‘MythBusters’ Mishap Sends A Cannonball Flying… Through A House [Video]

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mythbusters cast MythBusters Mishap Sends A Cannonball Flying... Through A House [Video]

After 8 years on the air, Discovery Channel’s hit series MythBusters has finally had their first public accident during filming. While testing out a particular myth involving a cannon, a misfire occurred, which sent a cannonball flying through a nearby home. Fortunately, no one was injured.

The accident happened at 4pm on Tuesday, December 6, near the familiar Alameda County bomb range. Originally, the cannonball was supposed to pass through several barrels of water and a cinder block wall, in order to slow the projectile down. Upon misfiring, the cannon lifted and hit something that caused it to shoot over the protective hillside that surrounds the bomb range.

According to local television station KTVU, the cannonball bounced in front of a residential house, went through the front door and up through the second floor before finally exiting through the back wall. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to stop the cannonball.

After flying over an adjacent street, the cannonball bounced off of the roof of another house, and landed inside a parked minivan.

The owner of the van had this to say:

“I kind of looked inside and seen a big old cannonball. And I had just got out of the van five minutes earlier. I’m glad my kids weren’t inside the van. So lucky.”

After the accident occurred, the MythBusters crew sent over a senior producer to the homes that were affected by the cannonball. As Alameda County Sheriff J.D. Nelson said, “We never even had any kind of incident, let alone anything this terrible.”

Fortunately, the family – whose home was attacked like a medieval castle – had no idea that anything had happened until the dust settled, as everyone in the home was sleeping.

mythbusters cannonball house accident MythBusters Mishap Sends A Cannonball Flying... Through A House [Video]

While there hasn’t been any word from the MythBusters or Discovery Channel directly, Sheriff Nelson did have this to say about the situation.

“They’re very sorry that this happened. And they have safety measures that are in place. They did have a misfire. And they have insurance for these kinds of things.”

Despite having their first public accident (Adam Savage has stated previously that there was a serious accident that occurred in the shop that will never be spoken of), the fact that MythBusters went so many years before anything like this occurred is a testament to the care and safety that they put into the execution of their experiments.

You can view video of the destruction below (from KGO-TV):

Oh, and as for the insurance company… they knew it had to happen eventually. I just want to be in the room with the person having to make that call.

No word yet on when the new episodes of MythBusters will begin airing (or whether or not they’ll include this incident).

Oh, and if you’re a fan of the show, you might be interested in this. icon biggrin MythBusters Mishap Sends A Cannonball Flying... Through A House [Video]

mythbusters dvd MythBusters Mishap Sends A Cannonball Flying... Through A House [Video]


MythBusters airs Wednesdays @9pm on Discovery
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Source: KTVU

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  1. I’d sue them for all their worth, they literally could have killed someone.

    • Sue them for all their worth. Really? It was an accident. I love how poor people feel like they have to “stick it to the man” whenever they can. It was a horrible accident but nobody was hurt.

      • Yeah i agree it was an accident and they are more then willing to pay for the damages. There is no need to sue because they are willing to pay for all the damages. I am sure that the guy who owned the van will be getting a new one. So i agree no need to sue them. they are taking responsiablity for what they have done.

      • for those that say they should not be sued. That is your right to say that and I have no problem with that. I would like to ask these questions. What if they had hit your house, and thank GOD no one was injured. what if they had hit a child?

        • but what if ? what if ? what if? what if ? what if you try to be productive and what if you moved from your parants home and got a job ? what if ?

          • What if I walk around, playing with a loaded gun and, accidentally of course, shoot at some cars, houses and stuff in a inhabited area, maybe I hit someone, maybe not.

            Hello what is your problem are you all insane. I liked the Mythbusters show, because they have done such things in safe areas but this is brainless.

            Never do such dangerous things, when it is not absolutely sure that you don’t hurt somebody.

            • The fact is there is no such promise to be made, ever. People die doing “safe” things all the time. They were in the appropriate place, with the appropriate precautions. Get over it.

        • What if, maybe, possibly could have and 10¢, wont even get you a newspaper. You can what if from now till dooomsday. The point is it didn’t, wnd nothing, nada, zip, zilch, will ever change that. So let’s all sit dpwn take several deep breaths, calm down, and let them sort out this debacle. Nobody, and I do mean NOBODY can predict if and when a misfire is going to happen, if they could you can guarantee they would not have gone within 20 miles of that range, let alone actually fired the cannon, they have already said they are willing to pay for the damage, so what in the name of all that’s holy is all the fuss n bother about.

        • What if your kid gets in a plane and it crashes?

          Accidents happen. That’s life. Unless someone was negligent, there’s no issue. Suing is not supposed to be about vengeance, it should be about justice.

        • You people with the sue mantality is the reason this country is the way it is now.

          • You are so right.

        • If,If,If Nobody was hurt. Even though they were sleeping at 4 in the afternoon.?

    • You can sue for actual damage and maybe some mental stress…which I doubt would be “all they are worth” …LOSER

    • Why would automatically jump to sue them for everything their worth. First it was an accident, and second and most importantly no one was hurt. Why don’t you think before you speak. Better yet keep your thoughts to yourself. MORON!!!!

      • So you would wait until one of your children got killed by a massive cannonball that a television corporation sent through your home before you sued? Really? I’m calling BS.

        I don’t believe for one second that even an imbecile like you would say, “Hey…my kids and I are safe this time. No harm, no foul, Discovery Channel. My four year old little girl was standing in that very spot within 2 minutes ago, but hey, it WAS an accident. Nobody got hurt, amirite?”


        • soo you are always the victum and any corporation is always the enemy and you justify your twisted logic inside your twisted mind because you would not know the truth if it bit you,no doubt an obummer supporter. try getting a job and moving from under your parants roof !

        • You can’t sue for something that “MIGHT” have happened! The show is paying to fix all the damage. The sue happy mentality of the people in this country is beyond sickening.

      • myth busters is a very fine show and done safely and in good taste, i would not sue them i would just ask if i could keep the cannon ball ! liberals are always the victum and want to be paid every time they fart !

    • Really Bob.Really..sue for everything they are worth..I bet you have a friend named Neil. Neil and Bob,sue for everything they are worth.

    • Wow way to over react bob sue them for all there worth that’s what insurance is for accidents will happen and you should never try to profit from some one else s misfortune

    • Oh, get over it! They – live – near – a – bomb testing site.

    • The key word here is “could have” You could have died while drinking your coffee this morning. You must be from California, or be Democrat, You people are always looking to get “PAID” typical @$$ &@$#!!!

    • another low life scumbag-
      yes sue for real damages -

    • I am sure you would Bob. That is the American Way! Sue! Sue! Sue! Take em for all their worth Bob! Get it ALL! Take the show! Heck, take the NETWORK!!! Get FAT! Get RICH! GET HAPPY! Drown in all that cash BOB! Stuff it in your face!!!!! SWIM IN THAT MONEY……Take advantage of that accident – because of course, accidents never happen to you right?! Remember to make sure your bankrupt em buddy! and most of all, get that show off the air so the million that enjoy it can’t anymore so one person can get rich!!! AHHHHHHH lol

    • Yea sue them for all their worth, I mean it’s not like they would have thought anything could ever happen when living right next to a explosive range

    • Don’t worry Bob, Paul and Chris are just common hypocrites.

      Had a massive cannonball(!) literally careened through their home like this one so violently did, they’d be singing a different tune. I love the “Awww shucks, it was just an accident. Nobody got hurt…amirite?” attitude but it is disingenuous at best.

      This thing went flying off into the horizon and ended up crashing through front doors, staircase landings, etc…and ended up destroying a parked minivan? Frankly, it’s amazing that it *didn’t* kill anyone. But you don’t just count your “blessing” and move on; allowing Discovery Channel to go about their merry way having issued an apology.

      This was more than just a harmless accident and legal action is, without question, absolutely warranted.

      • Jude:
        They were asleep at 4pm in the AFTERNOON.
        They had no idea what happened. So send them back where they came from.
        You are one reason these U.S. is what it is. SUE SUE SUE SUE SUE.
        Are you an attorney or what.

    • if a frog had wings he would not bump his ass every time he hopped, it is people like you that make high priced insurance necessary !

    • That is exactly what is wrong with this country people like you who are shallow minded greedy and looking to get rich quick. If i was u i would go outside and hit my self in the head with a hammer until some good american values get put back in there. No one was hurt and if they take care of the damages then they have done what is right.

    • @Bob, It was an accident. Like the others have already stated, the damages would be paid for and then some.

    • Such are the hazards of living next to an active bomb range.
      I mean seriously, They often have the bomb tecs helping them out and even loading charges with them.
      Crap happens, Bomb ranges are built next to houses.

    • *they’re

    • They live next door to a bomb range. They should be glad the house and van will be fixed.

  2. I am honestly surprised that it took this long for something to happen with the kind of stuff they do on a regular basis. I wonder what the payout will be. Thank God no one was hurt.

    • Nothing much. Some walls will be repaired and a van will have its windows replaced. Other than that, Robert Lee, the narrator, will have something to say about the incident and everybody will be having a good laugh.

  3. Wow, probably going to be one of the craziest insurance calls in a long while. I’m glad no injuries occurred. I wonder if anybody actually saw the cannonball on its reign of carnage. And if they did, did they video it?

    • One man say it hit the road in front of the house, before it went through the house. He didn’t film it, but he said it left a nice crater in the road.

      • You have to wonder what that eyewitness was thinking when the cannonball struck the ground. My first instinct would probably be some sort of pirate invasion or a civil war reenactment gone wrong.

        • Haha… If you lived near the bomb range where MythBusters blows things up, you probably had a good idea who was behind it.

    • If anyone did get this incident on video they probably thought it was an alien encounter and the media is just using the mythbusters as a cover up

  4. This is MB’s second major incident involving the public. During the filming of ‘knock your socks off,’ one of their explosions caused widespread but minor damage to a nearby town.

    • How do you know. The major incident that Adam was talking about was a explosion that rocked the M-5 shop during filming for Confederate Cannon. A test fire sent smoke throughout the building and onto the second floor.

    • Get real – it wasn’t a “MAJOR incident” during the ‘knock your socks off’ episode, it broke a few windows — kids throwing an errant baseball in any neighborhood can do that on a regular basis. MB’s safety record has been stellar; give the guys a break because a single experiment of many hundred goes awry. Oh, and no one was hurt. You can’t even say that about the OCCUPY protests!! And at least Mythbusters is educational!

    • “This is MB’s second major incident involving the public” you then go on to say that the first one actually caused minor damage

  5. I would so like to be a fly on the wall listening to that insurance claim take place…..HAHAHA. Even though we can poke fun at this, it is a serious situation and we should be grateful no one was injured. The Mythbusters take such care to be safe during the tests they perform and it is a testimen that it took this long before they did have an accident. I am impressed at the levels they do resort to on the show to make sure people know the proper safety procedures are so important.I am also relieved no one was injured in this incident and gratefuuly the homes can be repaired and one day it will be a great story for the grandkids!

  6. Hey, it was bound to happen sometime. The fact that it took so long for an accident to occur just shows how safety conscious they are. The damages can be repaired. Lets just be thankful that no one was hurt.

  7. I don’t know what’s more strange; That a cannon ball blasted through a house or the fact that everyone in the house was sleeping a 4pm?

    • i know right. maybe they work late or something. if it did happen during that time that is weird that everyone in the house was sleeping and for second no one heard a big cannon ball hit their house. LOL

    • Some people nap when their kids do especially if they have a newborn. Who knows though. Maybe they work the graveyard shift. Maybe they drank until 7 am and were still passed out. Perhaps they have the flu and were sleeping. It could have been a weed nap. Or maybe they were just plain ol’ tired and fell asleep.

  8. Not that I’m a candidate for MENSA, but Bob and Paul….it’s “they’re worth”, not “their worth”….anywho, glad nobody got hurt and Carrie Byron is still the hottest nerd known to man!

    • J, good job pointing out grammar faults. It’s Kari Byron, not Carrie!

  9. Great show. I hope this incident does not affect their willingness or ability to ‘put it all on the line’. Accidents happen, and controls sometimes are not enough but that should not shutdown the show. Keep doing what you can to stay safe; your safety record is still intact.

    Best of wishes to all.

  10. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. You’ve got to work on your writing.

    “Sometimes living near the ‘MythBusters’ isn’t all that fun. That is, of course, if you don’t mind having a cannonball accidentally fired through your house and car.”

    These two sentences essentially contradict each other as far as what you’re trying to say. “unless you don’t mind…..” might be a better way of stating things.

  12. Curmudgeon is correct. When they set off an explosion (in the cement truck I believe) it sent a shock wave through the nearby town that broke windows and set off car alarms, etc.

    Apparently, they now avoid going near that town.

  13. “The accident happened at 4pm on Tuesday, December 6, near the familiar Alameda County bomb range.”…….

    “Fortunately, the family – whose home was attacked like a medieval castle – had no idea that anything had happened until the dust settled, as everyone in the home was sleeping.”

    Uhhhhh…I’m not sure that makes any sense. The whole family was at home, sleeping, at 4 pm?

  14. how is it that the accident happened at 4pm, but everyone in the house was sleeping?

  15. Definitely sue for sure . People were sleeping in that house. Financial compensation should be in order . This show is mainly for entertainment purposes and does not benefit the community in any way it just keeps rolling in the dough for the mythbusters team . I am a fan of the show … but you cannot always just brush things off. This is indeed a horrible accident in many ways , what if the family was indeed injured?
    I heard kids build a bomb by what they saw on MacGyver back in the 90′s, this Mythbuster’s incident is way off and they shouldn’t have canceled MacGyver :) !


    • a liberal no doubt for your first reaction is need to be paid or some one has to pay. well it is about time you paid soo get out from your parants roof and get a job ! thank God you are not my neighbor or i would be beating your ass daily ! you punk !

      • Albert,

        You need to tone down the rhetoric if you don’t want to be banned. And FYI, I’m a Conservative and if this had happened on my street I don’t think I’d sue for damages, just for what it would cost to repair my home – but yes, they COULD have killed someone… do you not see that?


  16. Hm. Happened at 4:00 p.m. and everyone in the house was sleeping. That’s some weird hours.

  17. who in their right mind would live near a bomb testing site–
    and who in the town or city let them live that nearby-
    it is a bomb testing site and when it comes to bombs cannons and such—anything can happen-
    just glad no one was hurt-if you are going to live near a site that has live bombs the results should be on you–
    as they say –you can’t fix stupid-
    and living within miles of a bomb testing site is —STUPID

  18. I have only watched the show 3 or 4 times,it is so HOKEY and a total waste of tv time proving nothing!

  19. It wasn’t “just an accident”. I’m a Mythbusters fan and this is egregious. They were playing with a canon that could have killed someone. “Just an accident” is driving down the street and then having the wheel slip so you run into another car.

    This is a whole level of recklessness. If the “just an accident” routine/defense actually works then I can start making pipe bombs and flamethrowers in my garage. And hey, if the napalm goes off, it’s “just an accident”. Mythbusters will pay more damages than that. Firing a canon without requisite enough protection will result in something more. They should have taken more precautions or fired the canon somewhere far far away from a residential area.

    • ok evan so the military should not test their weopons either. No sciencist should test their things that need to be tested. it was an accident they did take all the precautions and the rigt authorities knew what they were doing. The bomb range was there way before the houses went up i am sure. So if someone moves in somewhere they need to do the research before moving into a neighborhood. The people knew their was a bomb range near their homes what they dont think people use this? i mean give me a break. It was an accident who made the range those are the poeple responsible then because they did not make it safe enough. It is the people’s fault for LIVING NEXT TO A BOMB RANGE!!! get real.

    • they were in a fireing range and had a misfire, mis fires are by definition accidental, they didnt aim the cannon at the homes, it accidentally went that way

    • Dick Cheney shot a guy in the face. Accident or attempted murder? It was an accidental misfire just like what happened here…but with a cannon and no injuries.

  20. The best part of this story is the “Canon Project Imagination” ad right in the middle of it! Hilarious!

  21. That’s exactly whats wrong with this country today. It’s people like BOB who can’t wait for an accident to happen. Just so he can file a lawsuit and get something for nothing. I guess he has never had an accident happen in his life. If it ever does I hope the person sues the heck out of him.

    • they should have open season on ambulance chaseing lawers and the people that use them

  22. Sue them for all they’re worth? Let’s take that line of thinking further:

    The Producers should have to:

    1. Pay for physical damages, emotional distress, and suffering
    2. Pay for counseling for neighbors of the affected dwellings, and those traumatized by reading about this story.
    3. Establish a foundation to provide emotional and logistical support to those negatively affected by cannonballs worldwide.
    4. Publicly apologize and demonstrate they are not part of the cannonball/gun culture by supporting gun prohibition organizations and activists.
    5. Contact Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and offer reparations…surely something about this transgression must involve racism!

    There’s probably going to be some idiot who reads this and thinks it all should be done.

    • apo;ogize for the united states,blame bush, and sleep with a picture of harry reid, and blame capitalisim, but always blame others because that is the liberal way ! never never be accouantable for your own situtation in life !!


    • Really? My comment “awaits moderation” for using former Vice President Cheney’s first name. Yet the innuendoes in this post exist along with that highly inappropriate screen name. And if that really is Phil’s last name…then shame on his parents for naming him Phil.

  24. Evan, you should be a Quarterback…on Monday morning…

  25. So I guess we should not try that one at home? They have to air this, it would be a sin against the fans not to.

  26. “Financial compensation should be in order . This show is mainly for entertainment purposes and does not benefit the community in any way it just keeps rolling in the dough for the mythbusters team . I am a fan of the show … but you cannot always just brush things off. This is indeed a horrible accident in many ways , what if the family was indeed injured?”

    Yes, they’re a corporation making money! Sue them take their ill-gotten gains, why they’re making money off these activities! They even make PROFIT!!! Take their dirty money! They don’t deserve it, it isn’t fair! TAX THE RICH!!!

    I bet you’re a huge Obama supporter, JB…

    • I bet you’re a Cain supporter. If your not rich, its your own fault.

      • “If your not rich…”


  27. I wish they would fire that red head in to my bed lol.

  28. So long as Kari came over and personally consoled me I’d be OK with a hole in my wall or my Mini van

  29. With insurance , if a rock falls out of a moving dump truck and hits your windshield, that is covered due to the negligence of the dump truck company in loading. But, If the rock hits the ground and bounces, it is considered road hazard and your on your own. So, since the cannon ball bounced on the road is anyhting after that Road Hazard..lol
    Oh and if a earthquake occurs and your house collapses and nearly kills you, are you gonna sue God,mother nature…

    • That’s a stupid comparision, you can do nothing against an earthquake or other natural disasters, but you don’t have to shoot around with canons for fun.