Netflix Alert: Some Shows Are Leaving The Service

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netflix logo2 Netflix Alert:  Some Shows Are Leaving The Service

I know quite a few folks that enjoy their Netflix subscription.  I know a few who swear by it. Yet they might want to start rethinking their allegiance, from what I’m seeing today.

It looks like NBC shows are being pulled from the Netflix schedule, and if your guess is as good as anyone’s guess, it could be due to Hulu’s push to generate income via their ad supported traffic scheme as more shows are headed there.

The shows that have been noted as disappearing are 30 Rock, Heroes and the newer Office episodes.

We’ll also be seeing some CBS content sliding off the Netflix schedule but for the moment, NCIS looks to be sticking around.

I wonder if Disney’s bucketload of money is behind this when they invested in the service?  In what I’m seeing, ABC and NBC nets have the most advertising in their online and On Demand offerings.  And if it’s working for these networks, you know we’ll be seeing more of this as time ticks on and other networks get on board with the practice.

As far as I’m concerned, this is both good and bad.  Networks and advertisers were finding it harder to monetize their internet offerings and commercials.  Add to that the fact that advertisers still get more bang for their buck on the tube, and I’m surprised to see how quickly advertising is taking root in streaming content.  But as I watch the internet become more evolved in what they can do with ads and what they offer, you see where this is heading.  The only issue I have is that I’m forced to endure commercials on Hulu.  So I’ve started coordinating my snack runs to the kitchen accordingly.

Screen Rant readers who are Netflix subscribers:  Double check your own listings and let us know what you are finding!

Source:  Gizmodo

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  1. I am so furious. I was on the last few episodes of Criminal Minds season 9 and was about to start watching. Now season 9 is gone. So when the new season starts tomorrow I’ll be lost. Canceling my account.

    • This crazy! I’m settling in for the night to finish season 9 of Criminal minds and it’s gone! What is going on?!?!

      • I saw that someone posted earlier that they pulled season 9 temporarily to fix some audio issues and that it should be back soon.

        • oh I sure hope it comes back… i went to watch yesterday and after watching 1 episode it disappeared!

  2. Battlestar Galactica was removed. No fair.

  3. They took away mythbusters

  4. They took away my Mythbusters

  5. They took away myth busters as I was in the middle of watching it. So angry probably gonna cancelled my account.

  6. They took away my Mythbusters! What the flying f***! I was just watching this last night and now its gone! It had better come back, or Netflix can count me out.


    I don’t pay for 1/2 a sandwich, I paid for the whole sandwich. If Netflix is ONLY going to give me 1/2 of the sandwich THEN ONLY charge me for 1/2 NOT for what I DO NOT GET!!


  8. They took off mythbusters!!!! I’m about ready to cancel my account! Ridiculous!!!!

  9. I find it very disappointing that Netflix removed Mythbusters. My children and I loved that show. It’s not just entertainment, it actually sparked my children’s interest in science. Mythbusters was about the only show that we could all sit down and watch together and really laugh about the crazy myths that they tried o prove. It makes me question whether I want keep Netflix. Shame on you Netflix!!!!! My son, Josh is extremely disappointed as well. Unfortunately, I have to try to explain to my son about capitalism rather that principle. I think I speak for the majority of the people when I say that Netflix should take a hard look keeping there customers satisfied. Frankly, I am so sick of the cost of entertainment. We got rid of Dish and switched to Netflix due to the high cost of satellite TV. After Fox network dropped Speed Channel and now Netflix changing some of my families favorite shows, we will highly consider dropping Netflix.

  10. I’ve just went onto netflix and all of criminal minds is gone?

  11. Give me mythbusters back!!!!!

  12. Why the are all the good old Disney shows leaving???!!! Like suite life of Zack and Cody, suite life on deck, Wizards of waverly place, and Hannah Montana???

    • If you like these shows, let Netflix know through a review on each show (don’t give it a low rating, since you want them to keep the show. Give it five stars, but in the review, say that you are upset they are being removed). You can also contact customer service and let them know that you are upset at this. It is also important to keep them in your My List (Instant Queue on some smart TV’s/devices), since even after they disappear and you don’t see them, Netflix can see how many customers’ My List contains the show and decide to renew it or not. If you end up leaving Netflix, mention this as the reason. Netflix doesn’t read this page, so if you only post on this page, it changes nothing except perhaps getting other people to take action. The more customers ask for the shows, the more likely Netflix decides these ones are worth paying Disney to renew.

  13. They are removing a lot of family-friendly TV shows from the Disney channel on January 4, 2015, including:

    The Suite Life On Deck
    The Wizards Of Waverly Place
    The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody
    Hannah Montana

    Netflix users who support family-friendly programming or who have (or are) kids/teens should take the following steps to increase the chances of these being renewed:

    1.) Leave a review (not just a rating) for each one. Give it five stars, and mention that you are disappointed or upset that it is being removed. Mention briefly in your own words these steps for anyone else who cares. Make sure you use only pronouns to refer to Netflix, and if you mention alternatives to Netflix, just say “other streaming providers”, and avoid brands or company names (“they are removing it, so I might consider switching to another streaming provider” should be posted, while “Netflix is removing it, so I might as well use Hulu Plus” will be censored). They automatically censor reviews mentioning company names such as Netflix, which could be general complaints about their company. Also, since they obviously have a spam filter of some kind, don’t just copy and paste this entire list for the review – paraphrasing the main points instead will show that the reviews are not a chain letter.

    2.) Keep it in your My List (called Instant Queue on some TV’s and smart devices), because when it is removed and disappears, Netflix can still see how many users have it in their My List, and that is a factor in their decision to bring it back.

    3.) Contact Netflix customer service via live chat (if it is unavailable, log out and try – they seem to prioritize potential customers instead of current ones), or call them. Mention any of these shows you want renewed, and they will make a note that another customer wants it. If you are talking about one of the Suite Life shows, you may want to mention that they still run them in the middle of the night on the Disney Channel, and that you can cancel your Netflix plan in order to help pay for a DVR instead.

    4.) If you use social networking and know other Netflix users who may not want these removed, spread the word. They have to pay Disney to renew their license to stream these, and unless they know that customers care about these shows, they probably will be gone for good. If this message reaches more people, and some of them care enough to do one or more of these things, Netflix will hear from more customers who are upset at this decision, and the shows are much more likely to be renewed.

    5.) If they don’t renew the shows after a few months, consider other services. This is an extreme step for most people, but if family-friendly shows are one of the primary reasons you have it, then it may be the best option anyway. Consider how Netflix compares to other services after removing these shows. If you find that you can get all the other shows you like from another provider or with a DVR, and that Netflix is no longer the best option for you (or your family), make sure to tell Netflix why you are leaving when you end your subscription.

    Comment sections like this are great for spreading the word (such as what I am doing), but Netflix won’t read them, so posts like this are useful only to get more people to speak up. If you copy and paste this to another comment section or forum, or reply that you agree, Netflix will never see it. The only value of such a post is to remind people to make themselves heard in the ways Netflix will see and pay attention to. I personally have left reviews on Netflix asking that the shows be kept, contacted Netflix to ask that the shows be kept, and checked that they are all in My List. I also went a step further and sent a polite and well-written message to The Walt Disney Company through their corporate communications page and expressed my apprehension about becoming too attached to current and future Disney Channel shows if the Disney does not cooperate with (meaning offer reasonable prices to) streaming providers, since I want to know I can watch my favorite shows again after they end.

    The most important point is to make sure Netflix hears that we want these shows!

    • Call Netflix, and tell them you want these shows back, and they will add you to the huge number of customers like me who called and asked for them back. They are working on a Disney contract, and these shows are likely to return along with new content, but the priority increases as more customers request a show. If you put in a request, you might as well also include “Hannah Montana” and “The Suite Life On Deck”. They spend a lot of money per year to lease the streaming rights from Disney, so they are taking time to negotiate as good a deal as they can before they can get these back. How much they are willing to spend will at least partly depend on customer requests, since that is how they get an idea of how many paying customers they might lose by not renewing it. They can’t afford to stream every show that a few customers want, unless everyone’s bill is increased substantially. How many requests shows get are how they know what to prioritize. When I called the second time (to add “Lab Rats” to my request when its removal date was posted), I also mentioned the other shows, and Disney Channel series in general. The customer service representative said they are receiving a lot of calls about these shows, even that same day. The more calls from different customers, the better the chances. They ask for the email address that is on your Netflix account, so don’t bother calling twice about the same shows after they log your request.

      Another step I have taken is to alert the Disney Channel about my hesitation to watch and get attached to any more Disney Channel series if they don’t leave their shows on Netflix to be watched after they are done on the Disney Channel. I sent a message via their corporate communications, but I doubt it got to the right people. I also contacted the Disney Channel website support, and they emailed me a number to call that lets viewers leave a voice message comment about Disney Channel programming. There is a 30 second time limit on the voice messages, so just say which shows you are calling about, and that you (or your kids if you are an adult) might not keep watching the Disney Channel and get hooked on new shows if Disney doesn’t cooperate with Netflix, since you can’t re-watch them in the future. This is what Disney cares about, since they aren’t hurt by you threatening to drop Netflix, but they want people watching the Disney Channel. The phone number is long distance, so use a cell phone if you don’t have a long distance landline. The number is (818) 460-7477, and as soon as the recording answers the phone, you can press 4 2 3. The 4 is for Disney Channel (as opposed to ABC, Disney XD, or Disney Junior). Then, the 2 is for leaving feedback via voicemail. The 3 is to leave a voicemail about a live-action Disney Channel series (rather than a cartoon or full-length movie).

    • Thank you for bringing that up I miss those shows!

  14. They deleted suite life on deck wth I’m deleting my account

  15. Add ncis los Angeles season 1,2,3,4,5

  16. I was in the middle of watching my favorite show one tree hill this morning I checked everywhere for it and it just wasent there I searched and looked and searched and it still essential there!!!! I was only on season 6 of 9 seasons!!!!

    • The same thing happened to me. I was watching season 9 of One Tree Hill and the next day i went to continue to watch it and it was GONE!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO :(

      • one tree hill isn’t gone O.o

  17. So very disappointed that all of the crime shows are gone! How could Netflix remove every ID show? So upset. Canceling.

  18. I hope that you bring back dance in the vampire Bund because I’m surely enjoy a good series I would greatly appreciate it if you bring it back to Netflix thanks

  19. I wish you would bring back dance in the vampire bins because it was an awesome series and I would love to watch it again if you could bring it back I will be greatly appreciated thank you very much

  20. the league season 6 is gone, and i know i finished watching it less than a month ago

  21. I used to watch Cake Boss ALLL the time. And one day I was gonna watch it and it said it was unavailable to stream. I was confused by this because it was interesting. Now im stuck watching Cupcake Wars which isnt the same. I think Netflix should stick to what their customers want and not what THEY want. Because what THEY want could cause dissatisfaction to their customers. They will lose money for people who dont like what theyre doing. Unfortunately i cant cancel the account because its my dads. But Netflix is slacking. Ive been through literally almost every series there is on Netflix. Not only do they need to add back what they took away, but they need to add new stuff because theres barely anything to watch now

  22. I am so mad the suite life of zack and Cody and the show the suite life on deck left Netflix I am so furious I want the show back.