‘Mummy’ Reboot May Get ‘Mama’ Director

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The Mummy Reboot Gets Mama Director Mummy Reboot May Get Mama Director

Universal’s reboot of The Mummy fell on hard times this summer when the film found itself suddenly without Len Wiseman as a director mid-July, possibly due to his involvement with the impending run of the new Sleepy Hollow TV series. While that development put the studio in something of a tight spot, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for the house of Hollywood’s iconic movie monsters – talks have begun with a potential candidate to replace the departed Wiseman.

That happens to be Guillermo del Toro’s protege, Andres Muschietti, whose name may not ring a bell, but whose debut film, Mama, should. The creepy film scored almost $150 million dollars across the globe, and all on a meager $15 million dollar budget. Universal reached out to Muschietti in August, and the two parties have been working on a deal together ever since.

THR broke the news earlier today, though there’s not much else to say at present – Muschietti only has an offer on the table, nothing more, nothing less. Chalk up Universal’s decision to pursue him to simple box office math; they distributed Mama, after all, and bringing him on to oversee The Mummy makes a certain amount of business sense. He’s made a mint for them once before, so there’s a decent chance that he has what it takes to do it again.

Mama Girls Mummy Reboot May Get Mama Director

Whether or not Muschietti will strike gold with the reboot is another question entirely. Universal is describing the film as an “action-adventure tentpole with horror elements,” verbiage that hints at a budget at least slightly beyond what he had to work with on Mama. Tentpoles usually command respectable funds, though if Muschietti proved anything with Mama, it’s that he has a gift for making a little look like a lot onscreen (barring the unflattering CGI-rendered antagonist, that is). Having more money at his fingertips certainly couldn’t hurt.

Stylistically, Muschietti’s possible participation feels perhaps slightly odd despite his eye for creature design. One doesn’t get much of a feeling of “action-adventure” from watching Mama, a film that’s best characterized as eerie, atmospheric, story-driven horror than anything else. Then again, it’s difficult to judge a director from just a single movie, even one as solid as Mama, so maybe Muschietti has more tricks up his sleeve than we realize.

If he does sign on to The Mummy, then he’ll certainly end up expanding on his repertoire. Universal seems to have big plans for the reboot, which Wiseman himself once described as “epic (though in fairness, he made that comment nine months ago).

mummy movie reboot director Mummy Reboot May Get Mama Director

Maybe the bigger issue here is that Muschietti’s presence on this will put a serious underscore on the matter of whether or not he’ll handle the Mama sequel Universal started kicking around a while back. Tying himself to The Mummy franchise could make it hard for him to give his two cents on a follow-up to his first feature film.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Does Muschietti directing The Mummy reboot intrigue you? Or did you dislike Mama enough that you’d prefer to have Len Wiseman back?


We’ll keep you posted on further updates on The Mummy reboot as they become available.

Source: THR

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  1. As long as they don’t put Brendan Fraser in the lead, they’re good.

    • He was a good show in the first three. The franchise has probably cleared a billion by now. But yeah if it’s a re-boot I can’t see them using old faces. Except for cameos.

  2. Seems like a solid choice. Haven’t seen Mama yet but I’ve heard some good things about it. There was little information dropped a couple months ago stating that the film will have a bit of horror in it (though not a horror film), so I think Muschietti is an inspired choice.

    I loved the first Mummy film, enjoyed the second and absolutely hated the third installment. I thought Brendan Fraser and the rest of the characters were thoroughly entertaining but while that series was enjoyable, I didn’t think they took full advantage of the premise. Let’s hope they do this time around.

  3. I’m ok with this decision.

    I must be the only one here who hated The Mummy 2 but loved the third one.

    • I wasn’t thrilled with the Mummy 2 largely because it didn’t make much sense with the continuity from the first Mummy movie. I did enjoy the Mummy 3 though.

  4. The Mummy movie we need is one done in the classic style of the old Universal golden oldies horror movies like they had with people like Chaney and Karloff on Creature Features. It should be done as a period picture, and should reboot Karloff and Chaney’s mummy movies, not the Brendan Fraser one. Although the special effects in the Fraser movies were pretty good, I would rather see something in the classical horror vein. I would have done some things differently, but I thought the Wolfman reboot by Universal was a reasonable attempt. Hope Creature From The Black Lagoon, Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Mummy, if rebooted, get a similar historical period piece respectful treatment.

  5. That picture of the sand-demon with his mouth opened and sandy head thrown back looks like one of my bosses I caught sleeping in his office once!

  6. That’s awesome news congrats to the new director Mama was crazy cool & creepy can’t wait to see what he comes up with withe The Mummy :-)

  7. Seems like a solid choice. Haven’t seen Mama yet but I’ve heard some good things about it. There was little information dropped a couple months ago stating that the film will have a bit of horror in it (though not a horror film), so I think Muschietti is an inspired choice.

  8. Why another reboot? I loved the Brandon Fraser movies and would have enjoyed seeing him in a fourth one, maybe heading for South America as indicated in the last one.

    If there is one thing I can’t stand anymore it’s the word REBOOT. It’s going too far on these ones. People used to complain about too many sequels and prequels. I’ve always defended Hollywood for these, because I LOVE sequels. Sequels yes, reboots NO! STOP! STOP doing this to us all the time. Destroying film series time and again for no reason at all..

    I agree that SOME reboots actually worked (007, Star Trek) or had been necessary (Batman)…but other, like this one, are completely unnecessary… The Amazing Spider-Man was the worst case yet, but this one is equally discouraging… I WANT MUMMY 4 and no freakin’ reboot…

      • The original trilogy was horrible? According to who? Most people loved raimi’s take, especially in the first two. And let’s not pretend the reboot was anything spectacular. It had everything people like to moan about in the first trilogy. Bad guy who is actually a good guy turned bad by science, corny jokes from Spidey, loosing his mask constantly, unrealistic characterizations of New Yorkers etc. I loved the reboot, but I have to skip past that crane scene every time. It’s cringe worthy.

        But yes, it is actually the definition of an unnecessary reboot. Established franchise that most people love, characters and the world they live in already established, origin out of the way. Original cast cost too much? Replace em. Worked for Mark R. and The Hulk, (who was freakin awesome no matter what you say).

    • Wait, you’re bashing The Amazing Spider-Man yet want a sequel to the Mummy 3? lmao

    • Sorry to say but a reboot is a reboot. I hate it when people complain about reboots but sit there and also say that a “rebooted Spiderman was needed”. It’s still a reboot. At first I was against reboots in general but Dredd changed my mindset about reboots. Reboots are fine if done properly which is why I don’t mind a reboot of The Mummy. If done right it can be something that turns out to be even better than the original

  9. why reboot the series? T_T

  10. I’ll bet on the lap-top…doing lap dances in a sleazy bar!

    • You can ignore this comment now. It was in regards to the spammer ad that was up here on this story before. I am glad the editors erased his spamsicle comment.

  11. I’m not into horror movies so I haven’t seen mama but I hear that people liked it sounds like a good choice wonder wo they’ll cast in the lead

    • My sister’s not into them either but she’s seen Cabin In The Woods and Mama with her friends and all of them said that both movies were crap.

      I’ve yet to see either of them but as a horror fiend, I haven’t enjoyed a horror movie in maybe a decade. It’s all jump scares or torture porn, neither of which are scary. Only movie that came close was V/H/S 2 and only because of Safe Haven.

  12. Michael Bay should direct this

  13. Every character was awful in the last film other than Brenadan Fraser and the brother in lae called Jonathan.

  14. well I would see it but I a only waiting for a story about it like will it be a horror movies and not an action flick.

  15. This is good. mamma was scary, and that’s what the mummy needs. I personally dot care for reboots ether, but when it comes to the universal monsters the no reboots rule go’s out the window. They need to be remade, reimagined( but still pay homage to the originals) and have thousands of sequels. It’s cool that every generation has there own. When I was young I’d watch the old mummy then the new one with my grandda, now I’ll watch the old one and this one with the younger kids in my family.

  16. another unwanted reboot