‘Neighbors’ & ‘Gotham’ Trailer – SR Underground Ep. 143

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sr underground 143 neighbors Neighbors & Gotham Trailer – SR Underground Ep. 143

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode one-hundred forty-three of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick, fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw, as well as special guest Scott Beggs, as we review Neighbors and discuss the Gotham TV show trailer along with our hopes for the Power Rangers movie reboot.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 143 – Neighbors & Gotham Trailer

We review Neighbors and discuss the Gotham TV show trailer along with our hopes for the Power Rangers movie reboot.

[0:00] News: ‘Gotham’ Trailer: Wayne and Gordon Join Forces and ‘Power Rangers’ Live-Action Movie Reboot in the Works.

[1:05:54] Rants and Raves: The Sight & Sound Top 50, City Lights (1931), The General (1926), Singin’ in the Rain (1952), Silicon Valley, Bad Country, Starbound, House of Cards season 2, Son of Batman, Young Justice, Twilight Zone, The Carbonaro Effect, as well as Mad Men season 6 and 7.

[1:42:05] Review: Neighbors (read our full written Neighbors review).

[2:03:24]  SPOILERS: Neighbors.

[2:25:06] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

[2:26:50] Game Rant News Brief.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.

Next Week: Godzilla

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opening): Sal reports that Insufferable Deadpool was the winner with a perfect 15.

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • Godzilla (2014)- 3,800+
  • Million Dollar Arm – 3,000

Opening this Week in Theaters (Limited):

  • N/A

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Music by Omarie B. Williams (@OmarieWilliams).

Guest: Broken Projector host Scott Beggs (@ScottMBeggs).

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  1. Haven’t had a chance to listen, but excited.

    Not sure if you guys touch on it, but I didn’t appreciate the N-word jokes in Neighbors. I know comedy is difficult thing to assess, because the most objective barometer is whether you laughed or not–completely involuntary.

    I personally didn’t laugh. The first joke “peace n*gga” when mocking Obama…is just an overplayed joke. I get it, it’s funny when straight laced Obama talks like he is “down.” The followup joke when the friend raps the lyrics was a little more self aware as the other characters berated him for it. I just wish there was another sentence or something to make it clear to me/the viewer that the writer/characters get what is wrong with the brazen usage. In a strange way it took a tad from my viewing experience. I just think n-word jokes are hackneyed and are used as a crutch not much different than rappers.

    Just a thought…

    • That word isn’t supposed to make you laugh. Because the character who says that is an over-the-top goof, it’s the reactions of the other characters (who react like we do) that’s supposed to be funny. For me, it worked.

    • Ya, we touched on it briefly. I understand why people were bothered (and I didn’t think they were very funny) but ultimately, like Rob said, the character that said it isn’t one of the film’s champions – so I took it as a reflection of the kind of person he was.

      • Just finished listening, good stuff. Super Excited for next week and Godzilla.

        I further understand both your points. Still rubs be a certain way, perhaps the innate “bias” and also that with race/rape/crude jokes there is a higher level of scrutiny. This happened last week with the woman who did the correspondent on SNL…I don’t have a problem with her subject material…it just wasn’t very funny.

        ok. im done.

  2. Gotham does not look better than Arrow.

    • I *strongly* disagree.

      • Dyce and you are usually the one i agree with, but you are way off on this one

  3. Question, do you not like Arrow Rob?

    • Rob hates it!

      • Like “Agents of Shield” hate?

    • Haha, I enjoy Arrow but it’s very, very weak from an action and logistical standpoint. I enjoy AoS as well – hence my super-long features on it. Maybe one tomorrow?

      Even for CW, Arrow should be AT LEAST as well-written as The Originals, but it’s way behind on a lot of fronts.

      • Aaahh, I gotcha.

  4. What? Gotham looks cheap? The cinematography, lighting and location selection in the trailer looks like a movie made for theaters. I haven’t seen a TV show in a long while that had great production values like that. This looks like a sitcom? Not at all. At least not like any sitcom that I’ve ever seen.

  5. @kofi, surprised you’ve only now gotten around to Young Justice. Watch the CGI Green Lantern series as well, it was equally good with very compelling characters. Have you guys bashed Cartoon Network for screwing over DC cartoons as of late?

    @Anthony, Outer Limits is of the same vein of Twilight Zone, check it out.

    • I love Outer Limits! I’ve pretty much watched all those anthology shows expect the original Twilight Zone. Sad, I know, but it used to be VERY difficult to find it all (though Sci-fi used to air it a bunch).

      • How about a Power Rangers vs VR Troopers vs Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad movie?

        You could probably even get Matthew Lawrence to star

        • Oh man! Fun fact: VR Troopers was created as a show for Green Ranger to star in (the actor) but they pulled him back to Rangers and replaced him on Troopers. VR Troopers didn’t last long before getting canceled.

          I just love SSSS!

      • I believe Sci-fi still airs the original Twlight Zone for New Years and maybe one other holiday

        • They usually air it on 4th of July as well.

  6. I liked Neighbors, but I feel like this is an example of a movie that was kinda hurt by the trailers/marketing. I just feel like most of the best jokes were shown already, and I just wish more comedies could find the balance of enticing people without showing too much. It happens in all genres, but I feel like it happens more often with comedies than anything else.

  7. I’m with Ben Kendrick! I’m a 80’s baby so Voltron is in my top 5!

    1. Transformers
    2. Thundercats
    3. Gi Joe
    4. Voltron
    5. He-Man

  8. Power rangers best seasons
    Mighty Morphin
    Lightspeed Rescue
    Dino Thunder(the season with tommy as the teacher)
    Mystic force

    Johnny yong Bosch was actually a better black ranger, but I may be biased towards his voice acting.

    but to quote imdb trivia
    “Johnny Yong Bosch actually did all of his own stunts in the movie, including the morphed fight scenes. His stuntman was injured at the time and couldn’t do any work for the film, so Bosch gratefully accepted their offer to replace him”

    I think theyll be color coded, both the rangers and the zords
    They zords will probably be like pacific rim, due to the fact i think pacific rim is the reason this films happening.

    cant believe you guys didnt consider bulk and skull will cameo

    Kofi why you no read comments?, I explained why the button scene makes sense.

  9. Godzilla
    Spiderman 2
    Million dollar arm
    The other women

  10. This podcast was interesting…

    • LOL. Zing!

  11. B.O.B
    #1 Godzilla
    #2 Neighbors
    #3 The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    #4 Million Dollar Arm
    #5 The Other Woman
    #10 Million Dollar Arm

  12. 1. Godzilla
    2. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    3. Neighbors
    4. The Other Woman (2014)
    5. Million Dollar Arm
    10. Divergent

  13. Box Office Battle:
    1) Godzilla
    2) Neighbors
    3) Million Dollar Arm
    4) The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    5) The Other Woman
    10) Moms’ Night Out

  14. Falling off Mad Men!??? How dare y guys! It’s one the best shows on w/GoT,SOA,Justified,TWD,BBT.