Netflix Opts Not To Pick Up ‘Terra Nova’

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terrra nova netflix Netflix Opts Not To Pick Up Terra Nova

After weeks of discussions with 20th Century Fox, Netflix has had a change of heart and is no longer seeking to rescue Terra Nova from cancellation, leaving the studio free to shop the expensive sci-fi series to other possible suitors.

Despite the news that Terra Nova‘s best chance for survival has ceased being interested, 20th century Fox is not remanding the series to the dust bin just yet. For now, as a modicum of hope still lingers that some network will take a shine to the thought of Stephen Lang and a horde of CGI dinosaurs gracing its airwaves, the studio has kept all the actors’ contracts in place.

After a certain point, though, the cost of keeping everything and everyone on standby, while the last glimmer of hope slowly fades, will become prohibitive to doing actual business; so if Terra Nova can’t successfully woo another network, it’s going to be lights out for any more prehistoric shenanigans.

Meanwhile, perhaps as an indication of their faith in the show’s chances, many in the cast have already signed on to appear in other upcoming pilots. Most notably, series lead Jason O’Mara (Jim Shannon) has joined the impressive cast for CBS’ period drama based on real-life Las Vegas lawman Ralph Lamb. The series touts Dennis Quaid, Carrie-Anne Moss and Michael Chiklis amongst its cast and comes from screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi (Goodfellas). Meanwhile, Christine Adams (Mira) has signed on to appear in ABC’s fashion-centric drama Americana, alongside Emilie de Ravin (Lost) and Anthony LaPaglia (Without a Trace).

terra nova pilot Netflix Opts Not To Pick Up Terra Nova

So why did Netflix pass? For one, Terra Nova cost around $4 million per episode, which may have been seen as too risky, especially since the company is seeking to define it’s brand with content created solely for its subscribers. And with word that Netflix and Media Rights Capital – the studio behind the upcoming House of Cards -are currently battling director and executive producer David Fincher on matters of that series’ budget, one can see why avoiding another series where dollars are certain to add up was part of Netflix’s decision.

Meanwhile, in addition to House of Cards, Netflix has Hemlock Grove from Eli Roth in the works, as well as a new series from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan. To catch a glimpse of Netflix’s first original offering, subscribers can currently tune into the complete first season of Lilyhammer.

Whether this announcement will play into Netflix’s interest in The River is not clear, as the found-footage series’ fate on ABC has not yet been determined.


Screen Rant will keep you posted on the news surrounding Terra Nova as it is made available.

Source: Deadline

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  1. WHY? HOW COULD YOU?! I hope to god some other network picks them up.

    • My husband and I just finish watching the one and only season of terra nova – and we are so mad that fox dropped this amazing show. For once there was a really talented group of actors and an equally amazing story line that made you eager to see what happened next. With better publicity and more time, this was sure to be a winner. I would take this show over those played out reality shows anytime. Great shows like terra nova never seem to make it – but that crap called “reality” seems to drag on well pass its prime. Why you I want to watch a bunch of “phony” low class people milk me out of 5 minutes of my time to get their fame and fortune. I already know Fox network are a bunch of idiots, and netflix you are there with them for not picking up this show and continuing to develop it. Thats why I don’t pay to get netflix – you throw away the better shows out there.

    • I just watched the first season of this show Tera Nova…so sad to find out their Wasn’nt a second season.I feel like I was left out there with them with no way of escape…such a great show and so sad it will not continue.

  2. this makes me sad netflix.

  3. kinda figured this would happen because people over at netflix are dumb as hell plain and simple.

  4. Just finished watching season 1 on netflix.
    Sure wish there were more.
    I totally missed it during its initial broadcast.
    Maybe lack of publicity killed it.

    • That’s what I think, more advertising and word of mouth woulda been good, they didn’t give it a long enough try!

  5. Ditto, gutted netflix didn’t help this out. Perhaps if netflix bundled a VPN service with their site they may get more European subscribers and grant them more $ to play with. As netflix Europe content is dire!

  6. C’MON!!! Netflix you were basically my last hope! I need to know more about what happens with Terra Nova. You can’t just leave a series like that. Someone must finish it.

  7. Makes me want to delete my Netflix account , all the crap netflixs puts out and they pass on a Steven spielburg creation , no wonder Jurassic park 4 is coming out . Everyone passed up a great idea and now only spielburg will profit. Good job netflixs smh!!!

  8. I miss this show. :(

  9. Alright I’m really sad that UR not making a series 2 for terra nova I’m only 10 but I loved terra nova and millions do so if you can reply to me about anything good I would like to know. I am terra Novas number one fan so if it does not have a series 2 I will be really sad.:(

  10. Darn, Netflix produces a 100 million dollar per annum piece of trash like ‘House of Cards’ but won’t pick up a guaranteed hit like Terra Nova for 52 million a year? Talk about bad business. This show will go into the Fox dustbin and sit upon its throne just like Firefly did, proud and unmoved. The real victim is 21st century cinema.

  11. That sucks! It’s a great show but not enough people knew about it! If it would just get the advertising it needs that show could be a huge hit! Come on netflix just rethink this and pick it up! You did great with Arrested Development now lets just get back Terra Nova!

  12. We watched season 1 in a week on netflix, We couldnt get enough of it!!!! When we heard that there was only one season we just wanted to know when the next one was going to be published. I think the story could continue for at least 5 more seasons. 1 isnt enough! we have to have more terra nova. I think it is well worth the money. This artical should be updated soon so we can have a better idea of what the future of the series holds or if there is a future for it at all. We were all on the edge of our seats during the whole series!! This was a amazing idea and it should be contiuned.

    • Terra Nova Lover – I agree with you. Their should be at least more Season of Terra Nova(Show). If I had the money on hand, I would donate the money and make Season 2.

  13. I loved this show, just finished watching season 1 and can’t understand why any network wouldn’t want to pick this show up since its pretty much guarantee to attract a ton of viewers. View should all be fighting over this one!

  14. WHY????? How they cancel such a great show.

  15. I’m so happy that I don’t pay for Netflix because of decisions like these smh -.-

  16. A show that finally grabbed my attention relating to prehistoric animal and plant life. Haven’t seen anything remotely this thrilling since Jurassic Park. There is no other show like it and there seems to be support from many fans. I love Sifi and who doesn’t love the idea of going back in time to see the amazing possibilities of other life forms on the very planet we walk on now. I loved every time a new prehistoric animal was discovered on the show. I watched every episode and hope for more.

  17. Gahhh come on Netflix! Tera nova was would have been and still is a solid show! It’s like Jurassic park on steroids. Ill be really sad once I reach that 13th episode :(.

    • Gahhh come on Netflix! Tera nova was would have been and still is a solid show! It’s like Jurassic park on steroids. Ill be really sad once I reach that 13th episode :(.

      In addition, what should be looked at/if not looked at already is amount of viewers who watched the season all the way through on netflix. The ratio of viewers from series finale to season premiere is sure to look better. Just give me at least another week so I can add my number by finishing the series. I will comment back if I regretted it or if I didnt

  18. WHYY, it’s the best serie I’ve ever seen. everybody in Holland is also very sad about it.

    Please make another episode!!!!!

  19. I’m am one of those people who rarely ever get into tv. Im more of a outdoors kinda person and one day i was bored so I clicked on terra nova. Immediately I fell in love with this show. I mean the story is amazing and the acting had me believing every bit. The action always had me on the edge of my seat. This is truly my ultimate favorite tv show I’ve ever seen and to find out it was cancelled broke my heart. I’m willing to fight to get this show back.I’ve even looked into ways to protest for it’s return. I hope and pray that either fox will reconsider or that someone else will take this show and let it thrive because it’s a dam shame to let this kind of talent die. Please make this show come :(

  20. No!!!

    ABC, NBC, PBS, anybody! Please pick up this AMAZING series. There is a following! Please bring it back.

  21. You dumb bastards!
    Sorry about the language, but if you cant see the ENORMOUS potential for this show, you should just stop making series all together..
    SAD day for the film-industri!

  22. Wow was really dissapointed at not having a second season. It was one of the best shows to come on in a long time and one that my kids enjoyed too!!! There may have been violence but at least there wasn’t any drug use and sex like a lot of shows these days are based around. I really don’t understand it being axed as every one I talk to is waiting on a second season and when I tell them there isn’t one they don’t understand especially with the way they left it.

  23. WHY!!!!! Call me a couch potato but iv seen almost every tv series available on Netflix and i can honestly say Terra Nova was by far my favorite by a landslide. Iv seen it all. Everything on Netflix i have watched ranging from prison break, house of cards, orange is the new black, sons of anarchy, lost and the list goes on. Terra Nova was the best. I am very very upset that they don’t want season two. No point for me to have Netflix anymore.

  24. Wow! One of the best series on TV and it only has one season. What a shame. If a network ever picks up this series, I will be subscribing immediately.

  25. Common Netflix! It’s not too late! LOVED this show! Such great characters! It’s really
    A Shame to let something like this vanish!


  26. Should do another season I its like Jurassic Park the TV show I love it

  27. Omg… I dont even usualky do stuff like this.. but I watched the first seasin and had to see if there was going to be a second.. and now that ik theres not I am DEEPLY saddened. LOOK AT ALK THESE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SEE THIS SHOW. LIKE HOW ON EARTH COULD YOU DO THIS. This is One of the ONLY SHOWS ive ever sat down and watched like that…

    The world we live in today. Nothing good and pure survives these days. God forbid it wasnt a show about the government, cops, lawyers, or sex so of course it wouldnt survive.

  28. TERRA NOVA must continue as a show. Every one in the TERRA NOVA club including I, have come to the conclusion that TERRA NOVA is the most exhilarating, suspenseful, and exciting tv series Netflix has ever aired. So much that I have watched the first series 3 times. Once I figured out that the series might not be continued I was flabbergasted, so I then started a club. Many in the TERRA NOVA club including I, are willing to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars to keep it going. If you obtain any recent information concerning TERRA NOVA, Please contact me through the following email. (

    Jaden Schneider

  29. I think it says something that, even though this article was published two years ago, people are still commenting on wanting Terra Nova renewed. I realize that’s dead in the water now, but it’s interesting to think how it really would’ve done had it been picked up by another network. I don’t watch commercials usually, so I never see when new shows are coming out. I did happen to see Terra Nova advertised once and watched it in 2011 when it was on Fox. It was an amazing show.

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