Joss Whedon Shuts Down Fan Campaign To Reboot ‘Firefly’

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firefly grounded whedon snub Joss Whedon Shuts Down Fan Campaign To Reboot Firefly

A few weeks ago, Nathan Fillion mentioned that he’d buy the rights to the late, great, Firefly and start filming new episodes if he won the lottery. Subsequently, a few (hundred thousand) intrepid fans did their best to make that a reality, but has shut down after series creator Joss Whedon’s sister-in-law publicly denounced the site on Twitter.

Maurissa Tancharoen is also a writer for such Whedon projects as Dollhouse and Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. This week she became a footnote in the colorful history of Firefly as well: after buzz about the fan movement reached a fever pitch, she sent out this Twitter message:

Guys, no one in the Whedonverse is in support of Please save your money!

Tancharoen later amended her statement with a longer message, stating that there were no hard feelings from the Whedon clan, but Joss and Co. weren’t comfortable with fans trying to take direct control of the Firefly rights, and even less with them collecting real money to do so. After the news broke, the organizers put a short message on Facebook announcing an official end to their efforts.

It should be noted that the site never took any collections, merely pledges. While they fell short of anything like the $300 million that Fillion first joked about, the pledges were still impressive. Roughly 12,000 fans pledged just over a million US dollars, with an average pledge of $85. ‘Help Nathan Buy Firefly’s Facebook page has 113,000 fans.

firefly cast science channel Joss Whedon Shuts Down Fan Campaign To Reboot Firefly

While I’d love to see Firefly on the air again as much as the next Browncoat, the movement had about a snowball’s chance in a Capissen 38 engine. Fox was never under any obligation to sell the rights to Firefly – legitimately or not – and on the off chance that they saw millions of dollars worth of fan interest, they’d be much more likely to try a ham-fisted reboot themselves. Then there’s commitments from the actors: Nathan Fillion, Morena Baccarin, Adam Baldwin and Summer Glau (nevermind) all have steady gigs on other shows, to say nothing of Whedon himself, who’s knee-deep in superheroes right now writing and directing The Avengers. Let’s face it: it’s coming up on ten years since the series was cancelled, and Serenity was a fitting, if bittersweet, end to the franchise.

It was fun while it lasted, folks. The ‘Help Nathan Buy Firefly’ organizers accomplished a lot in a short time, bringing a bunch of people some fanservice on Facebook and generating buzz for worthy projects like Child’s Play, Whedon’s equality charity Can’t Stop the Serenity and fan movie Browncoats: Redemption. If nothing else, this incident showed how deeply ‘the little TV show that couldn’t’ has embedded itself in the hearts and minds of geeks everywhere.

Don’t forget, Science Channel is currently rebroadcasting all fourteen episodes of Firefly Sunday nights at 10 PM – and Captain Mal himself seems to be dropping Firefly and Serenity references every other week on Castle.

Source: Twitter [via Blastr]

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  1. If they were to reboot the series I’d say that they should disregard Serenity all together, lets face it wasn’t really in the spirit of the show, Mal was too angry and rash, River more fragmented than when the show started, Simon was much more commanding than he should have been, Inara was seamed a lot more like the damsel in distress and Wash seamed much more childish. Also the ship itself just looked off, something to do with the coloring I think.So if they remake firefly I’d say to hell with the movie.

  2. It makes me a very sad panda that the whedons disregard such a thing.

    If I were to reboot it, it would be like Stargate or Star Trek, there is no NEED for some silly plot that it all leads to, just planets to visit, jobs to do etc etc, exactly like star trek or stargate….exploration in a sense… hell thats why I watched the series in the first place…not because of river.

    I’d continue after the movie but find a way to bring back wash, beit as a cyborg or something, or maybe that he didnt actually “die” in the movie the others were just in a rush and thought so.

    So much potential for this show to be a “grittier” star trek / stargate , makes me think of an old pc game called Privateer….good times…

    PLEASE bring this back someway somehow in the future when all the actors are free to do so…..

    • Nice thought about making it more like Star Trek… but, hello, thry buried Wash. How could the be in a rush & just think he died.

  3. I seam to recall a show called jehercio and about 50tons of nuts. So never say never. Just tune out fox and anyone who advertises on them and enough profits drop off. Or have every fan mail fox an empty box to siginfy the empty head who canceled the series. Imagine the cost to fox having to open each box.

  4. Just finished watching the complete series of Firefly on DVD and I have to say I am gutted that they cancelled it. It is such a great program and people of all ages love it. I hope that more series will eventually be made, the sooner the better to be honest and I think it would be easy enough to do as well. The film Serenity was basically based before during and future so the future series will just have to carry on where season 1 left off and before the end of the film. Simple.

  5. Firefly was and is a great show. In no way was it a waste or anything and I can’t think of a single ( legit) reason they would be iffy about starting it back up. Are they really that blind? They have enough fans out there if they asked they could build a rocket and fly to the moon them selves if they wanted! Maybe they won’t read this maybe they will continue being ignorant like many tend to be today but if they truly want to show they deserve all the caring fans out there the whedons WILL bring back firefly. They won’t just talk about it.talkings all very touching but it’s action that counts. It’s about time they took action.

  6. Why not? It was a great show with great writing and acting.

  7. The desire for the same cast is why I think the Browncoats are so passionate about not shelving a rebirth for 20 years, until Joss Whedon is bored and gets around to it. Right now, they could probably get the crew together for a movie at least- from everything I’ve read, the cast loved Firefly too, and would try to work it out. It’s great that Joss Whedon is riding high right now, but how about some love for those of us who were fans before he was?

  8. If this tv show was to be continued or rebooted it would rival the most popular tv shows out right now like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.. Such a shame that it probably wont happen…

  9. I know this post is very late to the party, but I have some things to add.

    In regards to Book’s story, I encourage you to read through the comic The Shephard’s Tale; which took place after Serenity and fills in some gaps in his story.

    In regards to continuing it, I think it taking the course of the Buffy series would be most plausible. Buffy ended on TV at season 7, and some years later, Joss started working with Dark Horse to publish a monthly comic for season 8 and currently season 9.

    Also, in regards to the movie, the extras indicate that the events should have included the Blue Sun, and taken place at the end of season 2, had the series continued, but they didn’t have the screen time to include the Blue Sun so non-Browncoats would understand it.

    Lastly, the first draft of the script for Serenity does not contain any deaths of crew members. They were killed partially because the actors couldn’t commit to doing a sequel, should the movie have been a success at the box office.

  10. Isn’t ‘Mr.Libtard..I mean Wheadon’ the jerk who dissed Capitalism AFTER HE MADE TONS OF MONEY thru Capitalism? After the Avengers he made a remark that should have had our entire country Boycotting anything he ever wrote, directed or published! Hasn’t Mr.Whedon aquired enough money to step aside &let other ppl have their chance at being “rich”?
    And for this …thank you obama!

  11. BYW…I don’t care what any of the libs have to say in a reply…just that I am able to say what I needed to say is enough. Mr. whedon stinks! Nathan Fillion is THE MAN..ADAM BALDWIN is WAY BETTER THAN ALL the Brother’s Baldwin combined! Bye,bye…

  12. Here’s an idea. Get a bunch of fans together and do something ORIGINAL!

  13. Such an awesome Tv series. I love every single episode, wish they made more. The guy who was in charge of the franchise is a dumb idiot for calling quits on such a well put together tv show with unforgetable characters and most amazing story plot that ever existed not to mention this was created back in early 2000s which is the nicest thing to happen on TV ever. They deserve so much respect and acknowledgement. I mean this is the kind of shows that everyone is longing for including me and Firefly was very fun and exciting to watch. Thumbs up for anybody watching this in 2014. I know I’m indulging the moment of adoring this Tv Franchise but I honestly can’t think of anything to pop in head that can par up with this Tv series. Firefly is one of a kind very awesome and a lovable tv show that’s makes you remember everything and ask for more. It really did for me and I wish it just didn’t end so soon. The show had endless possibilities and the character contents was still yet to be revealed. I’m loving that show so much that’s all I can think of. I just can’t get enough of this show and I know I’m not the only one who feels like that about it. But regardless of the disappointment I’m really just thankful because It was so much fun watching the show, I hope to see a another season of the tv series despite of the things that happened to the franchise through all these years.

    • Recently, there was an announcement in the comic world. Joss Whedon is too occupied with Avengers 2 and Agents of Shield, though he gave the reigns in regards to comics to his brother Zack. There is potential for it to be taken up as a regular monthly release afterwords, though Zack won’t be on for more than I think 6 issues, though maybe its 8. It’ll be out later this month. Check for the #WheresSerenity tag, though this link is a good one to get started with:

      Plus, as referenced in the comments at the link above, there’s the potential of the MMORPG, get more information about that here:

      This is not a tv series, which would be nearly impossible at this point, given that all the actors are doing their own thing, some with their own tv series. But from various panels that Whedon and the actors have been in, they all loved the series and would love to come back. I feel they have aged too much to do anything on-screen in relation to Firefly, though I would be among the first to buy tickets to a Serenity sequel. But when Joss called Fillion (Mal) regarding the Shakespeare movie, Fillion said yes before he even heard the question – that shows the amount of trust they have for one another.

  14. If joss isn’t on board to write/direct a Firefly comeback, it’s not worth pursuing. Firefly wouldn’t be Firefly without Whedon’s brilliance behind it.

  15. Doesn’t make a lot of sense , if i owned something i had no intention of using and there was an effort being made to raise money to buy it from me i wouldn’t shoot the idea down, i would at least see how much they’d be willing to pay first. Ive always had the feeling firefly was wasn’t ended due to ratings or money issues as insinuated, I got the impression it had something to do with the benchmark it would set for sci-fi tv shows in production at the same time, sci-fi has slowly been turned into drama with a sci-fi back drop since the early 2000′s and the reasons have nothing to do with money or ratings, well not directly at least, just think if a new season of firefly came out at the same time as i dunno lets say Under the dome? could you still refer to Under the dome as sci-fi and still be considered a reasonable person?
    Good ideas are rare, but if you hide the good ideas then the bad ideas don’t seem so bad any more ,bad ideas are cheap and in plenty and given no alternative you’ll accept them in place of good ones

  16. I know that this is late, but damn, I want Firefly back!