‘MythBusters’ Mishap Sends A Cannonball Flying… Through A House [Video]

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mythbusters cast MythBusters Mishap Sends A Cannonball Flying... Through A House [Video]

After 8 years on the air, Discovery Channel’s hit series MythBusters has finally had their first public accident during filming. While testing out a particular myth involving a cannon, a misfire occurred, which sent a cannonball flying through a nearby home. Fortunately, no one was injured.

The accident happened at 4pm on Tuesday, December 6, near the familiar Alameda County bomb range. Originally, the cannonball was supposed to pass through several barrels of water and a cinder block wall, in order to slow the projectile down. Upon misfiring, the cannon lifted and hit something that caused it to shoot over the protective hillside that surrounds the bomb range.

According to local television station KTVU, the cannonball bounced in front of a residential house, went through the front door and up through the second floor before finally exiting through the back wall. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to stop the cannonball.

After flying over an adjacent street, the cannonball bounced off of the roof of another house, and landed inside a parked minivan.

The owner of the van had this to say:

“I kind of looked inside and seen a big old cannonball. And I had just got out of the van five minutes earlier. I’m glad my kids weren’t inside the van. So lucky.”

After the accident occurred, the MythBusters crew sent over a senior producer to the homes that were affected by the cannonball. As Alameda County Sheriff J.D. Nelson said, “We never even had any kind of incident, let alone anything this terrible.”

Fortunately, the family – whose home was attacked like a medieval castle – had no idea that anything had happened until the dust settled, as everyone in the home was sleeping.

mythbusters cannonball house accident MythBusters Mishap Sends A Cannonball Flying... Through A House [Video]

While there hasn’t been any word from the MythBusters or Discovery Channel directly, Sheriff Nelson did have this to say about the situation.

“They’re very sorry that this happened. And they have safety measures that are in place. They did have a misfire. And they have insurance for these kinds of things.”

Despite having their first public accident (Adam Savage has stated previously that there was a serious accident that occurred in the shop that will never be spoken of), the fact that MythBusters went so many years before anything like this occurred is a testament to the care and safety that they put into the execution of their experiments.

You can view video of the destruction below (from KGO-TV):

Oh, and as for the insurance company… they knew it had to happen eventually. I just want to be in the room with the person having to make that call.

No word yet on when the new episodes of MythBusters will begin airing (or whether or not they’ll include this incident).

Oh, and if you’re a fan of the show, you might be interested in this. icon biggrin MythBusters Mishap Sends A Cannonball Flying... Through A House [Video]

mythbusters dvd MythBusters Mishap Sends A Cannonball Flying... Through A House [Video]


MythBusters airs Wednesdays @9pm on Discovery
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Source: KTVU

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  1. Maybe if they were far away from the residential area, they wouldn’t have hit anything even if they did misfire.

  2. If this happened to my house I whould of been both confused and star struck.

    Star struck because the myth busters broke my house wich would be an honor that they did so.

    Confused because this entire time I thought the show was canceled being off air for so long.

    • Why can’t they still be shooting episodes for the next coming season? Just because they’re off air, doesn’t mean they still can’t shoot episodes.

      • Huh, new episodes have been airing the past few weeks.

  3. I think the Mythbusters are doing what they should do in regards to this. However, are some of you even slightly aware of their politics? You’re scoring some real points for irony by putting down liberals to defend the Mythbusters. The truth is, some modern conservatives only know liberal politics bfrom their own propaganda. Liberals like big boom, too, and are no more fans of frivolous lawsuits than anybody else.

  4. I and my grandson are avid MythBusters fans. We watch it every time it’s on. I looked for the show tonight and found that it isn’t on, nor on any time this week. I was heart sick and immediately went to my computer to look for the reason. It is unfortunate that a home and van received damage due to problems with the cannon ball myth. However, I don’t understand why their program was scraped tonight. I do hope it will be on next week and for the next several weeks and months. Not only is it educational but a joy to watch. We love all of the cast. Please bring it back!!!

  5. Yo guys this sueing debate is stupid.

    The only time you should sue some one is if they do nothing to fix the problem.

    Only a D-Bag sues some one for every thing they have with out waiting to see if there going to fix the problem they made.

  6. The worst thing you could imagine happening is a 747 landing on your house. I chuckled a little bit. But in a serious voice I say “treat weapons as they are loaded…always”. This goes for cannons, spud guns, and everything else you may load with a projectile. MythBusters is a great educational show that must stay on the air.

    • Curt:
      I agree with you totally.

  7. I hope they redo the myth.

  8. Who builds a residential area close enough to a bomb range or vice versa that homes can get hit with projectiles…arent there some regulations?

  9. What else were they testing besides the cannon ball???

  10. Love this show. I still remember a long-ago episode exploring the Goldfinger myth. Carrie (Kerri?) stripped down to her underwear in order to be painted gold. WOW! She’s still easy on the eyes.

  11. Why was everyone sleeping at 4pm?

    • Vampires? Oh wait, vampires sparkle in the sunlight, they don’t burn. :-P

  12. I think it’s hilarious that most of you think that those proposing to sue and that most people who sue are 1. liberal and 2. poor. Stop watching Fox News. The overwhelming majority of lawsuits are NOT done by poor liberals. As a point of fact it is just the opposite. However the fact that you losers actually think Mythbusters is a good show proves that your IQ’s hover somewhere around room temperature. These guys are and always have been morons. I have seen the show a dozen times and every single time their methodology and thought process for “disproving” myths is childish.

    • Then why do you keep watching it?

    • I mean it is a show where much of the fanbase is children so if you go using 10 letter words in your sentences, people won’t understand…it’s a show where they test things you’re unsure about, and can even be useful. I love the show, myself.

    • Sean, I don’t want to get into the “to sue or not to sue” argument that many others are having because it is pointless, as it doesn’t directly impact us. However to claim that the entire Mythbusters viewing audience has an IQ slightly below the legal definition of mental handicap is extremely insulting. Some of us have regular jobs and just want to see something relaxing and simple after a 10 hour call at the hospital. I for one know I can counter your statement because I’m a [semi]regularly attending member of Mensa; last I checked those with mental retardation do not get into the Mensa family easily. No malice is meant here, of course, but I just wanted to inform you that stereotypes make no friends.

  13. I feel that a lot of people are overreacting to this accident! I understand that there was an accident, but fortunately no one was injured at all. Sure there is some property damage but the myth busters have insurance and i am sure will make it right with the perspective families that suffered the damages. If anyone has ever watched the show, the myth busters take extra precautions in all of their experiments in attempt to avoid such incidents. Sure they try to make the show fun for people to watch and are very funny to watch but in all seriousness they do try to make sure that no one gets hurt during their experiments and i giver them a lot of credit for that. As unfortunate as this incident was i hope the myth busters keep doing what they enjoy and keep busting myths.

  14. Uhhh guys, next time you fire a projectile, try a artillery range, not a bomb range.

  15. @ bob & aliensRus- How does making your safe richer make the world a better place? If you hate the mythbusters for their “crime” I could understand you boycotting and desperately trying to get the show cancelled at least then there is a clear objective that doesn’t center around greed. Yet, you seem, to have no intention other than to declare that if you where in their position you would sue them for all they got. Of course in a court room you would hardly be given anything you case couldn’t even hold water, they are already offering to cover all damages. So you would possibly win a dime or two and then Mythbusters would just move on to their next best thing, and you’ll sit there thinking you actually did something with two shiny coins in your pocket. Like wtf? Wow.

    Oh and this was written by a Liberal! Fancy that.

    • A liberal who is from california might I add. Dam conservatives, they just love their stereotypes and stigmas don’t they?

      • What are you babbling about, is your comment realy addressed to me?

        1. I never ever said something about boycotting, neither do I have the motivation, that the show get canceled. I want, that they reconsider their methods and the places, where they do such dangerous experiments, otherwise someone gets realy hurt eventually.

        2. I wouldn’t sue them for all they got, because the main damage they’ve done to the poor people can’t be paid by any money in the world.
        Can you imagine what a trauma you get when such a thing is hapening to you. You will never feel save in your house anymore, nightmares and very likely psychotherapy for years.
        I only hope that they multiply their safety arrangements in the future and when not, then the show should be canceled (when another accident like this one happens).

        PS: I’m from Berlin, Germany, I don’t know nothing about the stereotypes and stigmas the conservatives have in the US, but now I know yours.

        • First, You read my post wrong. I said “If You Where to say you Where boycotting at least Greed would not be thrown into the mix.”

          Secondly, It has already been stated I think over 20 times( in the article and in these comments) that the people affected by this lived near a bombing range. The experiment was done in the bombing range.

          The show has been nothing but careful and meticulous about safety precautions. They’ve done 100 of experiments like this and this is their first major accident. That speaks volumes. You did say that they should be sued, and now you are saying that no amount of money could ease the suffering. I’m not sure what your point is then.

          They offered to cover all damages, what more do you want from them? It’s called an accident, things happen.

          • I never said something like they should be sued, I recommend you to read my posts again, with more attention.
            I think you are a little bit confused about all this comments.

            That you have bombing ranges near inhabited areas in the US is very odd. This is so strange, that I probably haven’t noticed it indeed.

        • Your from Berlin? Cool, so might I add that Bush was a conservative, Clinton was a liberal…

          And since you are not familiar with our politics, let me tell you these facts.

          1. The richest 1% of the country own 80% of the wealth.
          2. The news is run by (MOSTLY) conservatives.
          3. Conservatives cut money out of the educational system so its citizens are smart enough to keep the factories working but dumb enough to not ask questions.
          4. When a liberal trys to get something passed through congress, republicans all vote the same, and liberals vote for what they think is best, basiclly, liberals think for themselves, and conservatives vote like a virus same goals and same plots.
          5. Obama is a great president, but conservatives use congress, the media, and the lack of education to keep people thinking that he is a bad leader.

          Now that I told you that, let me ask EVERYONE here something, WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THIS CRAP?

          I learned this along time ago, NEVER talk about politics or religioun, because you never know who will be offended.

          • I really hate politics has come out of this article and ususally I dont comment on things like this. But Brandon, you are extremely uninformed or all of your “facts” are demographical at best. You have 5 bullets in your comment. All 5 come from your so called conservative media. The media, by far, is extremely left. And the left has lied to you my friend. Your first bullet is close to the truth, but the other 4 are as far off as you can get. Your comment completely explains why our country is in the shape it is in. People are uninformed of the truth.

          • Ok, thank you for your clarification.
            So, as you discriped it, the liberals are in general more likeable, exceptions prove the rule ;)

          • “described”

          • Uhh, if you had only stated that last little part there and nothing else, what you said may have held water, but you had to ruin it with hugely offensive opinions that do not apply to conservatives or liberals alone. They apply to everybody. I know everybody wants to think that their party is full of saints that can’t do any wrong, and that the opposing party is full of mislead automatons. But in reality, each party is filled with people. People who can look at something and make a decision based on experience or opinion. You may not agree with the ideals of a certain party, but don’t attack the people who follow them.

            I agree with you comment on asking why this came up and why it continues, but it only continues because nobody tried to settle it, it was only rekindled with every post. Let it end here.

            • First off, there is so many more subdivisions of politics than liberals and conservatives and that’s what us wrong with bipartisan politics…you are labeled as one or the other when truthfully we need more political parties. Secondly, the media is not controlled by political parties, it’s controlled by commercial interests. If their advertisers are conservative, you can bet they’ll have a biased opinion towards that political angle. Lastly, the Mythbusters should do a show on how a rouge cannonball can cause a political debate on a website devoted to movie and television news.

              • Whoops. That was intended for Brandon not Jay19. I agree with Jay and agree in saying let it end here.

  16. They were trying to educate our young. The school systems seem to failing
    at this. Stuff happens, just like when the people invented this. Do you think they got that right the first time. It is a SUE HAPPY WORLD.
    That is what is wrong with our justice system. If they agree a pay for damages and comp. within reason whats the problem? Or send them back where they came from. Who would buy a house next to a jail and bomb range anyway.
    I back Myth Busters all the way. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  17. What IF Orville and Wilbur Wright was afraid of all you sue happy people?
    What if the plane landed in someone’s house? Where would we be today? What IF Henry Ford was a afraid of you sue happy people? I know he did not invent the first automobile but, Where would we be today if he was afraid of being sued?

    • In a nice, quiet and not so polluted world with less traffic-related casualties and more intact nature, and don’t forget the global warming ;)

    • Didn’t South Park do something about sueing? I forgot the name of the episode, but Kyles dad was the lawyer in the biggest case of the century, “Everybody VS Everybody”

  18. The only mistake they really made imho was to make sure the direction the artillery was pointed did NOT have a housing project anywhere remotely in the possible trajectory. Don’t they usually use a more remote place for tests like this like the abandoned military base/airstrip?

    It is unfortunate and thankfully no one was hurt so they can now move forward being a bit more cautious and conscious of surrounding areas.

  19. Only a D-Bag sues some one for every thing they have with out waiting to see if there going to fix the problem they made.

  20. Well, when you build a suburb next to a bomb range, you risk things like this…
    Anyway, I think they should show that episode anyway and give the proceeds of that one to the two homeowners.

  21. This whole thing about suing, as Rumpelstiltskin so correctly characterized, is not about politics. It’s interesting that so many have assumed by talking about stupidity he meant Liberalism. Freudian? That numb-skulled idiotic thinking satirized by Rumpelstiltskin is an extreme example of the kind of mush-headed stupidity that has become way too prevalent in our society. And it is a close cousin of Political Correctness. So let the chips fall where they may. Whatever it is, it doesn’t originate from the right side of the spectrum.

  22. Uh, why are there people talking about suing them? Aren’t they going to pay for all of the damages? I understand if they are not taking responsibility for their actions and don’t want to pay, then by all means, sue, that’s what the court is there for, but if all of the damages will be paid for, what the hell would they be suing for???

    Oh, and BTW, according to the news anchor in that video, Discovery has said they will NOT be airing that episode where this happened… Just pointing this out because the writer of the article seems curious about this fact…

  23. Saw this stone cannonball episode Jan 27th. They explained briefly what happened, mentioned there was a several month delay, new test site found, and apologies all around.