Is Natalie Portman Set To Star In Thor?

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Along with Nikki Finke’s list of potential candidates for Thor, she also had a small blip about Natalie Portman in the lead for a female role.

Excuse me for a second… (was your mind blown too?).

The actress, whose career begun with films like Léon: The Professional and the Star Wars Prequels, might have a role in Thor? That just upped the ante for this project.

Portman, who I want to speculate is a fangirl in secret, brings a level of acting chops and big-name status to Thor that was much needed. Along with the aforementioned prequels, she’s also played the role of Evey in V for Vendetta, bringing out the humility in the masked anarchist.

Since the Norse God is seen as a secondary (maybe even third tier) character like Iron Man was, Portman in a lead role gives this movie the credibility it deserves. So the question is… who will she play?

There are a number of female characters in Thor‘s story arc; some friendly and others–not so much. And since this is the first mention of any female character in the film, a breakdown of the potential roles and plot lines might be helpful.

Women in Thor’s circle of acquaintances range from vulnerable mortals to Asgardian Warrior Goddess and, of course, the ultimate femme fatale.

thor comic sif 01 Is Natalie Portman Set To Star In Thor?The first protagonist candidate is the character Sif, who’s an Asgardian warrior and Thor’s lover. As a child, she’s a sort of playmate for Thor and Loki. Although she is forgotten when she leaves to gain extensive training in combat, Thor’s Father (Odin) deems her a fitting mate for his son. Possessing immorality as a goddess, she prefers the world of Gods over the mortal world of Earth.

thor comic jane foster 01 Is Natalie Portman Set To Star In Thor?But on Earth, Donald Blake (Thor’s alter ego) has employed a nurse by the name of Jane Foster. She eventually develops feelings not only for the doctor, but also for the God of Thunder. A love triangle develops but ends when Thor reveals his secret identity and takes her to Asgard. Everything would be happily-ever after, if only Odin didn’t detest mortal-god relationships.

thor comic amora 01 Is Natalie Portman Set To Star In Thor?Then there’s The Enchantress (Amora). Born into the Asgardian gods, she’s booted but becomes one of the most powerful magic-wielders–her powers are focused on swindling and controlling people. She uses her sorcery and other “talents” to bend mortals and gods to her will. Sometimes succeeding in swaying Thor, she’s mainly an antagonist on both Asgard and Earth. Throughout her history, she teams with a number of characters against Thor–namely, Loki, Skurge (Executioner) and Power Man.

thor comic valkyrie 01 Is Natalie Portman Set To Star In Thor?There is another smaller character, by the name of Brunnhilde/Valkyrie. Her aliases consist of Barbara Denton and Samantha Parrington, but the bodies play host to Brunnhilde on Earth. Her first appearance was in The Avengers, Vol. 1 but worth mentioning is her appearance in the Ultimates Universe, she develops a live-in relationship with Thor. Valkyrie has a superhero fetish and no real powers, until she’s granted super strength and a limited invulnerability by an unexplained source.

Portman can play just about any of these roles, but if I was forced to guess, I’d say Sif–but I wouldn’t doubt her as Jane Foster or Valkyrie and her performance in The Other Boleyn Girl is example enough to be the conniving Enchantress.

We’ll just have to wait and see if Portman joins, but who do you think she’ll could be?

Thor is now expected to hit theaters June 17, 2011.

Sources: Deadline Hollywood Daily, Marvel

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  1. Verry Verry Cool!!!
    i am amped for this project…
    it could be smashing!!!

  2. This Thor movie, it is strictly going to be set in Asgard right? So then the Jane Foster character would be out correct? Now, I dig Natalie a lot but I would say her in Thor is a wrong move. Yes I know what she brings to the table, but they should do a casting search.

  3. @SK47
    The latest reports say Asgard, but I wanted to keep an open eye out to the future. Obviously, Thor joins the Avengers on Earth. So at some point, maybe in the first Thor, we’ll see Jane.

    Also in the comics, Lady Sif and Jane Foster share a striking resemblance to the point where Donald Blake/Thor mistakes the mortal for the goddess.

  4. @Carl Lee, that is good! A great Viking epic Marvel style…but the end result is the Avengers and Nick Fury is in it obviously so they have to introduce the Jane Foster character. Maybe at the very end?
    Either way, I cannot see Portman in this. Maybe as The Wasp I can see Portman in the role. She goes back to her cute short hair-style after V, the same she came on SNL with. Yeah, I can see that.

  5. @SK47
    I still like the rumour of Eva Longoria as The Wasp. I thought that was pretty sexy, not to mention more fitting for the role.

  6. Oh yeah, dude, how long ago was that rumor? Been a while!

  7. @ Manowar

    with a short hair cut she could be an awesome jannet! (the wasp) or with red hair i’d buy her as russian spy black widow. shes small and sporty looking which to me is more convincing as a spy, but still very sexy.

    think about it!!! lol

  8. @Carl Lee
    Shea, Eva is sexy, but I have also seen her act. I dare say Portman is sexier, I would take Portman over Mrs. Tony Parker for The Wasp.

  9. I think it’s most likely that Portman would play Jane Foster or some other mortal Earth woman. That just seems the most logical scenario to me, and I suspect with the first movie, they’d want to keep it as Earth-bound as possible.

  10. Forgive me but somewhere I read about the Thor film release being changed again. Now it has been moved forward to May 20, 2011. Though I don’t really know if that’s true.

    And as for Natalie in a role for the film, well, I personally can’t see her as any of the characters mentioned, but the one she most fits is Jane Foster.

    Anyways I’m really feeling excited about all this cast rumors because they keep telling me that this film os going for real.

  11. I don’t see why everyone thinks Portman is such a huge star. Yeah, she’s attractive, but her acting in the Star Wars prequels was awful (as was everyone else’s except Ian McDiarmid). V for Vendetta was a horrible movie. I just don’t see how everyone thinks she is a great actress.

  12. @ Bill Blume

    i had an understanding that the first movie would be completely in Assgard. soooo idk

  13. If Natalie Portman is in this movie, I will definitely watch it.

  14. Thor’s not second tier! He’s one of Marvel’s most powerful and important characters. And his character has been around for a long time.

  15. @Bill Blume
    We’re hearing that much of the movie will take place in Asgard, but that’s just what we’re hearing. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted. :)

    Those are true statements but what was meant by second tier, is how well the public knows the character. Not many knew Iron Man, and fewer more know Thor.

  16. I would say it is half-and-half with Iron Man. He has stayed within the public eye, especially to our generation at least. He had the cartoons, Toy-Biz merchandise, and of course, my homey GhostFace Killah uses the Tony Stark moniker all the time! They might not know his origins prior to the film releasing, but the do recognize the Iron Man suit, and that alone is good!