MTV Announces Two ‘Jersey Shore’ Spin-Offs

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Jersey Shore Spin Off MTV MTV Announces Two Jersey Shore Spin Offs

It looks like that Mayan calendar was off the mark by just a bit. Surely a sign that all is not well with the world, Jersey Shore stars Snooki, JWoww and Pauly D have all been given additional programs – and here I thought they were Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The bronzed stars are currently filming the upcoming fourth season of Jersey Shore, which sees the guidos and guidettes venturing to Italy. Alas, there will be no rest for the wicked, as once JWoww, Pauly D and Snooki clear customs back on US soil, it’s right back to work on their as-yet-untitled ancillary programs.

Though there is little to go on at the moment, one of the spin-off’s will co-star Snooki and JWoww, while the other will be exclusive to Pauly D. According to the press release, the Snooki and JWoww series will see the two young ladies, “deal with life and love when the vacation is over…The locale may be different, but the friendship is sure to remain the same.”

That description is certainly vague, but it has… potential? It sounds remarkably similar to the original concept of the show they’re spinning off of. However, I’m sure MTV will find a way to “spin” the series so that it doesn’t feel like a string of Shore footage found on the editing room floor.

Meanwhile, the Paul DelVecchio (Pauly D, or DJ Pauly D to you) series will focus on the “jet-setting and often hilarious life on the road as one of the country’s most in-demand DJs.” Hitting the road with Pauly D and his hair will be DelVecchio’s real-life amigos from his hometown of Rhode Island.

Pauly D without The Situation sounds like a bit of a gamble, but also gives the series the best chance of developing fresh new characters and storylines. Perhaps we’ll be seeing one of Pauly D’s boys in his own offshoot one day.

Jersey Shore Cast MTV MTV Announces Two Jersey Shore Spin Offs

MTV programming vice president Chris Linn spoke briefly about the programs and offered some insight into why the cable network thinks they have two more hits on their hands.

“Nicole, Pauly D and Jenni have become household names as a result of their unique, sometimes outrageous and often hilarious personalities. We’re excited to put the spotlight on their lives away from the shore as they pursue their individual passions, careers and relationships… Both series are fun, fresh ways for us to evolve what is an already successful brand for us.”

Over the course of three seasons, Jersey Shore has managed to become the most successful show in MTV programming history (take that, Beavis and Butt-Head), and certainly shows no signs of slowing down. While the network runs the risk of overexposure, the theory of striking while the iron is hot, is probably the most sound.

MTV has already ordered 12 episodes of each series, and hopes to see them air sometime in 2012.

Source: TV Line

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  1. I.hate.MTV.

    • No , MTV Hate U

    • MTV rocks

  2. I just can’t believe that a person with even minimal intelligence could watch this garbage.

  3. SERIOUSLY , WHEN IS THIS STUFF (BY THE WAY, VIC,I SO WANTED TO CURSE_) GOING TO STOP. This mindless dribble is eating away at the intelligence of society, now this is going to sound very bad, but this is rotting the women folks minds.

  4. Grand (sarcasm). The world’s most unnecessary show is branching out…

  5. Another milestone in the decline
    and fall of Western Civilization.

    • You are right, but its so… entertaining. Props to MTV !

  6. Wasn’t Jersey Shore alone painfully enough?

    • Personally, I think the MTV executives are engaged in a secret competition: Let’s see how far down the evolutionary scale we can take the human brain before it melts in a gooey puddle.

      After all, didn’t they have and promote “The Hills” and (its spinoff!!!) “The City” before New Jersey got itself slapped in the face…hard?

  7. Actually Jersey Shore is a great show. And those of you who bash it are actually in the minority. See the ratings from the first two series. I do think Pauly without The Situation is a risk that will probably doom that spinoff. The Snooki and JWoww show will be a hit

    • Yes it will be a hit because of the T&A factor and wannabes. While I dotn agree with the intelligence comment the same question could be asked and corelated as to why some people will watch a wreck and or people suffering.

      If its your cup of tea great. However regardless of ratings (see how ratings are dervived) and how many people watch it does not make it great.

      Just because you and 50 billion people THINK it is great does not make it great. On the other hand just because 5 people and myself think it is crap doesnt mean it is…. no wait its crap. ;)

  8. And just an FYI I have two bachelor degrees and an MBA. In case someone wants to comment that I have no intelligence since I enjoy the show. Have a great day

    • I wasn’t going to bash your intelligence, just question what exactly was entertaining about it.

      Yes, I have seen it and I thought it was ridiculous. It pretty much glorifies being… how can I put this nicely? Harlots?

    • MBA = More Bullsh** Added….

      in my opinion, not a reference.
      But then, you LIKE Jersey Shore, so that’s not a reference either.

    • @ Marvel: I know a few borderline mongoloids who have earned MBA’s from supposedly good institutions. It does not mean that they are anything but the fools and tools that they really are. Earning a degree does not denote intelligence or taste, just the aptitude to package research and retain facts. So to refer to your academic CV as a justification that “the Jersey Shore is great” is not really a ringing endorsement.

    • mate!! come on your degrees dose not mean your an all round intelligent person… all you had to say is that you like the show. no need to big note your self. have a good one

  9. Stupid I-phone auto text made those ‘AN’s when it should have just been a ‘A’ lol. There really needs to be a user delete post option on the mobile site

  10. “Hitting the road
    with Pauly D and his hair will be DelVecchio’s real-life amigos from his hometown of Rhode Island.”

    Ummm…Rhode Island is a STATE, not a town.

  11. I was very much against the Jersey Shore when it first came out. I actually decided to watch an episode during the first season marathon since my sister kept saying it was entertaining. For the first time in her life she was right! I was and still am hooked.

    I know for a fact that the show with JWoww and Snookie will be a hit. Pauly D’s show is a bit more of a risk. Mike (The Situation) isn’t his wingman anymore, Vinny is. So I don’t know how much him not being there would effect the show. But I’ll tune in either way. It will be weird though to not see the entire gang together. I hope them getting their own spin-offs won’t stop a new season of the Jersey Shore from happening. Can’t wait to watch them in Italy! Something tells me that will be the best season yet!!

  12. I forgot to add: I am really surprised that they didn’t get Mike to do a spin-off. I found that pretty weird. I doubt it would be long before that happens though.

    • @julissa

      Mike was on tv for several events including comedy central and even a workout DVD.. He was booed off a roast for comedy central and the DVD didn’t sell.

      I don’t think MTV wanted to take that chance, I wouldn’t either, the guys old and annoying

  13. How and why is this show the most watched show in mtv history?

  14. Terrible news. Quality shows get cancelled because most of america watches this crap. I work with a girl from jersey. Shes absolutely appalled that she gets compared to them.

    • what quality shows had been cancelled on… Ummm.. MTV?? It’s MTV, not CBS or the history channel! Dang.. When I was 20, I drank and lived life like most 20 something’s do.. If someone would have paid me, I’d be so in! Y are we so judgmental of those who don’t follow what “society” says is normal? Please get out of the glass bubble and just change the channel. Just curious..we can pay athletes millions for playing w a ball but we diss a bunch of kids for being dumb? it frustrates me as an American to what we think is “right”.

  15. JWoww, Snookie, and Pauly D, are names I would give to a pet dog or goldfish.

  16. Quality family programs like this deserve as much expansion as they can get…