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Everything Wrong With The Hunt For Red October

This is our narrator’s 2nd favorite movie of all time, and it hurt him a little to read these sins. But no movie is without sin, so we soldier on. In honor of the upcoming Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, we bring you the sins of the very first cinematic Jack Ryan adventure, The Hunt For Red October. Yes, there were sins… no, not as many as usual.

10 Amazing Facts About Pixar

Find out what ‘A113’ means and how many Hawaiian shirts John Lasseter owns in 10 amazing facts about Pixar.

What If Google Was a Guy

Everything you ask Google sounds a lot stupider when you actually ask Google.

IRON MAN 1 and 2 in 8 minutes

My ex was coming to see Iron Man 3 with me but hadn’t seen the first two, so I decided to make her a multimedia synopsis of the first two. We broke up before I completed it but decided to go ahead and finish it. She’ll never see it, but I think it but I wanted to share it with somebody.

submitted by spidermanngp

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How to Pretend You Understand Art

Look less idiotic by following Mr. Forthright’s simple art advice. He covers everything you need to know – the art of mumbling, the art of pacing, the art of the brow furrow, the art of wearing a turtleneck, and many more!

SHERLOCK – The Musical (Season 3)

Sherlock Holmes Lives! He’s back for more adventure and mystery!

Conan? Dad?

The 71st Golden Globes: Best Of Tina Fey And Amy Poehler

Once again, professional friends and gifted comedians Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were the highlight of this year’s Golden Globe Awards.

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Muppets Most Wanted – Outrage

Fans across the internet are outraged that Muppets Most Wanted wasn’t nominated for over 247 awards. See some of the chatter in this new video and see Muppets Most Wanted, coming to theaters March 21.

Game of Thrones Crafts: Amigurumi Starks & Lannisters

Amigurumi Starks Lannisters 570x312 SR Geek Picks: SHERLOCK The Musical, Pixar Facts, Muppet Outrage & More

Ravelry designer Kati Galusz has created a series of medieval amigurumi patterns inspired by the GoT characters, including the Starks (Eddard/Ned, Catelyn, Sansa, Arya, & Bran, plus the direwolves) and the Lannisters (Jaime, Cersei & Tyrion), plus Khal Drogo, Khalessi, and Khalessi’s dragons.


See how the CineFix office responds to the new Game of Thrones Season Four Trailer

7 Interesting Facts About THE DARK KNIGHT’s Pencil Trick

7 Interesting Facts About THE DARK KNIGHTs Pencil Trick SR Geek Picks: SHERLOCK The Musical, Pixar Facts, Muppet Outrage & More

One of the most infamous scenes in The Dark Knight is a scene that’s come to be known as the Pencil Trick. Shocking, disturbing, simple, and twisted, it perfectly captured the malevolent and brutal humor of Heath Ledger’s new interpretation of the Joker. Yet there was a lot going on with that one moment. TheGeekTwins have seven interesting facts about the scene.

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How to Make Totoro Poptarts

These Totoro poptarts would be a great treat for any anime-lover.

Top Gun Final Dog Fight Sweded

Maverick outmaneuvers and shoots down a hostile MiG!

Watch the side-by-side comparison with the original

Watch the behind-the-scenes

7 Crazy Oscar Facts

In honor of Awards Season, TYDK is hitting the red carpet – or at least the trivia books. Here’s a list of fun facts that can make you the know-it-all of any Oscar party.

Antler Ring Toss with Queen Latifah


Jimmy and Queen Latifah put on helmets outfitted with giant antlers and play a game of ring toss.

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Adam WarRock “Jesse Was a Preacher” [comics]

Free Download
Beat used: King Reign “Dear God”
Based on, inspired by comic, Preacher…

Jon Bernthal Has a Nightmare Audition Story


Jimmy asks Jon about an awful audition story from the early days of his career and the two talk about Jon’s newest film, The Wolf of Wall Street.

Disney Dream Portraits by Annie Leibovitz — Behind the Scenes with Jessica Chastain as Merida


Go behind the scenes the making of the Brave-inspired portrait.

Read more at the Disney Parks Blog.

A History Of Boba Fett’s Helmets

A History Of Boba Fetts Helmets 570x743 SR Geek Picks: SHERLOCK The Musical, Pixar Facts, Muppet Outrage & More


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