Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 11th, 2014

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May 11 Box Office Neighbors Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 11th, 2014

The R-rated comedy reigned supreme at the box office this weekend, proving that a restrictive rating can still reap success.

The number 1 film this weekend is Neighbors (read our review) with $51 million, which is one of the biggest debuts for an R-rated comedy. The Seth Rogen and Zac Efron warring neighbor comedy far exceeded expectations and has set the tone for the genre heading into the rest of the summer. Not to mention, the film is now Seth Rogen’s biggest opening weekend ever for a live action film.

Obviously, with A Million Ways to Die in the West right around the corner, the film will have to do a lot of its work quickly, but that should be no problem considering it seems to be winning over most audiences. But even if business dies off sooner rather than later, that’s no matter; the film already made back its budget…on Friday.

Coming in at number 2 is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with $37.2 million. It appears the tepid critical and fan response hurt ASM 2‘s chances at a repeat, and even called into question the movie’s legs, despite it having grossed $147 million so far.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Adopted Dog Cameo Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 11th, 2014

After a strong debut in its first weekend, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 dropped a substantial 59%, which isn’t unheard of for a movie of this scale, but is never a good sign. That said, the sequel is still doing excellent business worldwide, grossing $550 million so far.

The Other Woman held strong in the number 3 spot with $9.2 million. It seemed all but a given that the film would stay strong over the Mother’s Day weekend and that proved to be true. The Other Woman has grossed $61 million after 3 weeks.

In at number 4 is Heaven is for Real with $7 million. Yet again, this religious-themed film hangs on to its spot in the top 5, dropping only 30% from last weekend. All told, Heaven is for Real has grossed $75 million.

April 6 Box Office Captain America 2 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 11th, 2014

Rounding out the top 5 is Captain America: The Winter Soldier with $5.6 million. Marvel’s latest blockbuster sequel has obviously slowed down over the past few weeks, but its tally is still one of the highest for the studio. So far, the film has made $244 million domestic and $695 million worldwide.

Rio 2 comes in at number 6 with $5.1 million, which brings its domestic total up to $113 million. Fox’s animated sequel continues to trail its predecessor by a greater and greater margin, leading us to believe this is the last we’ll see of the colorful birds of the Amazon.

In at number 7 is Mom’s Night Out with $4.2 million. We didn’t expect much from this family-friendly comedy given its lack of marketing, but the film was able to drum up a decent tally thanks to the Mother’s Day weekend.

legends oz dorothys return movie Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 11th, 2014

The number 8 film is Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return (read our review) with $3.7 million. A familiar property and family-friendly appeal couldn’t help this one, which will seemingly disappear almost as soon as it appeared.

Divergent is the number 9 film this weekend with $1.7 million. Lionsgate and Summit’s YA adaptation, the heir to the throne of Hunger Games and Twilight, has done very well for itself with $145 million over 8 weeks.

Rounding out the top 10 is Brick Mansions with $1.4 million. Unfortunately, the last completed film starring Paul Walker couldn’t get many audiences in the theaters. The film likely bows out of the top 10 with $18 million over 3 weeks.

Outside the top 10: Jon Favreau’s new movie Chef made $204,000 on six screens for an average of $34,000 per screen. The film expands to more markets next weekend.


[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates - based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released on Monday, May 12th - at which time we'll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. No surprise here, Spidey 2 just sucked… Cap is closing in on the Billion? Damn… It was a great movie…

    • Captain American was a very good movie.. but 695 million cannot be referred to as “closing in on the billion”, not even by a long shot lol..

      • Had to go to boxofficemojo to check this. It is just badly articulated in the post above. It has 695 TOTAL. When i first read it i thought it was making up for the terrible IM3 and showing a good movie can go the distance. However, it still kicked some serious MOS ass; i wonder how much bigger it can get post AOU and that CM vs BMan (let’s face it, who cares about anyone else in that JL prequel)will be an epic showdown.

        • Epic showdown not going to happen, this is the movie business and not the superbowl.
          Cap is my favorite hero but its openings and grosses are still behind 4 mcu movies
          domestically. Batman vs superman will have at the minimum an opening of 155
          million plus in 2016 despite all its flaws being it will be first time he bat and superman
          Share the screen.

          • And those four MCU movies have all grossed over $300 million domestically. You know how many superheroes have grossed over $300 million domestically? Three. Spider-Man, Batman and Iron Man. It’s not easy and you need much more than novelty.

      • Yeah i accidentally added the domestic with the worldwide…

  2. Its sad to see Spider-Man fading more and more at the domestic box office. I personally really liked the movie but I can see how it could be suffering from franchise fatigue. But its nice to see Captain America hanging in the top 5 after all this time. Fantastic movie, inching closer and closer to that $700 mil. One last thing, who the hell is watching Heaven is for Real? How has this movie done that well?

    • Ha Ha i just now heard of Heaven is for Real… Don’t know anybody talking about it… Guess it’s just the Holy Rollers seeing it?

    • My only response to the whole “Spidey 2 failing/Neighbors doing well in the US” is that I might as well finally accept it. After Neighbors this year and Grown Ups 2 last year, America officially has no taste in movies and should have all studios move to other countries until the greater populace have learned their lesson.

      • Your putting Neighbors and Grown ups 2 in the same group, that’s just insulting to the people who worked on Neighbors. Also its not like last year, where you had a non-mainstream underdog film like Pacific Rim get sideline by Grown ups on opening day. Spiderman 2 made it’s fair share of money in just one week, Studios might not see it that but thats the truth. Also Neighbors didn’t obliterate Spiderman at the Box office.

      • Neighbors is a really, really funny movie. In fact, I think it’s much better than Amazing Spider-Man 2.

        • That’s your opinion.

          • Whose else would it be? I mean, he even said I think.

            Trying to be the smartest guy in the room almost always backfires, like here.

            Good job, Skippy.

            • Thank you! The amount of times I’ve been told ‘well that’s just your opinion’ is absolutely astounding. Are people so thick that unless I put IMO before everything I say they’ll be confused? As if my default mode is spouting absolute truth. I mean Christ alive as if comments weren’t already redundant enough.

              But hey that’s just my opinion.

      • His quest to destroy America’s movie studios has begun! Dazz is one step closer to being the king he feels he truly deserves.

      • Neighbors is way better than Grown Ups 2, no surprise why it can take ASM2 this weekends #1 box office spot.

      • Once again you will take every single opportunity to demean and bash others taste in movies simply because you were disappointed. Please grow up. ASM2 was a mess with themes included but not very well scripted. I wish it could have been better but it definitely is not. And lastly, Neighbors with Grown Ups 2? You are serious here, I can tell. Sad.

        • You must be mistaken. Dazz is clearly “TheOne.” He obviously knows better than us because he thinks his opinions matter more. Which they do. He will soon be king of the movie studios since America can’t manage them the way he sees fit. We should only be lucky to live in a wild rules by Dazz.

      • Dazz the King of Turds has spoken. All hail Dazz the Turd King!

      • Like it or not, the US makes the most seen and sought after movies. Regardless of your tastes (or obvious lack of), you can go ahead and accept this as fact. That’s why the US makes quite a bit of bank domestically AND abroad. You brits are lucky if you have anything made there become recognized and hopefully remade in the US. Keep your ignorant assessments of US entertainment to yourself until your local product can even sniff the dirty laundry of the ‘Yanks’. K Govna?!

        • Also the brits have some good TV comedy, so I don’t understand why Dazz the Turd King makes such a big deal out of it. Americans love their comedies as well action/horror/romance etc. Dazz just likes to piss and moan about the bloodiest of shiz.

  3. Dazz,
    Neighbors deserves its success. It is actually a very Funny Movie IMO. You should give it a try. You will not Regret it. :)

  4. I guess it’s a good time for me to sell a stoner movie in Cannes
    “Puff”- The feature Psychedelic Comedy

    • If you haven’t seen it how do you know you were wrong about it getting better? It still has a pretty high fan rating on RT. I enjoyed it, the only thing I didn’t like was GG. He looked like a troll doll on meth.

        • And Ben Affleck…. which why I’m really curious as to where he takes Batman/Bruce Wayne
          His abilities in front and behind the camera hav vastly improved since then..

      • Troll doll on meth.. Hilarious.

    • I loved AS2. It’s not doing great for a spider man movie but it’s making good money still. I have a lot of excitement for this franchise.

  5. Looks like Marvel might be getting the Spider-Man rights back.

    • 550 million dollars so far…no, they’re not getting it back anytime soon.

    • @justsomeguy
      Sony already had begun casting for Sinister 6 and Venom movies. So Spidey won’t be coming back to Marvel any soon. But Sony might scrapped ASM 4 altogether, if box office money keeps declining.

    • Considering the budget, marketing, and paychecks of everyone involved, this movie will need around 700 million JUST to break even. However, I don’t see Sony cancelling their already announced plans UNLESS this film had grossed only 400 million, and we’re clearly way past that point already, so yeah… Sony is keeping Spider-Man.

  6. I saw Neighbors on Friday. It was a really funny movie. Good to see it do well.

  7. Sony will never let it go… They will probably just keep rebooting it until the sheep finally wake up and realize crap for crap… AS2 is crap…

    • It wasn’t crap at all. The sheep are just fine.

      • TASM 2 sucked so bad it makes Spider-Man 3 look like The Dark Knight.

  8. So to sum up:

    (1) Superman in MOS is not a real superhero.
    (2) Spiderman sucks.
    (3) X-men’s director had sex with a minor.
    (4) The Winter Soldier is flawless.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Disney is behind all these bad publicities, especially since it’s the biggest media conglomerate at the moment.

    • Lol, plus one. Marvel/Disney’s d*ck is so far up an ocean of fanboys’ and hipsters’ as*es that it is starting to come out right out of their throats!

      Truth is that Marvel/Disnet movies aren’t the best films … much less for a comic book:

      -The Incredible Hulk was boring and a straight-up failed attempt to copy and paste The Dark Knight’s formula to create a realistic hero based off of an unrealistic story.
      -Thor would be considered average – at best – if the film concentrated more on the aspects of Asgard and the relationship between Odin, Loki, and Thor, but instead, they squeezed in a totally unnecessary love story that was as buyable than a cheap skit off from some p*rno vid from RedTube.
      -The First Avenger did not show the true prowess of HYDRA.
      -The Avengers felt more like a two-hour comedic TV Show in which served as a sequel for an Iron Man standalone film that happened to star the likes of Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye as minor characters. The film basically removed the sheer authenticity in which made Hulk a complete heroic animal (Really, Josh? Do you expect us to buy the excuse that a human being is always angry when he has been smiling to the camera for 90 percent of his screen time as Bruce Banner?!), and has totally made Loki into a d*uchey, whiny thirteen-year old p*ssy (couldn’t he teleport/hologrammed himself and escaped with ease instead of being tossed to the ground as if he were a Strawberry Shortcake dollie?). Why call it ‘the Avengers’ if the conflict, climax, and resolution are all going to be resolved by the mere grasp of Tony Stark and his technology?!
      -Iron Man 3 is a total rip-off in which conceals of nothing but a romantic comedy that happens to have a story similar to the Incredibles.
      -Thor:The Dark World was as boring than a three-hour flashback of your grand-granny’s stories. Oh, and to those who believe that the Dark World provides of a decent screenplay with bad-ass LotR action scenes, go watch the Star Wars Old Republic Cinematic Intro and then compare it to Malakith’s ambush against Odin’s Palace. Totally copied and pasted EVERYTHING from Star Wars, with a teaspoon of Lord of the Rings.
      -The Winter Soldier showed how much of a p*ssy Steve Rogers is as proven in the end of the fight scene and shows that shattered glasses and a popular character will indeed blind many a*swhipes alike.

      And the funnier thing is that the super hero films in which are not produced by Marvel/Disney from 2008 and above have reigned greater than the pieces of sh*t Whedon has given us. I have bought the complete boxset of Marvel’s Phase One just to wipe my a*s with it! Oh and the sadder thing about this aspect is that I am not trolling. This is ACTUALLY my opinion since I ACTUALLY have my mind of my own. :O . Shocking, ain’t it?

      • When you fail on your very first point it lessens the rest of your post.

        “The Incredible Hulk was boring and a straight-up failed attempt to copy and paste The Dark Knight’s formula”

        THe Incredible Hulk – Release Date – June 13, 2008
        The Dark Knight – Release Date – July 18, 2008

        Don’t let a simple thing like facts ruin your rant though.

        • He rants off on fanboys but wow his entire post reeks of it more than most. I think it’s so bad he may be cynical. If anything he loves “ass-wipe” O.o

      • Well let’s look at DC:

        Man O Steel – About a billion plot holes, and just, i don’t know… no Superman spirit to it. Just left a bad taste in my mouth…

        Green Lantern – Lol… Yeah…’nuff said…

        Batman Begins – Pretty good

        The Dark Knight – Joker made this movie awesome, but other than that meh…

        Dark Knight Rises or whatever it’s called – Plot holes like a block of swiss cheese. Just a very bad, boring movie. Cat woman sucked, Bane sucked, Krypton sucks…

        Constantine – It was ok, just the wrong actor to play Constantine… Meh…

        Superman Returns – lol, emo supes that stalks Louis and doesn’t punch a single thing the entire movie and apparently he can lift a whole continent filled with kryptonite, but a little sliver of it makes him as weak as a baby… Heh major fail of a film…

        Animated movies: Are frikkin awesome… This is where DC excels at IMHO…

        Is there any others i’m missing?

        • I genuinely want to see an Irish take on Superman now: It’s Ye Man O’ Steel.

      • You prolly already purchased a Guardians of the Galaxy ticket huh ? I hear u talkin a bunch of mess yet still admitting to contributing to Marvels success by buying up them films….

        • Lol, it’s 2014 who the hell buys movies? I haven’t bought any of them smart guy…

      • Wait… we are the hipsters??? LOL sounds like you are the one that’s a hipster/b1tcher. oh and BTW Disney didn’t do Incredible Hulk.

  9. I’m interested in Sinister Six & Venom done right on screen. However, I haven’t seen ASM2. The reason being, there are just too many negative reviews (I’ve read a lot of critical reviews). Critics still matter, and I won’t lie, I WILL be seeing this when it comes to redbox/netflix/cable but the reviews make me feel comfortable in not spending $8-12 for the film/3-D experience.

    If Marvel got the rights back to Spidey, they won’t be producing films for the series often because they have so many properties. According to Feige, he won’t be focusing on so many projects to be released per year, so, that said, I don’t care who has the rights (even though Marvel would deliver it better than anyone else could, without a doubt). What I care for is a product worth my time and money.

    If Sony can’t impress most of the critics this next go round, I will once again decide against seeing SS/Venom/ASM3.

    Also, it’s funny to see the predictions for last week be wrong. I won’t be seeing Neighbors but it’s just funny that it beat a second week Spider-Man film, unexpectedly.

    • Why are you even considering “If Marvel got the rights back to Spider Man”? Do you realize how implausible that is? We may as well speculate on if WB will get the rights to the Avengers. ASM2 made 550 million already worldwide and people act like it’s dead in the water. Critical reception was poor but so was MOS reception and that franchise isn’t exactly floundering. Get with reality.

      • That’s me replying to OTHER people who say Marvel should get the rights back. Scroll up and you’ll find them…

        • oops sorry about that.

  10. I don’t know if any of you guys have considered this, but since TASM 2 is being regarded as a disappointment by some of the internet fan base (not saying it is, I actually enjoyed the movie and deem it outrageous to compare it to Spider-Man 3), but what if TASM 2 was a necessary sacrifice needed to be bestowed in order to construct a cinematic universe, much how Iron Man 2 was the sacrifice to conceive the MCU. Just consider it for a moment and compare the aspects of both films: Both IM2 and TASM 2 have flocked in a barrage of minor characters that will have larger roles in future installment. Both films have focused on the ‘human’ characteristics of the protagonist instead of the super-hero alter-egos (sometimes a bit too much). And both films have popularized the character even more so than its predecessor. Perhaps TASM 2 was much of a stepping stone rather than an cohesive individual film needed to construct a cinematic universe and ignite enough popularity to indulge people into this franchise. Burn bridges first, create bigger ones later on.

    • Mcu was conceived in iron man and incredible hulk, iron man 2 was okay but a wasted
      Opp to do more. But thats jon favreaus fault for sticking to his tech villians only bs
      instead of showing more exotic story and a villian.

      • Wrong bro.. do a search through the Screen Rant archives and ull find an article where Jon Favreau talks about havin a different direction for IM2… he goes on about how he and RDJ weren’t particularly happy with the finished product do to Marvels decision makin…

  11. Not surprise Neighbors is a good movie something different besides ASM2 which is absolute garbage I never like reboot film I grew up watching Sam rami spiderman films and to me that the spiderman I know I gave the new films a shot just could’nt get into them I like the disneyxd animated show better than ASM2

  12. Wow come to think of it the animated show on Disney XD shows what would happen if spiderman was in the marvel cinematic universe

  13. Let’s be honest. TASM 2 is the best Spiderman movie ever (even better than S2). It’s funny how some fanboys think they’re entitled to get just what they want and stand on the critics’s side even though we all know most critics do not like superheroes movies unless they are portrayed as a dark and raw story. If they see a colourful movie (like TASM2) they tend to believe from start it will not be good. Also, just like the people choosing Oscar winners, sometimes they do not even watch the whole movie. I feel about TASM 2 the same way I felt with Pacific Rim: how come such a wonderful display of film making gets slammed and movies as Grown ups 2 and Neighbors (let’s face it: the latter it’s a totally JUST OK movie) gets big reception. I assume that’s whay some films do better outside the USA: not everybody have the same strange ideas on how movies should be about like usamericans do…

    • Sorry but that’s your opinion. I still consider Spiderman 2 being better written than TASM 2. Now if you’re talking about actors and visuals then yes, TASM 2 is better. I like Garfield as Spiderman and I like Stone. Unfortunately if you just focus on the overall story, I tend to see something rather basic. Critics have no issues with superhero movies if they are done right(has an actual good storyline). If I remember right, Captain America 2 was pretty well praised by critics and I consider it a “colorful movie”. Also the biggest complains I’ve read and hear from people who saw the movie was, “it’s nice to look at and I love the Spiderman character but that’s about it”. Sorry but I expected this decline. The word of mouth after last week wasn’t all that great

  14. hahaha!!! weak spiderman one week and already bounce from the number 1 no surprise their just an overhype piece of crap by sony pictures

    • Interesting because the theatre I went to it was mostly filled with stoner type males. Zac was alright and was funnier than Rogen at times. Rogen, like Sandler, are now just meh. Same old comedy and it has become rather boring now

      • He’s not likely to change his “style” soon. He has repeated it many times that he likes doing buddy movies. Bros before Hoe remember? For the most part he is writing scripts base on his life and his friend. Yea, it’s not going to change, it may get old to some but I enjoy buddy movies myself.

    • Does you theory change the value of money? I’m not sure how that would “skew” the numbers.

      I’m not really sure it makes a difference if 90% of the people in attendance were simply there to eat popcorn off of the floor. If they bought a ticket =, it counts.

        • Absolutely not, and not a theory it is fact. The butts in the seats were more women to see Zac, then stoner males as you call them to see a hack. I do not know what is so hard to grasp of simple math in regards to BO receipts. 20% more females to a viewing ,equates more revenue. It’s how Hollywood works, or any entertainment selection. If the girls like it, your good to go. I cannot believe I have to explain it.

          • Oh please don’t explain anymore, my head hurts. What point are you trying to prove? You said the numbers are skewed. Perhaps you misspoke? The numbers are correct for the box office take. Perhaps it’s your logic that is skewed.

    • Pulling percentages from your azz isn’t a good way to start the day. I would like to see where you got this 68% women stat from.

      • I can see a 50/50 sort of thing because there were a lot of couples seeing this movie but to say that the only reason this movie did good was because women went to see Zac is funny to me. The guy isn’t as “good looking to women” as you might think he is. Now if we’re talking Magic Mike type stuff then that’s different but it’s not, LOL