NBC Passing On ‘Mockingbird Lane’? Bryan Fuller Says Reports Are ‘Dead Wrong’

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mockingbird lane bryan fuller NBC Passing On Mockingbird Lane? Bryan Fuller Says Reports Are Dead Wrong

Bryan Fuller is known for creating television series that – to paraphrase Screen Rant‘s articulate TV editor Anthony Ocasio – get canceled well before their quality starts to dwindle. That accounts for the trepidation amongst Fuller fans where it concerns his developing Hannibal TV show – as the storyline and characters are going to be explored over seven seasons. Given Fuller’s track record, though, it’s near impossible to not worry we won’t get that far.

Fuller’s other new NBC series – Mockingbird Lane – has also generated mixed early responses, but for different reasons. Those who loved Pushing Daisies have been enthused to see Fuller put a similarly darkly-whimsical, yet tragic-comical spin on the Munsters premise, making a family of literal monsters relevant in our modern world. However, those who remain against the idea exist in large enough numbers to suggest the audience for this show will be limited.

The Mockingbird Lane cast includes Jerry O’Connell (Crossing Jordan), Portia de Rossi (Arrested Development) and Eddie Izzard (United States of Tara), but the main selling points are Fuller’s approach and built-in cult following. However, it’s no longer enough for the show to have niche appeal, as NBC has announced that it’s no longer interested in producing ‘smart shows’ that fail to bring in a large audience (ex. Community, Parks and Recreation). Hence, Mockingbird Lane literally has to avoid being too clever for its own good.

Deadline says the pilot episode – directed by X-Men series ‘architect’ Bryan Singer – was “lauded for its visual style” but that it did not execute Fuller’s “high-concept premise” well enough for NBC heads. The site is emphasizing that no final decisions have been made, but it appears that NBC will be passing on the project for entirely different reasons than it had for skipping out on last year’s Wonder Woman pilot. That’s in spite of Fuller’s Mockingbird Lane pilot script being one of the few carried over before Bob Greenblatt took over as Entertainment Chairman.

However, since that story broke last night (at the time of writing this), Bryan Fuller has taken to Twitter, with a message saying “NBC just informed me the Deadline article regarding #MockingbirdLane was Dead Wrong. Stay tuned for updates!” Beyond that, though, there have been no additional statements issued from NBC about the accuracy of Deadline‘s scoop (or lack thereof).

mockingbird lane cast NBC Passing On Mockingbird Lane? Bryan Fuller Says Reports Are Dead Wrong

Now, this does not mean Mockingbird Lane, for certain, will be picked up, nor that Deadline is completely incorrect in its assessment that the situation looks grim (no pun). Fuller’s announcement does, however, suggest that executives over at NBC are not prepared to write-off the show altogether (at least, not yet). It’s possible the network is holding off on a final decision until, say, it gets a better look at the Hannibal pilot (directed by David Slade) and determines whether or not it’s worth investing in two Fuller projects of unequal commercial viability.

Moreover, a pilot is rarely (never?) a proper testament to a show’s full potential. It would be a nice change-of-pace to see an unusual series like Mockingbird Lane – which Fuller has likened to American Horror Story and Harry Potter – get a real chance to bloom before it gets cancelled. Fans are used to Fuller’s series being cut down prematurely by now, but it usually takes place after they either reach the air (Wonderfalls) or a couple solid seasons of entertainment (Dead Like Me).

More on Mockingbird Lane as the story develops.

Source: Deadline, Bryan Fuller

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  1. Sounds like Fuller is about to get canned before it even starts. The Mockingbird Lane concept sounded good but given the guys track record I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t go far. I am thinking they would want to take a bigger chance with a Hannibal series rather than both.

  2. Bury this deep in the compost pile! It’s only scary if it broadcasts!

    • You’re an asshat. Did you even watch? Eddy Izzard as Grandpa was a stroke of mastery. Everything else was well wrote and well acted. It would be great to get an “horror” show that wasn’t a glorified cop drama on *CoughGrimCoughSupernatrual*. So yeah, your a crack head. That is all.

  3. I’m so tired of the shows that I like getting CANCELED! I am ABSOLUTELY tired of it. I am still disgusted with FOX for cancelling Terra Nova.

    I thank God that Once Upon A Time and Revolution are still on the air but I have really been excited for Bryan Fuller’s Mockingbird Lane as I enjoyed watching both classic shows The Addams Family and The Munsters on TV Land with my parents. Our family is in love with shows Once Upon A Time, Adventure Time, Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Doctor Who so you can imagine how hopefuy we are that Fuller’s Mockingbird Lane will be successful.

    • I’ll watch near anything with Bryan Fuller or JJ Abrams attached to it so I hope this makes it. I am not impressed with Revolution thus far though. The premise was interesting but the acting is bad, the kids being the main characters is boring and the only interesting character is the one played by Giancarlo Esposito

    • Here! Here!
      Defying Gravity…. V….. Terra Nova…… Stop The Insanity!

  4. “NBC has announced that it’s no longer interested in producing ‘smart shows'”

    Hey NBC! Figure out why you’re in last place yet?!

    • SERIOUSLY!!!



  5. I would of hoped the final monsters had their face paint on, looking like the old versions at least, I liked the fact the munsters used to look like franinstin style to them like the addams family , whats next Addams Family show with normal looking people, no thing and the butler looking human actor instead of his munster counter part, you get my point its like the munsters without the right look, ever one has seen the movies of the munsters and do not want to see herman looking human, his is sposted to look green etc.. and the warewolf is sposted to look like a werewolf kid, I want back the orginal munster family on tv not human looking addam family members, how is lilly suppost to be the ugly family member if the rest of them look like normal humans, but I don’t want the network to can it because of this problem, I want them to fix it, otherwise the rep-ugs have one more thing to compain about besides sesemy street show on pbs 9 etc…

  6. WOW!!! The Pilot was great!! I grew up watching retakes of The Munsters and always wished for a colored version with better effects but boy I never expected this!!

    THIS WAS AMAZING!!! My friends and family (ages 14-50) all sat down after our prehalloween dinner and turned this on. Are we all so glad we saw this!

    The writing, special effects, and characters were all spectacular! Anyone saying otherwise does not have appreciation for what that which once was a phenom.

    Mockingbird Lane definitely deserves to be picked up for a series and seasons to come! Please NBC or any network PICK UP THIS SHOW!!!


    • I enjoyed your impressions, and my agreement with your thoughtful words inspired my comments. Thank you! :)

  7. “Mockingbird Lane” was a fun ride for my wife I. Having been fans of “Pushing Daisies”, the wit of Mockingbird’s dialogue was as refreshingly enjoyable as the pilot episode’s vivid effects. I especially liked the effects of the spiders spinning a silken dress which elegantly concealed Lily’s unclothed body. Having read the show was not picked up by NBC, I’d waited until the episode reached it’s finale before sharing this news with my Missus. We think it has potential, if given a chance.
    Sadly, if we do not see a continuation of “Mocking bird”, this one episode was well worth seeing, thanks (gratefully) to it’s creators & performers. Whether or not it’s given the opportunity to continue, we’re happy to have heard of it’s airing within enough time to record it!

  8. i love the show its different, quirky \. leave it on for those of us who what it!!!!

  9. i love the show its different and quirky!. Please please leave it on for those of us who what it!!!!

  10. When does the season start?…want to set it up on my dvr!!!!

  11. What so this will now just be a one off special, then why not make it a TV movie 2 hours long (90 min without ads)?

    I really liked the pilot, shame it was cut, I feel sorry for the actors and all the creative people involved.

  12. The only shows that don’t get cancelled usually all have the same boring story line. This show like grimm are different but amazing its nice to see these shows airing after so many that have been cancelled. My sister , mother and I every Friday wait for Grimm to air we would love to see mockingbird lane continue it was funny and has a good story to it. all the actors were perfect , I hope to see the next episode or I’m seriously coming to an end with this channel they have cancelled so many good shows the only reason I’m still hanging on is because the air Grimm

    • Loved it!!!

  13. I had really liked this show. I was happy that I had watched it but now its disappointing that NBC cancelled it. Please put the show back on I would really love to see the series to this!

  14. I really loved this show. I would love to see more series. Please don’t cancel the show it is amazing.

  15. I watched the MockingBird Lane Pilot and loved it. Did NBC really not add it to the 2013 schedule?

  16. Maybe fox will pick them up… Love fox!!

  17. i don’t like anything about this show. every 5mins i was thinking why am i still watching this. i don’t see hannibal being any better. sounds weak. guess no one gets there “nitch” tv shows these days. maybe they should sell this to lifetime.

  18. I just finished watching Mockingbird Lane.
    i absolutely loved it and am so sad to see that noone has picked this up, I am yet again left wanting more and wondering why every show that i have fallen in love with has been cancelled after one or 2 seasons.
    i want to see more aesthetically pleasing shows like Pushing Daisies, more original ideas like Wonderfalls, Dead like me, Better off Ted and The Lost Room. Why are we constantly subjected to television that is recycled or non scripted “reality” that insults our intelligence?