National Treasure 3 Confirmed; Writers Hired

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national treasure generic i National Treasure 3 Confirmed; Writers Hired

I like Nicolas Cage. Not in a “man-crush” type way, but whenever one of his movies comes on I can’t keep myself from watching it. Even the really bad ones like Bangkok Dangerous and Wicker Man. It’s true that Cage has made some questionable, if not bad, role choices in the past two decades *cough Next, Amos and Andrew cough*.

His one truly great decision was to star in director Jon Turteltaub’s (Disney’s The Kid) American history family film, National Treasure.  The first film surprised a lot of critics when it took in over $300 million worldwide and the sequel, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, had an even better haul with over $450 million worldwide. With family audiences giving their seal of approval via ticket sales, it really wasn’t a question of “If” but rather “When” National Treasure 3 would be released.

At a recent sneak preview of Cage’s next family-oriented action film The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed what most of us thought would eventually happen:

“We are developing a script [for National Treasure 3] now.”

That statement was verified just a couple of days later at Wonder Con when it was announced the Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro, who co-wrote both upcoming films Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, would be handling the script writing duties on National Treasure 3.

There has been no confirmation on any of the cast yet, but unless something really wonky happens, I see no reason why all of the main people (Nicolas Cage, Justin Bartha, Diane Kruger, Jon Voight) wouldn’t return to reprise their roles. Bruckheimer, Turtelaub and Disney are, after all, a sure fire recipe for summer action fun.

What hasn’t been discussed publicly is where the story will go. Turteltaub did say what it wouldn’t be, by denying that our intrepid historians would see out the mythical city of Atlantis:

“I should go on the internet and find the script and you get those uncsolicited emails from the 9-year-old from Kansas with Atlantis every time.”

national treasure cage National Treasure 3 Confirmed; Writers Hired

While the National Treasure franchise has been fun and action-packed, it’s not really known for its historical accuracy. But does it really have to be? I’m pretty sure people can watch the History channel if they want a more accurate description of the founding fathers of the United States of America. I’ll watch movies if I want to see lemon juice rubbed on the back of the US Constitution.

There aren’t really that many remaining options available to the writers involving treasures of a national significance. I suppose they could hunt for the lost colony of Roanoke or perhaps they can focus on “Page 47” of the President’s Book of Secrets from film number 2? Either way I’m game for a 3rd film.

What do you think about National Treasure 3 and what do you think the story should be about?

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  1. The Star Spangled Banner was written in response to the burning of Washington d.c. at the end of the war of 1812. What if the “treasure” was the song, and it held clues as to how the Warhawks ancestors can claim Canada and takeover the entire continent, finally defeating the British once and for all. Nicolas Cage will have to stop an invasion and war.

    or a journey through the old west would be cool, following the paths of doc holliday, jesse james or wild bill. that's some great americana there.

    Also the legend of Paul Bunyan could be utilized somehow.

    • I say have page 47 be the dissapearance of The Roanoke Colony, it fits into the “theme” of National Treasure. Leave Canada alone. Plus if they discovered what happened to the first colony in the “new world” (America) that would be life altering. Roanoke is the best option, it’s unsolved, it’s got alot of conspiracies surrounding it, it was the first american colony, and it’s from before the american revolution. That fits into the theme of National Treasure perfectly!!!

      • Thank god you are not writing the script! BOOOOORINNNNNGGG!!

    • The Star Spangled Banner was a poem written by Francis Scott Key during an attack on Baltimore in the War of 1812. The poem was entitled “Defence of Fort McHenry.” The “Burning of Washington” occurred a month earlier. The poem was set to the tune of a popular British tune called “To Anacreon in Heaven” by John Stafford Smith. It did not become the National Anthem until 1931.

    • Considered it. Not that they are paying me to write it..
      The clues are interesting but I need a couple more twists and it chafes my existing script which is cool already.

      That said.. really looking forward to the movie (weather or not I make 6 million on it)


  2. “I’ll watch movies if I want to see lemon juice rubbed on the back of the US Constitution.”

    Declaration of Independence 😉

  3. The first one was a sleeper hit and although the 2nd one isn't as good as the first, it too was entertaining. I like PittmanOG's idea for a third; Cage's character looking for clues to stop a war. Also, how about searching for clues for the disappearance of Amelia Earheart, or some other historical figure?

  4. Whoa. Whoa. Now hold on a minute… Canadians defeat America in the war of 1812… and you are suggesting Hollywood exact revenge 198 years later? Isn't that being a bit of a sore loser? Doesn't the USA have enough? Leave us, our beer and our donuts alone. (Do I hear 98% of Americans saying “Canada did what?” followed by “What's a Canada?”)

    • The war of 1812 was between British and America. I don’t believe Canada was involved. I say have page 47 be the dissapearance of The Roanoke Colony, it fits into the “theme” of National Treasure. Leave Canada alone.

      • ummm “canada” was involved in 1812 as the british fought for the control of canada, technically Canada is still a british monarchy

  5. I thought Canada was already a US state? :-)

    • Canada is a Country. It’s not affiliated with America. It just happens to be on the same continent, but completely different places. Not a state, nor will it ever be a state :)

  6. LOL…Canada…America's hat :) J/k I have a bunch of friends from Canada :) Right Rob K?

  7. HEH…that what they want you to think :)

  8. That Roanoke idea is actually pretty damn awesome! I'd go see it!

  9. And if, as Homer Simpson says, Florida is America's wang… what's that make Mexico?

  10. Any chance Cage's part will be excluded in the script??!!!!!! I will support this as long the worst actor in history of Cinema is not involved.

    • That’s dumb. Not to be rude, but Cage is an excellent actor, especially in National Treasure, which in my opinion is his best role yet. Nicholas Cage will definetly be in the 3rd movie and the 4th and the 5th…. If they make that many, hopefully they will :)

  11. WTF??? IDIOT!?????? Did not know name calling was allowed in here. Just IMO.

    • Well maybe you shouldn’t hate on the movie’s main actor on the movie’s page! Just a bit of advice :) We all want Cage to star in all the National Treasure movies!!!

  12. I think instead of Ben Gates and the rest of them should search for the lost colony of Roanoke Island instead of Atlantis. I mean, don't get me wrong, Atlantis would be an amazing treasure. But Roanoke seems so much more real. I mean, what would Atlantis be doing in the President's Book? I just think Roanoke Island would make a whole lot more sense and would be so much more interesting.

    • I love the Roanoke idea, I live in North Carolina, which is the location of Roanoke, so it would be cool to see them have it as the treasure in the third film! As for page 47, Roanoke could have been on it, I mean if they found out what happened to the first English colony to settle the new world that would be “Life Altering” wouldn’t it? In my opinion Roanoke is the best option they have :)

  13. I thought he said above that they wouldn't be finding Atlantis…

  14. The third installment of national treasure should be great from what i am reading. I believe that national treasure 3 will be here at the end of the year or maybe early next year, lets hope it’s soon :)

  15. Do you know of any of the writers e-mail to share a good idea on National treasure 3?

  16. Rumor is that national treasure 3 was going to focus on the fountain of youth, but disneys other movie pirates of the carribean was coming out at the same time and they had to scrub the plot!

  17. I am really looking forward to watch national treasure 3,i cant wait to see it, I want to feel the movie in theatre

  18. I think Roanoke is a good history idea but they have to make the storyline jump out at you. Most likely they were wiped out by native americans. They cant do that. Maybe aliens instead. :) Heard they might try to say that there’s a hidden cave under the Statue of Liberty with more treasure. The treasure is done to death. Also heard page 47 might talk about a new power source. I don’t think the writers really know the true plot yet.

  19. When will be the movie national treasure 3 release.

  20. Page 47 in movie 2 could be about the Illuminati and Fort Knox, if the gold is still there and if the Illuminati are gathering gold to begin the new world order

  21. Because references were made to ‘Charlotte’ in both movies 1 and 2; in addition to Ben inferring in 1 that the home he and Abigail bought had once belonged to someone significant, I think a possibility could be to create a movie around that theme. If connected to a real historical event but having it end up about the home Ben and Abigail now live in would be unique, unexpected and would come full circle for a final film.

  22. I think there’s 2 ideas to make the 3rd. 1) the ship from the first, why it made the jerney & ended up in the ice, thus the name. 2) the ship have passed an historic mark in time or place, (atlantis Ect) but being national treasure, the end point is finding some type of treasure. Twisting reality is fantacy, to which these films are made. & also to what Disney are. Would love a 3rd outing, first film was better. But loved the second. There, had my spoke

  23. I think they should do a page 47 on Oak Island and maybe Roanoke together. I am sure you all know what Oak Island is! If not google it. It would make for a heck of a story.

    • Problem, Oak Island is in Nova Scotia.
      So it would not fit as a National Treasure in the USA,

  24. You are dumb! Cage has done some good movies, Con air, ghost rider. National treasure. His script choice aren’t aways the best, but not a bad acter.

  25. How about the search for a famous pirates treasure?

  26. Find the Holy Grail, or the grave of Maria Magdalena,

  27. I think the 3rd movie should be about the Mayans. That would be interesting.

  28. I am thinking maybe a story involving an elusive American treasure known only to the KGC (Knights of the Golden Circle).