‘Myst’ Movie is On the Way

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myst movie Myst Movie is On the Way

A movie adaptation of the popular video game Myst is apparently on the way, courtesy of Roserock Films and Gran Via Productions.

Naturally some of you guys are thinking to yourselves that Myst is a game which featured one person’s exploration of a seemingly uninhabited world. Well, if that’s all you know about Myst then you don’t know the whole story – but does an expanded mythology mean that this video game will translate into a successful movie?

Also involved with the Myst film are Adrian Vanderbosch and Isaac Testerman of Mysteria Film Group, current holders of the rights to Myst, which they obtained from Cyan Worlds. While the original Myst game primarily dealt with the aforementioned mystery of a seemingly uninhabited world, when the game’s sequel, Riven, was being developed, Cyan Worlds published a trilogy of novels that greatly expanded upon the mythology of the Myst universe.

In these novels, it was revealed that there is an alien civilization known as “The D’ni” who were able to create and control an infinite number of worlds. The story of the games is set in motion when a young woman from Earth inadvertently stumbles upon the D’ni.

Suffice to say, it’s the novels and their more extensive stockpile of material that the producers of the Myst films are combing through for ideas. Said Adrian Vanderbosch:

”Our aim with this project is to stretch the genres it operates within, much like the source material did…It is such an innovative property and the best service we can do to it is to maintain that spirit. By utilizing the novels as our primary source, we have the opportunity to offer audiences the essence of Myst without being limited only to the famous islands of the first game.”

myst riven dni Myst Movie is On the Way

OK, so I have nothing at all against Myst - in fact it was one of the first computer games I ever really got into (along with King’s Quest and Prince of Persia). However, even with this expanded mythology – which I admittedly know nothing about – it seems as though there are tons of better video-game-to-movie ideas to be drawing on at this juncture. Besides, the notion of an alien race who can create and manipulate an entire world is an idea I liked better when it was still called Dark City. Maybe Myst will turn out ot be something truly innovative, unique and exciting…but I’m not exactly holding my breath, hoping for that to be the case.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested, here are some other video game-to-movie adaptations that Hollywood studios may want consider over a Myst film. In fact, I do believe one of our suggestions is already getting the movie treatment:

What do you think about a Myst movie? See anything in our list of suggestions that sounds better?

Source: Variety

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  1. oooo.

    The material is a bit out of date. They’re not going to have much of a franchise following like Prince of Persia or Halo or anything. The potential is there for a great movie though.

  2. I’d rather see a King’s Quest movie. Or something based on Return to Zork.

    I didn’t realize Myst had a whole alien element to it, but I only played it for ten minutes when I was 8 so I never got too deep into it. The alien thing kind of disappoints me though; I figured there’d be a fantasy element more than that.

    • They really weren’t all that “alien”. They looked exactly like humans. They just had access to different technology and spoke a different language. I’ve played all the Myst games. The potential for a great story is definitely there. The games involved traveling back in forth to many exotic “worlds” but it was handled in such a way that invoked much more of a fantasy element.

  3. This will be… a visual masterpiece. Or at least I’m hoping that it will be!

  4. This would make for a visually stunning film. I doubt they can get the budget to do it right though. Might make a better CGI film than live action. There’s still a pretty good audience of Mystophiles out there. It could be a surprise hit.

  5. The novels (especially “Book of Ti’ana,” which the film is supposed to be based on) have so much to draw from; moreso than the games. If done right, this movie could very well rival any modern epic. And with the hook of “infinite worlds” there’s a never-ending supply of sequel fodder beyond the written trilogy.

    • At least you admit that you know nothing about the franchise. I know everyone who thinks of Myst is thinking of the old PC game. Get that picture out of your head right now. To say that Myst is about a quiet, unpopulated island is a bit like saying that Lord of the Rings is about the Shire.

      Myst is Epic with a capital ‘E’. If you haven’t read the books I would encourage you to do so. Just wait until you see the first trailer. This is a sotry about a race that lives in tunnels carved through solid rock with Godzilla-sized machines. They harvest the riches of a million worlds through the secret art of Writing. They believe themselves to be gods until their entire civilization is destroyed. In a day. By one man. I’m just amazed that the potential for a movie has been overlooked for so long.

  6. Sorry, I was replying to the article. Not to caseymenlo’s comment.

  7. So far I have seen a lot rantings about making the MYST movie so when are we going to see it or is going to die like most good ideas that are full of merit the date at the moment is 2/23/2011 time is around 10.01pm so when are we going to see the movie

  8. I, like Leslie, have heard many speak honestly of the magical draw myst has had upon people and think a movie would be spectacular and epic,and still to date may 12, 2011 nothing.
    Producers are missing a great opportunity here. With modern day technology and the ability to even expound on the visuals and sound the games offered there is a history to be made opportunity overlooked here.

    I already have some great ides for a story board that Zooey Deshannel sp? would play one role perfectly.

  9. Honestly, the whole story surrounding the Myst franchise is amazing and mysterious. It would make an amazing movie, but I have zero faith in the people who are producing it. If you check out their comments on their official movie website, they seem really unprofessional to me.

    The summary you gave of the overall Myst story (“an alien civilization known as ‘The D’ni’ who were able to create and control an infinite number of worlds”) is vague at best and when you dig deeper, the story is much more rich and enticing.

    The ending has not yet be written. Long live.

  10. Out of date. Myst is a great well thought out and intricate scifi story. Stories dont age. I dont understand how some people say it had no plot. From what I remeber a man discovered how to create worlds with written books he called ages. His sons stole some of his ages and started writing there own too for the sole purpose of imposing there will on them. The father then tasks the player to find the sons in the ages and trick them in to special prison books. Thats a simple explination its far more involed but still you can see how creative and original just the base story is. The presentation of the story is epic and it gets deeper with each game. Huge movie potential for sure.

  11. I love the worlds of Myst and the storyline that it has developed, but I’m not so sure that mythological lore would be the way to go. The storyline could make a great plot if it were centered more around the complex stories of Sirrus and Achenar and their Cain and Abel relationship. Remember that prior to their imprisonment they lived a free life in their father’s ages, tormenting its inhabitants and seeking power over them

  12. Okay, first off, the D’ni did not “create” the worlds; the Linking Books created a stable “wormhole” that could transport the D’ni to already existing worlds. Some D’ni developed god complexes and claimed they were world creators, but the books – and the games – make it very clear that the D’ni do not create worlds when they write a Linking Book. If the creators of the Myst movie stay true to the world of Myst and the D’ni, then I think they’ll have a terrific movie, because at the heart of the world Cyan created is a story, not just a computer game.

  13. I just wish that people wouldn`t make statements comparing two movies when they admit they don`t know much about one of them. Dark City was a great movie. They manipulated the world to change its surroundings and the people inside. In the world of Myst they create worlds by writing them. The books then link a person to and from these many worlds. It`s more of an artform in creating these worlds in Myst because not just anyone can create them and keep them stable. Yes the two use the concept of creating but to see one and compare it to another when you don`t know about both is unprofessional.