‘Constantine’ Trailer: Hellblazer Comes to Television

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After months of news regarding NBC’s upcoming TV show adaptation of Constantine – including the first image of Matt Ryan as John Constantine in his trench coat getup – the show was given a series order last week (along with every other comic book-based TV show in the works). This was good news for Constantine/comic book fans and even better news for people who want to see a more interesting NBC lineup.

Now, NBC has released a rather excellent-looking first trailer for the series (above), which introduces John Constantine as an “exorcist and master petty dabbler of the dark arts.”

When we first meet him, he’s obviously facing some personal demons of his own as a result of witnessing a literal demon take a 9-year-old girl’s soul to hell – which is why he’s in a psychiatric clinic at the beginning of the trailer. We’re told by Manny the angel (played by Harold Perrineau of Lost fame) that Constantine “damned” the little girl to hell, probably inadvertently, and along with her, his own soul. In the comics, John Constantine’s soul was also damned to hell, though for a different reason: he stopped a demon from claiming the soul of a friend of his, and in return, the demon promised to take Constantine’s instead.

First Official Image of Matt Ryan as Constantine 570x294 Constantine Trailer: Hellblazer Comes to Television

The other main character of the trailer is Liv Parsons (Lucy Griffiths, who played Nora Gainesborough on True Blood), a girl who can suddenly see all things supernatural and is seemingly integral to fighting whatever “ancient evil” is arising – hence Constantine, who was a friend of Liv’s father, comes to her aid. Liv also acts as our vehicle to understanding this new and crazy supernatural world. She, like us, is just a regular lady who has to have all the crazy supernatural things explained to her by Constantine.

There’s definitely a slight Supernatural vibe to the trailer, and not just because of the angels, demons, and ghosts – the classic rock music about halfway through the trailer is what really seals the deal. But the tone is different enough, too; whereas Supernatural straddles the line between old school, shoot ‘em up action and paranormal horror, Constantine seems to lean more heavily on the paranormal suspense/horror (with a bit of dry humor here and there, thanks to a pretty great performance by Ryan).

What say you, Screen Ranters? Does this Constantine trailer capture the spirit of the comic book? And maybe more importantly, does the show look good to you? Drop us a line in the comics.


Constantine will air in Fall 2014 on NBC.

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  1. this actually looks pretty cool. Looks like Nbc has got another hit along with hannibal if they are smart they will keep this one

  2. Lol and now we just watched the first season…………..

    • They haven’t even filmed the whole first season.

      • with how the network cancels their programmings in a constant shut-down. untill they actually let a show exceed it’s first season, this pormo may as well BE, the whole first season..

  3. it looks okay… kind of looks low budget

    • The effects actually look high budget, but the cinematography is very uninspired. Whereas Gotham looks very cinematic, Constantine has written “TV” all over it.

      • Exactly what I was thinking.

        • Sadly true !
          And where are the smokes ???
          Really bad if the cut it out ! Its an integral part of the Character !

  4. WOW…looks really good…quality production levels, great cast & that was a really good trailer for a tv show
    ……looking forward to it for sure ;-)

  5. Doesn’t look as good as Gotham, but I’ll give it a chance.

  6. Looks cooooooooooooooooooooool.

  7. Looks really good, definitely a watch for me. But…not a single shot of Constantine smoking a cigarette, I guess that whole part of his character is gone? Kind of a big part of his overall story (cancer and dying and what not). Guess smoking is too much of an issue to show it on television nowadays?

    • It’s only a trailer though. I remember the ads on Sky Atlantic in 2011 for an up and coming show called Game Of Thrones that only ever showed the Iron Throne plus shots of Sean Bean and Mark Addy and literally nothing else.

    • Some months ago they said they were going to change his smoking habits (because yes, they deem it as “too inappropriate”) which doesn’t make a lick of sense. Little kids aren’t going to be watching this show, therefore there is no one to imitate said smoking habit.

      • they wanna be politically correct regardless… smoking is generally looked down on and its put out there as the unhealthiest thing in the world lol. its annoying since its part of his character. but what can we do… lets just hope its as good as it looks.

        • True, but isn’t heavy drinking a thing generally looked down upon as well? Sam and Dean waste bottles of “Hunter’s Helper” on Supernatural and I don’t think it’s made anyone an alocholic.

        • Makes me think it could be includable if they made it really obvious how bad and lethal and cancerous it is.

  8. Is there going to be a red band trailer? Last hope to see him smoking…

  9. Yeah, this trailer got me excited. THIS is what a great comic book TV show looks like. Finally, a decent Hellblazer live action adaption.

  10. He’s carrying a Zippo: that’s a start.

  11. it looks like supernatural

    • Only better. Which isn’t hard to do since Supernatural is crap.

      • Supernatural hasn’t been good for years. Haven’t watched it since the apocalypse season. The fact that it’s still on does mean that there is still a fan base for this style of show. Hopefully Constantine will harvest all those fans and others. This trailer looked awesome.

  12. That looks kinda similar to Supernatural…

  13. Looks good , pretty decent actually . but will be compared to supernatural in every way possible , lets hope it keeps up with high standards as comic book like its other DC TV sibling (Arrow)

    • mate ,its just a trailer

    • I think your over analyzing the trailer. Not too mention your desired demeanor looks spot on based on what I saw. “cynical, world-weary and beaten down”. He nearly ignores a demon possessed girl and is getting electro therapy in a mental home. How much more cynical and world weary can you get? The trailer is already 10 times more faithful than the Keanu Reeves movie.

    • lol I’ll give you the accent man. It is a bit posh. But yeah, I think you’re the only one who thinks this looks awful.

    • posh??? have you heard the queens accent??? im guessing most of this is from the pilot since the accent is off a bit. its definitely northern but it sounded irish for a sec too lmao. its far from posh though hahahaa

        • first of all i never said any of those things… constantine does act like this is the comics. its more accurate than the movie. and his accent is scouse and not london lol

        • John Constantine is actually from Liverpool, not London.

          Unless you mean in the show, in which case the East End doesn’t encompass the whole of London, it’s only a small part of it. I’m glad he sounds more like Gary Oldman (born in London) and less like Danny Dyer (also born in London).

        • Nope. Constantine is from Liverpool, lived in London and (at the point this show looks to be set) the US for quite a while, so the accent is spot on.

        • Accent issues aside, I agree with you completely. This is a pale comparison to the comics and does not look promising.

    • Considering this seems to start very early in his career (by the time the Hellblazer comic started, the asylum was a bit in the past), so I think we are seeing what a younger John would be like

  14. It looks better than i expected, but:
    The guy talks to0 fast, he generally seems a bit too energetic. Constantine is usually more apathetic, he doesnt jump to do stuff. The trailer made him seem like he had ADHD.
    Also the coat is too short, and too “clean”.

    • Comics and live action are different. If a live person sounds dry of energy, they won’t old the attention of many viewers. I like this guy; he’s charismatic.

      • Yeah, you totally can’t rope in a TV audience with a measured, burned out character who talks in a careful, measured cadence. That’s why no one likes Matthew McConaughey on True Detective.
        Oh wait…..

        • He also had Woody Harrelson to play off and worried that making Cohle stoic wouldn’t pay off and bore people instead of making him interesting so maybe that’s the same worry this guy had when he was chosen to play John?

        • You act as though Hellblazer is a popular, iconic series. This isn’t sacred and can be altered. No financier is gonna put money behind something that doesn’t attract as many viewers as possible. I stopped reading the comics because Constantine just doesn’t move me as a person. The big draw is his “adventures,” not his personality. We should all be happy that some executive wants to give this the time of day and expand the series to live-action.

          He isn’t smoking in the trailer, you say? He’s got cancer in the comics?

          Oh, well, you know, cancer and smoking are both pretty uncool things. I’d rather have NO ONE on this planet put a cigarette in their mouth and I don’t care that the network feel the need to make this change. No one is drawn to the guy because he smokes. We want to see him clash against the supernatural.

  15. lol 3min trailer and its already better than the movie cant wait for this show

  16. are film canon respected here?

    • Surely you mean comic canon. The “Constantine” movie is irelevant. And no Shia LeBeef can only be a good thing anyway.

  17. Clearly this isn’t the new 52 version so what is the base for this. It looks dark and dare I say scary. Not what I would usually watch and I guess this won’t be family friendly but I will give it a watch. I can say tv is soon going to be gud. Time travel anyone? Doctor Who, aos, agent carter, gotham and this lets not forget Defiance is back in June!

    • What’s the base for it?

      The Hellblazer comics. The ones that got cancelled in late 2012 to allow DC to reinvent him for The New 52 in his own series as a younger man since the original John had aged along with the comics (he was in his 30s when Hellblazer started in the late 80s, by the time it was cancelled, he was around 50).

      • I have only heard about the name can you briefly explain what it is and why everyone likes it? I know the character from The New 52 and I liked him in Justice League Dark. I was really stumped why none of the announcements mentioned those characters- Zatanna, Deadman, Madame Xanadu, Black Orchid. So I guess the show won’t include any of these? Uh well. This looks very different then. I hope the Justice League Dark film happens and includes some of these so I get the character I like!

        • Basically, Hellblazer is about a man named John Constantine, born in Liverpool and pretty much a guy you wouldn’t want to spend time with (a demon reminds him several times that everyone he ever cares about tends to die, he’s seen friends, family members and lovers killed over the years).

          He’s a bisexual guy who was in a punk band as a teen and messed with ouija boards with his band until they conjured a demon and his sister’s soul was taken to Hell, something he’s never forgiven himself for and the reason he decided to learn about dark magic (he’s a magician by the way).

          He aged normally with the comics and has annoyed a lot of people in Hell as well as in Heaven and Earth. He debuted in a Swamp Thing story, got his own series (Hellblazer) and has appeared in The Sandman (all on the Vertigo imprint, which was the home for DC’s more mature comics).

          He’s basically just a cynical, deadpan, sarcastic guy who happens to have gotten one over on the various Lords of Hell. He even found out he was a twin and that his brother died in the womb, with the brother supposedly the “good” one who was destined to be a great magician but when he died, it fell on John to take up the mantle.

          It’s a pretty good series, you should check it out if you can. Hellblazer, The Sandman, Preacher and Tank Girl are pretty much my favourite 90s comic books.

          • It sounds pretty weird and quite “bad”- I mean having naughty things in. Bisexual? Really? I don’t think I would enjoy them because it includes things that I personally think are evil and shouldn’t be used. some parts sound interesting but I don’t like the sound of it. If the show is like this I will probably end up ditching it. I like the New 52 better as it’s fun. He is likeable. Anyway thanks for the reply.

  18. Can’t wait to see more demons.

  19. holy s**t… thats perfect. though all he needed was a fag but other than that im shocked at how good it is. though i should have known it would be better as a series than a movie because they wont cater to the wider audience and will stick more closer to the comic as long as it makes sense.

    its tonnes better than that disappointing gotham trailer… i really dont think thats gonna last. doesnt seem good and it seems to have been made only for us to go oh look, its a young batman… its just a waste of a spot that could have gone to another dc comic tv series.

  20. holy s***… thats perfect. though all he needed was a cigarette but other than that im shocked at how good it is. though i should have known it would be better as a series than a movie because they wont cater to the wider audience and will stick more closer to the comic as long as it makes sense.

  21. I will watch it.

  22. Absolutely fantastic! I’m happy they kept the accent.

  23. This looks really great. Looking forward to it.

    On an unrelated note, it seems weird that both Constantine & Gotham have released trailers, but The Flash hasn’t yet. They all start in the ” fall”. Hopefully we’ll get one soon.

  24. Kinda reminds me of Brimstone

  25. Not 1 damn cigarette!!!???!?? Oh well it looks pretty good and def better than Keuana Reeves version, except for the fact Reeves was chain smoking…

  26. Nuff’ said….I’m in.

  27. Looks good…


    “now that you can see them, they can see you”

    That makes demons mind-bogglingly stupid creatures because they believe that if you can’t see them, they can’t see you. Keep your towel handy.