NBC Confident In New Shows; ‘Heroes’ To Be Canceled?

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heroes bad NBC Confident In New Shows; Heroes To Be Canceled?

On Monday, NBC is set to announce their new fall line-up. At that time, many are expecting Heroes to be renewed for a half-season order of 13 episodes in order to wrap-up the series and provide closure for the (few) fans that have stuck by the show for the past 4 years. But, have plans changed? Is Heroes all but canceled?

Recently, NBC announced the pick-up of 5 new series for next season. It’s been reported that the network heads are so confident with their new fall line-up that they are contemplating either canceling Heroes, or turning the show into one-time television movie event.

My, how the mighty have fallen. At its height, almost 17 million people tuned into the second season premiere of Heroes. In contrast, the recent fourth season finale garnered less than 4 million viewers. One couldn’t blame NBC for wanting to cancel the series, even though they were the ones that ruined it.

In recent years, fans have noticed the drastic shift in terms of storytelling from the first season. While many would like to blame those writing the show, it seems that NBC were the ones controlling much of what does (or does not) happen.

Heroes creator Tim Kring explains how his hands were tied by the network:

“It becomes very hard to kill off certain characters. The network has a very strong say in this, because of actors who are under contract and do publicity for them. It’s not just up to the writers to decide.”

Kring continues by explaining what he would have done differently:

“I would have done fewer episodes. Thirteen a season is fabulous—you can really control the quality and the way you craft them. The sheer number of episodes has been a real struggle for us. Most shows shoot eight days, and we sometimes shoot as many as 15 days an episode. Season three took 15 months to make. Creatively, those 24 episodes are a hard number to hit. The other thing is that I would have started with new characters all over again. The premise is that this is happening to people all over the world, and the idea of seeing new people exploring this was really fascinating to me. But once fans fall in love with certain characters, it’s harder to do that.”

heroes cast NBC Confident In New Shows; Heroes To Be Canceled?What?! This cast is too big? 12 is a good number – for eggs!

While I’m not sure starting over from scratch would have been the right move, I’ve got to agree with Kring that fewer episodes, with more rotating characters, would have certainly helped the series.

At this point, does anyone really care what happens to Heroes? Sure, I still watch it, but I feel like I only watch it because I have to. After putting in so many years watching, despite it being horrible for the majority of the latter seasons, I feel like I deserve some kind of payoff, closure…. Something!

If I had to decide between a two to four-hour television movie or a 13 episode season, I’d easily pick the television movie. While it doesn’t provide as much time as the episode, with a television movie you’d get the chance to tell a story in full, without the episodic break-ups.

Although, if NBC’s fall line-up is so full of great programming, when will they have time to air it icon razz NBC Confident In New Shows; Heroes To Be Canceled? ?

heroes cast smaller NBC Confident In New Shows; Heroes To Be Canceled?

Would you rather have Heroes canceled or turned into a television movie event? Would you watch either option? When do you think the series made a turn for the worse and what could they have done to prevent it?

This story is still developing. We will know for sure about the future of Heroes on Monday, after NBC announces their fall plans.

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Source: New York Magazine (via: MTV Splash Page) and The A.V. Club

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  1. Honestly, I think where they left off in the season finale was a perfect SERIES finale. Yes, it was a cliff hanger, but it was the kind of cliff hanger that is a resolution to the overarching story arc of no one knowing. There is just no way they can give everyone knowing any sort of satisfactory story line in just 13 episodes.

    • ditto. Plus, the way they left it allows us to imagine our own continuation, which would probably turn out better than whatever they can come up with.

  2. I don’t think that NBC is going to be able to recover at this point. I’ve been a Heroes fan since the beginning and while it has been a rocky ride, I’ve enjoyed it. I really hope that the show can get that tv movie, or at least get continued in comic form. NBC is probably doomed for a few years, ratings-wise, regardless of what they do, though.

    • this show can still make it its one of few good shows on network tv give it another season without the networks iron grip on the writers throats and see if the ratings go up if not cancel it 17 million or so viewers you cant forget about that or if the creator can take it to a different network thatll work too

  3. Give it 13 eposides use the girlfriend left in the alternate future as the villan (whene the alternate future was stopped all the energy of that reality went into her)have her kill all of the heroes and end the entire mess.

    • Yes!! Please wrap up the show this way. If nothing as more than a big F*** you to the people who messed it up in the first place.

  4. please do the movie thingy cause I really want some closure to this once awesome show that could have been….I reall hated what they did to Peter and the first half of season 3 SUCKED…

  5. good riddance

    few care about closure.. as evidenced by the less than 4 mill that tuned in to see one of the worst shows delve into deeper cracks of the sucky-verse.

    Just can it and enjoy the only good season (1) on DVD.

    • No, end it properly. Too damn many shows simply STOP. Try having some respect for the people who have been loyal viewers of the show and the network instead of simply churning out more reality garbage.

  6. I figure no matter what they do it will end up on SYFY in 6 months after NBC kills it. They lost me somewhere in season two. I say don’t even worry about it. If it’s worthy it will turn out fine. If the creators can’t pull it together what chance does the shrunken fan base have??

  7. You know what’s funny, if people didn’t care about Heroes, then no one would be talking about it. Not the dozens of media outlets churning out hundreds of stories about what should or shouldn’t happen to a show “no one cares about” There are a couple dozen shows every year that cancelled that don’t have even a quarter of the attention Heroes is getting. (I’m looking at you Kings, Kath and Kim, Life, My own Worst Enemy, etc etc..)

    All I hear is that no one is a fan of the show…get real. Look at the DVD sales, internet viewings, Heroes is the #1 most illegally downloaded show on the net. Look at how many media outlets review each and every episode. There are more than 4 million fans (according to the Nielsen boxes that I am sure 99% of you don’t have in your homes)

    Regardless of how bad (or how popular it is currently to say its bad) you think the show is, there are still many people watching and the middle finger would be to us, if they choose to end it without proper closure.

    And for those who say “who cares about closure”, dude: why do you care enough to post on a random website about it. We get it, you’re bored.

    • Random website sasscrotch?? This is one of a handful that I visit often! Yeah, most probably give a rats you know what about my opinion, however if I can effect just one person that’s responsible for decisions for entertainment that makes up their mind to try harder to improve it, then I think it’s worth it. Even commenting on a series I’ve given up on. After all I don’t control what gets written about on the site, I can only tell what I think or feel about it, just like everyone else. That’s why I bother. Just thought you might want to know…

  8. Yes, do the movie and close it properly. Put enough money into it that producers would be knocking down your door for theatrical rights. DO THE MOVIE!!

  9. I really hate NBC. They have a habit of just stopping shows with no ending. I am still really mad about My name is Earl. They stopped that mid-season. I think were they really messed up with Heroes was putting it on Monday Night. They have to compete with a ton of shows and their demographic is watching either Monday Night Football or WWE Raw. Not to mention the host of outstanding shows that are on that night. They should pick it back up and run it on Tuesday. There is really nothing worth watching on Tuesdays. The other problem with Heroes is the fact that if you missed something then it is hard to catch up on. That is why it illegally downloaded and the DVD sales are so high. I would like to see what the internet hits were. You can only DVR so much and if I can watch it on the net then why DVR it. Come on Sci-Fi… If you can pick up Merlin (another NBC show.) then you can pick up Heroes.

    • You could watch last season of Heroes streaming on Netflix the next day after it aired. I watched Heroes on my Xbox later in the week using that. It was also ON DEMAND, but I preferred the Netflix version without commercials. You are right about the Monday night thing. At least in my case.

  10. The carnival story is finished. Not so many characters to deal with or actors to pay. Center around the core characters and give satisfying closure.

    I don’t feel NBC really had much respect for the show in the last season. Little advertising, putting it opposite two powerhouse shows, Two men and Big bang theory. It was THEIR show and they abandoned it.

  11. Doesn’t every network think that they have a really great fall lineup? Its mid May. Lets see if they feel the same way in mid October. Personally, I really don’t see them bothering to resolve anything. There have been a few characters on the show that have had their storylines completely unresolved. Like Peters abandoned Irish girlfriend?

  12. I really like heroes. I am absolutely devastated by the fact they are cancelling it. I didn’t believe it when my husband told me. I have followed it since it came out and it has had a lot of twists and turns but overall it is a good show. I would hope for some kind of closure movie one more season, anything. I just feel that now I have nothing to look forward to on Monday nights or Tuesday nights after the kids lay down. Heroes will be missed.

  13. This show never should have been picked up for season 4. The decline in quality during season 3 was shocking. tbh, if there were a tv movie I would watch it but Heroes doesn’t deserve another chance. It peaked near the end of season 1 and then kept getting worse and worse. Also, if there were a movie I’d bet my bottom dollar that it would focus on brand new characters that would be pointlessly killed while leaving us completely in the dark about Micah, Molly, Maya, Lyle, Angela and any other character that abruptly disappeared for no reason. But I’m sure there will be plenty of scenes where people talk about how special and amazing Clariebear is.

    I watched every episode of Heroes and it is not worth saving. It should be dead.

  14. Hero’s was a great show one of the best out that I bother to make an attempt to watch


    Most everything on TV these days is the same reality TV garbage…. Like Dancing with the Stars Survivor American Idol! I am sick of the pointless non entertaining crap!

    Remember what happened with Star Trek Canceled quickly and the backlash! Hopefully we can get a Hero’s the Next Generation out of this…..

    And then to base your ratings on a show that has to go up against Monday Night Football…. Hero’s was THE BEST show NBC had so they tried to put it against MNF??? Thats just dumb…. Heros was recorded to watch at a latter time by who knows how many football fans but is this recorded by the terrible RATINGS system. I am tired of this group of People you have doing the RATINGS they have bad taste and lead to the death of to many good shows!

    • I completely agree about the ratings system!!! Have you ever even KNOWN anyone with a Nielsen box??? I’ve asked many of my friends and they haven’t and haven’t known anyone who’s had one! In this day and age, I really think ratings should be judged from DVR systems. Why isn’t it done THAT way? I really think the whole Nielsen thing is racially skewed and could never account for the diverse racial base that the show generated. That was the whole beauty of the show to me… Plots spanned the world and we were able to see people of all shades and hues and came to see that good and bad are inherent in ALL people, regardless of their race or ethnicity. The show even helped us to see that the pendulum swings from good to bad in each of us, often at a moment’s notice. It is really unfortunate that the fate of the show’s actors and the creative vision of the writers has fallen prey to those that know little and care little about bringing more COLOR and CULTURE to Hollywood…

  15. Meh I’ve stopped watching most NBC shows (besides 30 Rock) because they refuse to support their programming in any manner. Half the shows on NBC get cancelled right in the thick of things. There is a reason why NBC used to be the #1 network and now is only the #4 network; no one wants to watch a show knowing it could be canceled at any point in time, not because it’s not profitable, but because NBC thinks another brand new idea would be MORE profitable. At some point you need to be loyal to your franchises if you want your viewership tobe loyal too; NBC is the absolutely WORST at this.,

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