MTV Orders ‘Scream’ Pilot; Will Wes Craven Direct?

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scream 55032 MTV Orders Scream Pilot; Will Wes Craven Direct?

After Scream 4 failed to score big at the box office, some moviegoers were wondering if the franchise would finally be laid to rest. However, despite its underwhelming box office take, there has been talk of a reboot, a possible second trilogy and declarations from Harvey Weinstein and Wes Craven that Scream 5 would happen.

Although we haven’t received any new word on the potential fifth entry of the franchise in nearly two years, we did report that MTV had a Scream TV adaptation in the works about a year ago. Finally, a pilot for that TV adaptation has been ordered.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, MTV has indeed greenlit the project for a pilot and is currently in talks with Wes Craven to direct the scripted hour-long episode. If ordered to a series, the show would be slated for a summer 2014 debut.

The Scream franchise certainly seems like a good fit for MTV – at least from a demographic standpoint – but if the film series was already running out of steam, how long could the network really keep Ghostface chasing after terrified teens before its audience got bored with it too?

Having Craven – the director of the entire Scream series and numerous other horror classics – on board would certainly give the series credibility and attention off the bat, but there’s no telling how long he would stick with the program. Fans of the original franchise might prefer having writer/creator Kevin Williamson attached to the show if they had their pick. After all, it was Williamson’s tongue-and-cheek approach to the slasher genre that helped reinvent it for new audiences in the 1990s, launching the Scream franchise in the first place; plus, he also has more experience working in television (Dawson’s Creek, The Vampire Diaries). Sadly, there’s no word on if Williamson will be involved at all, and he’s currently pretty busy with Fox’s The Following.

mtv working on scream tv series MTV Orders Scream Pilot; Will Wes Craven Direct?

However, considering fans of the originals are seemingly getting tired of the series, maybe adapting the concept for TV is the only way to keep it alive. With Teen Wolf and Awkward, MTV has proven that scripted series can survive on the reality TV-laden network (and can be genuinely good, to boot). And since the current pre-teen and teenage generations may not be that familiar with the Sidney Prescott saga or with Ghostface’s maniacal tendencies, then maybe there is a new audience for Scream.

We’ll have to wait and see if Scream makes it past the pilot phase, but we should have some casting news to pass along soon.


Source: THR

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  1. I’d watch just not on MTV it should be on Showtime like Dexter or another channel that will allow a rating over tv-14 smh

    • Right, but stations that don’t let you say bad words have been known, from time to time, to make good TV shows, no?

      • Perhaps the point here is why force a rated R franchise to conform to the standards of the teeny bopper network? Im not knocking their scripted programming, and have indeed heard that they’re good. If the youngins aren’t familiar with a franchise that’s been around the block for too many movies over the 17 years, who’s fault is that?
        Craven’s washed up, IMO. He’s just phoning it in. The man hasn’t made a solid film since the original Scream, which is debatable considering I feel like him constantly making unnecessary sequels really tarnished what made that film so special, it’s wit and humor. What felt fresh the first time felt worn out even in the first sequel.
        The Sydney Prescott story never should’ve been drawn out into a multi picture saga. If the filmmakers can’t sustain a believable narrative over several films, how are we supposed to believe they’ll do it over multiple seasons? How long will they be able to tell the same story over and over again? If Cravens career is evidence, apparently multiple times. Sigh.

        • Oh yeah…and the last 3 sequels were totally believeable and masters of horror. SMH. Maybe tv may save Ghostface. Just like Zombies did with The Walking Dead, Norman Bates in Bates Motel and Ghosts, Insane Asylums, Serial Killers, and just recently high society witches in American Horror Story. From what I am seeing…Tv has BETTER chances with horror than the most high budgeted horror films which mainly consist of remakes.

          A reboot just may be what this series needs and you don’t need that R rated stamp to get suspense and mystery and death.

          • David, all of the shows you named are cable series. On another comment I remark that following the cable television paradigm (less episodes, tighter focus on a narrative, less filler) could work for this kind of show.
            Bringing up AHS is a moot point as well. Out of the three shows you mentioned, AHS would most definitely be considered “r” if it fell under the MPAA. Not really sure what point you’re trying to make.
            And I definitely disagree with your statement about tv being the new home for horror. Indie films have been far more successful IMO. (Also, Scream, Bates Motel, and TWD are all adaptations of other works from other mediums. I find it highly ironic that you think tv is better in this regard considering this. Clearly the originals had to be successful enough if they inspired television counterparts, yes?)

            Digital Jedi, yeah definitely! Teen Wolf is actually in my instant queue, so I’m really excited to watch it. I said this above, I’m not knocking their original programming, because by all accounts I’ve heard good things. My point there was that MTVs demographic is younger viewers. I’m concerned that the transition from R rated horror franchise to network tv (14+ rating) might be detrimental to the story or horror aspects. It might be like a horror “lite” version. That make sense? Sorry if I wasn’t clear

            • Well, consider this. Scream is a slasher film, and dependent on blood and violent content. Not so much dependent on the gore of something like a Saw film. If you factor in shows like Teen Wolf and Walking Dead, which are basic cable shows, they go above and beyond the level of blood and guts needed to put a Scream series on the same level as the movies. Consider, too, that movies are rated R for the level of violence and language. Many of the TV shows on basic cable these days are only an F word away from being hard R series, were we use the same standard across the two mediums.

        • My point excatly, could have said it better..

        • I beg to differ, I Think he ran out of steam in the horror genre but not in thrillers, have you see The Film Red Eye? its a wonderful thriller picture that shows that Wes Still got’s it and can do well in other genre’s, even if thy are close to points like horror. I Honestly think eh needs a break and a breather for a while. MTV IMHO is well sh*t.

    • Maybe you haven’t seen Teen Wolf, but it’s hardly kid friendly. It appeals to teens because teens are, obviously, the stars. But it’s far more violent and graphic than anything on standard television. It doesn’t have to be on the level of True Blood to be a good series.

      • really?teen wolf is considered good now? look that’s your opinion and I respect you man, I Disagree. its aim to the teen demo however its probably the most annoying piece of sh*t i’d ever came across on. You never seen Hemlock Grove. I will give teen wolf this, it does were wolves look different, its nice to see homage to the wolfman I think that’s what they are going for but ti does look kinda stupid. Hemlock’s transformation, story line, cast, and so much gore its not for the faint of heart.

        • Weird, he never said he liked it (some people just read what they want to see from a comment). He just gave it as an example of a show (also on MTV) that is grittier and has more gore than the standard show you would expect from a cable network. Enough so that the standards from the past scream movies would probably fit comfortably more or less.

          However, I do like it enough to watch it in small parts though. Its gotten “worse” (better) since the first few episodes, and I just value it as a tweeny drama homage to the original. Not everyone likes in your face gore all the time dude.

        • I guess you’ve never really watched the series then. Teen Wolf transformations are full on American Werewolf in London transformations. Not classic Wolfman. They occasionally use the the classic Teen Wolf look for the transitional phases. But, yeah, I do think it’s a great series, that just happens to have some teens in the cast, and just happens to be on a teen-centric network. But sometimes even the worst channels occasionally get something right (e.g. The CW’s “Nikita.”) I think it’s exceptional, and I’m turning 40 next month. There’s more to the series then teen angst. Actually, they’ve balanced it out with the genuine drama quite well.

          Even so, my point was it’s a dark, and gruesome series at times. More gruesome than the Scream movies ever were. They were just bloody and suspenseful. Easy enough for Prime Time, much less basic cable. This isn’t 1985 anymore. TV’s violence standards have changed, but few are seeming to notice.

    • I hope he kills the girls from 16 and Pregnant

  2. *Insert facepalm*

  3. Scream movies fail as horror for two main reasons:

    1. Neve Campbell should have died by the second movie.


    2. The Scooby Doo “big reveal” endings.

    • 2. I really don’t get your #2? They’re horror/murder mysteries. So it would be weird to leave out 50% of the point.

    • That was kinda the point of the franchise. It is not supposed to be the typical horror/slasher flick but the parody. The series pokes fun at the cheesy cliche slasher flicks. Go back and watch the first movie.

    • A slasher movie with a twist ending was certainly not anything new. The Grand daddy of all slasher movies, Psycho has a twist ending. Not to mention Friday the 13th, Black Christmas, My Bloody Valentine, April Fools Day, When a Stranger Calls…

  4. *facepalm*

    A pretty good series now officially ruined by Scream 3 and MTV.

  5. Didn’t they try this with “Teen Wolf?” Is that still on?

    • It is, and it’s successful, and in my opinion it’s genuinely good.

      • I agree. I was reluctant at first, but Teen Wolf has really grown. Excellent show.

  6. Blah! Does anyone remember the Freddy’s Nightmares TV series?

    • Heck yes I do! That’s what they should bring back.

  7. I love the Scream series, but I think they should leave the franchise for a bit, not very many people are interested in it right now. I’ll definitely watch the tv show though, i’m just not so sure a lot of other people will too.

    • They’re trying to cash in on the zombie craze with Scream. I agree this may not be the best plan.

  8. how could they make a show out of this? I mean you cant honestly have a killer going on a killing spree for 3 seasons. Either the killer would kill everyone or it wouldnt be killing anyone

    • Exactly, that’s what bothered me about the film series. It didn’t work over the course of four films (oh look, there just happens to be another serial killer on the loose..), and yet it’s somehow going to be successful on television?
      I could see this maybe going on for a miniseries event, with a limited number of episodes and a clear direction for the story to go. Then they could kill the whole cast off and not have to worry about continuing the story season upon season with new people and more contrived serial killers.

      • The killer should never have been unmasked in the first place. How is the ghost face killer scary when you know he’s just one of the ancillary cast members? It would have been better to give him some dignity and have him mysteriously escape from capture at the end. It’s not like Sheriff David Arquette was competent enough to get him anyway. He could come back for the sequels that way.

        • You fundamentally altered the whole premise of the series.

  9. It would be hilarious if they try and do a Scooby Doo ending with each episode. The unmasked ghost killer would be like, “and I would have killed Sydney her if it weren’t for you meddling kids” as officer Dooey is taking him to jail. That’s pretty much how each of those stupid movies ended anyway.

    • LOL…good one sir. Kudos!

  10. They could do it like Harpers Island with a sweep stake competition each week over who is going to die next

  11. I really liked Scream 4 and I think a show could be pretty interesting. I’d give it a watch.

  12. If they make this series in the perspective of the Ghost Face Killer, then I can see it work. But in the movies, the killer was different each time. They were all copycat killers. So is each episode going to have a different killer wearing the same boring costume each time? Or is it failed attempts at catching the same killer over and over again? I say if we go the anti-hero route here, we may be on to something. Dexter style, perhaps?

    • I think having it in the perspective of the Ghost Face killer is a great idea, but they’d really have to re-invent the whole style and ideas used in the movies since the movies always followed a group of teens getting killed off one by one. It’d really differentiate itself from the film series though, which I think would really breathe new life into the whole franchise. I’d much rather have this instead of each season being like one long movie.

  13. I find The Scream series rather…Both dull and amusing.

    The Terror/Horror genre to me is dead. The Japanese thinking that they can make a good horror movie. Then the US Takes a Horrible Idea and well…makes it worse.

    I watch The Exorcist, still the most terrifying movie ever made, nothing comes close.

    Scream The Series….Blah!

  14. I am willing to give the show a chance.

  15. There is only one thing that you need to know about the current state of the Scream franchise: Jay & Silent Bob cameo…

  16. How is everyone comparing Teen Wolf to what this show would be.

    The Teen Wolf movie its based on was a comedy, so writing the show they didnt have to worry about the type of content they took out because they were putting “darker” content in.

    But a series that was darker from the beginning being put on tv, would have to be water down some, it it would be very noticeable.

    • Because we’re not comparing the show to Teen Wolf that way. It doesn’t matter what kind of movie it was based on, what matters is the kind of series it currently is. Which is decidedly dark. In fact, there are a number of dark series on TV right now that would make Scream seem kinda lighthearted by comparison. The series could be conceivably darker. The only thing that -might- be noticeable is the fact that people aren’t cussing (quite as much) ever ten minutes. And even then.

    • I agree. This annoys me in the same way that Hannibal is on network tv. Why bother?

      • Have you watched the Hannibal series? Whatever issue you might have with it, it surely can be censorship.

      • Yeah, Hannibal is a terrible reason for why you SHOULDN’T do Scream on TV. That show does not skimp on the gore, blood, etc. – and it’s on primetime!

        • Agree to disagree

      • @ Voodoo
        Have you watched Hannibal?
        If not I highly recommend it. There isn’t a show on television that compares, even shows on HBO, Showtime, AMC or FX.
        Not only is uncompromisingly brutal in it’s depiction of violence and it’s effect on a person’s psyche it’s a well written and plotted show.
        I’ve never seen anything like it on network tv.

        • I must admit that I have not. I haven’t seen an adaptation of Thomas Harris’ work since Ridley Scott destroyed Hannibal. If this new series is good I can try. It’s just the principal of the thing that bothers me. I wasn’t a fan of how CBS neutered Dexter, you see. I’ve lost faith in network television

          • @ Voodoo
            Give it a shot.
            While it’s not that hard to be better than Hannibal this is without doubt.
            I agree about what CBS did to Dexter. It wasn’t the same show but that doesn’t compare. Everything we’ve seen on Hannibal so far trumps Dexter even on Showtime IMO (minus nudity & swearing).
            Hannibal is not your average network show.

  17. I thought Scream 4 was decent. Thought Wes Craven could of done things different to take things up a notch like the death scenes which few good. Thing i didn’t like was one of the killers was Sydney’s cousin. I would of gone with a copycat killer trying to make a real-life reboot. Which the film acted like.

    I would go with a 5th film if it was really good & better than the 4th film. I guess i wouldn’t care about a reboot aslong as the kills will be more graphic than Craven’s films. But i know i wouldn’t bother watching a Scream tv series.

  18. The series should’ve ended at 2, or maybe Scream 3 if it had the plot of 4 instead. This is flogging a dead horse, and if it could be revived, MTV (which isn’t even about music any more)isn’t the way to go.

  19. season 1 should totally be about 10 or 11 episodes, where it has a murder mystery/high school setting feel to it and the killer is killed but it’s revealed that there were 2 killers, while if it has a season 2 have the survivors of season 1 a year later in college or something like that with the 2nd accomplice from season 1 start killing again. But i can only see this going for at the most 1 or 2 seasons. They just have to really get back to what the original did and be tongue in cheek about horror movies. They should totally have a scene where a character says something along the lines of “please, if this was tv every episode would end with someone screaming like on True Blood.” cut to at the end of the episode that character getting attacked and screaming. You’re welcome MTV, where’s my paycheck?

  20. why?

  21. I would like to see scream prequel tv series. Series that will focus on billy loo is growing with Cindy. His growing murderess tendsdency. His growing hatred of Cindy mother. Since it would be before first movie I would like to see Cindy’s mother in the show. She seems like great for the series we never get to see her living on the movies do it be interesting. All the movies mention her in some way about her except the fourth one. Since Cindys half brother was killer perhaps Cindy’s mother was too but no one knew.

    • * Sydney, Billy Loomis

  22. I have no opinion on this.

  23. Since I read this yesterday I’ve gone back and forth on this but I think a Scream series can work. I haven’t watched a lot of MTV’s scripted shows but with so many other networks that had never before produced now doing at and doing it quite well I don’t think it should be a negative that it will be on MTV…
    I know it’s not possible but I wish Kevin Williamson was involved because he was the driving force of the franchise IMO. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Fox will decide to cancel the god awful The Following instead of going ahead with the way to early green light they gave season 2 and that will provide Williamson the free time. :)
    Also, maybe MTV can bring in some of the up and coming horror directors of today with the show giving them a chance to show their skills for a different audience.


  25. “After Scream 4 failed to score big at the box office, some moviegoers were wondering if the franchise would finally be laid to rest. However, despite its underwhelming box office take” $40million budget – $97million take.