Nathan Fillion Doubts He’ll Be Involved With Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

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nathan fillion guardians galaxy Nathan Fillion Doubts Hell Be Involved With Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is arguably the biggest wild card among the confirmed Marvel Movie Universe (MMU) installments leading up to The Avengers 2 in 2015; it’s even more out there (literally) than Marvel’s initial foray into the cosmic superhero genre with Thor. Whereas that film features main characters who are, at least, humanoid in appearance, the Guardians include a gun-wielding raccoon who likes to wear rocket shoes – among other curious alien life forms.

Marvel has decided to pair the unusual Guardians of the Galaxy property with an equally-unique filmmaker in James Gunn, who has been given the official stamp of approval from MMU “Phase 2″ overseer and Avengers director, Joss Whedon. Gunn and Whedon’s frequent collaborator, Nathan Fillion, seems an obvious choice to come aboard as one of the Guardians after Marvel approached Gunn. However, we haven’t heard anything from the Firefly and Castle fan-fave actor on the subject – until now.

Fillion has been attending the Toronto International Film Festival over the past week, where he’s been picking up raves for his supporting role in Whedon’s home-made take (literally) on Much Ado About Nothing. MTV managed to catch up with the actor and ask him about Guardians of the Galaxy, but Fillion appeared to be wary of the prospect:

“I’m very busy right now with a job that I’m grateful for. I’ve made a commitment [to ‘Castle’] and I have to see it through. And I’m really happy to.”

Bear in mind, there are a few factors that Fillion might be taking into account here. For one, Guardians most likely will not start shooting until after Captain America: The Winter Soldier gets underway next March. Moreover, Marvel tends to space out production schedules to avoid excessive overlap; hence, Guardians might not actually begin filming until May or June next year, at the earliest. By that time, Fillion should be done working on Castle for the fifth season (or permanently, if the show is not renewed).

The actor has been rumored as a prospective for Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man movie for years, but recent rumors point to that film possibly beginning production after Thor: The Dark World (but before Winter Soldier); if that’s true, we can discount the possibility that Fillion is secretly passing over Guardians for Ant-Man. Besides, the chance to re-team with Gunn – as well as Whedon, to a lesser degree – seems the more obvious route for Fillion, especially since many expect the role of the Guardians’ leader, Star-Lord, will be a perfect fit for the actor.

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord US Pilot Nathan Fillion Doubts Hell Be Involved With Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy

While none of this speculation guarantees that Fillion will ultimately be able to find time for Guardians, the actor is nonetheless lending his support to Gunn’s vision for the film (as Whedon did earlier this week):

“We had dinner the other night and he told me all about [‘Guardians of the Galaxy’], before everyone found out. I was on the inside on that one. Over some toro, tuna belly, we discussed how excited he is, how nervous he is, but how he wanted it very badly. He wanted it very badly. I think it’s in very capable hands. It’s in the right hands. Having worked with the man, I know what he’s capable of.”

What role in the MMU would you like to see Nathan Fillion take on, assuming he can find the time? Let us know in the comments section.

As for the confirmed Marvel “Phase 2″ release schedule: Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3rd, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014, and The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015.

Source: MTV

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  1. After how much Avengers made in theaters (not even including the solo films) why would he NOT make time for it?

    • Contracts dont work like that. If anything marvel would have to move the whole movie to accomodate his schedule and that is not easily done.

    • Because unlike the Avengers the general public has no idea who these characters are. Within the spectrum of people that do know them; only a handful of people actually like the title. So I think Fillion is being polite by saying he won’t have time. Now if Weedon approaches him about Avengers 2 or DC approaches about Justice League movie, I believe he’ll make the time.

  2. Because he’s waiting for the call to play Nathan Drake, which ain’t ever going to happen!

  3. It would be cool if he could appear in an important role in one of the upcoming films.

  4. No! he’s waiting for joss, to bring back firefly… Seriously guys, the man stars in a successful show, working long hours. just be happy, plenty of capable actors in hollyweird for both drake and guardian of galaxy. Beside, theses roles would have suited Nathan 10 years ago.

    • Wish Joss would bring back Firefly/Serenity. I believe that franchise has so much potential. With Whedon’s expressed admiration and fondness for it, as well as the ongoing fan support (10 years later, mind you), you would think he would at least push for a sequel to Serenity, to test the waters.

      • firefly got what other “brilliant cancelled too soon” shows never had, a cult fans following. isn’t that enough? what if they bring it back, and it fails miserably. Like i said, nate has a successful show (maybe 2 more seasons if ratings allow it) i really don’t think firefly is happening anytime soon, and nate isn’t getting any younger or fitter.

        • …but he himself has expressed, multiple times, a desire to return to it. I agree they are not getting any younger, which is why I wish Whedon would use his newfound clout and money to at least make a sequel to Serenity. If successful, then they could toy with the idea of a new Firefly series.

          • Even if they don’t bring back Firefly (which would be a shame but not that unexpected) they should at LEAST make a sequel to Serenity.

  5. Avengers was obviously going to do well…. and it turned out amazingly good.

    GOTG is not so obvious. Of course it could be amazing….. but it has the potential to fall flat on it’s face. All the characters in GOTG are unkown to the average moviegoer, and some of them are just effing goofy. No solo film intro for any of them.

    I hope Guardians doesn’t get bogged down with character origins. Just drop right into the plot and don’t explain any of the characters’ backstories. Let their actions and behaviors define them. Actions speak louder than words, so they say. Character development could trickle in a little at a time, but don’t belabor it.

    WB/DC is going to have the same problem with with Justice League if they go straight into it without preceding it with intro movies.

    • BIG difference between JL and GOTG. Everyone on the planet knows who Superman and Batman are, and most have a passing knowledge of Green Lantern, Aquaman and Wonder Woman from old TV shows (such as Superfriends and Wonder Woman). GOTG is a complete unknown outside the comic book fan universe. I never HEARD of them until the movie was green lighted, and I LOVE CBM. Add in a talking raccoon, and you have the potential for disaster. As long as Supes and Bats is in JL, it’ll draw in the audience.

  6. I’m a huge fan of Nathan, but I don’t see him as any fit for any major roles opening up in the MCU. I would love to see him as a SHIELD operative, either as Coulsons replacement in the films, or if Castle doesnt get renewed, as a regular in the new show. A character like Malcom Reynolds. A bad ass who also has a goofy, friendly side.

    • He would make a great Clay Quatermain, SHIELD agent and Hulk Buster. That said he really isnt to old for some of these roles, he would just need to work out and get into a regiment. I could also see him playing Hank Pym, as Hank and not as Antman, cause I still think they are going to go with Scott Lang as Antman. Nathan, would be perfect as Pym , he works with SHIELD as a scientist, who has his work (the Antman suit) stolen by Scott Lang who uses it to steal money to save his daughter. The Money belongs to the Mob, so the Mob and SHIELD are tracking him down.

  7. Yeah I enjoyed Firefly and Serenity, you could see elements of these in The Avengers, would definitely like to see a Serentiy sequal, love Alan Tudyk, check out Tucker and Dale Vs Evil, one of the best horror satires ever!

  8. They have awhile until filming. There is a chance Fillion might have time to be Star-Lord. I’m currently re-reading GOTG and hell yeah Fillion will fit the role great!

  9. I respect the man for sticking to his show

  10. He’s too old and fat now for these roles. An actor needs to realise when its time to move over into older character roles.

    • Like RDJ did with Iron Man? RDJ is 6 years older than Fillion and is one of the primary characters in the MMU. Your statement holds no water. Fillion is a talented actor and would be a great addition to any of the MMU films.

      • But to be fair (and just know that I’m a HUGE Nathan Fillion fan), Fillion does look older than he actually is (RDJ for instance, ages very well) and Fillion has kinda let himself go lately.

        Still, if he really wants to, some hard work and training is all he needs to do one of these movies, but sadly, looking at the guy’s attitude towards Ant-Man, Uncharted and even GotG now, I doubt he’s really interested :(

      • I agree, all Fillion needs is a trainer and he wouldn’t look a lot different than he did in Firefly.

  11. Fillion is a great actor, but I can’t see him in any role in any of the current movies Marvel has lined up. Maybe they’ll have something in Phase Three where he’ll fit in.

  12. Nathan Fillion IS Star-Lard. End of Story.

    • @darthballs

      Yah, he’s “perfect” for just about every comic book movie role apparently if you listen to the fans… 😀

  13. If both Nathan Fillion and Bruce Campbell played Shield Agents in Avengers 2 my life would be 50% complete…

    • Perfect!!!!!

  14. Why, does everyone think he is “perfect” for every role in that movie too???

    • Why must you question the law of time and space combined. Why are physics grounded on gravity. Because that man you asked why , his name is Nathan Fillion. He’s Morgan Freeman’s Assistant,Chuck Norris’s Comedian, Christian Bale’s Therapist,and Michael Fassbender’s Script Trainer. So never question the law of Nathan Fillion again or you will be even more mind blown.

      • LMAO! I now what to see a short film based on those silly comments.

      • Hahahaha!!
        Congrats sir, you’ve won the internet with that comment.
        Seriously, I’m still laughing 😀

  15. Castle season 6 is a lock. Too high a ratings, and too good a cast.

    • Don’t kid yourself. The only thing that matters is return on investment for the producers.

  16. Marvel needs to be careful about the age of some of these potential actors. After Avengers 2, RDJ may be headed to the cusp of seeming ridiculous as an action star. Don’t get me wrong , I can’t picture ANYONE else as Iron Man now, it would be like recasting Han Solo, but they need to keep a long term perspective when introducing new characters to a Marvel film universe which is here for the long haul.

  17. I myself am an extreme Firefly Fanboy, but I can rationally see that Joss will not be able to work on a project for that franchise for at least 3 Years, because he signed an Exclusive deal with Marvel, what that means to me is that he CAN NOT work on any other project that doesn’t have the Marvel banner for 3 years. Also, here is some more rational/critical thinking for you, If Phase 2 is more successful than Phase 1 under Joss Whedon’s Guidance I am confident that Marvel with sign a bigger LONGER contract with him to keep him exclusive.

    So all you Fanboys frothing at the mouth because of how much recognition he has now hoping that he will be able to work on a project he worked on 10 years ago, I have bad news for you and a reality check, He likely will never have the chance again. Considering by the time he is done with Marvel projects all the actors are will too old to return to those roles.

    • After saying all that, it would be great to see any of Joss’s usual actors in Marvel Projects under his wing again.

    • He can work on any other projects he wants to. As evidenced by his remake of Much Ado About Nothing. He obviously can’t do anything if it would interfere or compete (Make projects for Warner/DC) with his contractual obligations with Disney/Marvel. But if he has free time to work on another project, there’s nothing that prevents him from doing so.

      • He filmed Much Ado About Nothing before he signed the deal with Marvel.

  18. Has everyone forgotten that Firefly already had a second chance with Serenity? Had the movie been a hit they would have made sequels and maybe restarted the TV show. I love both the show and the movie but it doesn’t change the fact no one went and saw Serenity in theaters. No need to beat a dead horse.

  19. He should be thinking of dressing like NATHAN DRAKE and make the UNCHARTED film ones and for all!!!

  20. He would make a good Nathan Drake, but he’d really have to hit the gym.

  21. Commenting before I read the article or comments, but my guess is that fanboys will be suicidal.

    • @Longshaks

      I am in no way a fanboy, I think it’s ridiculous that at every discussion aout any possible comic book movie being made or considered, people always say that Fillion is “perfect” for the role… So according to that, he’s “perfect” for every comic book role ever considered…

      But anyway, I just have to say that Firefly was an amazing show. No one can handle the ensemble cast like Whedon can and that how was a perfect example of that. All of the characters are vastly different, yet somehow you find that (some sooner than other) you come to like or love just about every character in one way or another. The individual personalities are so different, yet they are all consistent with their own individual quirks and idiosyncrasies through the entire process. I have seen in many ther ensemble movies or tv series where every now and then some characters will do something that’s just out of character. Somehow Whedon doesn’t suffer from this and I find that pretty impressive to be honest with you.

      I mean I guess it wasn’t your cup of tea, but I just have to say that you have to give credit where it’s due…

      • The only role I thought he’d be great for was Drake (but he’d have to get in shape for sure). I guess people just want to see him back in a (nerdy) “cool” role on the big screen.

        I agree with your comments about Firefly though, and I really wish there could have been a sequel to Serenity or it would have brought back the show on another network or something.

  22. Oh boy. Fans are going to be protesting in the streets in numbers.

    I love how every time a major comic book role needs to be cast, there are ALWAYS Fillion fanboys (and girls) who clamor that Fillion is the man.

    “Nathan Fillion is PERFECT for Ant-Man!”
    “Nathan Fillion IS Green Lantern!”
    “Nathan Fillion would be the BEST Batman!”
    “Nathan Fillion for Iron Man!”

    Now we have “Nathan Fillion for Star Lord!”

    Pretty soon, people are going to be clamoring that this guy should be Black Panther.

    • OMG!!! He would OWN Black Panther.

      (man I love sarcasm)

      • LOL… +2

    • @ezra

      You forgot Wonder Woman, lol.

      • Ken, Great call! Nathan Fillion is PERFECT for Wonder Woman!!

  23. I want to see him in a reboot of The Greatest American Hero he already said he would do it.

  24. The only one I see him playing is Star-Lord.

  25. Just cast him as Rocket Raccoon. It only takes a day or two to pump out some voice work, and he can fit that into his Castle schedule.

    (Only half joking)

    I’m sure Fillion’s flattered that everyone wants him to play every role ever written, but sometimes I get the feeling this guy is just happy to sit back and have his cush TV job. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  26. Didn’t realize Nathan Fillion exist before Castle. Sounds like box office poison. Castle probably would not have been successful were it not for the beauty and talent of Stana Katic. Face it the man is no star. Time to go the character actor route. (And lose some weight. The puffy face and double chin would work against him).