‘Munsters’ Reboot Pilot Features Cannibals & Ancient Shapeshifters

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munsters pilot reboot details Munsters Reboot Pilot Features Cannibals & Ancient Shapeshifters

Executive producer/writer Bryan Fuller is well-renowned for his ability to create darkly off-kilter dramedy shows, be it the Grim Reaper fantasy Dead Like Me, the quirky character piece Wonderfalls, and his whimsical supernatural murder-mystery series, Pushing Daisies.

NBC has officially put in an order for the pilot episode of Fuller’s newest project, The Munsters, a reboot of the famous 1960s sitcom about a family of classic Universal monster types. Now that some concrete details about the show have been released, it’s all too clear: this will indeed be a “darker, edgier” take on the original Munsters property.

Bryan Singer is slated to direct the pilot episode for Fuller’s Munsters revamp; it will mark the X-Men franchise veteran’s fourth TV directing effort, alongside his work on two early episodes of House M.D. (including the pilot) and the ABC TV movie, Football Wives. In addition to being “visually striking,” Singer’s pilot will also boast some comparatively macabre takes on the original Munsters characters.

Here are the tidbits that have been revealed about the Munsters reboot pilot so far (via BD Horror News):

  • The plot sees the eponymous family forced to move to a new location, after the 10-year-old Eddie Munster (unaware that he is in fact a werewolf) transforms and attacks his peers on a scouting trip.
  • Grandpa Munster is now a 600-year-old “shapeshifter,” rather than a Dracula-like vampire.
  • Lily Munster now suffers from an eating disorder – namely, she likes to snack on suicide victims.
  • Marilyn Munster is a regular human who was adopted by the family, after her own cannibalistic mother attempted to eat her (when she was an infant).

Insiders have also been keen to emphasize (in case it wasn’t already abundantly clear): Fuller’s Munsters is not at all a strict remake of its predecessor. The show is instead being sold as a tonal and stylistic hybrid of ABC’s Modern Family and HBO’s True Blood (albeit, with less graphic content than the latter).

Fuller’s previous TV show creations have all been fairly short-lived series that managed to secure a small, but loyal fanbase, and are now considered cult titles. Given the morose content and unusual genre-blending nature of his Munsters reboot, it could easily end up following suit.

munsters reboot Munsters Reboot Pilot Features Cannibals & Ancient Shapeshifters

For all intents and purposes, it sounds as though Fuller’s Munsters reboot will essentially amount to the modern-day equivalent of the original show. That nearly 50-year-old series, after all, was a semi-parody of not only the classic representation of supernatural entities like vampires and Frankenstein’s monster; it also poked fun at the conventions of “All-American Family” sitcoms (especially, Leave it to Beaver) that were popular during the 1950s and early ’60s.

Nowadays, of course, not only is the entertainment industry obsessed with offering “darker and grittier” takes on older franchises and properties, but “non-traditional” family sitcoms are more than norm, rather than the exception. So, in that sense, Fuller’s Munsters will be in the same mold of its inspiration, seeing how it too aims to comically upend popular contemporary TV show tropes.


We will continue to keep you updated on the status of The Munsters as more information is released.

Source: BD Horror News

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  1. I’ll give it a shot whenever it hits the airwaves.

  2. sounds like the dumbest pile of c&ck-f@ckin’ sh*t ever. would rather molest collies than watch this.

    • Lassie just took a whiz on your hydrangeas…

  3. “The show is instead being sold as a tonal and stylistic hybrid of ABC’s Modern Family and HBO’s True Blood (albeit, with less graphic content than the latter).”

    I enjoyed Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies, but the above statement just makes this sound like they are trying to mix two currently popular genres together and put it in an old, familiar package to try and sell it to the masses.

  4. Seriously? You’re going to take an awesome show like the Munsters, take the characters of the show and the title and then destroy the personalities of them all? This sounds like a horrific attempt at a reboot. If they would have kept the characters as they were, vampires, frankenstein, werewolf and normal girl then it would be great, now it sounds stupid.

    • The bigest problem of trying to create the old show with new people but the same basic style and basic scripts is that they generally end up looking like horrible wanna be’s. The Beverly Hillibillies is a prime example of this. Watching the remake move it just came up short on all fronts. The Adams Family on the other hand took the main characters personallities, and then added their own twists to make them their own. That made them a lot easier to accept as the Adams Family than the Hibillies trying to act exactly like the originals…..Better writing helped a lot too.

      This might work if it were onAMC right after The Walking Dead maybe….But I have the feeling that the execs at NBC will screw this up and drop it within a few episodes.

  5. wonder why they didn’t talk about Herman

  6. Wow… NBC is really changing the “Landscape. I guess with “Vampire Diaries and the like a reboot of this isn’t outrageous.

    So Bully for them!
    Gentlemen Let’s go to Work!

  7. Stop giving me mixed messages!
    I still don’t get if this is going to be family viewing or adult only?!?

    • It’s on NBC……They don’t have Adult Viewing only.

  8. I think this show will ultimately fail.
    #1 – Remakes are rarely well-received. I’d say the odds are a 1 out of 5 chance of success. That’s probably being too generous. For every Hawaii Five-O (CBS) or Battlestar Galatica (SciFi back then, SyFy nowadays) there is UPN’s Twilight Zone, ABC’s Dragnet, NBC’s Knighrider, NBC’s Bionic Woman, ABC’s Charlie’s Angels, Fox’s Get Smart, ABC’s V, and the CW’s Melrose Place. Not to mention the slew of big screen movies that slaughtered their original television show’s image.
    #2 – NBC studios – I will direct your attention to the network’s remakes of Knightrider and Bionic Woman along with this network’s track record of cancelled new shows – The Cape, Free Agents, The Playboy Club, The Event, Prime Suspect (production stopped – not officially cancelled), Chase, Perfect Couples, Outlaw, Outsourced, Persons Unknown, Undercovers…and that’s just the new shows from last season and half of this current season.

    However, with that said, I thought the premise sounds interesting and mixing these two genres might work just like the original did in its day. I was a fan of Dead Like Me, so I might like to see this if done correctly. My issue is calling it a reboot of a classic show. Give it a different title, in the credits say that it is based on Allan Burns and Chris Hayward’s characters from the Munsters and then make a show on your own merits with an idea taken from a classic show. This tactic would allow them to make any changes without upsetting the fans of the original series and will probably get more people to watch the show if they don’t think it is a remake of 60s sitcom.

    • They actually tried to do an updated version of Dragnet? Ol Jack Web was very serious about making a “Real” show about real detective work. I think the primary watchers were hippies who just rolled on the ground laughing after a joint or two to prepare for the show. It was too corney to even be called corney. I’ll have to see if I can find an episode of that remake

      • It was in 2003 with Ed O’Neill as Joe Friday.

    • The other thing about this whole idea is that the Munsters is a show that did not even last long during it’s initial run, and it can only be considered popular because it became one of those shows allot of people were exposed to due to syndication.

      Like you said if they wanted to try and do something new and have it stand on it’s own merit that would be one thing. But they don’t have the creative integrity to even go out on a limb anymore, and this idea to me just sounds like they are trying to cash in on multiple ideas that are working for other programs as it is. Slapping a familiar name on it might just be a way to make it more recognizable, or insulate themselves from having a new idea be labelled a flop.

  9. This sounds like a laugh riot. /sarc

    The problem with the concepts that they are stealing from other shows on Cable is that those programs are adult and have both cussing and nudity. Now strip out those elements and they will milk toast it to mediocrity. I see this show lasting no longer than Wonder Woman or The Playboy Club.

  10. Think you just lost me…another one for the “Failure Before It Starts” garbage-heap!

  11. Hey what about the main character Herman? :-o

    Only thing I’ve found so far is barely a mention at all (at Collider):

    “……..Grandpa Sam Dracula is essentially Dracula who assembled Herman because no man was good enough for his daughter Lily, a sexy vamp…..”

    Fred Gwyn rocked, loved that guy. And Marylin….whewww…fans self…..Pat Priest for the win! (two actresses played Marylin, Pat Priest and Beverly Owen)

    I’m interested and now looking forward to hearing who’s being cast.

    • Oh boy, this really is going to need to be tweaked intensively if it even has a remote chance of working. It is not like the original made a lick of sense, but it was done for camp value and the concept of movie monsters was different at the time.

      What they have envisioned sounds like something that might belong on cable and really may not need the name of an old sitcom attached to it, unless that was the only way they could get it produced.

  12. This is going to crash and burn upon take-off. – Stark

  13. This entire concept of “reviving” a television classic will not work for the simple fact that today’s modern times in contrast to the times as they were back in the 60s when the original Munsters first aired, just suck overall! I mean look at the hundreds of channels of literal crap constipating our airwaves today. It’s a hazard to healthy brain cells just to scroll through the TV guide menu on my satellite receiver with some of the most astoundingly retarded titles listed I’ve ever seen for television programs! You could use the decline of television programming standards over just the past 25 years as a sliding scale to demonstrate the trend at how alarmingly fast the tastes & collective IQ of our culture have plummeted. And if I see one more program showcasing f*cking vampires, I’m gonna puke! But I’ve digressed. This “Munsters” reboot, or whatever you wanna call this partial birth abortion waiting to happen, is destined to be a FAIL of epic proportions! Guaranteed!

  14. Wait, this show is going to be more Modern Family and Teen Wolf than those two are? =)) s***, is that even possible? :D I like it!!! I just wish today’s archetypes weren’t so proper or polite. That’s un-American. I mean if we’re not vulgar, tossing tea into Boston harbor, then we don’t have our own rules. And if we don’t have our own rules, we’d be just as bad as those dudes overseas. Maybe the terrorists WANT us to be too nice to them!!! o.O WHOA!

  15. I watched this. The Munsters would never invite someone to dinner to kill them for their heart. Still framing through some of “Grandpa’s” transitions showed him obviously as a satanic demon. This “reimaging” was sick sick sick.