Netflix Opts Not To Pick Up ‘Terra Nova’

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terrra nova netflix Netflix Opts Not To Pick Up Terra Nova

After weeks of discussions with 20th Century Fox, Netflix has had a change of heart and is no longer seeking to rescue Terra Nova from cancellation, leaving the studio free to shop the expensive sci-fi series to other possible suitors.

Despite the news that Terra Nova‘s best chance for survival has ceased being interested, 20th century Fox is not remanding the series to the dust bin just yet. For now, as a modicum of hope still lingers that some network will take a shine to the thought of Stephen Lang and a horde of CGI dinosaurs gracing its airwaves, the studio has kept all the actors’ contracts in place.

After a certain point, though, the cost of keeping everything and everyone on standby, while the last glimmer of hope slowly fades, will become prohibitive to doing actual business; so if Terra Nova can’t successfully woo another network, it’s going to be lights out for any more prehistoric shenanigans.

Meanwhile, perhaps as an indication of their faith in the show’s chances, many in the cast have already signed on to appear in other upcoming pilots. Most notably, series lead Jason O’Mara (Jim Shannon) has joined the impressive cast for CBS’ period drama based on real-life Las Vegas lawman Ralph Lamb. The series touts Dennis Quaid, Carrie-Anne Moss and Michael Chiklis amongst its cast and comes from screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi (Goodfellas). Meanwhile, Christine Adams (Mira) has signed on to appear in ABC’s fashion-centric drama Americana, alongside Emilie de Ravin (Lost) and Anthony LaPaglia (Without a Trace).

terra nova pilot Netflix Opts Not To Pick Up Terra Nova

So why did Netflix pass? For one, Terra Nova cost around $4 million per episode, which may have been seen as too risky, especially since the company is seeking to define it’s brand with content created solely for its subscribers. And with word that Netflix and Media Rights Capital – the studio behind the upcoming House of Cards -are currently battling director and executive producer David Fincher on matters of that series’ budget, one can see why avoiding another series where dollars are certain to add up was part of Netflix’s decision.

Meanwhile, in addition to House of Cards, Netflix has Hemlock Grove from Eli Roth in the works, as well as a new series from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan. To catch a glimpse of Netflix’s first original offering, subscribers can currently tune into the complete first season of Lilyhammer.

Whether this announcement will play into Netflix’s interest in The River is not clear, as the found-footage series’ fate on ABC has not yet been determined.


Screen Rant will keep you posted on the news surrounding Terra Nova as it is made available.

Source: Deadline

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  1. NOOO!!!!!! i hope another network picks it up, and soon. I dont understand how this is having so much trouble getting a second season. it wasnt a great show but it was still really good. and you have a show like falling skies airing its second season this summer already. falling skies was ok to but terra nova was way better.

    • no one is picking it up and no one will because the shows budget is to high. if they thought ratings were bad how can them if they have to cut the budget? I thought the show was horrible IMO.

      • I hate to point some glaring facts out which have been ommitted from this piece of heresay.

        1 Kevin Reilly stated this show made fox money
        2 It was not cancelled because of low viewer numbers, thats just nonsensical rumours said Reilly.
        3 The show would have been picked up again for a second season if a couple of factors fell into place.

        1a the provisio that fringe and more importantly that Alcatraz did well (it did not and will likely get the cancellation it deserves with low demo numbers)

        1b that Terra Nova took way too long to produce. On average 6 week per episodes, costing 2.8 million per episode (hardly 4 million as quoted above not much above csi per episode!) it would have taken them until next year to produce another 13 episode season, fox wanted 20 episodes.

        1C That they got new writers in and spielberg took on either the writing or found better writers for the show (they didn’t like braga’s mess as one exec put it)

        The show was not enough of an appeal to try to go for syndication, so instead of wasting money they had already made for this show (and let me reiterate this show was not cancelled because of viewers or was bs internal politics from an inept network) they decided to let it go to the next highest bidder, and believe me when I tell you 2oth are currently in talks with several networks that are interested…except they are cable networks..

        • The comments made by Fox about this show really have to be taken with a grain of salt. If as you say the show made money and had decent ratings then logically it should not have been cancelled. I think the people from Fox are being diplomatic because Spielberg is involved in this on the side, but clearly there were significant issues on some level that put the show on the chopping block.

          Even if the budgets quoted were not totally accurate, if you read between the lines it seems like however much it cost was considered too much for the ratings it was bringing in. The show experienced are huge ratings drop, due largely probably to the show being preempted way too much during it’s run. The reasoning behind this seems to be the production turn around time, but along with everything else the show seemed to have many factors working against it.

        • here are the hard facts:
          1) terra nova has a ridiculously high budget
          2) it averaged 6-7 million viewers per episode, which is pretty mediocre for an average show on fox, and pretty bad for a show of terra nova’s budget.

          high budget + mediocre profits = cancellation

          • The show had a massive drop-off in the first few weeks and then when they pulled it for three and four week blocks during the season I kind of saw the writing on the wall. The budget and production turn around issue not being a factor seems like reveres spin, since these are the things that kind of get a show axed.

            • If Netflix thinks Terra Nova isnt worth it, just look at Lilyhammer, The River and House of Cards! They look like shows that are boring as hell, well except for The River but it could be made better than what it is with some better acting. Terra Nova wasnt advertised that well here in Australia, in fact not many people knew about it. Those that did, enjoyed it… however it lacks a bit more of what we all want to see… CGI Dinosaurs!!! Lets face it, both kids and Adults enjoy seeing Dinosaurs, it captures our interests and attention. If they can make Terra Nova more cost effective, Terra Nova WILL pick up more viewers.

  2. #*&@%^!$%&*$%^^&$$%^(*&! Damn it.

  3. I enjoyed Terra Nova… Hopefully it gets picked up.

    • Checking new gravatar…

  4. Good, now Marvel can start negotiations with Lang to play Cable. :)

  5. best show since lost.hope someone picks it up.

    • P-l-e-a-s-e don’t reminisce about LOST as if it were a good show. I agree it was interesting the first two years. Then, it drifted. Finally, it ended terribly, with very few answers to any questions. It turned out to be a complete sham.

  6. Good,Show was doomed from the get go with Braga on board,there was no hope anyway ! The man is so burned out,and has no real idea of how to make real characters and drama !

    Was hopeful for it,but just turned out boring !
    Wonder why the show cost so much..they are always talking about the CGI,but there i nearly nothing on screen that seems expense !

    • Originally the idea that it cost so much came from the fact the show was put up on hiatus during the wet season on australia where it was filmed.
      The props and sets where kept up and these cost the studio money, but they could not film

      Out of the blue out of nowhere, someone bleated it was costing around 6 million per episode..when in fact it was just under half of that, but rumours soon spread and the fairy tale got bigger…so when someone read it cost x amount of dollars per episode, it was believed.

      Braga should never ever have been allowed anywhere near a desk again. The man is washed up, he made a disaster of Star Trek Voyager and an even worse mess of Enterprise…in fact the last show should have sent alarm bells ringing to the producers..sadly he was taken on board and some of the worst scripts ever created came about…there where plot holes bigger than black holes…characterizations where shocking…and too much children time…i mean really, the show was supposed to be targetted at 18-47 year olds not young teens and old people..and that was it’s major downfall…shows are cancelled for not meeting the correct demo..its not the first and it wont be the last to be cancelled either. but thanks to Braga a show that was worth saving was in the end thrown on the trash heap for the cable networks to fight over if they wanted it.

  7. dam!! was hoping this would get renewed dam u fox for canceling another great show

  8. This looked promising at first,I’d been waiting to see it,then I did…i was bored…really bored,I only saw 1 episode and am surprised by the info in the post above that says it took 6 weeks for an episode like that.

    There was something just wrong…the best way to describe it was like one of the reality shows…where the camera work/feel does not look cinematic or tv like nor do i remember if there was any music playing the background.

    On the other hand i could be remembering it incorrectly as it was very forgettable…i am sure though that it was boring.

  9. oO y stephen lang as CABLE would be a great choice !

    • true

  10. A lot of good shows get cancelled before their time. Terra Nova was still trying to find it’s footing. There were for me, three great eps, undercut by plot holes or worse, a way to “repair” something that wasn’t broken but simply more thought provoking and interesting if they left well enough alone. Maybe it was the Braga influence, who knows.

    - It was the second episode, where there was a slight homage to Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’. Where these small yet pesty dino-crows attacked the Terra Nova colony. Great stuff! Sadly, one major plot hole (how did the 6′ers cope with the critters) and, later eps where smaller CG critters looked nice but the big guys looked ridiculous. The dino in the finale was horrible. Good if you like cheese. But Nova played it serious.

    - There was this bit where all the tech fizzled out. Outstanding! I never liked all that techie stuff brought into the past to begin with. The opportunities this presented were off the charts. What did they do? Give them back the techie stuff.

    Not everything has to be perfect, and I liked some of the character arcs. The actors were fine. But the FX didn’t gel well with the concept. I’m surprised SyFy didn’t pick up the show (but, hey, they won’t even pick up Blood and Chrome, so why expect this?) and if it were me I’d at least throw up a TV film to wrap the show.

    But the series WAS a disappointment. In fact, if Braga and Spielberg’s name were not on this, it might have survived the cut. Braga is overrated, yes, but he’s still a ‘brand name. We all know Spielberg. We expect more. We expect quality. Terra Nova was good on drama and character, but lacked that level of quality overall. Plain and simple.

    Now…I can’t wait until Spielberg’s other show, the superior Falling Skies, returns on TNT.

  11. This premise of the show was always bigger than the small screen and TV budget could handle. Whoever owns the rights to this show should write a feature film screenplay for Terra Nova and just let it simmer on the backburner for a five or six years until folks either forget about the show or have warm, fuzzy memories about it.

  12. I honestly don’t know what all the nonsense being mentioned i about. Of course the show didn’t have great ratings, they did not advertise very well in America. I never heard of this show until a few days ago, but while coming across it, decided to have a look. what I found was an amazing t.v. series and i watched it all night long! They always look at the number of viewers and then cancel a show, but what no one seems to focus on, is that most people like to wait until a series is over and then they start watching it so they don’t need to wait a week to see another episode. Netflix should invest in this and if not, then someone else! Out of many of the stuff on Netflix, it sucks! Its all outdated and old. However, the shows they do have, do get watched! Now I’m not saying they will see results and have a million viewers in a day, but over time when people casually browse through and see Terra Nova, then word will spread, more people will watch, and BAM! more viewers. in months you will eventually see over 38 plus million. All I’m saying is to give it a chance! Not to mention, ALL of America and every other country is probably sick of finding a series they love, and then all of a sudden a second series isn’t made. I feel that all the networks cut the legs out from under the show before it had a chance to get better, or even advertise more so people will watch it. I have watched countless television series that i enjoy highly, but once you get to the finale, they leave a big gap, or something happens that tells you there will be more! We all want more!!! Sadly however, you can’t locate another season… you find yourself googling for more information as to hats going on with this series, and discover it has been cancelled and they will no longer continue to make or broadcast it anymore! I’m sure there are thousands f people out there who do this! Don’t YOU hate that as well!? Not only are you left wondering what was going to happen, but its like you got sucked int the reality of this show and it became a world. it’s like reading a book and you find yourself living the words written on the paper…. When you discover that the show is canceled its like being pulled from your happiest place or thought, and finding out that it was all just a lie… it was all just a show that you wasted all your time watching and for what!? For the show you loved, to be canceled!? To be left wanting more to happen when theres nothing more to be had!? Lets stop all this nonsense people! you may not feel like you have much to do with getting the shown the air again, but you have all the power you need! Tell everyone you know about it! post it on face boom for crying out loud! We have the power of technology! We control whether they make money on certain shows just by watching them! We are the customers and they want to make US happy! Write them letters, send emails, make calls, spread the word, com[lain to the network,but let your opinion known! Let people know about the amazing shows you watch on your free time! i’m not just talking about Terra Nova, I’m talking every series you watched that let you down later! I’m talking about taking control of what you want! I want more Terra Nova! I want to watch my favorite tv series without the fear of being disappointed again! now you must ask yourself….. what do you want!!!!!?

  13. This is a big bummer.

    The last 5 episodes were awesome.

    The Finale was great.

    The Cliffhanger was great.

    Why do ALL sci-fi shows get axed before they show their true colors.

    The Least they should do is in the last episode, get rid of the cliffhanger and leave it at the scene where they say they truely are alone, and leave it at that,.

    Do that at least for the fans.

  14. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO me and my bff are furious and so is my mom dad and grand parents we all loved that show and nobody wants to pick it up

  15. TV executives have been, for quite some time, apparently giving priority to some other mysterious criterion as to what determines whether a show should remain on the air or not. Clearly, the desires and opinions of their VIEWERS is of no importance to these schmucks and equally as clearly viewer opinion doesn’t mean a rat’s fanny to execs.

    What a horrible shame. This was one of the best shows to hit the screen in quite some time.


  16. Atleast we had one great season. It’s always a shame when you have a great cast that clicks and makes what your watch believable, but sadly all Good things come to an end. With very few Good syfy shows I think I have to change my genre, everything out there is getting cancelled. A great example Eureka, the show was still great and they just ended it suddenly.

  17. Well thanks to fox for bringing us a great tv show only to cancle it after the first series. so i will not be waching fox tv ever again. Since fox doesnt care about there ratings that much or what the public wants to see i dont care to wach there channel ever again ill just wach another channel or find something on netflix to watch.

  18. Why NOT!!! FOX started out providing the down time satisfaction that the (few) oops lets make that a significant minority of us need! We keep your computers working, your films rolling and create for you, what you need, when you need it, to provide for the demand of everyone else….. And what do you give us in return……. CANCELLATION!!! CANCELLATION!! CANCELLATION!!! Why, because we work off hours, (“thats when your not there….”just so you know), and because of this dedication, we cannot watch what we want during prime time viewing. So we make do, when we can with recordings of what we enjoy.

    Maybe we should just stop making the wheel turn and then maybe you might start considering what we need!

  19. Who keeps canceling the good s***? First Firefly now Terranova

    • seriously :/

  20. Boo !

  21. I am so saddened to hear that no one has, as of yet, picked up one of the best shows on television. Why am I doomed to watch stupid reality TV when there are truly original, well-written, well-acted and exciting shows like this out there? This is one of those shows that would benefit from some advertising and publicity because once someone watches once, they won’t stop. My entire family can sit and watch this and every one of us (ages 2 – 40) are riveted for the entirety of the program. Shame on you, Netflix and Fox and SyFy, etc. for not yet taking on this show when I’m sure somewhere another Jersey Shore is getting rave reviews. Uuuggghhh.

  22. This is a GREAT show! Exciting, intelligent, and all the men are REAL men! Not a bunch of sad-faced weenies with con-caved chests, which seems to be so popular these days. Nor are they little dumb-bell boys who sing like girls and can’t spell. Yuk. Nor do they have to gyrate with bared, “ripped” chests, nicely oiled. Blah! Just men, fighting to survive, and women who fight side-by-side, much like the men and women who defend our country in our military. I guess there wasn’t enough T & A in this show, to make it a “great” show for the intelligent crowd who watch TV these days. Disgusting!

  23. I am a big fan of Terra Nova, I was seriously pissed when it got cancelled!!! And no I have no life, lol. But it really was a great show that was not given enough of a chance!

  24. terra nova mereci no minimo mais uma temporada para finalizar a serie por que se nao vai acabar sem nosao essa serie e otima presiza ter continuaƧao aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooooooooooo terra nova aaaaaaammmmmoooooo

  25. me and a hole lot of my friends that are now netflix customers well cancel are Netflex! if they do notb continuethe Terra Nova second season . and it wont just end with us alot of peaple really spected the Netflix company for stepping up in saving the terra nova tv series your change of heart will change a very large amount of people’s heart staying on with Netflix! make the right decision and save Terra Nova!

  26. Why fox whyyyyyyyyyy
    Pleas bring it back best show ever

  27. Bring Season 2 back, a great show about the struggle for the survival of humanity whats not to like!!

  28. Wow! I was hoping it would move to Netflix. Such a shame this show is doomed from what i understand *sigh

  29. omg! I really need a season 2! Srsly, Netflix?! why not!? it’s the best TVshow ever!!! I need to see more to Lucas Taylor(hot) and Skye. More to the battle between the Sixers and commander Taylor! This is so sad……..