Netflix Interested In ABC’s ‘The River’

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The River Trailer ABC Netflix Interested In ABCs The River

Having already pursued the notion of resurrecting the recently canceled sci-fi series Terra Nova, and entering into talks with 20th Century Fox Television, Netflix is now hoping to do the same with the found-footage horror series The River from ABC.

After airing its eighth (and possibly final) episode earlier this week, The River managed 3.99 million viewers, which given the series’ already low numbers, does not bode well for a second season – at least not with ABC, at any rate. In what is being described as “exploratory talks,” Netflix has looked into the feasibility of bringing The River to its customers - essentially beating ABC to the punch in announcing the series’ cancellation.

Despite the low ratings, Netflix remains interested in The River and the aforementioned Terra Nova partially because the programs are more serialized in nature - an aspect the company surmises will work well with the kind of service they provide. Furthermore, the numbers on first-run airings isn’t necessarily a concern for subscription-based services like Netflix or HBO (the network Netflix is aiming to emulate), rather it is the cumulative viewings that pile up over a certain amount of time which are of interest to the company.

terra nova fox Netflix Interested In ABCs The River

Given that Netflix doesn’t (yet) adhere to a set schedule of when new programming will air, instead releasing content to be consumed at the discretion of the viewer (as in the case of Lilyhammer), the potential audience for a show like The River, Terra Nova or even the highly anticipated Arrested Development could be any of the service’s 23 million subscribers, over a certain amount of time (i.e. weeks, months, years).

Though not officially canceled by ABC, the termination of The River would not be considered a surprise by anyone. And while it may seem slightly uncivilized of Netflix to determine the viability of the property through its service before such a decision has been handed down, the early move may be to keep the cast from jumping ship. Recently, despite the possibility that his program could be given new life on Netflix, Terra Nova star Jason O’Mara opted to leave the sci-fi program and take a supporting role in the upcoming CBS period drama Ralph Lamb, alongside Dennis Quaid, Carrie-Anne Moss and Michael Chiklis.

What that means for the viability of more seasons of Terra Nova, or Netflix’s interest in the series has yet to be determined. But perhaps the sudden move served as a call for Netflix to expedite such acquisition transactions prior to the announcement of cancellation.


Screen Rant will keep you posted on the status of The River, and any news of its future on Netflix, as information is made available.

Source: Deadline 

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  1. I actually dont mind The River. It entertains me and that is all I ask for, no it doesnt blow me out of the water with awesomness but it is a least a little creepy.

  2. I am all for Netflix attempting to acquire Terra Nova, and perhaps other canceled series, among them Stargate Atlantis and Firefly. The River, however, was not very good at all. After watching the premiere, I was entirely disinterested and did not care to see any more of it. Considering how it was canceled so soon out of the box, it appears most other people would agree.

  3. This show got better… not great, but better. I enjoyed the final episodes of season 1 very much and I’d completely be up for another season. I think they went about it the wrong way… The beginning of the series I thought was weak. The last three episodes should have been the first three episodes of the series… then they should have went from there.

  4. What, is Netflix going to be to canceled TV shows what Sony Station is to dead or dying MMOs?

  5. I do belive the river should have a second season. Is a 50% chance it will get more veiws. I think they would make more money. I am very intrested in this show!

  6. Netflix already damaged its business with some decisions it has made, so the idea of picking up expensive shows that had rating low enough to get cancelled seems odd. I know people online are screaming to keep some of these shows on in some circles, but when it comes time to pony up how many people are going to pay for a show that technically enough people didn’t watch for free in the first place?

    • netflix subscribers (like me) are already paying. i didn’t care for the river, but i can see that some did, and the subscription revenues plus some other advertising, could pay for the series. i don’t care that it shows up on netflix. i dont have to watch if i dont want to

    • Netflix subscribers pay a monthly fee, not per show. Netflix doesn’t depend on ratings to attract advertisers, it depends on subscribers paying them directly. 3 million people might not be enough to help a network land a huge advertising deal, but it works out to nearly $30 million in subscriber fees, if all those River fans sign up to keep following it. If even a fraction sign up, it could be worthwhile for Netflix. Especially when you factor in subscribers like me, who feel like we’ve run through most of the Netflix offerings we want to see, but might stick around longer if they’re going to start producing new stuff.

  7. I hope Netflix saves The River and Terra Nova. I’ve seen a lot of people say that they would subscribe to Netflix JUST to watch these shows!!! I loved both of these shows. I already have Netflix, but if they save these shows I will be a loyal customer for as long as I live!

    • I loved both shows and would follow them if brought back by Netflix, but it looks like it’s never going to happen.

  8. I thought The River was well acted and produced, a breath of fresh air among so many reality and talent shows. Why can’t these networks find a way to make ratings less of an issue, so that more people can be satisfied in being able to view their favorite shows? I remember when shows played for years, now sometimes I don’t even start to watch an interesting looking series because I fear that they’ll cut it off when it gets most interesting. I then feel manipulated by the networks. I’ve actually cancelled my cable because so many of my beloved series have come to an abrupt ending.

  9. I guess I’m one of the few that really liked The River! I really don’t want to see it cancelled, but at least I’m a Netflix subscriber, so I hope they do get it! I would love to continue watching it!

    • I loved the show and would love to see it come back to Abc or Netflix

  10. Those of us who liked The River aren’t “the few”, Netflix wouldn’t be interested in it if it was a bad show that didn’t have any fans. It was a great show and hopefully Netflix will give it a few more seasons.

  11. I think THE RIVER is totally AWSOME!! Although my family & I did not catch on until recently, it has become one of our FAVORiTE & most anticipated Tv show’s!! My husband & I are both early – mid thirties, my daughter is 15. We thought it started out kinda slow, but just got more interesting & exciting as it kept going! I don’t think there are as many people watching that should because they don’t know it’s there. We don’t have cable in our home. Netflix & Hulu are our source to Tv life. We wouldn’t have ever known about it if it weren’t for hulu! O have told a few people on facebook about it and guess what??? They’d never heard of it either!!!! Please don’t cancel the show. I bet if you gave it a little more time, more people will hear about it or run across it & it will catch on! There are PLENTY of snow’s we didn’t start watching until 2 or 3 seasons into them because we either didn’t know about them or just thought they were about something totally different!!! Just hang in there. It’s a different kind of show for sure! Thriller, curiousness, supernatural, fantasy & adventure all in one!!!!! Keep it up, it’ll happen!!!!! :)

  12. I’m sure there are many out there like Tammy (from Tennessee) who will agree that Netflix should pick up the River because this is a quality program. With a move to obtain new viewable content and web available (on demand) original programming, Netflix would be making the right move by acquiring and continuing the production of the River.

    With word that ABC has officially cancelled the show after just 8 episodes, I really hope that Netflix picks up this show because it has a lot of potential. 3.99 million viewers watched the show’s last episode on ABC, and of those viewers, almost all of them would agree that the show ended Season 1 with a suspenseful and moving season finale that left audiences wanting more episodes.

    Unlike many of the other shows that were cancelled this season, the River actually proved to be very entertaining while staying within the limits of network television.

    ABC placed the River in a time slot that forced it to compete with NCIS, and the initial filming was done in Puerto Rico, which was (in my honest opinion) noticeably inferior and a mistake.

    The potential for a show like the River in a 2nd Season is great. For instance, it could introduce the audience to a wide variety of scenic locations and breath taking High Definition (HD) scenes that join the natural with the supernatural. Moving from location to location rather than staying in one spot for an extended period will prove to be the key as audiences of season 1 grew noticeably tired of a constant dose of scenes aboard the search boat and what appeared to be a show dominated by night scenes that centered on the events aboard the main search vessel.

    More extras as well as an increased use of flashbacks and flash forwards should also be incorporated to break away from any noticeable repetition of sequences and add variety to the show as the audience learns more about the main characters and underlying story.

    My family and everyone who I know would definitely watch this on Netflix.

  13. I might actually get Netflix if they pick up the River.

  14. Me and my mom LOVED The River! I thought the storyline was good and it kept me wondering what was going to happen in the next episode. It was creepy and in most episodes, exciting. I think I heard somewhere that the cast and crew already filmed season 2, so if it’s cancelled… I’d be highly upset! I hope it comes back either on ABC or on Netflix, in which case I’d have to rejoin Netflix immediately.

  15. I will honestly get Netflix if they pick up The River.

  16. Please don’t cancel the The River !!!!!!!!!!

  17. Man, I loved The River….. I,m a Netflixs sub and would really enjoy watching The River on netflixs…. Please pick it up so The River can reach a bigger crowd. Breath Life into The River!

  18. Still no 2nd season?

  19. I really hope it comes a season 2 of the river. I loved the first season, and it really need an end. Please netflix, make another season!

  20. These shows were different. Does anyone know if this is still a possibility as I’m writing this in 2015 because I love both of these shows and own both of the first seasons. I’m so sick of these dumb cop, detective, and government shows. Bring us more shows that are different LIKE Terra Nova, The River, and The Walking Dead! Both of them were not on long enough and didn’t gain enough coverage BECAUSE they weren’t on for enough seasons! Just like the second Canadian made part of Primeval. -.-

    • I want it back up! Make a facebook page abd get people to vote for it! :)