New 3.5 Minute Avatar Trailer Coming This Friday

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avatar header new1 New 3.5 Minute Avatar Trailer Coming This Friday

You may remember the first teaser trailer for a little film called Avatar that premiered online a couple of months ago, causing quite a stir both in the split opinion about the trailer itself, as well as some initial difficulties in actually being able to view it on Around these parts we were on the positive side of the fence, and put any flaws the Avatar trailer may have had down to the fact that it was meant to be seen on as big a screen as possible and not on a computer screen.

Our first proper look at Avatar was, in the end, an extended teaser, basically hinting at the visuals that are to come (“This is great,” was the extent of the dialogue). But those wanting a better feel for the story need not fret – a new trailer is on its way. The guys over at have learned from 20th Century Fox that a new 3.5 minute trailer will start to be shown in theaters this Friday, October 23rd.

Unfortunately, the new Avatar trailer is not scheduled to appear online until almost a week later, on October 29th, but like the first teaser, I don’t expect online is where the trailer will work best; ComingSoon says it is, “THE trailer, the one that will show you much more story” I’m definitely glad to hear that – we’ve got a good idea of what the visuals will end up being, now I wanna’ see the story.

We heard word of more trailers coming soon at the end of last month, where the guys over at Market Saw managed to talk to someone heavily involved in the marketing for Avatar who said that, “there are more trailers than I can count on 2 hands,” referring to TV spots and featurettes as well as proper trailers. Amongst other things, it was revealed that on top of finding out about the story, we’ll also see more of the cast, including Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang, as well as concentration on “the incredible performance that Sam Worthington gives as Jake.”

avatartank New 3.5 Minute Avatar Trailer Coming This Friday

Sam Worthington as Jake Sully

The interesting thing to note is not the fact that we’ll soon be getting a new “better” Avatar trailer (wasn’t it inevitable?), but the fact that it’ll be three and a half minutes long. If you’ve been keeping up with all the Avatar news, you remember “Avatar Day” back in August, where across the world approximately 20 minutes of footage was shown from the movie in  IMAX 3D, the form it was developed for. Add that to this upcoming 3.5 minute trailer and it shows that director James Cameron isn’t shy of showing a fair bit of footage to get people interested. With Avatar being a new property, Cameron really needs to sell it, especially because of its hefty $200 million-plus budget.

So even though we haven’t got the actual trailer yet, what do you think of a new Avatar trailer showing in theaters from this Friday? Are you surprised that it’ll be 3.5 minutes long? And are you glad it’ll be the one which gives us a feel for the story?

As stated, the second Avatar trailer will start showing in theaters this Friday, October 23rd. Avatar hits theaters everywhere on December 18th, 2009.

Source: ComingSoon

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  1. I have seen the first trailer on the big screen, and I am sorry but i just wasnt impressed. I think this is going to be a turkey, first one of Cameron’s career, i know they keep going on about seeing it in 3D on a big screen, but how many people are going to be doing that? Last time i checked not every cinema shows 3D films, so the average public are not even going to get the full benefits. Same as shooting in IMAX, whats the point?
    But all of this is pointless conjecture, it will be Avatar’s story that makes or breaks it, not the effects or seeing it on a massiv screen. The film should be of a high enough quality without having to resort to gimmicks.

  2. i agree. I think that Sam W’s performance will be really good because he stole the show in terminator. hope it doesn’t flop, but now that I’ve said something i probably jinxed it lol

  3. what movie is the trailer showing on?

  4. i also think its going to flop, unless they do some serius marketing which they have yet to do.

  5. @Fenndaldune,

    That info wasn’t released, unfortunately. I imagine films of a similar type to appeal primarily to the same audience.

  6. Now we should start to see more of the storyline come out.

  7. Im so tired of the word “flop”. Just wait until the movies comes out people. Especially if you haven’t seen the 15 minutes. Everyone who has knows it is a completely different quality than the teaser.

  8. It NEEDS to wow a lot of people, The first trailer as someone had mentioned looked similar to final fantasy lol, at least parts did.

    If the trailer fails, this movie will not draw in the masses. I cant see a majority caring about a primitive vs technological war.

    Someone also mentioned Fern Gulley here a while back, i just want to applaud them, that wierd night seen in the trailer with the glowing things looks like they ripped it directly.
    The theme to is pretty close, you have expanding construction (humans for avatar) destroying the fairys (navvi) habitat.

    Im no gulley die hard but its hard to deny the plot and setting parralells. going to be very interesting how similar they end up being.

  9. Who cares if the movie flops (which it won’t). The movie will still be nothing short of amazing. Like these people have been saying for months part of the experience is seeing it in the 3d imax. I’ve been anticipating this movie for over a year it will absolutely not suck! I would like to see more of the supporting characters and some of the scenes on Earth which the movie takes place on for a brief period supposedly. I’m sure we will see a lot more battle scenes as well which apparently takes up a good portion of the latter half of the movie which is awesome btw. All in all I have high hopes for this one but I understand why people are skeptical because of all the leaps Cameron is taking on this one.

  10. I cant see this really being the major break out role for sam….he plays an alien for the better part of the movie how incredible can his acting be????? Unless he is doing like some major serious role in a true dramatic role i cant really see this being his giant break out role. I feel way too much hype surrounding this film and not enough meat. It looks to fake yes i know that some people have said that people are having issues with it do to the aliens looking strange and different. but i saw where the wild things are and as it turns out i wasnt drawn out of the film despit them being big hairy monsters. they felt more real to me then the images and preview i have seen of avatar so far. i am not calling it a flop but i am doubting the greatness that people are saying about this film, it feels much the same as watchmen. lots of hype and in the end a movie that was so far out there that even some die hard fans had issues with it. this film is from scrath, with out anything for us to grow anything from we dont have a back story to develope an attachemnt to the film. unless they really push the story unless they tell us more what this whole thing is about i cant see it being a hit. i come to this site often but i still dont get what its all about. he turns into a blue alien for what? to learn about them or to fight with them? it doesnt feel like a new story just the same old if thats the case with prettier pictures.

  11. So you have to see a 15 min trailer to be convinced this is quality.
    Wow times have changed.

    Personally I can smell the hype on this from 5 blocks away,,, ;-)

    In the rain,,,

  12. “Especially if you haven’t seen the 15 minutes. Everyone who has knows it is a completely different quality than the teaser.”

    I’m not 100% sure, but I think that somewhere buried DEEP inside that statement it says something about the quality of the footage or CG being different between the teaser and the 15-minute footage, not that you have to see 15 minutes of footage to be impressed…

    I don’t know, maybe I’m just reading too much into it, you know me, seeing crazy things where there is nothing! lol

    But seriously though, Aaron, correct me if I’m mistaken, but I noticed that the CG in some of the stills that were released AFTER the teaser looked way more “real” and finished than what was shown in the teaser. From those pics, the CG looked very impressive while in the teaser it just looked pretty good. Is that how it looked more or less in the 15 minutes of footage (the quality of the CG seen in the newer pics)??

  13. @Ken J

    Thats exactly how it is. Some shots are obvioulsy CG in the trailer suck as the AMP suit that looks at jake (you can see his gun clip through his arm) But on Avatar Day it was stunning. Im hoping the next trailer will show what everyone has really been talking about.

  14. Here is the trailer discription:

    For all those people who asked…

    “They need to show off more of the performance capture”
    “We need a trailer that clearly conveys the story for the masses”
    “Why does it say from the director of Titanic? It should say from the director of this, dadedadeda, director of that”
    “There should be more dialogue”
    “I wanna see Sigourney Weaver, Giovanni Ribisi, Michelle Rodriguez…”

    And especially…

    “What’s up with the wheelchair? If you now have the technology to engineer a human alien hybrid and transfer your conscience into that hybrid, then why can’t they fix Jake’s legs?”

    Thank you I guess. Fox must have been listening to you.


    Inside a bar, JAKE SULLY, a crippled hippie from the future, wheels up to two suits.

    “Would you like to have a fresh start on a new world?” one suit says. “You can make a difference.”

    A shuttle drops into Pandora, Jake wheels himself down the ramp into Hell’s Gate (yes, teaser stuff). He narrates about how he joined the military to better himself, keep well fed in these trouble times, and avoid fighting the crocodiles any way he can. Next we are introduced to COLONEL QUALRITCH. Did I spell that right?

    “You’re not in Kansas anymore, ladies and gentlemen. You are on Pandora?” Qualritch tells the fresh meat.

    Jake rides with TRUDY CHACON throughout Pandora past the floating mountains, beautiful and lush forests (this movie should come with the slogan- no color gets left behind), and overarching rocks. Good God, this place is a sight to see, especially in 3D.

    Finally we are given our long past due exposition. SELFRIDGE, leader of the Pandora operation, explains why we are here, holding a piece of shiny gray rock in his hand. Apparently this super-mineral has an abundant supply source under the local natives’ habitat (he’s talking about the bigass blue cat people). They must evacuate the NAVI from this part of the forest. Jake does a recording explaining how the Avatar process works (all you dorks out there should already know how that works). Qualritch is in his AMP suit. All his movement nuances translate into the suits movement. He asks Jake to spy on the Navi.

    “You do what I need; I’ll get you your legs back. You’re real legs,” He says. Selfridge tells GRACE AUGUSTINE to get her act together; that she should find a diplomatic solution and prevent war.

    Now it gets insane. Jake goes into ‘Avatar Mode’ and takes the helicopter out to the forest. He meets a threatening Navi, threateningly hot!

    “You should not be here,” whispers NEYTIRI. “This is all your fault.”

    There is a montage of the exotic forest being torn apart by a huge piece of blunt machinery. I mean huge. Jake and Neytiri becoming friendly: flying over cliffs together on top of Banshees, meeting the tribe, swimming in the forbidden pool, ya know, the kind of stuff that leads to fan boys fappin it out.

    Next is a montage done in similar fashion the teaser was but a lot better, with cohesive shots, dialogue, and kickass visuals. The army moves out. Qualritch drinks coffee as his men destroy everything. Trudy Chacon tells Jake that he’s going up against gun ships with bows and arrows. Qualritch confronts Jake in the cafeteria.

    “You been getting lost in the woods?”

    Neytiri shows distrust to Jake for not telling her the truth, and asks him if he knew this would happen, (referring to the military attack).

    Great epic battle sequences prevail: Humans fighting Navi, Humans flying gunships fight Navi flying banshees, Humans controlling AMP suits fight Navi riding giant alien panthers and other strange creatures, etc.

    Captions fill the screen saying: FROM THE DIRECTOR OF (everything movie he’s made)

    Jake gives an emotional battle speech to the Navi.

    “This is the strong taking advantage of the weak. This is our land.” Waka, Waka.

    December 18th

    ******END SPOILERS*******

  15. @DrSamBeckett

    So you weren’t impressed? I can think of three reasons why someone wouldn’t be impressed.

    1) You’re from the distant future. In your time humanity has created technology that rivals that of Star Trek’s holodeck or better yet the virtual world of The Matrix. You’ve literally BEEN to Pandora and other alien worlds so naturally seeing footage from Avatar was like showing a modern day human a black and white TV.

    2) You saw the 3D footage at IMAX but you’re one of these guys who loves to hate on everything popular (either a liberal adult or a 14 year old). Either way you’re a douchebag with a keyboard who thinks being a contrarian makes them look smart. FAIL.

    3) You simply watched the trailer online and think that dismissing a 2D representation of a 3D movie is an informed perspective which in that case makes you an idiot. That’s like critiquing food you’ve never tasted or music you’ve never heard.

  16. @Geoff, dude your way out of line,,,

    Refresh yourself with the rules of posting here…

    If you have a problem with someones opinion discussion is always an option. Its real easy to throw out insults…