Neil Marshall To Direct Predators?

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predator2 Neil Marshall To Direct Predators?

It was announced early this year that a Predator sequel/reboot (it’s not quite clear which yet) is in the works, only this time retitled as Predators. At first Robert Rodriguez was said to be attached as director, but reports soon thereafter corrected it to his being a producer through his Troublemaker Studios. Alex Litvak was reportedly chosen to write the film, and so it seemed that things were moving along the project.

But wait, don’t we need a director, I hear you ask? Well, yes, and it has been reported by Bloody Disgusting that Neil Marshall is in “close talks” to direct Predators.

If you’re not familiar with the name, Marshall directed the gory action-horror film Dog Soldiers a few years back, then went on and directed what I maintain is one of the scariest films of the last 15 years, The Descent. He also directed the post-apocalyptic Doomsday, so he is capable of making type of film I’m sure we all hope Predators will be. The deal between Marshall and 20th Century Fox has not been signed yet, but nonetheless Bloody Disgusting’s “100% reliable source” is saying it’s getting close.

Neil Marshall seems like a really good fit for Predators: His movies are always really fast-paced and mix horror with tension and action very well. Isn’t that just about right for our Predators reboot/sequel? I’d say so. And the producing/directing team-up of Rodriguez and Marshall is a positive sign as well. Let’s hope the two of them make the most of those legendary creature killers, and not pour it down the drain as happened with AVP.

The only thing that had me initially excited to see Predators (other than the obvious notion of seeing more Predators on the big screen) was Rodriguez’ involvement. Now that Marshall’s name is attached, I’m looking forward to Predators even more. Even if I wasn’t the biggest fan of Doomsday, I absolutely loved The Descent, and for that I will always keep an eye on what Marshall puts out there.

Screen Rant will keep you informed if and when confirmation of Marshall directing Predators is released.

For now: Do you think Neil Marshall is a good fit for Predators? If not, who would you rather see direct instead?

Predators is scheduled to be released on July 9th, 2010.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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  1. This sounds like a good match up to me… PLEASE be better than the AVP movies!


  2. It really does sound like a promising combo, Dog Soldiers is a great film. It’s almost a low-budget Predator… set in Scotland… with werewolves… :)

  3. I really love Marshal but he’s been inconsistent. Dog Soldiers was great for such a small budget (kind of Evil Dead of warewolf movies), the Descent is still one of the best horror films ever IMO (tell me you didn’t jump out of your seat during the camera night vision scene).

    But Doomsday was average at best.

    Like ppl have said, the combo of Marshal and Rodriguez is very intriguing and could produce some very VERY good results.

    Either way, this movie is for sure on my radar.

  4. I’ve never seen any of his films, but if he’s as good as it seems he is, it should make for a fun flick. Let’s just hope he uses the gore appropriately for something other than just shock value. That is what I think of when I think of modern day horror. Gore for the sake of gore.

  5. YAY!!! I loved the Predator movies, as well as the AVP movies. I’m pumped!

  6. GK333, (you don’t mind me callin ya that I hope ???)
    Doomsday was almost a scene for scene lift of Escape from NY,,,

    Its actually a decent rental. :-)

    The AV,Predator films have been so craptastic that even Mcg could improve the franchise.

  7. Rodriguez + Marshall is a match made in heaven. Hell Rodriguez + Marshall + badass action hero like Bruce Willis or Sylvester Stallone ot Jason Statham + appearance by Arnold Schwarzenegger = best movie ever!

  8. Big fan of Marshall’s so love to see him get it.

    If this is a sequel would be keen to see it. If a reboot, no way. I’m getting sick of reboots and Predator is a bit of scifi/action class. Watched it the other night and still love it. I don’t need a new one.

  9. ok gota be carefull with this one, i mean again look at avp, everyone got excited about that one because of Anderson, he had some pretty good horror movies under his belt and was a proven good action horror director, then took 2 of the biggest titans together and managed to royally f@#k it up…so i say again just cuz this new guy has good movies doesnt mean he wont screw it up

  10. The Descent was excellent, but Doomsday was a childish, trashy ripoff of Escape from New York with some direct lifts from Mad Max II/Road Warrior, and a depressingly blatant 20-minute ad for Bentley thrown in for good measure. Worse than anything Paul “Trouble” Anderson’s ever done, IMO. Haven’t seen Dog Soldiers, so I’m split on this one.

  11. The only reason I enjoyed “Doomsday” was b/c of Rhona Mitra.

  12. As long as they say that he is “one ugly mother f****r” i’ll be happy.

    That’s the only thing i really didn’t like about AVP. She said that to the alien. :P Oh well

  13. I will go buy a 5 buck previously viewed copy and give it a whirl 790…Still trying to get time to watch AI

  14. AI? How did you think of AI? Anyway, if you’re talking about that Kubrick/Spielberg movie, it starts off ok, slow but interesting, but the end you can tell was all Spielberg… (Not a good thing, lol) It basically went from interesting to cheesy. But it was an alright movie, couldn’t say that I would watch it more than once though.

  15. Ken I will watch it anyway even though you didn’t think it was great ;)

  16. Greenknight333, miss out the last 20 minutes of AI or you’ll be spitting feathers. There’s a very definite and much better ending before that (and you’ll know it when it comes). Press “Stop” after that!

  17. Dentist, I’m thinking we’re talking about the same thing…

  18. LOL! No! Listen to Ken, he wouldn’t lie to you!

  19. I was going to say listen to The big Dentist, lol. After reading your comment on Terminator Salvation, it’s like you were expressing my thoughts on the Terminator franchise but with better English…

  20. Ken, yeah, that was a shocker…

  21. AI, not your post! Thanks!

  22. Haha GK333, some people didn’t get the ending to AI.
    It wasn’t that complicated but some see only what they are conditioned to see. The last 25 min of AI was the payoff!!!

  23. Sorry 790, that ending made me want to gouge my eyes out and replace them with walnut whips. Sent it almost down to the level of 1941 on my Spielberg list…

  24. @Big D,,,
    Without spoiling it for Greenknight what was the prob with the ending ???

  25. Uh, I understood the ending, it just wasn’t good…

  26. GK333, hurry up and watch AI. :-)

  27. Oops, I know this is obvious but I know someone will complain anyway if it’s not said, but of course I meant it wasn’t good IN MY OPINION.