Mark Millar Says ‘Nemesis’ Movie is Massive with Powerful Screenplay

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Mark Millar Interview Nemesis Movie Script Mark Millar Says Nemesis Movie is Massive with Powerful Screenplay

What if Batman was the Joker?” That is the question Mark Millar and Steve McNiven asked in their 2010 limited series, Nemesis. The story centers on a well-trained super villain named Nemesis who uses his immense wealth to terrorize the world and the life of Chief Inspector Blake Morrow. Over the last few years, Millar has been turning his comic book creations into movie franchises; Nemesis has been in development since it was created a few years ago, but recently, Millar shared some new information about the film.

Millar announced last year that director Joe Canrnahan would co-write and direct Nemesis. He recently talked about the finished script, but now Millar has read it and shared his thoughts on Joe and Matthew Carnahan’s take on the series.

Evidently, the comic book creator/Fox superhero movie architect had nothing but positive things to say about the screenplay.

Nemesis is one of the most relentless and powerful screenplays I’ve ever read. I was actually SHELL-SHOCKED after reading it, thinking about it for hours afterwards and discussing it with the family. As a movie, the Carnahans have crafted something we’ve never actually seen before and I feel like someone in Julia Phillips’ office must have felt when Schrader’s TAXI DRIVER script first landed on their desk. This is going to be one of the best movies of the decade.

Millar seems incredibly enthusiastic about  Carnahan’s script. He goes on by saying that Carnahan’s The Grey was his favorite film of last year, and that his screenplay for Death Wish is also impressive – but none of them come close to what he and his brother Matthew have done with the Nemesis script. The one aspect of Millar’s post that was really intriguing is his praise for how Carnahan handled the character of Chief Inspector Blake Morrow.

The cop who goes up against him, the Blake Morrow character in the book, is going to be a movie icon after this picture. I don’t know who’s going to be playing him at this stage, but I know that after reading the script everyone is going to WANT to.

Mark Millars Nemesis Comic Book Movie Mark Millar Says Nemesis Movie is Massive with Powerful Screenplay

Although the central focus will be on the character of Nemesis, it looks like Chief Inspector Morrow will be stealing the spotlight in Carnahan’s adaptation. Nemesis is an insane story that is both graphic and gruesome at times. Without spoiling the plot of the original series, I can say that Nemesis put Morrow through the ringer throughout the story, and it will be interesting to see what Carnahan includes in his version.

Mark Millar is one biggest names in comics, and his creator owned titles such as Kick-Ass and Wanted have been made into successful films. He is currently set to re-team with Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn for a feature-film version of his spy series, The Secret Service. Millar is now a creative consultant for Fox’s Marvel properties, so hopefully with his pull he could get production of Nemesis to start soon. I always look forward to seeing how Millar’s insane creations look on the big screen, and Nemesis sure sounds like it could be one of his best.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the creator of the book would praise the film – we’ll be able to judge for ourselves once a trailer inevitably makes its debut.


Nemesis is still currently in development.

Source: Mark Millar via Twitter

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  1. I won’t be seeing this film because Millar included stuff like this:

    • Yeah, Millar really is a fame-whore, but is Nemesis that bad? Judging from that article it must be awful. I’ve glanced through the graphic novel and was kind of put off by the Kaneda bike rip off, but I guess you could call it an “homage”.

      When glancing through a comic it really is impossible to tell if something is bad or good. It’s sad when a comic has great art, but the story is so terrible. I always feel bad for the artists who have given it their all to make a piece of trash better.

      Perhaps I should buy it to find out for myself, but I’ve just heard so many bad things about it that I really don’t want to waste my money.

    • Uh oh, an internet comics blogger was offended by something they read. This must have substance…..

      I’m sure that blogger wrote an equally scathing attack on Watchmen where Moore named gave a political protest group the implausible name of ‘Gay Women Against Rape’ Not ‘Women Against Rape’ but ‘GAY Women Against Rape’

      No? Just whiney faux-outrage conjured to bash Millar? OK, then.

      • Is “Nemesis” worth a read then?

        • I thought it was really good. However if you don’t like Millar’s other work or if you don’t like these kinds of uber-dark superhero/villain comics you’re probably not going to enjoy it very much.

          • I love uber-dark. I’m a huge manga fan and have read all kinds of weirsd stuff. However, some of millar’s stuff seems insincere and just comes across as if it’s trying too hard (A bit like Miley Cyrus). I hate it when writers think they are pushing the envelope, but really are giving out cheap shock/gross-out twists with no real interest or well crafted situations.

            I’ve gotta say, if you want some really good comic stories then manga wins hands down imo. The best comics I have read have been Japanese apart from perhaps “Watchmen” and “Batman: The Long Halloween”.

            • Much of Millar’s work is basically poking fun at the superhero genre by following certain tropes to their absurd conclusions. It’s not the same as something like Ghost in The Shell which is trying to tell a more tonally serious science fiction story. That blogger acts like he’s never read a comic book in his life. The villain’s evil plan is contrived and implausible- what an outrage! I bet this guy was absolutely apoplectic when he read The Dark Knight Returns. “What?! The Joker escaped by flying away on the back of a doll that spits poison gas at the police! That wouldn’t happen in real life!!!”

        • It’s fun and ridiculous and definitely edgy. On par with Wanted in terms of tone but a better ending. I wouldn’t call it good though but it is entertaining. Millar s best superhero stuff is Old Man Logan and Superman Red Son

    • In all honesty, the comic itself purposefully has those shock-moments included because, in a lot of aspects, it is meant to be insulting.

      Also, people tend to forget that not every writer has to be a politically-correct drone to be successful. Perfect examples of the contrary are, in fact, the most successful, acclaimed and widely-read non-American scriptwriters, Moore, Gaiman, Morrison and Ennis included.

      So, I would not immediately copy-paste an opinion by some guy off the internet who clearly has a biased opinion over what is considered sh*t and what isn’t.

      Ergo, I’ll give the movie a chance. Should it be as insulting and over-the-top as the comic, then I’ll be all the happier since I’ll know exactly what to expect.

      No offence, Dredd’oh, just a friendly “call-to-arms” for a decent discussion. ;)

      • I don’t understand how someone could look at “Her womb will collapse if we try an abortion” and not be utterly floored at how stupid Nemesis is.

        • You must be utterly floored at how stupid Watchmen is. Do you really think it’s possible to genetically engineer a squid monster and teleport it over a city?

          • …and THAT is why I found the “villain” created by Ozymandias to be MUCH better in the film. ;)

            • Considering the “Watchmen” movie was possibly one of the most faithful adaptations of a comic series, I actually much preferred that change that was made to the movie version.

              • Exactly.

          • False equivalency alert.

            • Valid equivalency alert.

              • Mine was better.

        • That would be a case of “over-emphasis on something not all too relevant to the overall intention of the plot”.

          Or, in simpler terms, you’re over-doing it, dude.

          Also, the womb bit is probably the most brought-up bit (if not the only one) in regards to the “Nemesis is stupid” argument. I’ll only redirect you to the one bit in The Dark Knight Rises, where Bruce Wayne’s broken back is fixed by being popped back into place.

          With Nemesis, you know that it’s over-the-top with fun in mind. With TDKR, you expect realism, down-to-Earth storytelling, seriousness and other things that the Nolan trilogy pretends to have. So, I do believe you should give the whole topic a rethink and a reevaluation. ;)

          • The difference is that there’s nothing good in Nemesis whereas there are several very good things in TDKR.

            • Both statements are wildly incorrect.

              • They really are not.

                • Oh, but they are. It just takes a more realistic eye to view them as such.

                  • …and that’s fine that you think so, arrogance and all. It does not mean you are right. :)

                    • It does not mean either one of us is right. Or less arrogant, for that matter. ;)

                    • Kumori Myu-Jishan – conventional wisdom and overall reviews are admittedly not the be-all-end-all of what is right and what is wrong. And yet we can agree that both the CW and a majority of reviews indicate that Nemesis was terrible and DKR was good. So since we don’t have a scientific barometer for determining who’s right, I’m gonna go with both those things for now.

  2. I cant actually believe they have got the go ahead for this? easily one of the best Comic Book stories ever!

    • Sorry read the graphic novel the third act let it down

      • Thats okay no need to be sorry, I liked it, third act included.

  3. This movie will be awsome if the studio lets it be itself ( like they did with KICKASS ) so we can enjoy a great adult and dark superhero story .

  4. Still waiting for WB to adapt one of Grant Morrison’s comics. Seriously, how can we get any adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic before getting Morrison’s?

    • Millard’s stuff caters to the lowest common denominator while Morrison is far more obtuse and harder to pin down. Except for Happy, that’s being worked on by the RZA apparently

      • Morrison’s stuff caters to pseudointellectual 14 year olds who think their latest Superman comic is “like, the deepest art ever, man”

        • I find both Millar and Morrison to be excellent writers, and I also find these discussions to be immature and petty.

          Ergo, I suggest we agree that we will wait for the movie to come out and that each of us has our own tastes, and that we should not try to convince the other what’s good and what’s not.

          Thank you.

  5. Im a fan of most of Joe Carnaham’s films (The Grey, The A-Team, Smokin Aces, Narc), so im thinking this film will be pretty damn good.

  6. i don’t have high hopes for this mainly b/c he also p[raised the heck out of kick ass 2, which was a horrible movie that bastardised the source material to an almost unwatchable state =.=

    i’ll believe them when the movie comes out b/c as it stands he (and everyone else involved with production) are just hyping it up b/c they’re either scared or know it’s gonna be s*** (like kick ass 2).

  7. I will probably check this out if and when it makes it to cinemas. I tend to like Millar’s ideas much better than his way of executing them, but movie adaptions such as KICK ASS have proven that it’s possible to improve upon the source material. I’m hoping the same might be true for NEMESIS in the end.

  8. well said vic .

  9. Who-is this roodie-poo? Lots of better and more important characters to get rolling with on the big screen. Concentrate on those instead.

  10. I wondering who going takes on this role?