‘American Gods’ Movie In Development

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American Gods movie in development American Gods Movie In Development

Acclaimed writer Neil Gaiman has seen a number of his literary works successfully adapted for the film medium, including titles like Stardust and Coraline in recent years. Now his multiple award-winning and best-selling literary fantasy, American Gods, has officially taken its first steps towards making the jump to the big screen.

Gaiman has revealed that the rights to American Gods were sold just last week – and that an Oscar-winning filmmaker who’s been looking to adapt the book for years now is already onboard.

Digital Spy recently sat down with the author, who revealed the following bit about an American Gods adaptation:

“There is one cinematographer and director on board who has many, many Oscars and is I think is a genius, and I love the fact that he fell in love with this about six or seven years ago and has not given up and just kept coming back and kept coming back.”

Here is an official description of the novel “American Gods”:

Shadow gets out of prison early when his wife is killed in a car crash. At a loss, he takes up with a mysterious character called Wednesday, who is much more than he appears. In fact, Wednesday is an old god, once known as Odin the All-father, who is roaming America rounding up his forgotten fellows in preparation for an epic battle against the upstart deities of the Internet, credit cards, television, and all that is wired. Shadow agrees to help Wednesday in a battle for the very soul of America.

American Gods movie being made with Neil Gaiman American Gods Movie In Development

American Gods is just one of several Gaiman-related cinematic projects currently in development. The author is reportedly working (in some form) with DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns on turning his beloved Sandman graphic novel series into a TV show. It was also recently announced that Gaiman is scripting a $300 million Journey to the West adaptation, and Neil Jordan (The Crying Game) is attached to turn Gaiman’s Newbery Medal-winning The Graveyard Book into a feature-length production as well.

While I confess myself to personally be a fan of Gaiman’s breed of storytelling, not everything he does turns out great (case in point – the American Gods companion novel, Anasi Boys, is a bit weak by Gaiman’s standards). However, the literal use of a diverse collection of mythological elements and figures – within the context of an allegorical story that examines the changing cultural landscape of the United States – makes American Gods one of those fascinating reads that’s difficult to put down.

Whether an American Gods movie can be equally engaging is not a sure thing, though the involvement of a multiple Oscar-winning auteur (whomever it may be) certainly bodes well for the project.

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. They better not EFF this up!! The book was just awesome.


    True, they need to get this right…a fantastic book!

    BTW…I personally loved ANANSI BOYS as well, but to each, his (or her) own. Gaiman’s weakest is still better than most of the BEST tripe out there.


    • I quite agree, Archaeon. Truth be told, I mostly thought to mention that bit about Anansi Boys since, as I understand it, Gaiman himself has admitted that he doesn’t think it’s one of his best works.

      • It really was NOT quite up to the level of AMERICAN GODS, but I still very much enjoyed reentering the world of the various gods-in-hiding established in the first book. :)

      • Really? I love Anansi Boys, but then perhaps that’s because I’m used to reading books with that kind of humour in it, which his other works lack (not a complaint, his other work is very good, they just tend to have a much more serious tone than Anansi Boy’s did, which is what I found charming about it).

    • I also loved Anansi Boys, it made me want to read American Gods and is what made me fall in love with Mr. Gaiman and want to read all of his stuff. I couldn’t finish Good Omens and lost interest in the Sandman GN’s as they were too obscure, TV show would be …hrmmm…

  3. This is such a long book though that I have to wonder what they’ll change or cut. Still, here’s hoping it turns out alright.

  4. That was a weird book, I really hope they make a suitably weird film out of it. I also hope Tim Burton is as far away from this as possible.

  5. I really hope this turns out to be good. American Gods is my favourite book.

  6. I would really love to see an adaptation of Neverwhere….something done well and with the correct budget (I’m looking at you BBC miniseries!!!).

    It’s good that this is finally being made though, hopefully they don’t muck it up.

    • Zach

      You do know Neverwhere started off as a BBC television series written by Gaiman. Apparently it was quite poor (budget constraints) so he wrote it as a book instead, but I did love the book and just recently re-read the comic book adaption.

    • I love Neverwhere and all i can think of reading it is how perfect Guillermo Del Toro would be directing a movie version.

  7. Maybe its a good book, but i just cant read through all these dirt moment like gay sex in all details, it adds nothing to story, it just annoying

    i hope they never make a movie, i dont need fantasy gay movie, sorry

    • Gaiman’s not porn…you should expand your horizons…a lot.

    • /facepalm
      because we need all those other books that have detailed heterosexual sex scenes in them?

      • you know just because this other guy doesnt want to see a gay sex scene doesnt mean its a prejudice thing. I am all for equal rights gays can get married do what they want in my opinion who am i to tell anyone how to find their happiness, i have no problems with it. That doesnt change the fact that i dont want to see gay sex scences in movies i watch, the same as i dont want to see say elderly sex scences…or renne zelwigger in a sex scene…im not saying they should outlaw it from film or anything i just would have to agree with baka that would be a negative for me…sorry if that makes you angry but im simply not gay u dont have take personal offense to it

        • Neither of us who responded said ANYTHING about prejudice. I am not gay (I cannot speak for Mike E.) and was not even thinking about such things. Truth be told, ANY sexual scenes (hetero-, homo-, or otherwise) can be silly, if not outright stupid, BUT if they are an organic part of the story, they should be presented.

          I was (and I THINK Mike E. was, as well) reacting to the fact that baka thought to even bring it up as a subject when it has no bearing on the production of this fantastic novel.

          Honestly, his comment was just dumb, and we were calling him out on it. It’s sad that you are actually defending him.

          • ur right that baka guy is prob just a troll being rude for kicks…if a book is good its good regardless of a sex scene…and nothing u said annoyed me…i did think mike was taking it to different place i said what i felt the same way both of you said what you felt to baka, if i read it wrong and he wasnt taking it in that direction my mistake

            • I’m glad we BOTH clarified…Sometimes, in threads like this, feelings get stepped upon (whether intentionally or not) and ideas get lost. I have no desire for either to occur.


  8. My three most-beloved writers are Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen R. Donaldson, and Neil Gaiman (with Fred Saberhagen gaining fast), so I REEEALLY want this to be done with care and belief in the brilliance of the material.

    On a related note, though I know SANDMAN is already being considered, I would LOVE to see a movie (or a mini/micro-series) on the particular one-issue story, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. It was a magnificent piece of writing and would present live-action (or, perhaps, well-done CGI) beautifully.

    • Now you have me intrigued. Gaiman is one of my favorites, Poe is classic but I have never read Donaldson. I will look into that, thanks!

      Gaiman is such an amazing storyteller. I wasn’t ecstatic with Anansi boys, but didn’t hate it. Loved most of the stuff I have read so far.

      Hope they can do this justice. The first movie idea that has me excited in a while.

  9. Just so you Know “Baka” is Japanese for idiot.

    Just saying is all, maybe he’s being ironic!?

  10. Nice…

    Question though: Will they include the scene with Salim and the taxi driver?

  11. Soooooo excited!!!!!