Netflix Alert: Some Shows Are Leaving The Service

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netflix logo2 Netflix Alert:  Some Shows Are Leaving The Service

I know quite a few folks that enjoy their Netflix subscription.  I know a few who swear by it. Yet they might want to start rethinking their allegiance, from what I’m seeing today.

It looks like NBC shows are being pulled from the Netflix schedule, and if your guess is as good as anyone’s guess, it could be due to Hulu’s push to generate income via their ad supported traffic scheme as more shows are headed there.

The shows that have been noted as disappearing are 30 Rock, Heroes and the newer Office episodes.

We’ll also be seeing some CBS content sliding off the Netflix schedule but for the moment, NCIS looks to be sticking around.

I wonder if Disney’s bucketload of money is behind this when they invested in the service?  In what I’m seeing, ABC and NBC nets have the most advertising in their online and On Demand offerings.  And if it’s working for these networks, you know we’ll be seeing more of this as time ticks on and other networks get on board with the practice.

As far as I’m concerned, this is both good and bad.  Networks and advertisers were finding it harder to monetize their internet offerings and commercials.  Add to that the fact that advertisers still get more bang for their buck on the tube, and I’m surprised to see how quickly advertising is taking root in streaming content.  But as I watch the internet become more evolved in what they can do with ads and what they offer, you see where this is heading.  The only issue I have is that I’m forced to endure commercials on Hulu.  So I’ve started coordinating my snack runs to the kitchen accordingly.

Screen Rant readers who are Netflix subscribers:  Double check your own listings and let us know what you are finding!

Source:  Gizmodo

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  1. They pulled this crap when they removed their content from the iTunes Store. I hope they come to their sense soon.

  2. Is this all content, including discs through the mail, or just the ‘Watch Now’ content? I can see this happening for their online streaming content since there is an agreement with Hulu now to stream their content. Licensing agreements for online streaming content on the ‘Watch Now’ feature come and go, but I don’t see Netflix losing the option to offer NBC’s shows throught their DVD/BD through the mail option.

  3. hmmm. . . well lucky for me i’m busy catching up on shows like battlestar gallactica. i can’t believe i never watched it. if they pull that one then i’m out!

  4. U-verse might just have everything beat.

  5. MALARS: My source was not clear whether it was ONLY online content or all available mediums.

  6. Catherine Fisher here from Netflix. Netflix has a long standing relationship with NBC Universal and titles regularly come in and out of availability. There is a natural ebb and flow to what we have available at any given point in time.

  7. @Catherine

    So is the Gizmodo article that we sourced for this story inaccurate?


  8. It sure got quiet around here after that question. Hmm. To be honest, it doesn’t look like anyone disputed the article. In fact they’ve confirmed it by noting how shows come and go!

  9. Netflix “ebb and flow” already pisses me off with streaming content. This company needs to lock down their content agreements. If people want to watch a series they don’t want to have to start in the 5th out of 8 seasons. Get a show or dont ffs. ALL OF IT! Current running seasons being a clear exception. Ebb and flow those in and out all day.

  10. > We’ll also be seeing some CBS content sliding off
    > the Netflix schedule but for the moment, NCIS looks
    > to be sticking around.

    I just checked today (Nov 19, 2009) and NCIS wasn’t being offered by Netfix’s “Watch Instantly” anymore. I had to pay the $2.99 and buy it from iTunes.

  11. I like my Netflix…and I am enjoying the streaming feature; however, the reasons I like it is because there no commercials. Even movie theatres are starting to use commercials during the pre-show. So, I will hate it if Netflix goes this route. I have checked out Hulu, and I am not sold on that service, yet. They have a large catalog to select from, but from what I have seen the stuff available that I would watch is available through Netflix. I have been a member of Netflix since 2006 and have never seen NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds and the like available for instant play since it’s inception, but would be thrilled if it ever became available. I don’t watch enough TV to find myself impatient waiting for the next DVD in my queue.

  12. Are FX shows also being pulled? Noticed that Archer Season One used to be available to stream and is now GONE

  13. I’ve been a member since 2006 and while annoying, the recent service split/60% price hike wasn’t going to change that. I stuck with the streaming service only but I am canceling my membership because as of yesterday 90% of the shows I like to watch disappeared! I like to re-watch 30-rock, the IT crowd, Better off Ted etc and they are all gone. The final straw was that they removed “moonstruck” my favorite movie, which I like to watch pretty often and isn’t even current. It makes me sad but I’m going back to buying DVD’s and using amazon’s digital service.

  14. They just pulled Word World and some other children’s programming off of netflix. World World was one of my daughter’s favorite shows.

    • They also removed Dora, wonderpets, yo gabba gabba, and others that my kids ask to watch every day. Hopefully I can find alternatives but there aren’t many shows that can keep them entertained and educated at the same time.

  15. I’ve been a Netflix subscriber, for better or worse, since 2004. I mostly use Hulu for my shows, but my kids LOVE Netflix. Since WordWord and Blues Clues, my children’s favorites are no longer available, I think we’re going to cancel Netflix and just buy the shows we want through iTunes. That way, we’ll always have them and we won’t be subject to Netflix’s moody availability and pricing schemes.

  16. netflix sucks. im a new member and cant get over the fact it doesnt have hbo or showtime options. ill pay extra for it

  17. I was very upset when Word World and Blue’s Clues were taken off. I’m also considering canceling because of this.

  18. I’ve been a member of Netflix since 2011. Up until yesterday I was enjoying the service. When I sat down to watch an episode of Heroes this evening and it was gone I wasn’t impressed. It’s not a huge deal overall, but I don’t see the value in paying for something That can change overnight. I’ll go back to down loading my shows or buying a DVD set. No commercials & no ownership issues.

  19. They just yanked Heroes as well…..If Lost is removed, i’ll be cancelling my subscription

  20. My son will ONLY watch blues clues and it helps him go to sleep and/or calm down and be quiet (he’s only 9 months old). And this morning when I went to turn it on, it was gone! I only use Netflix, no cable, no Hulu, nothing else. So I’m extremely pissed about this. If Grey’s anatomy disappears before I can see the new season I’m never using Netflix again.

  21. I just found that blues clues and wonder pets – two of my daughter’s favorite shows – are gone. I’m not happy about this; kids are notoriously picky and love to watch the same shows over and over. ‘Ebb and flow’ sounds a lot like horses**t to me, honestly.

  22. +1 for *rabble rabble rabble* over Blue’s Clues. This is a travesty! >:^(

  23. Hulu is trash they disappointed me for the last time. I can’t stand to see ads every 3 minutes during the course of any content on Hulu. Therefore is complete s*** and is worthless to me. End rant lol


  25. Bring greys anatomy back!!!

  26. I just read on Netflix, under an episode I was watching, Battlestar Galactica is available until October 1st??? This shouldn’t be! Battlestar Galactica is one of the most popular shows on Netflix. Why would they get rid of it.

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