‘Heroes’ In Trouble: Two Producers Fired

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villains heroes Heroes In Trouble: Two Producers Fired

As a red-blooded American, I’m man enough to admit when I’ve been out-voted. Majority still rules this country in which we (Americans) live, and, despite my best arguments, it seems that the overwhelming opinion is that Heroes‘ third season, “Villains”, is officially CRAP.

Well, the execs over at NBC have heard the voices of the people (while watching Heroes‘ ratings fall faster than the Dow average) and are already starting to roll heads. The first necks to feel the cut of the guillotine: co-executive producers Jesse Alexander (Lost, Alias) and Jeph Loeb.

The word is that the NBC suits were fed-up with Heroes‘ declining ratings, budget overruns (more than $4 million per episode!) and (surprise, surprise) its creative direction. The firings are sure to be causing a major stir amongst Heroes‘ cast and crew right about now, as both Loeb and Alexander were supposed to have been heavily involved with day-to-day operations on the show, working closely alongside Heroes‘ creator, Tim Kring. So far NBC has declined to comment on the decision, but we’ll see if Loeb and/or Alexander have anything to say for themselves in the coming weeks.

Wow. I tried to defend you Heroes, but it seems as though people really think you suck this season. (Even I’ll admit that those “black hole” powers that one villain had were pretty stupid.) Being fired must’ve hurt especially bad for Jeph Loeb; that man has not only been successful working on other popular pulpy dramas (Lost, Smallville), but also has deep roots in the comic book industry. If there was anybody I would’ve thought able to take a show like Heroes and turn it into a ratings magnet, it would’ve been Jeph Loeb.

Ah well, c’est la vie. Now that the guard is being changed, perhaps we’ll get back the Heroes so many of you seem to know and love. Personally, I still think that the best move for the show is going the X-Men route of having the meta-humans become feared and hated by normal humans, forcing them to go underground, feigning “normality”, yet inevitably finding themselves having to save others. But that’s just my (unpopular) opinion.

What about you? How do you feel about the Heroes shakeup? What direction do you think the show needs to take?

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  1. Honestly? I think its been going great and the friends i have that do watch love it to. So i dont understand what the problem is for the majority of ppl.

  2. I dont know how many things they can do wrong with this show. It has the possibility to be one of the best shows ever, but every direction they take seems to be hurting the show, not helping it. Maybe this is exactly what they need to spark some new life into the show.

  3. i like season 3. and so do my friends. we talk about each new episode at length and really are confused why this season is so despised by the masses and critics. its not perfect, but after season 2, its a blast… at least thats what i thought. oh well.

  4. i totally agree with the masses…Heroes 3 is CRAP !!! or i would say thats an understatement…it looked promising in the first 1-2 episodes, but after that they just seem to be sliding down the hill with each new episode, too many characters, too many loose strings, no consistency…they just seem to be going ahead without having any consistency of whats happened before…they took a long break between season 2 and season 3…for what !!!! for this ??? disappointing to say the least !

  5. I’ve enjoyed Season 3 so far, but it’s not one of my “can’t miss” shows any longer. I just wish they would get rid of Dr. Souresh (sp?), though. I’m sick of the “I’m good”, “I’m bad” flip flopping. There are too many storylines going at the same time, and although I know they will join up later in the season, I think they’re trying to tell too much story instead of keeping a bit more simple.

  6. I like heroes. I like season 3, but has anyone noticed how this season its starting more and more to resemble a show that had superpowered people, with some type of diastourous future that needed to be prevented, which was trying to give the whole world superpowers? And while I do like Heroes (even season 2)this show did a much better job (imho) with the whole superpowers concept. For those who havent guessed it I am talking about the 4400. This season especially I see alot of influences from the 4400 in Heroes. Does anyone else agree? And if you no clue what the 4400 is then I advise you to pick it up and see if you notice the similarities.

  7. I really didn’t like this season for the the first 3 to 4 episodes, but the past few have grabbed my interest – becoming less disjointed and more straight forward.

    Funny mentioning the X-Men, considering the producers have stuck by the case that “this is not X-Men”, and the second and third seasons have, IMO, proven that to a degree. The first season was a total X-Men ripoff though but I loved it just the same

  8. Nice to see somebody mention the 4400! I’m really surprised that comparison isn’t made more often, especially with season 3 of Heroes copying the promicin injection plot where everybody suddenly can have abilities. I am a huge fan of Heroes season 1. Was willing to forgive season 2… but season 3 has made it clear nobody involved with the show really understands what made season 1 work and what wasn’t working in season 2.

    I discovered the 4400 on DVD after season 2 of Heroes and was blown away by how similar they are and that the 4400 did all the same ideas first. The 4400 was a much better concept and had so many great ideas… in my opinion, it did suffer in the execution though, with too much exposition and all-too-often cheesy moments, and never fully delivered on the promise of the amazing premise.

    Another thing they have in common unfortunately.

  9. Well, I knew this day would come, heh.

    There are some simple fixes they can do to help make the show great. (these will not fix the show but will help…it still needs good stories and good writing).

    Literally, EVERY season (all 3) so far have been about future and paintings of the future and trying to prevent some forecasted apocalyptic scenario…stupid!

    Since the show started with a story about ordinary people being burdened with abnormal traits or abilities due to a jump in evolution…why not go back to that? Instead, they’ve COMPLETELY abondoned the whole “normal people” thing AND the whole evolutionary thing…these are the things that grounded the show in reality.

    Why not have characters that are not all super-powered gods, why not have ordinary people simply have something evolved with them, whether it be superfast healing, superstrong muscles, flight…you know, the more basic things that don’t tear apart our over-stretched suspension of belief.

    Currently, in the show, we have 15-20 people, ALL with crazy flashy powers, none of which can die it seems. In the center of that, we have 3 gods (Peter, Sylar, Mr. Petrelli).

    In my opinion, the first 4 episodes of this season were HORRIBLE, but the following two were really good, followed by an ‘okay’ with episode 7. The main problem is, the plotlines were so unfairly delivered to the fans in the first episodes, that despite how cool it is now or maybe in the upcoming episodes, the overall plotlines are still all heavily flawed by the contradictions they began with.

    I’m sick of those whole behind-the-scenes family conspiracies and fake companies, blah blah blah. Why the heck is this show called heroes, if there’s not one scene about these ‘specials’ going out and helping normal people… not one heroic thing has happened!

    Drop all these stories about cloning, families, formulas, time-travel and crap and have a show about people using their abilities to help others…you know… kinda like that title of the show… Then the show can turn into somehing where we have heroes teaming together to stop villains who are using their powers for wrong-doing…self-profit and what not. And we can have them set up an office/base/HQ or whatever,searching for others to recruit, help, train, whatever. (although the last episode was partially like this, with Mr. Petrelli recruiting for an “army”)… thing is we don’t have any motivations for any of these things happen…they just do and they show us reasons later.

    These are just my opinions and I’ve pointed out a million things that are problems and loads of fixes in the prior Heroes threads, it would take pages and pages to re-iterate here. The basic point is…the show is failing as it is and I for on thing all the current storylines are stupid and that the goals of the show aren’t worth attaining. Switch it up, because this can so easily be the best show on TV with infinite room for growth. They need to let go of trying so hard to tie everything to characters related to characters and so on, the future seeing, and this petrelli-family-conspiracy stuff.

    I have more to type, but I need sleep.

  10. This entire show is based on the X_Men,,, gimme a break.

    This is clearly a warning to Tim Kring,,, fix it or your next,,,!!!
    Ah how things change,,,

  11. I think the show should take a whole new direction and introduce non-powered heroes. Sort of along the same lines of batman, iron man, type characters. I want to see people who want to be heroes that might not want to risk taking a shot. Or those that feel the “superheroes” are all dangerous and want to create any army of regular people to fight against them using superior technology. Or maybe even something like Marvel civil wars where the worlds goverments want to register all the people with powers. I really just want to the heroes, in action, with public personas, against a truly evil villan or group of villans.

  12. I wonder how Tivo/DVR and Hulu impact those rating numbers. I very rarely watch Heroes live, going from either being 30 minutes behind (to jump commercials) to watching it several days later on Hulu.

    I have been pleased with how this season has ramped up, and I will be disappointed if we lose this show. I think the problem is that the novelty has worn off.

    Probably the best thing would be a “reboot” starting in another time with different characters, then slowly integrating some of the previous. But that doesn’t happen in TV.

  13. @Sean

    Indeed… that is a great question. I DVR *everything* and although those stats are tracked somewhere, they are not taken into consideration when it comes to “ratings.” Of course that is partially valid since the whole point of ratings is to determine how many eyeballs are being put on TV commercials and DVR users skip those.


  14. I am having several problems with Season 3.

    The first being, Dr. Suresh injecting himself with an untested formula in order to gain Heroic powers. No scientist in his right mind would have risked his life like that. Then, instead of giving him some powers that we could understand or believe, the writers turn him into an off-shoot of Jeff Goldblum in The Fly. Suresh crawling on the ceiling didn’t help much, either. Couldn’t they think up something a little more original. Even his cocoon-like webbing to hold his victims in are a direct ripoff of both the Aliens franchise and the Wraith from Stargate Atlantis.

    The second problem I am having is the repeat of saving the world, yet again, senario. Do these guys have any more ideas than this?

    Thirdly, I have to agree with those who mentioned The 4400. The idea of taking a shot and gaining powers was done first and better on that show. Again, the lack of original ideas by the writers.

    If this show’s creators want to get back on top, they need to come up with more original storylines. That is what keep most of us tuned in every week during the first season. It was a show like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Season 3, well, we’ve pretty much seen enough!

  15. WOW i didn’t see this coming me and my friends all love this season of heroes its been great. Yes i do think it is moving to fast but still i do like not having to wait several episodes to find out some heroes mysteries but i think they should keep a few things in the dark not show them straight away , but still i love the show and hearing this i really hope that they fix it so heroes can go on for several more seasons.
    One thing i think they could do to mybe boost the ratings a little is kill off a few characters , not that i don’t love all of them but centering it round a small group worked for them in series one while in this series thier centering it round nearly double the amount of characters , i say cut it down a bit and see if that works .

  16. I have liked season 3 but it isn’t a can’t miss show anymore. Jeph Loeb was really valuable on smallville and he is the last person I would ever think would get fired on Heroes. I think they can pull it around to a great season but they are going to have to bring someone in who really revitalizes the shows creativity.

  17. In a nutshell, I believe that this is a case of the writers spending so much time tampering with “the future”, that they can’t see the present falling apart!
    Unless all the rapid fire, overpopulated and jumpy scripts are pointing to something really groundbreaking, my advice is to scale the show back down to its formerly (season one) successful format and stop borrowing plots and ideas from other works. C’mon guys! You laid a great foundation, and now you’re putting an outhouse on top of it. This show can be saved and is certainly worthy of the effort, but in order to do so, the writers must exhibit some “special abilities” themselves. That’s what they get paid for.
    I’m really rooting for this show to bounce back and I hope the overhaul at the top doesn’t further its slide…


  18. Manny Coto did wonders for Star Trek: Enterprise; maybe they should get him.

    While I like the show, I have been disappointed with last season and some of this season. I feel they need to cut down on the future-earth-destruction thing and focus on characters in the present, and Hiro needs to mature (maybe after his vision, he will). I need to know who is a villain and who isn’t; I don’t know anymore.

  19. Manny Coto writes for “24” ,,,

  20. I’m glad Loeb was fired. He has to be one of the most overrated writers in comic history.

    THE LONG HALLOWEEN is easily one of the best (top 3) Batman stories of all time.

    After that, he went from medicre (DARK VICTORY) to just plain bad (ULTIMATES, RED HULK, etc.)

    His needs to be taken off his ‘throne.’

  21. I think I know what my problem with Heroes is. I don’t like comic books.

  22. I am one of the ones who really dosn’t like this season. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it crap but certainly not good. However, I don’t see how firing one of the greatest minds in the comic industry will help the show. Loeb should of been given more power if anything.

  23. This what NBC gets For basing their third season on the lead chracters in a show called Heroes acting like Villains.

  24. Reasons why Heroes stinks at the moment?
    -characters acting stupidly and against character
    -having the first season being about saving the world makes every season after seem anti-climatic.
    -too much reliance on storylines involving the future. Every comic book that has stories dealing with the future ends up with issues as a result. The issues usually result in mass events correcting the time travel issues and some companies have even had to resort to mass events to correct their previous mass events.

    As far as the writers getting fired, I don’t know the one guy but Loeb seems to be in a rut these days. He turned The Ultimates into a crap-tacular crapfest. I have heard his Hulk is also lackluster. If I were Tim Kring, I would be offering a blank check to J. Michael Straczynski to come and fix it. Babylon 5 is a great show and surprisingly, he has made Thor one of the best comics I have read in years.

  25. Correction- I said babylon 5 is a great show, I meant it WAS a great show. Sorry.

  26. Can not say I am surprised, the one thing I have noticed this season is that I am just rolling my eyes more. Peters stupid face he makes, to many heroes not thinking and acting stupid, Dr. Suresh and clair are two of the characters that are just a “give me a break” this season, kill of suresh or make him good again, father taking peters powers, peter acting stupid about sylar’s powers. I still love the show, but I have never actually found myself having so many annoyances with the show. Plus this huge writer strike, for what? Reality shows and hero’s season 3? I am tired of seeing these smart characters act so stupid. Especially if we go through all these BS episodes to have a cliff hanger at the end.

  27. Shane,
    Thats OK Babylon 5 is STILL a great show in my heart.

  28. Thanks for clearing that up Shane… I was stumped on that until now. 😉

    Its ironic how Heroes started out so strong, and then just got incredibly worse by the episode.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before…