance and character to Ledger’s Joker, and if Depp was the Riddler, it would be a crazed performance to say the least.

  6. yeAH! Johnny Depp as the Riddler in the next Batman installment..That would be Nice he would play the part really well. and he would fit that character well too.

  7. “Alice” looks gorgeous! What a wonderful look and feel to the film, and the actors I recognized behind all the makeup (Depp, fabulous as always, and Bonham-Carter, who does over-the-top crazed women better than anyone working right now, IMO) were perfectly cast. Can’t wait to see it!

  8. This trailer makes me a lot more excited for the film than I was before. After the first one I was somewhat put off by Depp’s portrayal of the Mad Hatter, it wasn’t quite what I had in mind (would have loved to see Dana Carvey in the role although he def doesn’t have Depp’s acting chops). With this trailer I like Depp’s portrayal much more and am really looking forward to the film the way I was when I first heard Burton was directing it (@ Ross, I def agree that Burton is perfect for this movie as a director).

    Anyway, now I just can’t wait to see some action shots of Alan Rickman as the caterpillar! Sooooo perfectly cast IMO.

  9. Yeah to say the least this gets me excited. Now if only I could get the book back and finish the second book.

  10. As odd as he is, I just don’t see Depp as the Riddler. I see him being the Joker instead in the next Batman movie.

  11. I don’t care if Johnny looks like a freak I still love him

  12. I am excited (Nightmare Before Christmas) and apprehensive (Willy Wonka). Obviously the original classic story has been “expanded” and “extended” – (Not necessarily a bad thing SyFy’s “Alice” – a surprisingly delightfully delicious dark interpretation -yet kept the heart of the classic tale of self discovery IF your an Alice fan – you should check it out on the Channel formally known as the SciFi Channel )

    Hopefully Burton in his Vision has kept the Heart of Alice.

    Loving Bonham-Carter as The Queen Of Hearts.

    Hail Queen Alice!

  13. I’ve been majorly disappointed by Tim Burton’s latest films, but this one peeked my curiosity when it as first announced, as something that would be right up Burton’s alley.

    After seeing the trailer, I have to say that I’m impressed. The trailer certainly contains all of the elements for which Burton is best suited.

    But am I the only one who’s just sick to death of Danny Elfman’s annoying music? Every one of his scores sounds the same – The Simpsons on steroids or speed. (his only score I can really say I “loved” was Dolores Claiborne)

  14. These videos never work on my computer which is unfortunate…

  15. Can anyone send me a link to another site that has this trailer? I can only find the teaser on youtube.

  16. I love the trailer, especially the pig part. That was totally unexpected and surreal.

  17. Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland in 3D and produced by Disney will be a must see for me. I love Burton’s Cheshire Cat …its bright eyes are compelling, and with Stephen Fry doing the voice this will surely be one of the favorite characters that will come forth from this movie. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp seem to just go together … not only are they close friends … but the two of them create magic in their works. We all know that Disney is analogous with magic so this movie will be winner for anybody that wants to see a Tim Burton and Johnny Depp movie. I for one will fall into rabbit hole along with Alice and experience this Disney production with all it’s magical colors presented in 3D.

  18. I am so excited about this movie. I can’t wait to see it!

  19. @ the old man:

    It didn’t work. Thanks though! I found it on apple trailers.

  20. I was kinda “meh” about this movie until I saw these trailers. They look great and have really made me want to see this film in the theater. Depp is PERFECT as The Mad Hatter and the cinematography is classic Tim Burton. I can’t think of anyone better for such a surreal story than Tim.

  21. Is Batman all you people talk about? lol

    This movie looks just so great. I don’t even know what to say. I am so excited.

  22. @Foopher,

    No, we also talk about Spider-Man. 😛

  23. Looks good…Can’t wait…

  24. I like to think of myself as a writer and the lofty high-end goal of my life is to become a successful one. Lewis Carroll’s orignal book is what inspired me to become an author because there really isn’t anything written since that is as good, as whimsical or as entertaining. Tim Burton’s take on the material places Alice in Wonderland several years later after the original script where Wonderland is in a great state of upheaval because of the Red Queen. In other words, Burton changed the script “in order to tell a more decent story”. Burton has said in several interviews that he often found the previous versions of AiW to be “several stories folded into one” and that you didnt get the feeling of a connection between them. However, in the original script the character known as the Mad Hatter has an unusually small impact on the story as a whole – most of the characters except for the Cheshire Cat have. Mostly because they only appear once in the book, like Burton said, as episodes. The idea to introduce the Mad Hatter as a sort of “Main Character” besides Alice is clearly being doone only to give Johnny Depp more screentime and explore the character in a fashion they would like to see it develop. I am SHOCKED beyond reason and SEVERLY ANGERED by the fact that Burton is doing to my Alice in Wonderland what many people feel Jackson did to Lord of the Rings. If this is even half as bad as I think it is, the original script is tainted by Burton’s unholy handling of great material and reading it again will never feel the same. The soul and heart of a once fantastic book will be consumed by the Hollywoodmachine once again. What will the next be? They will probably turn the JABBERWOCK into some kind of freakish monster to hunt Alice in a action scene to satisify the audience. I seriously hope TIm Burton breaks a leg in the near future.

  25. @Darklaw: Be disapponted & outraged if you’d like, but this film wasn’t intended as a replica of the classic book or the Disney cartoon. There’s a script floating around: it’s a partially new story based on the 2 Alice books. It looks wonderful to me, but everyone has their own taste (my taste runs Depp/Burton).

  26. I totally hate Johnny Depp as the mad hatter, he looks the same in all his roles, and i don’t see him doing well as the mad hatter i read in the book
    and i really hate what Burton did mixing Queen of Hearts (from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) and the Red Queen (from “Through the looking glass”) i know the movie is not trying to be the same as any of the two books, but making two characters into one is NOT acceptable

  27. Depp “looks the same in all his roles”? Huh? He’s nearly unrecognizable in this one, and the same is true of his portrayals of Willy Wonka, Captain Jack Sparrow and others! His gestures or body language may be similar – I can see bits of Jack Sparrow in how the Mad Hatter moves as he runs down the table at the Tea Party – but that’s not that big a deal. And none of these characters resemble Depp as John Dillinger. He’s done so many wonderfully odd characters that seeing him as the handsome man he is can be quite a surprise.

  28. (dude with the random name in all caps) Um… is Johnny Depp supposed to NOT look like himself in every single movie? o.o I don't see Anne Hathaway running for the cutting table everytime she gets a role. But seriously, that make-up and hair doesn't look like ANYTHING from any past role he's played so I honestly can't see what you're talking about.

    But yeah, some say Burton was the “safe and typical” choice but to me, giving him the helms on this script was completely natural. The world of Alice matches perfectly with Burton's direction and visual style and with this Hot Topic generation who hails his quirky style and who hasn't had a big screen adaptation of this tale to call their own, why not?

    @Darklaw: I can understand, I hate seeing my beloved tales ripped, gutted and thrown into the HW deep fryer (the lastest offense being Blood: The Last Vampire *recoils at the memory*) but for some reason I can never feel that way about Alice variations. It's just that AiW is such a broad and creative work filled with short tales all linked together by Alice herself, that I feel anything can be done with it. It's like the Grimm's Tales to me only with a recurring character. It has a charm and style all it's own but a formula that allows a person to add their own spin on it and still be recogonizable. Idk, I just love variations and different takes on classic tales, Alice being the main one. It never gets old to me and it always amazes me how many unique versions of Wonderland you can pull up off of Google. Needless to say, I'm all up for this grown but still not grown-up Alice adventure.

    Again, I see where you're coming from but unlike the other bastard mutilations of good tales HW has spun out, this one actually looks good. Just give it a shot, ne? :)