NBC Developing ‘Wolfman’ TV Series Based on the Benicio Del Toro Movie

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NBC Wolfman TV Series NBC Developing Wolfman TV Series Based on the Benicio Del Toro Movie

One of NBC’s biggest assets is Universal’s collection of classic movie monsters. You know the gang, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein‘s monster, The Mummy, The Invisible Man. The list goes on and on.

The peacock network has already turned one of its most famous monsters, Dracula, into a contemporary TV show with Jonathan Rhys Meyers (read our review). Now, they’re looking to bring The Wolfman to the small screen.

Deadline reports NBC is in the process of developing a TV adaptation of The Wolfman based on the 2010 feature film starring Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. (You would be forgiven if you don’t remember that movie, which was both a critical and box office flop.)

According to the Deadline article, “The show is described as a supernatural thriller that explores what it means to be a man and to be human. It centers on Lawrence Talbot, who is afflicted by an ancient curse and jacks into the powerful, primordial soul of the alpha-predator.”

the wolfman NBC Developing Wolfman TV Series Based on the Benicio Del Toro Movie

The project is being headed up by Daniel Knauf, who is also the executive producer and showrunner of Dracula. There’s no word yet on whether Knauf will take a similar route with The Wolfman as his current show, which pumps up the sex appeal and puts a more modern spin on the classic story. However, given Dracula’s steadily declining ratings, maybe that isn’t the best direction.

Despite Dracula‘s declining ratings, Grimm continues to perform well for the network on Friday nights, so it’s understandable why NBC is pursuing more supernatural-focused series. This could be a potential Plan B if Dracula ends up getting canceled. Werewolves have also worked for other networks – namely, Teen Wolf on MTV – so it’s not as though there isn’t any precedent for werewolves, television, and success.

What do you think about a TV adaptation of The Wolfman? Would you be interested in a weekly series about a werewolf in the vein of NBC’s Dracula? Let us know in the comments.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant as more information on The Wolfman becomes available.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Like the article states Dracula is not doing that great in the ratings and from what I have read it might be in danger of cancellation, so I don’t know how they are going to pull off a Wolfman show. Dracula is good production and acting wise, but some of the tone and theme seems off. Maybe they should have tried to roll all the Universal monsters together into an ensemble piece.

    • Everything on NBC is “in danger of cancellation” (except The Blacklist which, while not a hit, is doing less poorly than the rest).

      • The Blacklist is most definitely a hit. And it would be for any channel, not just for NBC.

        • That’s inaccurate. It’s an OK performer. On CBS, they would be debating whether to cancel it at the end of the year like they did Unforgettable which had similar ratings (they should have cancelled it, and Elementary to make way for better shows – CBS is becoming a train wreck like the other networks).

          Generally, just because everything on NBC sucks and is low-rated, it doesn’t make an OK show a hit…

    • Funnily, zap2it gushed it had gained 2 million viewers when its overall rating is barely over 2 million… It’s very low, but NBC still supports Parks and Recreation which is the only show on a major network to be beaten by the CW…

      The denial of reality by NBC knows no bonds.

    better than the crap wolf among us film.

    • but would prefer a sequel with del toro and hugo weaving.

      • Same here,Movie was great and I enjoyed it a lot !
        Joe Johnston should better make a Rocketeer 2 !!!

  3. I was disappointed by the movie, probably cuz i thought it be perfect, but still enjoyed. Getting sick of this vampire/werewolf fad though, it’s become so commonplace it’s exhausting. However, a tv series based on a classic could be interesting. Love Benicio Del Toro (The Collector) ;)

    • It could… if this weren’t 2013 and executives weren’t in charge of the creative.

      • Hahaha well maybe 2014 executives will change…AKA Shiieeett no

        • Sadly, I see no signs of that happening. :(

  4. NBC’s insanity continues unabated.

    It’s not bad enough to do remakes nobody wants,but now they do remakes of movies so bad even fanboys hated them!!

    • Im a fanboy of universal monsters and I loved the wolfman(2010), cause it finally brought back the monstrous part of werewolves while also getting the look right.
      Though I am not interested in that dracula tv show which bored me first episode.

      • it’s turning out to be a pretty cool vampire show

      • Screw the haters of the wolf man 2010.
        It was pretty enjoyable to watch from my experience. It was the best werewolf movie that I have seen in a long time – much better than “twilight” and would choose the Wolfman over that Twilight b******* any day. Just saying lol
        Benicio Del Toro did well, Anthony Hopkins was brilliant in his role, and I love and appreciated the original as well. Thing is, compared to the 1941 original version, you got to see the Wolfman tear his victims up. true, there were some CGI but it was real- looking and all the stunts were real and it pay both homage to the original version and a little bit of an American werewolf in London, where the werewolf was running loose on the streets, not just with the features of wearing make-up by the actor but The storyline goes deeper and deeper and slowly was building up to the suspense of the plot.

        Overall, the Wolf man was a very cool werewolf movie, it was quite enjoyable to watch and for those who are into horror and or into old-school, kick-ass werewolf movies, then I do recommend the DVD for those who are still interested lol

        So, as a horror fan, a monster fan and as a werewolf fan, I am DEFINITELY going to give it a chance. I wish it nothing but success and, hoping it’ll do even more justice and looking forward to it and to be sure to tune in when it airs later on in the future. that’s for damn sure :)

        • To be entirely clear: I didn’t think Twilight was any better than Wolfman. They both were terrible in their own ways.

          Than again, how many movies today rise above “terrible”?! :(

    • Your wrong. I am a fanboy myself. i actually rather enjoyed the movie and as a long time werewolf fan, i am very much giving this a chance and I am hoping it’ll be a success and do justice

  5. Well, they gave us the monumental ‘Hannibal’. Then renewed it. But it remains a intelligent, sophisticated standalone on that network, concerned as they are at cornering absolute, almost 80′s TV style trash. I did enjoy ‘The Blacklist’, but it is utter nonsense. ‘Dracula’ is a generic housewives promotion of Mr Meyers (my 63 year old mother watches it just for him, fully aware of how rubbish it is). As for failed reboots like the utterly laughable ‘Ironside’, it is clear there is not one single jot of a plan and it is all spaghetti against the wall.

    I have little doubt then a ‘Wolfman’ TV series will be dreadful. But good dreadful or bad dreadful is a little more up in the air.

    • I wish. I consider the 80s the Golden Age of TV (with the 70s). We would be so lucky to have half as many great shows as there were then.

    • I was going to object to your characterization of Hannibal, but you described Ironside and Dracula’s crappiness (and super-ow ratings) so well, I’ll give you the thumbs up anyway. :)

      To be fair, Hannibal is an acquisition. NBC isn’t producing it and the only reason it was “renewed” was the low price they had to pay for it (and the low ratings everything on their network has – but don’t worry with the Olympics they’ll fool complacent journalists into writing they had a great year…)

  6. I hope they don’t cancel dracula or i’ma gonna say some bad words..

  7. I’m glad for the Wolfman fanboys. They must feel like how I felt when I heard about Hannibal coming on tv, and it turned out brilliant :p because of Bryan Fuller :). Dracula however…
    If they ever bring any Ann Rice character on tv, I hope Bryan Fuller takes THAT job.

    • I like Bryan Fuller because of Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls, but outside of that genre, I can’t say I enjoyed what he did lately (even and especially Pushing Daisies).

  8. Dracula is…a disappointment so far, can’t deny this. THIS I also have high hopes for, I loved the movie even if others didn’t…but let’s see if ABC can actually pull something off without it being uninteresting.

  9. Universal needs to just do a complete remake of the Wolfman and try to make it scary and emotional instead of a action flick lol. I say forget the Wolfman and get on that Creature From The Black Lagoon updated version and keep it scary.

    • Agreed. CFTBL needs an updated version.. It could have so much potential to be a truly terrifying film

  10. I enjoyed the Wolfman film in 2010. It is getting a slight over saturated with all these Vampire and Werewolves films and shows. Still I’m a sucker for the supernatural. I am good with it.

  11. I loved the movie and don’t really see why so many didn’t but i am glad that they are planning a series.

  12. Dracula will get better, and I have high hopes for wolfman. I realy hate when people say that universal needs to stop remaking there monsters. Thats what makes them great, they just won’t die.

    • If a show on NBC gets better, does anyone watch it? ;)

  13. Yes I think it be something great and different to the NBC show I would really want to see it if it happens please bring it the show network

  14. Benicio in his film fantastical the wolfman 2010 the best movie to the werewolfs <3