NBC Says ‘Doctor Who’ Is NOT Their Lawyer

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rex canceled NBC Says Doctor Who Is NOT Their Lawyer

If the source close to the show can be believed, it looks like David Tennant’s first foray into American television is a flop as NBC will not be picking up the series Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. In fact, word from the source is that “the sets are coming down this week.”

Uh-oh. Not exactly what everyone expected to happen to everyone’s favorite dual-hearted time traveler, as Rex Is Not Your Lawyer was a show that everyone was talking about. I kept saying to myself, “If this is what David Tennant gave up Doctor Who for, it better be amazing.” Well, it looks like NBC didn’t find it so amazing, but who knows as the network is known to cancel shows even if they are good.

Still, all is not lost. Well, it is, but if you want to believe network propaganda, there’s still “a chance.”

Says the insider,

“The sets are on fold-and-hold. They will still be available if the show is picked up for the fall.”

Not really looking good. Sure, they’re on “fold-and-hold,” but so is the set of Seinfeld. Guess the Rex set will have good company. While you’re back there, tell Conan’s desk that I said, “Hi!” You know, just in case they bring back his show as well.

I really don’t know what NBC is going to do. If anyone is looking to sell a show, I have to say that you better run down there and pitch them your idea as they’ve got 5 slots they need to fill up, not to mention the shows that don’t make it past this season (which could be most of them). Too make things worse, after spending two years developing this show, Rex Is Not Your Lawyer was supposed start up this spring to fill in one of the 10PM slots left open by Leno.

Now it looks like the only thing it’ll be filling up will be the garbage bin. Guess my hope for a Torchwood vs. Rex Is Not Your Lawyer showdown is never going to happen.

C’mon Who fans, what say you about this news? Are you happy that Rex Is Not Your Lawyer is dead before it ever made it to air or is it better that it never saw the light of day? Do you think it would have been good or bad?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. It's huge shame for David, but maybe he will see the error of his ways and come back to Doctor Who and knock the pretender off the throne.

    or maybe it was on his part because he has filming commitments to be Bilbo in the Hobbit?

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  3. I think the media is upside down on this one, Rex was filmed and planned for Fall 10–sure NBC needs some spring shows to fill in the Leno spot, but the Actors contracted for the Rex show weren't planning on filming at this time, and prob, aren't available. They made a commitment for 'after the upfronts' — this is a very impressive cast, they aren't going to rearrange their schedules because NBC needs a spring fill in show–why don't we all wait and see what happens at the upfronts, and then see if Rex doesn't end up on the fall line up. Why kill the show with speculation.

  4. My only experience with Tennant is DW and I love the show. He's wonderful as the Doctor, but the Rex concept didn't sound like it would be much of a success based on the description of the show. And i think since the following of DW is probably fairly small here in the states, the automatic audience that would show up just to see Tennant, i bet, is pretty small.

  5. If you havent seen him in anything else I reccomend the BBC adaptation of Casonova. Fantastic.

  6. This is why I don't want regular television. I'd rather watch shows on cable because they seem to have a better chance to survive than regular tv. NBC really makes me mad. I really was looking forward to seeing David's beautiful face on my television every week. Yeah, I am not very happy!!!! NBC sucks big ones!!!!

  7. It's a shame but I think it would be better for Tennant. I wasn't too keen on the premise when I first heard of it and I think Tennant can do alot better than that. Better that this doesn't see the light of day and hurt his first foray into the American mass audience.

  8. I thought David was great in Doctor Who i'm going to miss him. To bad about this show being cancelled before it even came on, which doesn't make sense. Hopefully David goes back to being the doctor.

  9. I thought David was great in Doctor Who i'm going to miss him. To bad about this show being cancelled before it even came on, which doesn't make sense. Hopefully David goes back to being the doctor.

  10. I thought David was great in Doctor Who i'm going to miss him. To bad about this show being cancelled before it even came on, which doesn't make sense. Hopefully David goes back to being the doctor.

  11. I thought David was great in Doctor Who i'm going to miss him. To bad about this show being cancelled before it even came on, which doesn't make sense. Hopefully David goes back to being the doctor.

  12. Don't know exactly where this information is coming from, but next week's issue of TV Guide magazine (came in the mail yesterday) said that it was in the Fall line-up and looking to be fast-tracked for the Spring to fill a Leno slot. Maybe this information was printed too soon? Or maybe this “insider” close to the show is wrong? Hoping for the latter!

  13. This isn't really surprising. NBC did the Jay Leno show because they could make it on the cheap. Well NBC, look what happened. Scripted shows like Rex cost money and NBC is being very frugal right now. I bet that we have 5 new reality shows this spring to fill the Leno slots. I really liked Tennant as The Doctor and I wish him nothing but the best. I'd love to see him as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. He needs to stay away from NBC, though.

  14. I wanted to see what they did with it and I miss seeing David Tennant, he's such a fabulous actor that he deserves to shine, but I don't think he gave up Doctor Who for a show or anything. In his contract he only signed up for three seasons and when he neared his end of his contract he decided to venture onto new things.

    DrSamBeckett, David Tennant is not coming back and should you give Matt Smith a chance before you criticize him? What's wrong with Matt Smith? He looked excellent, like he controlled the character, in the promo.

  15. But this show was intended to be considered for the Fall lineup. People speculated it might be fast tracked because of the mess NBC are in, but just because it hasn't been doesn't mean it has been ditched. Decisions for fall are made some time from now.

  16. With the many mistakes NBC has made, Rex or no Rex, losing talent like Tennant, arguably one of the most mercurial actors hot off DW and breaking into the US? Really NBC? Tennant probably costs less than Conan (and Tennant can host a show like Tonight, as he has guest hosted on the BBC in that genre with awesome results). No I wouldnt want that fate for him, he's to much fun to watch. So, Rex or no Rex – I hope NBC is smart enough to keep some of the talent.
    Sandy aka axollot

  17. I was really looking forward to seeing David Tennant in 'Rex'. I was disappointed when he left DW, but I was looking forward to seeing him on a weekly show again. Here's hoping that 'Rex' will still make the fall line-up.

  18. I'm torn. I was excited about David being on my TV here at home, but I thought the concept was a little cringeworthy. I do wish him luck in all his pursuits …

    … And no, David Tennant is not going to “come back to knock the pretender off the throne”. Matt Smith is contracted for two years minimum, three if I remember correctly. In any case, he'll be doing at least one full season. David will not be returning to the show any time soon.

    (And I say this as a huge fan of David's Doctor.)

  19. They are in fold and hold because Rex is not going to run until the Fall. This does not mean it's gone, it's just not up for Spring. It never WAS going to be ready for Spring. There's no time.

    This is all a lot of fuss over nothing. Have patience.

  20. Just to be clear on something, Rex is Not Your Lawyer is NOT the reason why David Tennant left Doctor Who. In fact if you read the correspondence collected in Russell T. Davies' The Writers Tale, David had always intended to leave after a few years because he didn't want to outstay his welcome, and was coaxed back to do the specials. And since filming his last episode he's already done one movie, the St. Trinian's sequel (which granted was pretty much a UK-only sort of thing), and has been linked to several others including, possibly, The Hobbit. When a network commissions a pilot there's only, at best, a 50-50 chance of it being picked up by the network, and considering NBC is in dire straits they are rightly being very picky about what they buy. According to the Entertainment Weekly report on this, the sets have been classified as “fold and hold” meaning NBC hasn't said a firm NO to this project. It just means NBC hasn't bought the show for the spring season as one of its Jay Leno replacements. It could still come back in the fall or even mid-season 2011. Or it could go to another network. Remember Star Trek was originally rejected by both ABC and CBS before NBC bought it back in the 60s.

  21. He controlled the character? He glowered at the camera a few times! I think I will watch the first episode, but I will probably give Emo Doctor Who a miss.

    I know David Tennant isnt coming back, it was just wishful thinking.

  22. If Smith doesnt turn out to be amazing, I suspect his contract will be flung out of the window faster than you can say Elephant in a race car.

  23. Tennant's also filmed Hamlet with the Royal Shakespeare Company (airs in April on PBS) with Patrick Stewart as Claudius. He won't be short of job offers – it'll be more a case of choosing the right projects, I think.

  24. If you havent seen David's Hamlet be sure to catch the PBS airing. He is phenomenal! NBC would be silly to lose Tennant. I'm sure they can find something for him if Rex doesnt go forward.
    Sandy aka axollot

  25. All news on Smith as The Doctor has been very positive. Whether he owns the role like David did or doesn't – it wont bring DT as The Doctor back (a possible special in 5+ years – maybe – they did that before an eps called The 5 Doctors). I'm as much a
    Whovian as I am a fan of David's work but moving on now. I hope he finds his calling – like Laurie found House.
    sandy aka axollot

  26. What a load of crap. Better to have Rex come out in the fall, then rushed thru for Spring and get dropped after 6 episodes. I think we should be seeing Rex in the fall, after they tweek the pilot a bit more.

  27. As a die hard Tennant fan in Doctor Who, Hamlet and Casanova, I'm not disappointed this may not air, we love him here in the UK and want him to stay with us, he is a real talent who does us proud and the premise for this show sounded dodgy anyway!

  28. NBC/Universal also canceled Kings last year which was one of the best things I have ever seen on tv, and I mean ever. I even bought the whole season on DVD as soon as it came out. But they are geniuses over there…right? Pure programming genius… yup, yup. Why try a series with an automatic fan base – at least for the first season. I mean look how well they redeveloped Sc … I mean sy fy channel. And Heroes! I used to LOVE that show! Now I can't even figure out what's going on, but worse, I no longer care. That's fine, now I don't have to TiVo House. So, I guess I know who the real Biggest Loser is…it's us.