Remake Of ‘The Munsters’ TV Show In The Works [Updated]

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The Munsters remake Remake Of The Munsters TV Show In The Works [Updated]

[UPDATE: According to Latino Review, del Toro will not be involved in this new version of The Munsters.]

It turns out reboots aren’t just for movies after all – a modern updating of The Munsters TV show is now in the works over at NBC.  The proponent behind the new series is none other than Bryan Fuller, the creator of such cult TV shows as Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies.

The Munsters was a satirical sitcom that ran from 1964-1966 and revolved around a family of friendly but nonetheless creepy monsters, whose ranks included the Frankenstein monster-inspired patriarch, Herman; his vampiric wife Lily and her father, Grandpa; the werewolf son, Eddie; and Marilyn, the family’s niece and only decent-looking relative.  Naturally, the others considered her a weirdo.

NBC has gone ahead and ordered a pilot for Fuller’s new Munsters, which is being described as a mix between Modern Family and True Blood in terms of tone and content.  Fans of Fuller’s previous TV outings know that he has a knack for delivering shows that are often inspiredly kooky and creative – not to mention surprisingly touching and heartfelt.

The ever-busy Guillermo del Toro is reportedly intrigued by the concept behind this Musters remake and is looking to get involved behind-the-scenes in some form – whether that means he could serve as a series producer or possibly write and/or direct a few episodes is up in the air at this point.

A remake of The Munsters that potentially combines Fuller’s storytelling abilities with del Toro’s eye for fantastical creature design is definitely an idea worth getting excited for.  Both of these individuals are arguably one-of-a-kind talents whose artistic sensibilities may be a bit too quirky or twisted for some viewers’ preferences, but even the detractors have to admit that, whenever either Fuller or del Toro are involved, the end result is anything but flat-out dull or unoriginal.

No one is really begging to see The Munsters updated for the 21st century and it would difficult to argue that the show “needs” to be redone – nonetheless, the involvement of the creative forces that are Fuller and del Toro makes this one in-development series to keep an eye out for.

UPDATE: Latino Review tweeted this morning that they received a message from del Toro in which he claimed “I am not involved in THE MUSNTERS [sic] at all.”

Source: EW

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  1. Blasphemy

    I watched this show all the time when I was younger I reject this idea. Next

  2. Can’t say I ever wanted this, but with Fuller on the show? I might have to take a peek. I loved me some Dead Like Me.

  3. This is NOT a good idea. Didn’t they try to do this once before and it failed badly? Part of the charm of the original series was that it was in black and white AND they had the great Fred Gwynn as Herman. I can’t imagine how horrible this new show is going to be.

    • i believe they did andy, i cant say im suprised though…no originality in hollywood anymore

    • “Didn’t they try to do this once before and it failed badly?”-Andy S

      You betcha! From Wikipedia:

      “The Munsters Today ran from 1988 to 1991 and lasted for 72 episodes. The unaired pilot episode, written by Lloyd J. Schwartz, explained the 22 year gap through an accident in Grandpa’s lab that put the family to sleep. They awake in the late 1980s and have to adapt to modern life in the 80s. It featured John Schuck (Herman), Lee Meriwether as Lily, Howard Morton (Grandpa) and Jason Marsden (Eddie). Marilyn was portrayed by Mary-Ellen Dunbar in the unaired pilot, and by Hilary Van Dyke thereafter.”

      If casting Herman, I vote for Brad Garrett…the voice, the height (6′ 8½”, compared to Gwynne’s 6′ 5″…both measurements without the boots with four-inch lifts that Gwynne wore in addition to the 40 – 50 lbs of padding and makeup for the role), perfect.

      • Looks like Greater Tater beat me to this idea by about 9 hours…

  4. I looked at the picture and immediately thought, “Oh god, he’s going to cast Kristin Chenoweth as the neice.” And while Cheno + Fuller = Amazing no matter what the show, I like Fuller’s own show ideas better. The Munsters reboot will fail, move on Fuller!

  5. You’ve got to be kidding. I’ve got the entire series on DVD which my daughter absolutely loves. It’s great watching the show with her. It brings backs good memories for me.

    I don’t think Fuller and co are going to better the original series.

  6. Oh I don’t know, if it is Redone in more of a contemporary air, with the Munsters not being quite so heavily made up caricatures of the “old time” movie monsters but newer more modern twists…Perhaps having some “hints” at otherworldly appearance along with the “problems” that might go along with being say a werewolf such as an urge to chase cars and howl at sirens, heavily scarred and unusually strong as well as clumsy without the flat head and bolts in the neck for a “Frankensteinish” monster…
    It has some possibilities, or it could be another huge flop, it really depends on the style and writing, it most definitely won’t work though if they simply try to clone and update the old series for today.

    • if it is done with a more contemporary air and not with charatures of “old time ” movie monsters you wouldn`t have the munsters.

      that is what makes the munsters the munsters.

      it would be better to just rerun the series.

      • Uhm, I agree! After seeing the newly released photos I am hugely disappointed. It’s just not as creepy as I would like it to be… There is no monster about it. Weak!

  7. I don’t think The Munsters would work today. It was campy and light-hearted but also a product of its time. Those horrible straight to TV movies in the 90′s failed because of both the time period and not having the right actors. Not to sound like “generic snob”, but no one can replace any of the old show’s cast and do a serviceable job.

    • Ia greer sullivan , it had an innocence about it..the show is comfort food to the soul ..and there were always a lesson learned no matter what or you are they accepted you into thier was great..:)

  8. I think it could work. I loved the original show, and it can never be replaced. But perhaps looked at again? Maybe.

  9. Why does Hollywood have to mess with classic show? This is a horrible idea. It’s like some changing the Colonel’s Original(KFC) secret recipe, you just don’t do it!!!!

    • Re: KFC

      Since they changed to the no-transfats recipe, ALL their food (even the Roasted Chicken) has monosodium glutamate (MSG), to which my wife is HIGHLY allergic…and we both LOVED eating KFC before the change!

      But I can’t eat a whole bucket by myself…and if my wife & I kiss, she’ll know I went there if we get to “husband-&-wivin’”, if you catch my drift; just a taste of it sends her to the hospital!

      If you’re allergic to MSG, avoid KFC.

  10. They tried a remake and it was terrible. It’s going to take a lot of creative genius to get people who loved the original (Fred Gwen, Al Lewis,Car 51, before my time etc) in black and white to get people to watch it. I can’t see how this can succeed. Hereos was great for a while, but from what I watched of no ordinary family, it too will be a flop. Hey Hollywood, how about a remake of Lost in Space, like season 1? I kinda remember in the late 90′s pilot that didn’t even make it to TV. Where is the creative juices these guys make a decent living at, all dried up???

  11. Im entirely sick of remakes, reboots, and re-adaptations. I welcome the collapse of the entertainment world, and look forward to small indpendent original stories.

  12. While I think this will probably be a total flop as a TV series, I do have some hope for this. The only redeeming quality is the possibility of Brad Garrett (Everybody loves Raymond) leading the charge. I saw him years ago in stand up and he does a dead on impression of Herman Munster. If he is in then I will watch. Other than that, I would much rather see this done in movie form.

    • if they do redo it lets use the remaining cast members in some way. that would offer tribute to the old show while imbracing the new one.

      • i agree with Brad garett perfect as herman

      • They would have to show up at some point. It wouldn’t be right if they didn’t.

        • IF they did a movie, they should do it in black and white, like Young Frankenstein. You know they won’t though, and it’ll be in 3D…ugh.


  14. The Addams Family worked with Raul Julia and Angelica Huston. Just not sure about The Munsters, even though I watched as a child too.

    • As I said before. Munsters would probably make a great movie but a TV show? I am not sure that even the Addams family could have pulled that off.

    • Don’t forget the third film, a straight-to-video mess called “Addams Family Reunion”, with Tim Curry as Gomez…Daryl Hannah as Morticia Addams…with Carel Struycken returning as Lurch and Christopher Hart as Thing, both from the vastly superior Raul Julia/Angelica Huston films; this was to set the stage for the sitcom “The New Addams Family”, starring Glenn Taranto as Gomez, Ellie Harvie as Morticia, John DeSantis as Lurch, and Steven Fox as Thing.

  15. Only thing good about THAT one was John Astin (Gomez from the original series) playing Grandpa Addams, Gomez’s grandfather.

  16. Nowadays, I treat every announcement that Del Toro’s name is attached to a project with much skepticism. He attaches his name to way too many projects and ends up having to follow up with announcements that he’s dropping out.

    When his name is in the credits as they roll, then he’s attached.

  17. this will not have that same cozy old feeling that the original has especially in black and white format..i loved the Munsters, being the odd girl i often felt i would fit right in with them..besides grandma would be a blast to hang out with lol he has all the fun

  18. i think will bomb just ;like when the tried to do the”Tick” lol

  19. You guys will cringe when hear about the Comer Pyle movie remake that is being planned wells real screw gilligan’s island i the works,as well. sorry fir the bad news

  20. Remake Lost in Space !! Season 1, not the munsters. A up to date LIS would have a much better chance of making it past 12 episodes.

    • Cyberghost,

      They already remade Lost in Space as a movie, and it was awful.

      The TV remake of Lost in Space has also come and gone – it was called “Star Trek: Voyager.” 8)


  21. Vic, u got me on that one :-)

  22. It better be in black and white, enough said!

  23. I love the Munsters but i’m not crazy about this, i was hoping for maybe a movie with Brad Garrett playing Herman

  24. The ’60s group the Standells made a guest appearance (musical performances and acting) on the original Munsters, playing themselves. Get their take on the new show here:

  25. i think Brad Garrett would make an excellent Herman Munster for the remake of the Munster. Get rid of the other guy, Brad is the one.

  26. Seriously? The whole point of the show was that they were “monsters”, not regular people (well, except for Marilyn). This is ridiculous. I will bet anyone $500 that it doesn’t catch on… if anyone’s dumb enough to take that bet! ha ha ha

  27. I saw the pilot and it was FUNNY! We baby-boomers will be the bigest fans of this show! Makes me/us laugh. Love that is not creepy/scary like what these yung’ns like now a days. lol

  28. I saw the pilot episode and was suprisingly impressed. Granted, it may not be as good as the original Munsters television show (nothing can ever be), but for a remake in this day and age where many television shows lack character and imagination, it was very well done. Two thumbs up!