Neill Blomkamp Talks District 9 Sequel

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district 9 trailer Neill Blomkamp Talks District 9 Sequel

District 9 opened over the weekend to bank approximately $37 million. It marked the first full-length feature directorial debut for Neill Blomkamp and the first real acting gig for its star, Sharlto Copley. The pair made executive producer, Peter Jackson, look good for putting his faith in them.

Blomkamp and Copley spoke on Fangoria Radio to promote the film and briefly discussed the potential of a sequel. They both are interested and with the money this will earn at the box office and on home video, it’s very likely.

Blomkamp revealed the importance of him and Copley re-uniting for a future installment:

“It’s my background mixed with the science fiction that I loved. I’d really like to go back to the world of DISTRICT 9—which, without Sharlto’s character, would be a very different kind of movie. So I think automatically the two of us will be reunited again, should the public decide that this film is something they want to see and it’s successful.”

To make a proper sequel, we’d need to see Copley return. [Spoiler] The story really was about his transformation (not just physically) which led to his role in helping his alien pal, Christopher get to the ship above.

I think fans need to know what happens when Christopher returns to Earth with help from his homeworld to save the Prawns stuck in the slums, and we need to see him keep his promise to Copley’s character, Wikus, to help him become human again.

Of course, it won’t be as easy as the Prawns coming back to pick up their friends and leave. Would there be war? Would the Prawns want our planet? Would they want revenge?

I’d like to see more on their homeworld, their technology and their history. The sequel has many interesting directions to go in with limitless potential. I smell a franchise in the making…

If you’ve seen the flick and would love to share your opinion on it, join our District 9 spoilers discussion.

Are you up for a District 9 follow-up and what would you like to see happen in that story? Share your sequel ideas below.

Source: Fangoria

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  1. I’d be in for another trip to Joburg. Definitely.

  2. No no no no no, this movie does NOT need a sequel! It is perfect just the way it is, and frankly I don’t really want to see what happens after the first one, I like that you don’t get to see Christopher come back.

  3. It there is a sequel, it has to deal with the integration of the Prawns in South Africa as recognized living race, then maybe an uprising but definately Christopher has to come back to change Wikus.
    This is only my personal opinion of what I would like to see.

  4. I still havent seen it but if it becomes a franchise doesnt that kill the originaliy of the film?
    Doesnt that make it just another franchise ?

  5. Obviously ,I meant ORIGINALITY.
    Does it kill the originality of the fim to make it a franchise ?
    Plus the studio is going to want to spend more money on the second one .
    Blomkamp should resishat as much as he can.
    No matter how much money a big budget sequel can make the original will always make more money because it cost less to make .

  6. Woolycaveman,
    Perhaps you are right.
    Maybe there Shouldnt be a sequel
    If a sequel is made at a bigger budge with a more satifying ending then District 9 becomes IDENTICAL to every other hollywood franchise.

  7. Bigger budget .
    The T on my keyboard is sticking.

  8. Sounds good to me!
    The film does stand alone, but it also begs for a sequel. With Blomkamp, I’m sure he will try and deliver a non predictable story… ^
    If I was the MNU CEO, I would make sure the Prawns had very comfortable housing… ;-)

  9. I am always welcome for excellence to continue. District 9, however, was a perfectly closed off story. Yes, it has a plot of Christopher returning and helping Wilkes AND it can continue the question of “what is humanity?”, but will it do it well? Will it automatically add more to this story?

    Like I said, I’m for the continuity of excellence, either in Blomkamp expanding his repertoire and exploring other issues, or continuing District 9. The problem is, viscerally, I feel that in the end any sequel to District 9 will have a Matrix Reloaded or Pirates 2 complex.

    If there were to be a sequel, I think Blomkamp should read some Ender’s Game or Shadow series. They do a good job of continuing the issue at hand, even through other characters, and honestly, Blomkamp forgetting where this came from is what I fear.

  10. I, for one, left the theater wondering what will happen next and what was the aliens’ backstory. So there’s definitely material there to be mined for a sequel or two. The question of SHOULD they make them is an entirely different discussion; I happen to be for continuing a well-told story. To be honest, District 9′s plot isn’t even that spectacular of a story, really — it’s more of an exciting original idea with lots of unfulfilled promise, and I’d love to see it properly fleshed out. Hopefully they’ll be able to avoid the terrible way the Matrix sequels watered down an original idea with overdone big-budget action and laughable plotting.

  11. It ended on an unfinished note for me. Christopher promised that he’d be back and I believe him. Fantastic movie. I loved it! If there’s a sequel, I’m there.

  12. saw this movie to day and i gotta say badass, one of the best and most original sci-fi mover ever.

  13. After seeing it for the third time (i didn’t pay even once lol… I’m a lucky basterd i guess) i think he shouldn’t do a sequel becuase it might mess up the first’s ending or just mess with the story entirely… If anything just for the curious cats he should either make a short where chris comes back or just an extra on the dvd where there’s some sort of sign/hint of chris coming back… Buuuuuuut this is hollywood at the end of the day and money talks. So most likely we will see a sequel and it can go 50/50… “carefull what you wish for comes to mind here…lol”.

  14. Loved District 9 but a sequel isn’t really necessary. Things are left open but not in a lazy way. I’m sure Blomkamp can think of something new though but i’m only interest if him and Pete Jackson are still in charge.

  15. I thought long and hard about whether there should be sequel or not. Frankly, I don’t think the sales do this movie justice. Compared to Transformers 2, G.I. Joe, and now New Moon. I mean WoW. This is ABSURD. This is what people in America are all about? The first Sci-Fi film that takes it to the edge with a great depth, leaves one thinking, oh wait, I said “thinking”, hmmm…right, no wonder it did not make as much as the other brainless action flicks. My utmost respect goes out to Neil and his crew. I don’t care much for Peter Jackson however. The movie left much to be desired, however, if there IS a sequel, I want it to be as unpredictable as possible while serving justice. Doing the right thing, yet being unpredictable, which is essentially what the first film did. But PLEASE do not make this a Hollywood action flick. It will RUIN this movie. Frankly, I feel much better knowing that brainless masses who like G.I. Joe and New Moon will not be out in full force. Make this movie for those who are willing to spend money on it and talk about it for days. I watched the first one and couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. Thank you in advance for a sequel if you plan on it, but please make it away from the influence of Sony and Hollywood.

  16. I agree, Alan. If there is to be a sequel, PLEASE keep it away from Hollyweird execs and their creepy ‘bottom line’ tunnel vision! I hate to see a superb movie like ‘District 9′ go from unique, thought provoking, engaging, and unexpected to predictable and glitzy. It’s happened before, and it could very easily happen to this movie. Just the word ‘franchise’ gives me the serious heebie jeebies!!!! All I can say to Blomkamp and Copley is retain creative control, PLEASE! Don’t let the money grubbers convince you to go for the dough while you sacrifice the integrity of your vision.

  17. I think the sequel should involve the alien coming back to transform the human back to a human

  18. I loved District 9. I am a big fan of Sci-FI and this was so good because for the shifting perspectives in the story. So good. I don’t think this show necessarily needs to go franchise, but I def think it needs a sequel. It would be soo satisfying to get a closure to this story. For those who are poo pooing the depiction of SA culture, I went and saw it with my SA friend who grew up there and he thought it was one of the best depiction of his culture he has ever saw and was rife with analogous social commentary. He loved it. Definitely make that sequel. I never by movies, but i bought this one. So smartly done. Again, it was the shifting perspectives that got me more than anything, better than any I have ever seen. One minute you are looking at them like bugs, the next you are looking at them like advanced aliens, the same for our main character. So well done. Bravo. Make another please. For those who don’t want a sequel, don’t go watch it. :)

  19. I am betting he had an ending(read:Sequel) in mind when he left us hanging. No doubt at all. This could be an INCREDIBLE trilogy. Just leave it to the ORIGINATOR to finish it off, AHEM!!! “Terminator 3 & 4″