NBC Cancels ‘Awake’ And Three Freshman Comedies

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Jason Isaacs Awake NBC1 NBC Cancels Awake And Three Freshman Comedies

This one is rough. While clearing room to accommodate its hot new slate of programming guaranteed to last at least a few weeks into the new season, NBC informed everyone that one of its better shows, Awake, will not be renewed for a second season after its May 24 finale.

Honestly, it was an uphill battle for the series, which had trouble attracting a wide audience since its premiere back in early March. Since then, the ratings hovered around the problematic, but not disastrous, level. Even though a slight uptick in viewership was seen with ‘Say Hello to my Little Friend‘ – which surely is attributable to the appearance of Alias star Kevin Weisman – there would be no fourth quarter comeback for Jason Isaacs or series creator Kyle Killen.

For his part, Killen bravely took to Twitter and began addressing the condolences paid out for the loss of his program, to which he responded pleasantly enough – though likely wondering where the Community protesters and online advocates were when he needed them the most. Naturally, when a program develops a small, but ardent following, questions arise as to where the series might be transferred, so as to continue its storyline. While Awake could easily fit into the schedule of many different networks, Killen responded to such queries by stating:

“answers: no, don’t see us taking awake anywhere else. yes, the season finale is a really satisfying way to go out. our best EP + penguin.”

Still, having Killen say that immediately following Awake‘s dismissal doesn’t mean that when Netflix inevitably comes sniffing around, he and his team won’t be thinking twice.

Another, more positive way to look at such disappointing news comes from the “satisfying” end Killen mentioned, which may serve to appropriately cap off what will go down in the annals of television history as a miniseries – similar to how FX’s superlative P.I. series Terriers is looked at after its own dissatisfying lack of renewal. That may turn out to be the silver lining: Now fans may look back on the series with fondness, instead of remembering the good seasons before things possibly went awry.

Dylan Minnette and Jason Isaacs Awake NBC NBC Cancels Awake And Three Freshman Comedies

In addition to Awake, NBC announced that three of its freshman comedies would also be canceled. First up was the little-watched, but critically, praised Bent starring Amanda Peet and Best Friends Forever, which seemed to have had a lifespan shorter than most houseflies. Also on the chopping block was the heavily retooled, semi-autobiographical sitcom Are You There, Chelsea? starring Laura Prepon and Chelsea Handler. Given the difficulty surrounding Chelsea prior to it even airing, its cancellation comes as little surprise.

For fans of Awake, there are still two more episodes until the series ends. Knowing the story stops with ‘Turtles All the Way Down,’ might help to add more meaning to the episode (and season as a whole), rather than leave the audience waiting for the other shoe to drop a few weeks down the line.

Although it won’t change things, those who are capable and interested should tune in and watch the final episodes of Awake, an interesting, complex and well-acted bit of television.

Awake will continue to air on NBC, Thursday nights @10pm until May 24.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I tried to watch ‘Awake’ but the premis was just too morbid for me – I couldn’t stand to watch. But it did seem like a quality show based on my brief experience.

    • Really, Johnny!? Really!!! Try reading a damn book. You know what a book is don’t you? Or better yet, just go back to your reality shows and guard your last living brain cell with all your might.

  2. NOOOO! Awake is such a good show! Why the hell are they cancelling it??

  3. What a shame. Awake had a lot of promise, a great cast and an intelligent concept. No wonder NBC canceled it!

  4. Now I want to rewatch Terrier’s – that show was fantastic.

  5. NOOOOOO I love Awake! It’s such an awesome show and it makes you really think about what’s going on. I love those types of shows! The creepy mysterious aspects and all that were my favorite parts of the show. And Jason Isaacs is just plain amazing, it’s so interesting to watch. Why is this totally amazing show being cancelled? It’s one of the best new shows to premier this year. I am so sad and disappointed that I won’t be able to see more of this thrilling series.

    • Lindsey-
      You answered your own question when you said-“It really makes you think about what’s going on.” Nobody wants to think. They would just rather sit and waste their time mindlessly watching all these so-called reality shows and all the other numbing crap like “Modern Family, Glee, etc.”
      If “Lost” were to start now it would never make it past the first season.
      I am still surprised that “Touch” was renewed, although it is most likely due to the fact that Keifer Sutherland stars in it. Television today is geared to 20 and under. The movies made today are the same. It’s really a shame.

      • I disagree….watch HBO and other premium cable shows that are geared for more sophisticated audiences. I think we are in a golden age of television with my favs being The Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Louie, Game of Thrones etc..

        • I’m pretty sure that Wyngate is referring more to network tv,as apposed to cable.

          Actually,Awake would probably have been more suited for cable where the more sophisticated audiences generally tend to dwell.

          Wyngate is totally right though.American audiences are completely ADD and don’t even have the mental capacity to invest into shows that make you have to actually turn on your brain and pay attention to the actual story arc.I will disagree though,and say that Modern Family is a good funny show,even if it seems to take a step back every year.

          The analogy that I use is that it’s an IPod world now.People aren’t interested in entire albums anymore.They just want the one or two songs that they like and then move on to the next one.

      • I have to agree with you Wyngate, because sadly you are correct. Today’s TV sucks! For all the reason’s you mentioned. And what’s worse is that it’s going to continue to get ever worse still! I don’t, and never will understand why people watch reality shows. I mean, I live in reality people, I don’t need to see anyone else’s supposed “reality”. What depresses me the most, is that my 14 month old son is going to have to grow up with this as his TV norm. Looks like I’m going to have to go buy box sets of every TV show worth a **** just so he doesn’t have to watch today’s garbage. Which, in my opinion, makes us all stupider every time we tune in. Not trying to offend anyone, but I sure as **** feel stupider afterwards.

    • I so agree and feel the same about this show not continuing. I think highly of Jason. This is a complicated role to pull off. Maybe it takes a certain type of viewers to get this show. To respond to the negative opinions,When a new show comes out and we tune in it must bring us right into it’s base. If it doesn’t there’s nothing that will pull us back. Awake,like Lost, had some weird twist and turns that were somewhat difficult to understand these scenes existed. Awake attracted me in some of the same ways. Yet,I got it. I was interested in story forcing me to stay attuned to follow.Some other programs similar depths just go way over my interest. It’s a personal taste. These shows need to draw a large audience or they die, I don’t consider them good or bad it’s whether the show captures enough viewers. Period! To some of us Awake will be missed,but it is added to a long list of shows that had it’s demise in a comparable short run.p.s. Prime time has gotten yearly ever changing programming. Great series we get into and the die,suddenly. Others are too short and frustrating. The time in between new seasons seems with some is like forever. What this does to me is I realize I am paying way to much attention to something of little importance and to much advertisement. I have a big peeve towards advertisements. Thanks to glory for DVR. hallelujah Come on shout Hallelujah

  6. Proof that my giving up on the regular networks a couple years ago was a wise decision. Only show left I watch is Fringe on Fox, everything else is on cable- HBO, Showtime, AMC, TNT, etc.

    Awake is the kind of show I said I wanted to watch, but did not trust it to last more than a season on NBC, so I would not bother watching it. Now NBC is clear to put on another rehashed cop/lawyer/forensics procedural show for their mindless masses.

    • I’m pretty much in the same boat,especially if it’s a show in NBC.

      Honestly,I don’t even know why anyone with a high concept show would even go to NBC in the first place,considering their recent track record.

  7. Of course they cancel the one non-comedy show that I can’t get enough of.

  8. I have to say, just hearing the premise of the show got me a little depressed, but it definitely is one of the more creative shows lately… Oh well…

  9. Welp, chalk this up to the many amazing shows that have been canceled… FlashForward, DayLight, DollHouse, the list goes on, but these were intelligent, compelling and well acted… Im done with network Tv. all I have is Supernatural left and thats on its last legs… this past weeks episode was awesome and got me more excited smh screw NBC

    • I remember being pissed when they cancelled FlashForward. The premise of that show was awesome.

      I probably need to not watch a show that sounds interesting until I hear it gets renewed for a 2nd season

      • Sad but true… just see if it shows up on NetFlix in two months..

  10. What a shame… This was my favorite show. I think this would have done better on a different night. It follows a slate of comedies and this attracts different viewership. I am very bummed. How this is cancelled and Community is re-newed baffles me.

  11. Awake was one of the best new shows this year, big shame to see it cancelled and to never get any answers. That’s the problem with TV these days, they set up these huge mysteries and plot arcs, and when they are cancelled, the viewer is just left out to dry.

    • If you really want to get pissed off,go back and watch the first season of John Doe.

      Hands down the biggest first season cliffhanger to never get resolved,that I’ve ever seen.

      • I recently watched John Doe on Hulu and, after very little effort Googling, found some info on how the series would have continued. The creator did an interview in EW and discussed it. If you’re interested, check out the show on Wikipedia, Longshanks. (Believe me when I tell you, though, some resolutions aren’t satisfying.)

        • Oh I know what they said as far as how it would’ve progressed.I’m more curious to know some of the finer details.

  12. One of the best shows ever….I have never been so dissapointed that a show is going away. So original !!!! I usually just shrug off a cacellation, but this one really hurts.

  13. “Now fans may look back on the series with fondness, instead of remembering the good seasons before things possibly went awry.”

    ‘Heroes,’ anyone?

  14. Man television is just like radio nowadays, they would rather play mindless crap rather than something that makes you think or try and anticipate what may happen next. Everything is a freaking popularity contest now.

  15. Okay, well I’ll just say that it seems to be the trend these days to only air shows that perform well… despite the quality or premise of the show itself. Let’s remind ourselves that network and studio execs alike don’t care too much about the context of the show as much they do about the performance and how well it does in the ratings/how much it makes in the box office. No audience – No more show.

  16. Goodbye to Jason Isaacs

  17. Shocking. A really great show that I was sure everyone would be watching. And don’t put this show in the same category as FlashForward. That show was garbage after the first 20 minutes of the pilot!

    • IMO both these shows were very interesting intelligent and well acted… sorry you didnt like FlashForward, but I thought it was a great show, worthy of its air time and to be compared to this…

  18. I really like Awake but after the first couple of episodes I had a feeling that the show was not meant for this network. The show was intelligent but it had a large window if disbelief that many people might not accept.
    It’s a shame but what did you expect from NBC.

  19. The past couple months we’ve read here about some new shows in the wings that sound really interesting….And then there’s the Kiss Of Death…..It’s going on NBC…..I’m pretrty much through with starting anything that looks like a promising series on NBC because they’ve done this way too many times the past few years…..I’m glad I didn’t watch past the pilot….I have them recorded, but now that I know they’ll just be dropped there’s no reason to get into them….


    • They will when the amount of viewers is at their liking…. although Id like to see the ratings for all these doctor and cop shows that there are so many of…

      The only doctor ever interesting to me is House… the cop show, was CSI the original… but now its all the same I dont see the benefit… you want so originality we’ll have to save money and open our own network…

  21. It reminded me of a slower paced Daybreak (which also got cancelled). Wasn’t too into it after two episodes but I wanted to see what the TWEEST was. Pretty sure both realities were indeed real and he wasn’t crazy. I want to say aliens are involved but that seems kind of stupid.

    • The thing about Day Break was that ABC pretty much set that show up for failure from the get go.I’m pretty sure that it was only intended for one season anyway,and they let that be known publicly.

      Second and more importantly,they aired the show to fill in while Lost was on hiatus,but that means airing it DURING THANKSGIVING AND THE HOLIDAY SEASON,WHEN NO ONE REALLY WATCHES TV!!!So to no surprise,when the rating started to suffer,they pulled the plug on the show.Fortunately,they did air the final(4?) unaired episodes online for free,and put out the season on DVD(I’m looking at you FOX.Where’s my John Doe at?!).

  22. It’s sad to see awake go off the air. It was a show that was well acted, scripted, and directed. It was a show that kept you on your toes as much for the switching between the realities, as for the twists in each of the cases Detective Britton was working on.
    I’ve stopped trying to understand why good smart shows keep geting cancelled. I don’t want to think that it is because the average viewer has issues with anything that puts the brain to work. I am just not surprised anymore.Sad, but not surprised.

  23. Why??? Awake is such a good show!! And it was just starting to get better. The last episode was phenomenal. Why ABC??????? -__-

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  25. Yeah, that sucks. It was the only normal network series I was following.


  26. Fantastic show, probably a little too slow burn for network tv. Last episode was brilliant, poss. best yet.

    Hope Isaacs gets nominated for a golden globe/ emmy for his performance.

  27. FU%K!

  28. I suppose we should be thankful NBC is airing the final 2 episodes; usually, they’d just pull it; end of story. A great show; too good for television, etc. It will be missed. With the exception of GRIMM and FRINGE (both renewed); network TV is still a vast wasteland … “the Biggest loser”; fans of intelligent shows!