‘Constantine’ Trailer: Hellblazer Comes to Television

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After months of news regarding NBC’s upcoming TV show adaptation of Constantine – including the first image of Matt Ryan as John Constantine in his trench coat getup – the show was given a series order last week (along with every other comic book-based TV show in the works). This was good news for Constantine/comic book fans and even better news for people who want to see a more interesting NBC lineup.

Now, NBC has released a rather excellent-looking first trailer for the series (above), which introduces John Constantine as an “exorcist and master petty dabbler of the dark arts.”

When we first meet him, he’s obviously facing some personal demons of his own as a result of witnessing a literal demon take a 9-year-old girl’s soul to hell – which is why he’s in a psychiatric clinic at the beginning of the trailer. We’re told by Manny the angel (played by Harold Perrineau of Lost fame) that Constantine “damned” the little girl to hell, probably inadvertently, and along with her, his own soul. In the comics, John Constantine’s soul was also damned to hell, though for a different reason: he stopped a demon from claiming the soul of a friend of his, and in return, the demon promised to take Constantine’s instead.

First Official Image of Matt Ryan as Constantine 570x294 Constantine Trailer: Hellblazer Comes to Television

The other main character of the trailer is Liv Parsons (Lucy Griffiths, who played Nora Gainesborough on True Blood), a girl who can suddenly see all things supernatural and is seemingly integral to fighting whatever “ancient evil” is arising – hence Constantine, who was a friend of Liv’s father, comes to her aid. Liv also acts as our vehicle to understanding this new and crazy supernatural world. She, like us, is just a regular lady who has to have all the crazy supernatural things explained to her by Constantine.

There’s definitely a slight Supernatural vibe to the trailer, and not just because of the angels, demons, and ghosts – the classic rock music about halfway through the trailer is what really seals the deal. But the tone is different enough, too; whereas Supernatural straddles the line between old school, shoot ‘em up action and paranormal horror, Constantine seems to lean more heavily on the paranormal suspense/horror (with a bit of dry humor here and there, thanks to a pretty great performance by Ryan).

What say you, Screen Ranters? Does this Constantine trailer capture the spirit of the comic book? And maybe more importantly, does the show look good to you? Drop us a line in the comics.


Constantine will air in Fall 2014 on NBC.

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  1. Totally on board. This looks awesome.
    He nails the accent. The look. Too early to tell if he has the right attitude throughout the episode, but the signs are really good. The effects are of a high standard and the story is supernatural..with more comic book stuff.

    Does anyone know what’s happening to Del Toro’s Justice League Dark Movie? Haven’t heard anything in ages. If its too hard to do..then DC shd just launch a couple of mini series with Zatana, Swamp Thing, DeadMan, Frankenstein….and merge them like Marvel’s Defenders stuff. I do think Constantine is the hardest to get right. If they do that…then brilliant.

  2. Looks awesome, throw a cig in that boy’s mouth.

  3. Looks like it could be good,especially if they treat it more adult themed like Hannibal,and less camp like Grimm.

    My biggest question is why are they so afraid of calling it Hellblazer? They did it with the movie,and here they are doing it again.That name just sounds so bad@ss that it’s a shame that it’s not being used for live action adaptations.

    • The reason they didn’t use the name HellBlazer for the movie was because they did not want to cause confusion with the HellRaiser movies and I would assume it would be the same reason for the new series.

  4. So… 3 min trailer… not a single cigarette… Damn! You must do your homework man.

    • He wont be smoking in the series.
      NBC didnt want him to smoke even if it is constantines trademark.

  5. looks pretty good. I’ll have to set the ole’ DVR for this one.

  6. Thank God

  7. Oh my! That looks… GREAT!

    Definitely picking this show up to replace Arrow (can’t help it, losing my interest with each episode with CW messing around too much with these DC characters), hopefully it will live up to the premise.

    And it also helps that I didn’t know a darn thing about Constantine, nope… not even that Keanu movie. So definitely won’t be nitpicking if they do make ‘creative liberties’ with this one hahaha.

    • Hahaha….I’m like that with Arrow, before it I didn’t know much about Green Arrow aside from the little I learned during Smallville :)

    • Thank you for saying that for Arrow. It seems you can’t say anything bad about Arrow without incurring the wrath of its fanboys here. Arrow can be entertaining sometimes, but it is essentially a tv rehash of ‘Batman Begins’, and the fact that it is on CW doesn’t help!

  8. In America, no smoking and no swearing does give it a NuConstantine flavour rather than Hellblazer but I’m still into this. Plus, the Newcastle event is mentioned and shown.

  9. I don’t know…this just does not seem to do the trick for me (although I can see where Constantine fans would find this a wild ride). Think I’ll be spending my time watching Daredevil. But I must say, the old granny with the blood, tar, or ichor pouring out of her mouth suddenly reminds me of the time my dear old great aunt Evie ate too many prunes, and up they came…right in the middle of our card party! (How’s that for laying down an ace?!)

  10. Looks like another “Supernatural” is on its way…i m pretty xcited…Hope at-least they would air a full season with 24 episode!!!

    • Pfft… Supernatural draws a lot of inspiration from the comic- Hellblazer since the creator loves him some Vertigo titles (i.e Tessa the reaper is based on Death of the Endless and Castiel is based on Constantine’s wardrobe.)

      Though the lack of english swearing(this I get since it’s on NBC), not 1 cigarette, American setting and the upbeat John certainly makes it feel like I’m watching the Nu52 Constantine.

    • Just another derivative rip-off of Supernatural (the real one on The CW network). Oh, well. Constantine might as well join the big group of shows, most of which steal from the Winchesters all or in part! Imitation is after all the sincerest form of flattery! FYI, CW’s SPN does 23 episodes/season now.

      • Well, Constantine has been around longer. And the world of “super nature” needs some new blood, seeing how Supernatural: Bloodlines is a no go… Welcome Johnny m’boy! Who needs an angel when you exist with Batman?! Granted Fox has Gotham. But Crowley has nothing on Etrigan! Lets throw in some possible Swamp Thing in for color. BOOM, CAN’T WAIT!

      • Hell-blazer established 1988
        Supernatural 1st episode 2005.

  11. Problem is, it’s on NBC, so it will probably be cancelled after one season sadly.

    • That is the only thing that worries me about this show, everything else looks great, how he looks, how he talks, how he dresses, the look and feel of the series itself. Shame about the smoking though, i would have been happy if they at least gave him an e- cig!

  12. Trailer is choppy and none of the jokes really hit for me, but I’ll check out the pilot.

  13. It looks great and a real efford to do the character right. The inclusion of Chad (the cabbie and faithfull friend of John) gives me hope that they will acknwoledge the classic Hellblazer stuff and take the name from the N52 (in wich Constantine is more inmerse in the DCU with his role in the Justice League Dark).
    This trailer is awesome and show us how great this show can and will be, I really hope that the people (us) get behind this show and support it, so we can enjoy the adventures of Constantine for a long time on the telly.
    (just a side note: Constantine did have a lighter in the trailer… And you don’t have one unless you smoke… )

  14. Looks great. I hope it can draw enough people to keep it on the air.

  15. I don’t know. Reminds me entirely too much of the first Hellblazer movie. And Constantin not smoking? Do i right or don’t do it at all.

  16. I don’t know about the comics, but I sure want to see the series. It looks cool!
    And for Matt Ryan… well, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag’s fans will wanna see it. I’m one of the fans!

  17. Just watched again Constantine the movie with Keanu Reeves and i have to say,
    the differences betwwen the two characters are the day with the night.

    In the movie Keanu is distant apathetic and will kill the s*** out of demons unlike from what i saw with the series trailer there is to much energy excitment something that screams yeahhh lets kill demons riding a bull fak yeah!!!

    I liked the movie alot

  18. Made up they’ve at least had a go at the accent! Woulda been nice to see them nail on the scouse, ten outta ten for effort

  19. This one vaguely looks like Sting (which is who Constantine’s look was patterned after) and he’s a Brit (like the original) however that’s where the similarity to the original character stops. Constantine is one of the few comic book characters, EVER, that ages. He’s aged since his inception. It’s rather unique. So, for the record Constantine was born in 1953 (like Alan Moore heh). Does this guy look 61 to you? Constantine was born in Livermore UK and lives in London UK. He’s a street kind of guy. Streets of LONDON, ENGLAND kind of guy. Well, the trailer starts in Great Britain and we hear him use the epithet ballox but after that, he’s in the U.S. and seems to be staying in the U.S. Go figure. Constantine is an ANTI-hero. He’s not meant to be some perfect character we’d be happy to see our kids imitate. He’s a con-man. He smokes. He smokes a LOT. He works the streets of London, UK. Summary: I like supernatural fiction so I’ll probably watch the show BUT it’s not Constantine. It’s a show that bought the rights to the name Constantine. See, when you take away all the signifying factors that make a man who he is and change all his foibles and flaws, dress him in a new personality that says “good guy” instead of anti-hero… you have a different man borrowing some other guys name. Just an IMHO comment.

    • THANK YOU. Everyone seems to be so impressed by this, and I just don’t understand how. Everything about it feels very off, even the tone of it. I admit it clearly has an impressive budget and is using it well, but what does that really matter? That’s what happens though when you give David S Goyer control over a project.

    • sorry to be pedantic ….. liverPOOL (you know , the place the beatles came from.)not livermore

      • And the centre of the British shipping fleet during the empire, one of the greatest football teams on the planet, the second city of he United Kingdom for most of the 19th century, the uk city with the most number one singles, we aren’t just the Beatles!

  20. Looks decent.
    Sadly still a massive downgrade from the comic
    -No smoking (it’s gonna be hard to do justice to dangerous habits – probably the most famous hellblazer arc and one the best)
    - no swearing (although I heard a sweet bollocks)
    - clearly a moral tone a lot simpler althought they kept Newcastle : basically there s a a big bad/ ancien evil trope and constantine is going against him – but here’s the thing about hellblazer : even though fantastic and demons are involved – the humans were the problem often ( like the royal family arc, or even better like with the family man arc ) when it’s not John HIMSELF (the follow up to the fear machine for instance : how he’s a piss poor version of his golden brother, or how he guilt-trick women to sleep with him)
    - as someone else mentionned the actor seems too quick/stiff/clean compared to the looser/nonchalant john

    But a huge improvement in all those area over the Keanu vehicle.
    Beggars can’t be chooser. I ll take a look.

  21. Don’t know too much about this DC comic but it looks pretty good.

  22. Hope he speaks without subjects in his sentences to confuse his enemies about who wants what. Abracadabra!

  23. NBC can you know what themselves for canceling Revolution. I won’t watch any of their other shows.

  24. This looks really promising. Just form the trailer it looks like they got everything right for a tv show adaptation. I’m actually excited to see what the first episode is going to be all about which is more then I can say for the Gotham trailer(which just looks so generic and formulaic).

  25. This looks really promising. Just from the trailer it looks like they got everything right for a tv show adaptation. I’m actually excited to see what the first episode is going to be all about which is more then I can say for the Gotham trailer(which just looks so generic and formulaic).


  27. hmmm

  28. I prefer the more dickish attitude of Keanu’s version. Plus the much darker tone it had especially with the reason he went to hell because of suicide.

  29. If Keanu Reeves is not playing in this movie, I won’t watch it! :(

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