Nathan Fillion’s One Condition For Playing Drake in ‘Uncharted’ Movie

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Nathan Fillion Drake Uncharted Movie Nathan Fillions One Condition For Playing Drake in Uncharted Movie

Uncharted, one of Sony’s biggest video game-turned potential movie adaptations, has endured a rough year. Back in October, Academy Award-nominated director David O. Russell was signed as the Uncharted helmer. One month later, Russell began talking-up his now controversial “family dynamic” angle and brought-on Mark Wahlberg to star as fan-favorite adventurer, Nathan Drake.

However, through all the ups and downs that led to the eventual exit of the director (and subsequently Wahlberg as well), one thing remained constant – many fans were still holding-out hope that Castle star, Nathan Fillion, would get a crack at playing Drake on the big screen. Unsurprisingly, Fillion is still very interested in the role – but on one very respectable condition.

At Comic-Con 2011, we got a chance to catch-up with Fillion about the recently vacated starring role (and director’s chair) for the Uncharted movie, and while the actor was forthcoming about his interest in the part, he made it clear that he didn’t want to step on newly-signed director Neil Burger‘s shoes – but also wasn’t above trying “Inception” if it’d help his chances:

“I am certainly still interested in playing Nathan Drake. I think every actor I know wants their action-adventure hero, their Indiana Jones. That would be a good one for me, I think. What I don’t want is people pressuring that poor man [director Neil Burger] and souring him on the actual idea. If we could somehow just… do you remember the movie Inception? I think that’s what we need to do. We need to let him land on the idea on his own.”

Fillion’s respectful petition for the part is no doubt in response to the growing mass of Uncharted fans who have pushed the boundary between a passionate appeal and flat-out harassing ex-director Russell for casting anyone but their top choice. While Russell’s approach to the film and casting differed dramatically from the source material – and would be, many argued, Uncharted in name alone – fans were especially harsh in their reaction to the director’s attempt at bringing the franchise to the big screen.

Uncharted Movie Nathan Fillion Nathan Fillions One Condition For Playing Drake in Uncharted Movie

It’s great to see that Fillion, who no doubts wants to headline his own “action-adventure hero film,” is interested in seeing the best Uncharted film that Neil Burger can make – even if it means that he misses out on the opportunity to play Nathan Drake. It’s hard to imagine Burger will experiment with as many liberties as Russell, especially considering Sony was reportedly against the “family dynamic” idea, and as a result, it’s unlikely that they’d have signed-off on an Uncharted film that was so disconnected from the game. Regardless, the Castle star’s approach to the situation is good food-for-thought for any fans who will be crestfallen if Burger also passes on Fillion.

That said, it probably wouldn’t hurt for an exceptionally dedicated (and brainy) fan to get to work on an Inception-like dream machine – Nathan Fillion (and plenty of fans) would undoubtedly be grateful.

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We’ll keep you up to date with further casting details as pre-production on the Uncharted film gets underway.

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  1. Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis

  2. Just sayin, the only reason I’ve even played uncharted,and own the trilogy, is because Nathan Drake reminds me so much of Capt. Mal.
    for me if Uncharted the movie has cast any body else as the Drake other than Fillion, I would say whats the point…not to say anything bad about the director or the actor chosen but Nathan Fillion was born for this role. I’d probably still see the movie…but it would be rented and heavily criticized.

    • What Teddy said…

    • I heartily agree with you! Nathan Fillion is perfect for the role :)

    • in all honestly David Boreanz (spelling), Liam Hemsworth, Mark Wahlberg are better choices than Fillion……but the first 2 would be more ideal…in all honesty they need to begin pre-production on this asap cause it has that National Treasure type appeal with better action…there is nothing like that being filmed today

  3. Matt Bomer
    From white collar

    • Nah – Matt Bomer’s too pretty and polished to play Drake. Drake needs to be a bit more grizzled.

  4. Nathan Fillon as Drake!

  5. i think Jensen Ackles would make a pretty good drake. he’s funny, he’s fit, he’s definitely handsome enough. he’s already got that tan, rugged, adventure-y look to him.

  6. Jensen Ackles should seriously take on the role

  7. I love nathon drake

  8. Drake should be played by Bradley Cooper or Gerard Butler.
    Bradley Cooper has the looks, the comedy soon serious attitude (watch some of his interviews) and when I was playing Drakes Deception I was convinced that Bradley Cooper was actually voicing him.
    Gerard Butler looks exactly like Drake and is in a lot of action films.
    Or, with the technology these days, it could all be CGI because The Avengers was just about all CGI and the characters looked realistic so just use some high tech CGI and get the voice actors. In my eyes Nathan Fillon looks nothing like Drake.

    • Ahaha so blunt. :P But you have a point. I agree Nathan Fillion doesn’t look anything like Drake, doesn’t have the physique, and I can’t imagine him as being Drake at all, having all that action and the personality Drake has… though yes, good actors should be able to portray different characters, I really can’t imagine Fillion being like Drake.

      Reading some other comments, I’m fine with Bradley Cooper, he’s a good actor, but not Gerard Butler… he’s not Drake at all either…

  9. Though I like Nathan Fillion in Castle, I really don’t think he’s a good fit for Nathan Drake at all… there must be other more suitable actors for the role.

  10. Noooooooo…. Not Nathan Fillion… he’s like dough… should bring an Indian dude in like Surya

  11. Those who don’t see Nathan Fillion as ion as Drake must have never seen the Firefly series. Even the characters personality is similar. I would’ve like him to play the part as well but now, he’s too old and chubby for the part.

    I see Bradley Cooper fitting in the role quite nicely, but Mark Whalberg? His face already shows age although he’s really fit. Nathan needs too look young because of Sully.

    • oh look someone isnt as dumb as the rest of you

  12. Definitely Gerard Butler, good gritty action hero actor.

  13. The only actor who possesses the athletic prowess to fulfill such a physically demanding role is: Scott Adkins.

    The uncanny physcial resemblance … self-explanatory.

    • sorry but he dosent have the charismatic attitude to play the role unlike Bradly Cooper who is to Nathan Drake as Robert Downey Jr. is to Tony Stark

  14. Bradly Cooper people Bradly yes from Hangover Cooper. Seriously he Looks like Drake sounds like Drake( He defiantly has the most similar voice in Hollywood) and if he were casted along side Liam Neeson who would make the prefect Sully, it would work well as the two have worked well before. g****** you are all so stupid why is it that everyone seems to find the most unknown, older, and just ridiculous actors(other than Mark)to play Nathan Drake. My God people the two actors for the main two roles are RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. With no question to their talent as actors i.e Limitless,Silver Linings Playbook, The A-Team, and well Liam Neeson is just a bad ass

  15. Nathan Fillion IS Nate Drake. How obvious can you get? And are we Uncharted players/fans because we love Firefly, or are we Firefly fans partly because we play Uncharted? The answer is both.
    As for Nathan’s weight gain, that’s from too many bowls of smothered mashed potatoes, NYC style. He can loose the weight.
    So…if the Nate Drake thing doesn’t happen [with a better script then Uncharted 3, which was awful], then…PLEASE BRING BACK FIREFLY!

    • Good Lord no. I largely dislike Firefly (much prefer Buffy as a series) and think Bradley Cooper is THE perfect Nathan Drake. he can pull off comedy, serious, and action. He even looks and sounds like the guy. He’s exactly the A-list actor this movie would need to hit it big.

  16. David Broeznaz (spelling) or Bradley Cooper…Both can and will be Great Drakes!

  17. Nathan should be played by Joshua Jackson he would be the perfect pick

  18. Nathan should be played by Joshua Jackson I think he would be the perfect fit

  19. Hey mark walhberg played max Payne so well. Might as well let him play drake, and Kratos and hey maybe even sackboy. Lol for real just kidding. They need someone aweseome.

  20. Joe Flanagan should be cast as Nathan Drake, he looks like drake and he has the same sense of humour. Plus his acting skills Are good as shown on Stargate Atlantis

  21. Big Nathan Fillion fan and candidly any role he takes on is a win for the project.

  22. Dylan McDermont hands down should get it

  23. Scott adkinson

  24. A cheesy action movie that’s based on a game that’s based on cheesy action movies. Recipe for success (sarcasm).