MTV Spoilers Footage: Transformers 2, Watchmen & More

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mtv spoilers MTV Spoilers Footage: Transformers 2, Watchmen & More

Tonight MTV aired a “Spoilers” show with new footage from Watchmen, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Harry Potter 6, Land of the Lost and a behind the scenes featurette from Star Trek. Out of the three, the only one that actually made me look forward to one of these a little more was (believe it or not) Land of the Lost.

We have the clips for you below.

You can judge for yourself, but to me the Harry Potter footage didn’t influence me either way – they just indicated that there will be both more humor and action in the next film. I was REALLY disappointed by the Star Trek segment because I could have sworn I’d been reading there would be new footage – but there wasn’t. Sure, a lot of behind the scenes stuff – but no new movie scenes that I could see.

Transformers 2? Yeah, whatever – LOTS of big action pieces and ginormous explosions. I’ll give this one an extra star when I review it if they just leave the retarded humor from the first one behind and tackle this one as a serious action flick.

The clip from Land of the Lost actually made me chuckle. That’s not saying a lot, but it’s more than the previous trailers/clips have gotten out of me.

What worried me the most was the Watchmen footage… it was a full scene from the film showing Nite Owl and Silk Spectre II going into a prison during a riot. I’ve started hearing some not so positive things about the film (from “regular” people, not fans of the graphic novel) and I saw some of what they’ve been talking about here.

Silk Spectre jumping out of the Owl Ship, landing on the roof in spike heels and doing a tuck and roll just looked… silly. And in the slow-mo fight scene in the corrider it didn’t look like she was hitting/kicking her adversaries with enough power to really knock them back the way she did. I don’t know… I could be overanalyzing it. Check out all of these for yourself and tell us what YOU think.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen behind the scenes

Land of the Lost clip

Harry Potter 6 behind the scenes

Star Trek behind the scenes

Watchmen prison break clip

Source: MTV Movies

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  1. Awesome clips, thanks for posting them up. I cant wait to see Transformers 2, and to finnaly see Watchmen after so many years waiting for a film to be made on it.

  2. I recently re-watched Transformers and it validated how much I disliked it. I really thought that I hadn’t seen it in so long – maybe I’ve been too hard on it based on one viewing.

    Nope, I still thought it was awful with the intercutting between stupid humor and serious action.

    Like I said, hopefully Bay dumps most of the ill-attempted humor in this one – but most people seemed to like it so it’ll probably be there in this one as well.



  3. Only watched the Watchmen one, the tuck n’ roll didn’t bother me too much since they’re not actual super heroes, rather people imitating what they perceive as super heroes. So over-the-top things like that go along with wearing tights.

    Anyhow, I see what you mean by the hits not looking solid– she did get one good kick in there, though. I think it’ll look a lot better on the big screen, as with Dr. Manhattan. He looked incredibly silly until I saw an ad in a theater.

    One thing for sure is Nite Owl looked awesome in that clip and I like how they emphasize the completely different styles of fighting instead of just crazy karate everywhere.


  4. So we can’t watch this if we’re in Canada? Lamesawse. Any way you could rig it so we can?

  5. The Watchman clip…

    I thought both characters looked like their punches were soft.

    However, I would put that not on the actors, but on either:

    1. the editing for letting the clip go just past the point where they are pulling their punches,

    2. the camera angles for being set up poorly so that it was obvious they were pulling punches, or

    3. the fight coordinator not teaching them properly how to pull punches.

  6. Yah, a lot of their moves were not even offensive. Like at least twice I noticed the male character merely redirect a prisoner’s momentum, meaning the prisoner threw a punch, and he redirected that momentum away from him and past him, causing the prisoner to lose balance. Yet the prisoner is then lying on the floor like he just got knocked out… WTF??

    And I REALLY hope they will not have that corny music rolling through the whole scene like that in the real movie. I kind of hate the overuse of music in movies. I am watching a movie, not a long music video.

    And I am also a little sick of the overuse of slow motion. Really really hate it.

    I don’t know, it looks like it was made just for the Watchmen fans, but that’s the way it SHOULD be, but since I’m not one, I doubt I will enjoy the movie, but am glad that the fans will finally get what they’ve been waiting for!

  7. Michael Bay must be the reason oil prices are so high in the US.

  8. I hated Transformers I with a passion and don’t have any high hopes for the second movie. The action in Watchmen seems way to stylized, with an excessive use of slow-mo. There seems to be two extremes in action sequences nowadays: super fast cuts where you cannot ntell what the hell is going on, like in Batman’s fight sequences, or there’s the excessive use of slo-mo. Can we not have a happy medium of different techniques?

  9. @James

    Sorry, bud. Can’t help you with the Canadian issue. I think it’s really dumb that some videos are blocked for you guys.


  10. i just heard the rumor that megatron has been confirmed, which if true then this movie officially has too many villians: the fallen, devastator, and the rest of the devepticons,and now megatron, dont get me wrong i like megatron but we dont need him in this film save his comeback for the third.

  11. I am sure it will be fine buut when i saw her flip and roll I was reminded of the Scene in Galaxy Quest with Tim Allen doing the same thing!
    Not a criticism just the first thing that popped into my head!

  12. Watchmen looks great !
    i so glad that night owl’s look soo cool.
    and true the land of the lost id bring forth a tidpit of laghter.
    then again will f. is a very funny man.

  13. I think Will F. is highly overrated..IMO
    I haven’t found him funny since his SNL days..

  14. overanalyzing? YES. It’s really sad to critique a film without watching it in full. There are extreme cases where that’s fine but not in this case.

  15. Watchmen looked awesome, way better than I thought it was going to look. Didn’t think the punching and kicking looked bad at all. Most movies do the exact same thing and since I’m pretty sure most of the people viewing aren’t trained fighters looking for the flaw in the heroes techniques, i don’t think they will care.

    I thought Transformers 1 was great with humor where it needed it and great actions sequences. I did go in with no real expectations so that could be why. Transformers 2 should be pretty good.

    As for Harry Potter those movies have been terrible since they made the third movie and completely botched most of the material from the books. Each one since has grown progressively worse, I can’t believe they keep winning awards.

  16. Only watched the Watchmen one. I thought that it wasn’t terrible. The tuck and role did not bother me. I thought that they were bad ass

  17. Will F. needs to just retire…..ok maybe not……..though I will say I will not be seeing any of his movies for the foreseeable future. They try so hard to be funny, that they are NOT funny.

    As for the rest of the films spoiled in this episode of ScreenRant…….I will be there opening day.

    I love you guys……keep it up Vic.

  18. It seemed that Nite-owl could move around a lot better in a cape and suit than Batman. That’s been my only hangup on the Bat films. Maybe they should take notes.