NBC Cuts ‘Chase’ Short, Trims Season To 18 Episodes

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nbc chase cut short NBC Cuts Chase Short, Trims Season To 18 Episodes

After disappointing ratings for its freshmen year, NBC has declined the final four episodes of Chase, the U.S. Marshal cop drama. The drop from 22 episodes is still considered a full season, but the longevity of the series is definitely up in the air.

Chase follows Marshal Annie Frost, played by Kelli Giddish (All My Children). The promos for the series focus on the character’s tenacity as she hunts fugitives across Texas. Her partner Luke Watson is played by Jesse Metcalfe, a fellow soap veteran and headliner for 2006’s John Tucker Must Die. The show is executive produced by Hollywood big fish Jerry Bruckheimer. Jennifer Johnson, who previously pulled production and writing duties on Cold Case and Lost, is also exec producing and has written several Chase episodes so far.

Beginning next year, Chase will move from Mondays to Wednesdays to make room for new shows The Cape and Harry’s Law. The move is understandable (the network is betting on The Cape and The Event to fill the sci-fi void left by former blockbusters like Heroes) but may prove fatal. A Wednesday slot puts the series in direct competition with mainstream juggernaut American Idol on Fox, which still dominates consistently even after declining viewership in the last few seasons. This could be the last straw for the fledgling series, whose last episode pulled in only 6.5 million viewers – decidedly lackluster for network TV.

If audiences are unimpressed with yet another police procedural, who could blame them. The lineups of all four networks and almost every cable channel are overloaded with cop shows, with no end in sight for the next few years. Crime dramas are as popular as ever, but with dozens of shows competing for eyeballs, newcomers have to make an initial splash or drown.

nbc chase cast NBC Cuts Chase Short, Trims Season To 18 Episodes

The long-running Law & Order: SVU will run right after Chase, which might help it land a few lead-in viewers. But with no big names or compelling hooks to carry the show, writers and producers will have dazzle if they hope to survive to a second season.

After tonight’s episode, Chase returns January 12th at 9 p.m. on NBC.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Who cares about this show. If I wanted to watch a show about U.S. Marshalls I’d watch In Plain Sight on USA, which I Don’t since the only Cop show I like to watch is NCIS other than that I watch other shows.

  2. It’s a good show or at least it’s ten times better than The event.

  3. I like this show!!! It has the appeal of realistic acting. ” It’s acting that seems like real behavior. The cast is wonderful!! The sexy, rough-and tumble-action doesn’t hurt, either. I hope this series stays a while.

  4. I love this show!! I have not missed an episode. I have missed Hawaii Five-o. Gave up on the Event a LOOONG time ago.
    All the other shows come nowheres close to this one. Great acting. Great storylines. This show is amazing, and I’ll be very excited to see what happens Jan 12 when they return. I’ll miss watching it for a few weeks, but knowing it’s still around is all that matters.

  5. I love this show!!!! I’m glad it will be back in January

  6. I don’t think it’s fair that chase gets it’s last episodes cut, i love this show. i think that Kelli Giddish does an excellent job on portraying Annie Frost. This show is much better than In PLain Sight on USA network. It has the moment of Oh my god!? and what just happened? Chase is one of my favourite shows. NBC should really give it more of a chance, don’t just give up on it just because you don’t think it’s going to work, IT JUST STARTED! American Idol and the Sing – off are shows, i don’t really care for, i think the sing-off shouldn’t even be shown, that , i can’t even say anything positive about it. Chase is a show that many people love to watch including me, i inetend on buying it on dvd when it comes out, that’s how much i love this show. The cast fits their characters perfectly! KEEP CHASE! KEEP CHASE! KEEP CHASE!

  7. “This could be the last straw for the fledgling series, whose last episode pulled in only 6.5 million viewers – decidedly lackluster for network TV.”

    If this is true then why hasnt NBC cancelled 30Rock?It gets 4-5mill viewers but was just renewed for a 6th year! Why the double standard?

  8. Dear NBC:

    Please do not cancel Chase. As a future US Marshal I look to the show for information and encouragment. I have been inspired by Annie Frost and her crew. I love Chase, do not give up on the show. You will disapoint all the young girls out there like me who want to be a US Marshal. Keep CHASE!

  9. Chase is a really good show, please don’t cancel it! Try another time slot and see if that helps. Give Jesse Metcalf more airtime to gain more interest from the female viewers! Give this show a second season chance!!

  10. I like this show. Well rounded character trade offs. I like that Annie is tough but not super human… I like her focus in getting the bad guys. I watch this on-line during my breaks at work – gives me a lift for the rest of the night. Aloha.

  11. This show is garbage. Good riddance. NBC has no idea how to initiate OR sustain a good series. Heroes, anyone?! This show (Chase) has a lead character who is one dimensional, at best. Her unsmiling demeanor is supposed to get across that she’s intense, and intent on “getting her bad guy” but it hamstrings any depth of character! NBC needs to find some new talent to find some new talent. Their new shows, along with their handing of Conan, show them to be Lame Duck.

  12. I love this show, I hope it is a keeper for NBC.

  13. This is a great show. I work a lot so I don’t get to watch it during the week but I always catch it on my on demand during the weekend. It will be a definite loss. Please don’t let this one go. The character of Annie Frost is well played. She has had a lot of crap go down in her life but turned out to be one of the good gals. Well played. The supporting characters are great also.

  14. I do not understand why there are networks like CBS who allow shows like NCIS and NCIS: LA are given time to develop actor/character chemistry and NBC who think these shows develop chemistry episode 1; they don’t. If this show can’t fit on NBC; then put it on USA where it can develop an audience.

  15. i love this show!!!! please please dont cancel it!

  16. this is crap this is one of the best shows i have seen in a while … i would rather watch this show than any other ….

  17. I was only able to watch a few episodes of “Chase” and I really enjoyed watching it. The show was new and refreshing to me. It’s too bad they cut the season short I would love to have seen the beginning part of the episodes that I missed. I hope they will bring the cast back in the spring. I will keep my fingers cross. They need to get rid of “Law and Order” and “NCIS” because those shows been on for a long time and let the new show have a chance at it.
    I wish the “Chase” team good luck. I hope to see another wonderful season of the cast. :).

  18. I LOVE this show!! OMG, whats going on at NBC? Who are the people hired to calculate the numbers of viewers? I loved Heros and Undercovers and this show is 10 times better than Undercovers. Whats next The Event? I hope that the numbers increase and Chase gets the time needed to TRUELY validate if its a great show or not, because I really feel that it is.

  19. Get a clue NBC. It is a good show, much better than most of the crap on. You really don’t give a show enough time to get situated in the new show line up. Unless you walk around with a t.v. guide in your hand it takes a while to know whats on what channel what day and what time. You should give it a chance before you trash it.

  20. Please do not let Chase go. I love this show. It has all the right stars playing great parts. How can you give up on this show. Please somebody out there pick up this series and I will be your no 1 fan.

  21. I agree if all the other comments about the show CHASE. GIVE IT A CHANCE NBC ITS A NEW SHOW & it is well writhen and great acting too. great storie lines and believe if you would give a it would pull in more veiwers. i truely belive that. so please NBC give it in a good pistion were more people would start watching it. I my sely loved waching the show & would like to see it make on some network. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME. eDDIE jOLLEY

  22. i love chase please continue with the second season i think this show rocks and everyone should just give it a chance and there aint to many cop shows i think there should be more and you never see shows with us marshall so that makes it unique for me and like i said i love this show please continue it :)

  23. Dear nbc
    chase is the best show ever, im glad I found it when I did. I was able to catch every episode and its a shame that u would think this show is that bad to take them off the air. believe me your making a mistake you really need to rethink your decision as you can see with all these peoples comments no one has anything bad to say about them other then that thanks for hearing me out

  24. If given a chance shows like Chase could catch on .With so many shows and networks;it takes a while to even find some of them.It was a great show very fast paced and action packed . So i guess its back to the same old dull situation shows that our dailey lives consist of every day.

  25. This show is brilliant!!! I would love to see a second series of this show. Its well written and the cast are really good.

  26. This show is totally amazing!! The first time I watched it I knew I had to record the whole series and then it stopped!!!!!! Please continue this show!!!! :)

  27. Me and my husband loveee this show!! And we need it back asap. I watched every episode!! I need to know how it ends. I still have all the episodes on my dvr!! Bring chase back!

  28. I am a viewer in the UK and I love Chase. I am so disappointed that the series was cut short especially now that Annie was falling for her hunk in the team. It has been a really show so please NBC give it a chance. Viewers in the UK love it

  29. I loved this show and am quite angry about it’s cancellation. The show had brilliant writers, excellent actors, real to life situations, and had me sitting on the edge of the couch! I almost don’t want to get involved watching a show and getting hooked on it because it seems when I do, the show gets cancelled! Bring back Chase…it is a series more than worthy to remain on TV!!!