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movies tv shows geeks deny Movies & TV Shows Geeks Pretend Dont Exist

Working in the TV/Movie blog business, there’s one undeniable law you come to accept: Geeks are an obsessive bunch. No matter our own individual degrees of geekdom, at a certain point we’ve all stopped to  stare at that other person who was WAY too into something – be it Star Trek or Star Wars or even that sports fanatic whose blood pressure is one scoreboard point away from going critical.

We all know about geek obsession – but what about geek denial? It’s not a topic you hear brought up very often, but geeks have powers of denial just as strong as their obsessive tendencies. And to prove this fact, we here at Screen Rant are prepared to delve into the deep, dark, realm of “Movies and TV Shows That Geeks Pretend Don’t Exist.”

Before we get into this, I must warn you: We are about to venture into some very dark and traumatic territory. Some of you reading may have spent years working to close the very mental doors we are about to throw open again. To paraphrase the wise words of Nietzsche, “When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you.”

Are you brave of heart? Still with us? Then revel in the memory of movies and TV shows so blasphemous to the geek community that they now make even the most devout nerds turn their heads away in shame.

The Original Battlestar Galactica

BSG original series Movies & TV Shows Geeks Pretend Dont Exist

Many of you are lucky. You exist in a time and place where you only know of Ronald D. Moore’s reboot of the Battlestar Galactica TV series. Moore’s epic sci-fi/drama  explored virtually every aspect of human existence – from love, destiny and faith to politics, war and technology. It was some of the best allegorical storytelling TV has ever offered.

You’re lucky if you never looked back – never opened that closed (and firmly locked) door to the past to see how the original Battlestar Galactica differed from its modern incarnation. But many of us have opened that door, my friend – many of us have looked backed. Some of us even lived it as it happened (The horror! The horror!).

The 1978 Battlestar Galactica TV series only lasted a year. It tried to resurrect itself in 1980 as – get this – Galactica 1980, but that show only lasted half a year. Show creator Glen A. Larson might have been nominated for several major awards (Emmy, People’s Choice, Golden Globes), but that just goes to show how poorly some of these awards stand the test of time. Because looking back at the original Battlestar today… well, let’s just say that some things need to be remade.

In the original Battlestar Starbuck is an annoying guy (not girl) played by Dirk Benedict (right side, pic above); the Cylons look like actors in cheap homemade costumes; the plots, dialogue and acting are like a poor man’s Star Trek (and that’s saying something); and both of the original Battlestar series culminate with Starbuck co-fathering a “spiritual child” with some robotic Cylon…or something…

Let’s just be glad for the revamped series that Moore gave us and move right along, shall we? No need to look back at the series’ sordid past any longer.

The X-Files Spin-off

During the 90s, when I was still too young for the standard teen debauchery, every Friday night I would go to my local arcade for some serious gaming, and then I watched  The X-Files with my best friend in a darkened house, with a buffet of Twizzlers, assorted flavored popcorns and root beer to feast on. My Friday nights have never been so geeky, so fright-filled – or so much fun.

I was in college in 2001 when the post-X-Files spin-off, The Lone Gunmen, hit the airwaves. The show featured John Byers (Bruce Harwood), Melvin Frohike (Tom Braidwood), and Richard Langly (Dean Haglund), reprising their roles as the three conspiracy theory oddballs that Fox Mulder (David Duchovy) had visited on more than one X-Files occasion for help “finding the truth.”

The X-Files was interesting, scary, cool, smart, and sexy. The Lone Gunmen (to give a modern day analogy) was like Chuck-meets-Bones, sans the attractive people in the lead roles or any kind of romantic chemistry (that you’d want to see). The show only lasted one season (about four months to be exact), and once it was dead and buried deep, we all but forgot that it ever existed in the first place (I had to ask the Screen Rant team which X-Files spin-off it was they were referring to!)

But The Lone Gunmen did exist, my friends – though it will forever be a “search for the truth” to find out why.

Continue to shameful geek movie sequels…

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  1. The prequel trilogy isn’t that bad if you’re a kid.

    • ..or a braindead.

  2. I disagree about the original Battle Star Galactica. While now it may seem silly, back in the day it was fresh and awesome and something Star Trek was not … about fighting and survival.

    Also, you didn’t mention but for the pic, but I love the first Punisher movie with Dolph Lungren. Flame away.

    • Yeah, Ink, I think I mention something about “looking back now”. I realize a lot of people loved the original BSG.

      But compared to Moore’s version, IMHO the original pales. Just IMO, though.

    • My mom found an old magazine poster she had from when she was a kiid and it had Scott Baio on it. She exclaimed and held it up with the joy of a young girl on her face.

      My face was frozen in shock as on the neglected side was a double shot of Starbuck and Apollo from the original “Battlestar: Galactica.”

      I have since stolen it, framed it, and hung it in the spare room.

  3. @Kofi
    Meant to say nice article.

    BTW, GI Joe The Movie is one of the best animated movies ever made IMO.

  4. how can u diss Beast wars, i grew up on that and know a lot of ppl that still love it. Also get serious, you say the TMNT movies were horrible?!? Well the third yes, but the first two are classics. yes they are little over the top but so is the idea of 15 year turtles that walk on 2 feet and are masters of martial arts.

  5. Great article, but I have to disagree on some choices. The first Galactica, for me, was a very good show. Sure, now it looks dated but back then it was great. I also liked The Flash TV show; I thought the effects were very good. The Search for Spock was bad? It wasn’t as good as 2, 4, 6, 8 or the last movie but it was enjoyable. Trek TOS was in the 60’s, not the 70’s.

    • ’70s! What was a thinking! Thanks man, I corrected that.

      And I hear what people are saying about BSG – but the new generation is going to champion Moore’s version and deny the original, guaranteed. Just look at those old-school Cylons….yikes.

      • I will power down disruptors this time, petaQ, but next time your blood will know my bat’leth!!! :o)

        Compared with Moore’s version, I agree. But I still hold the original Starbuck in high esteem. :-)

      • What sold me on the original BSG was the model work, that’s what I couldn’t get enough of. Remote control and process control technology will always have a place in my geeky heart. Yeah it’s a pity they decided to go cheap with men in suits instead of robot puppets but five years before the original BSG came out a little movie titled “Westworld” should have inspired Larson a little bit. It must have been on Moore’s mind…

  6. Beautiful writing- very funny. I was LOLing by the end when you got to Star Wars.

    But of course, one must dispute (that’s what movie fandom is about is it not?). I loved the original Battlestar Galactica. Starbucks was second only to Luke Skywalker in the pantheon of my childhood heroes.

    That is why sadly I must agree with you that the three Star Wars prequels were an evil thing that should not have been visited upon the world. In retrospect, nothing could have equaled the magic of the original Star Wars movies. The thought of how happy they made my childhood still brings tears to my eyes. I will forever blame George Lucas for sullying the franchise.

    I must also agree with you that Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull was an abomination unto God. The less said about it the better. I do disagree that the first three movies were a great trilogy though. The third one was a sin unto morality (the fact that I can’t even remember its name says something).

    Raiders of the Lost Ark was, like the original Star Wars, not just a movie- it was a life-defining experience. Temple of Doom was an adequate action-adventure, but somehow failed to capture the sinister brilliance of the first one (I mean, when you combine Nazis with the Ark of the Covenant, you have a formula very hard to beat). The third movie was just one sequel too many.

    Otherwise, brilliant article once again, refreshingly funny.

    • I get crap for this all the time, but I actually liked Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. To me, it’s on the same par as Temple of Doom. They’re not fantastic, but they’re watchable.

      Also, I completely disagree that “the third movie was just one sequel too many.” The chemistry between Sean Connery and Harrison Ford is amazing and the movie is ridiculously quotable. Plus, the opening scene with River Phoenix is such a great introduction to Indy.

      To me, The Last Crusade is the best movie of the bunch, followed by Raiders, followed by a third-place tie between KOTCS and TOD.

      • I think Holy Grail was an excellent finale to that trilogy I agree that KOTCS was on par with Temple of Doom,

        If you look at Crystal skull in context to its decade (50’s) it makes sense to have the big bad be aliens, just like having the Nazis being the big bad in the 40’s. The start of the space race between russia and america,and the cold war. and the height of the Roswell crash conspiracy and the thought that we might not be alone.
        and to be fair the series never really dealt in reality… (the wrath of God that could melt faces) (a nine hundred year old templar guarding a goblet?) and well the temple of doom in general.

  7. I actually enjoy watching Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3. I don’t think they’re as bad as a lot of people make them out to be.

    1 is horrible though.. Jar Jar ruined it. But, Darth Maul is amazing.

    • Sir, they are not atrocious movies IN THEMSELVES. They are atrocious compared to the original trilogy.

      But in their defence, I will say that watching Yoda fight was worth making a new Star Wars movie for. That alone was worth the price of admission. And I agree, Darth Maul was awesome. But apart from those two bright spots, the trilogy were a blight upon the face of the best movie trilogy ever made.

    • Ohhh, where is that LIKE button?! :-)

      I totally agree. And I actually thought episode 3 was better than episode 6. And Darth Maul had way too little screen time.

    • There are two words that demonstrate just how bad (IMO) episodes 2 and 3 were…and those two words?……Hayden Christianson. I could not watch his wooden performance without cringing. Although, even I got goosebumps in #3 when you hear the Darth Vader breath for the first time. Just my two and a half cents.

  8. First of all, Kofi, act like we didn’t have the Mario Bros./Zelda tapes! They’re a part of who we are, never forget your childhood. Secret of the Ooze was incredible and Ninja Rap will have a special dance at my wedding. And I’m pretty sure the Capt. America movie was checked out of West Coast Video more than once. I loved that one.

    This article was worth it for the video clips alone, great job.

    • I agree with you! This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about! TMNT & Trasformers RULE!!! The origional Batman with west is a classic. Lou will always be the Hulk. Star trek enterprise was alright. And finally do not diss on the star wars prquels or Jar Jar. I think that it would be cool to just make all new star wars with tech that we have now because they would be the greatest movies of all time! But seriously Jar Jar is cool just like the twins are in Transformers: ROTF. They are hilarious :)

  9. I’m sorry, but I’ll have to disagree on Beast Wars. Though the animation is questionable by today’s standards, I liked the characters and how it eventually ties into the existing Transformers mythos established G1 and the movie.

    Beast Machines? I don’t like it that much. But, if you need proof of how awesome Beast Wars is, watch the episode “Code of Hero”.

    • I watched Beast Wars religiously. Please don’t tell anybody. Still… looking back… it was ridiculous.

    • I loved Beast Wars when I was a little kid. I really hated cars (I know that that seems like an odd thing to say, but I was a very rebellious little one and hated all the things boys were supposed to like, such as cars and sports) so the original Transformers series didn’t really do much for me. When Beast Wars came out (I think I was 5 or 6 at the time), it blew me away. I liked (and still like) the animal concept much more than the automobiles. Dinobot was always my favorite character, so that “Code of Hero” episode made me cry my eyes out.

      Also, Episode III really wasn’t all that bad. If they had cast a better actor to play Anakin, then it would be right up there with the Original Trilogy.

      • Agreed on Beast Wars. Look me in the proverbial eye and tell me it doesn’t have the best writing of any Transformers show EVER.
        Characters died nobly, quoted shakespeare, pondered the meaning of their existence.
        Listen to Billy, go watch Code of Hero and tell me you still think it’s forgettable

  10. Watching the trailer of “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” made me want to watch the movie. Thank you for following it up with he survives a nuclear explosion in a refrigerator. That made me think of the ridiculous opening sequence. Did anybody else expect a special scene at the end with Mulder and Scully or was that just me?

    I have to disagree with your assessment of campy Adam West “Batman.” Not that it’s campy (because it was) but just out of my love of the theme song and subsequent Poof! Bam! Biff!

  11. I do think you sell the newer TMNT cartoon short. Yeah, it totally jumped the shark with the network-mandated time travel stuff (don’t they realize time travel only works with turtles if it’s a video game?), but in its first several seasons it actually had continuity, ongoing storylines, and character development, things even we fans of the original can’t say it had. So I’m not really sure how it was “tailor-made for the ADD generation.”

  12. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequels, as well as the Ewok spinoffs have always been a secret love of mine. So bad, but so awesome. :)

    On the other hand, I could not agree more than with the Highlander sequels. Seriously, what were they even trying to do!? A great franchise completely ruined…

    • Amen to the Turtle sequels and Ewok movies. Can’t get enough of the Super Shredder!

      Does anyone remember the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon? A video game show that was actually cool.

  13. The only one I disagree on is Star Trek Nemesis. I never understood the hatred of it I though it was very entertaining. I have always loved TNG and Data so the ending sadened me but ended on a shimmer of hope with B4. I thought it was a good movie that gets bashed for no good reason. Inserection sucked though.

    • Being a Trek fan (if my avatar didn’t give it away :o), I have to admit that I was wondering if the writers of Nemesis even watched TNG. Picard was not always bald; after the academy, he had a full head of hair in the episode Regrets. In the episode Rascals, a 12-year old Picard also had a full head of hair. It wasn’t the worst Trek movie (Trek 5, anyone) but it left a bad flavor in my mouth. I did love the Reman ship, though.

  14. TMNT, didn’t comprehend the popularity or even the idea behind that. Seemed rather random. Like aren’t Ninjas suppose to be masters of stealth, disguise, assassination, illusion, hiding in plain site, etc, but how does any of that get done by a giant turtle body with a big shell on your back? I don’t think hats, masks, and trench coats quite covers it. The nonexistent burgeoning giant turtle population sort of made these guys easy to profile too, even at 3000 yards. Hey that looks like a giant turtle under that trench coat and hat must be a TMNT member, shoot it quick!

    As for “Enterprise” what a misfire! Such a great opportunity completely blown. One example, pre-duotronic circuits! Would have explained so much. High energy particles eat electronics for lunch. Lots of that in outer space. Would’ve explained nonautomatic doors, big bulky tricorders, Oh wait, they didn’t have big bulky tricorders in fact not a whole lot looked pre-TOS pilot episode or even pre-TOS for that matter! I won’t even go to the story part of the show.

    Geek embarrasements? Nah, just cheap Hollywood laziness.
    Trash is trash no matter what age or genre it came from.

    • The biggest problem with Enterprise was the tech should be more primitive in appearance than TOS. But TOS tech appears more primitive than today’s real-life tech.

      • Well in the Star Trek time line the “Motion Picture” events happened about 3 years after Captain Kirks original tour of duty. Granted the TOS series budget left a lot to the imagination but if you consider the Enterprise and the technology in the first motion picture as today then go back 5 years and look at our own advancements in technology and it’s look, you can get an idea of what the technology should have looked like had the budget been adequate for TOS. If that makes any sense. I’m guessing your critique is of the large ship interior props? Hopefully one day someone will graphically retcon those interiors some.

    • I am really bothered by how many people disliked Enterprise as Archer is my favorite captain, Enterprise had it’s faults but it also set out to explain a lot of Trek cannon that hadn’t been even attempted to explain prior.
      Such as
      the Shameful smooth foreheaded Klingons,
      the tension between Vulcans and Humans, (a political nod at the relationship between Blair and Bush)
      Season 3 also did something that no Trek had done before (24 episode arc story) Which I think actually hurt the show as Trek fans are used to jumping in and out at will.

      There are some great episodes and fantastic characters in Enterprise that I will enjoy over and over again.

      • I am ABSOLUTELY with you on ENTERPRISE. That series is a close second to TNG for me. I thought it was well done until about the last season when you could see the tension between the producers and everyone else on the show. I liked exploring the early roots of deep space exploration and thought that the season 3 arc was awesome with how in-depth it went.

        Overall though, the list brought back some forgotten memories and a smile and a laugh.

      • While I would agree that Enterprise could be the worst of the spinoffs, I still enjoyed it. Tripp was my favorite character and it really bothered me how they killed him off; and that final episode just still amazes me how the producers thought it was a good idea.

        • I liked seeing Riker and Deanna, but it still feels like a really bad way to end the show. It’s like they were trying to sabotage it in a way that destroys any possibility of coming back and continuing Enterprise.

      • The less background knowledge you have about the Star Trek universe the easier it is to ignore or not even see all the story problems “Enterprise” has. Well, that’s my theory anyway. From simple math and physics mistakes to gaps in logic, episode retread upon retread from other Star Trek series, technology inconsistency and gaps in reasoning about what’s what. inappropriate species introductions, the Tholians? Come on! Outright lack of drama, overly annoying dialog, simplistic plots, outright boring episodes even in the touted season 3 arc. Shall I go on? The biggest problem that I see was a serious lack of vision at the outset. What they wanted the series to say and tell the audience. It was only after persistent fan complaints and the ratings drop that they begin to try to write and produce a worthy show. Looking back they really only had a meaty story for a miniseries, maybe a year and a half long once you take out all the junk. You would still have to correct errors but it would have then had potential. Still I guess if you were entertained it has some value but don’t mistake it for quality, please…

  15. If I remember it right the pilot episode of “The Lone Gunman” had an attempt by the government to crash a plane into the World Trade Center.

  16. I always thought Beast Wars was superior to the original Transformers. It started slow & the animation was far from the best, but the small cast made for stronger stories. Yesssssssss.

  17. I still like Voyager I record it monday thru thrusday on spike but enterprise was bad but I still watch it also I have no shame LMAO

  18. OK, let’s start with what I agree with. I completely agree about Indiana Jones 4. The original trilogy is my favorite movie trilogy of all time. So I was, understandably, completely shocked at how the 4th film turned out. I wish that they could just pretend that film doesn’t exist, but unfortunately, it made a ton of money and most people seem to like it. I will never understand.

    Also agree about the Star Wars prequels. They had some good points, but overall were pretty much a disgrace.

    And now for what I disagree with. Disagree about the original BSG. I do think the new one is superior, but the original should be appreciated for what it is.

    Disagree about Star Trek. Search for Spock is good. Kirk’s death was a massive mistake, but it’s still a good movie when you come at it from a TNG perspective. Final Frontier’s only real flaw is the special effects, and that never ruined the original series. Insurrection had some misplaced humor, but it’s still a great movie if you have any love for the TNG crew.

    I used to hate on DS9 and Enterprise, and then I actually watched them. Ronald D. Moore did a pretty awesome job with DS9. From season 4 on it’s one of the greatest shows ever made. Enterprise was a bit weak in the first two seasons, and that intro sucked. But it started to get really damn good in seasons 3 and 4. They would have done some awesome stuff in season 5.

    Voyager may be my least favorite of the Star Trek shows, but it is by no means bad. It’s just a bit more average. I like the Trek shows in pretty much this order, from favorite to least favorite.

    1. TOS
    2. TNG
    3. DS9
    4. Enterprise
    5. Voyager

    Nemesis is the only Star Trek movie I dislike. That movie wished it was Wrath of Khan. They wanted their tragic and moving death scene, just like Spock in Wrath of Khan, but it just served to piss me off. Loved the Abrams movie, though.

    Dude. The Adam West Batman show is freaking amazing. Whether you see it as the satire it was partially meant to be, or just a fun Batman show that doesn’t take itself too seriously, the show is a classic that’s earned its status as a cultural icon. They called it “Bat-mania.”

    • The problem with half of the “Star Trek” films which really is still being repeated is that they want to follow the “Wrath of Khan” formula. Hollywood is stuck on that. There are bigger stories than the crew of the Enterprise goes up against the super Villain du jour. How many ways do you want to keep telling or hearing that? What’s mind numbing is so many people here after wonderful J.J. gave you quite a bit of the same dam story in “Star Trek II” wanted them to make ANOTHER “Wrath of Khan!” Gee fans how about a story like “City On The Edge Of Forever” or “Trouble With Tribbles?” Heil anything to get away from the dreaded “WOK” script.

      • I agree with you on that. Too often they’re trying to replicate the success of Wrath of Khan, ignoring the kind of stories that made the actual TV show great.

        The new movie was pretty good, in spire of being yet another attempt at pitting the crew against a super-villain. But I really really hope they get away from that in the sequel.

  19. No the original batman show is not amazing it was pure crap. Words can not express how bad the batman and robin movie was and yet it some how still managed to be better than the Adam west show. I caring a large amount of hatred toward everyone involved in that show for attemting and for a short tine succeding in ruining batman.

    • Well don’t get me wrong. If we’re talking about staying true to the comics, I love a lot of the animated stuff and the Nolan movies. And then there’s the awesome Arkham Asylum game. I just think the Adam West show is really good for what it is.

    • Daniel,

      It sounds like you are utterly and completely missing the point of the original Batman series. Have you not ever heard the phrase “tounge-in-cheek.” PLEASE tell me you don’t think the show was supposed to be taken seriously.


  20. So I guess I’m the only one who thought the costumes from the Flash series and Matt Salinger Captain America movie looked really, really good?

    • Flash yes.
      Cap, no.

  21. Wait a second, you didn’t like the Flash tv show? I thought everybody liked it. Honestly, I’ve never heard a negative review of that show (and I sure as hell loved it).

  22. While I could not agree more on Highlander (so bad even Kofi forgot about THE SOURCE) but it did have some redemption. I was really into the “retconned” TV series. The second film I *did* like Roger Hall’s production design. That’s about it.

    BattleStar Galactica- I have to agree with your nitpickers Kofi. While dated by today’s standards, it had appeal to it. Starbuck was a huge part of that love, aside from Ovions and Battlestar Pegasus. So much so is that the sole MEMORABLE show out of Galc-tick-you- off 1980 involved the fate of that character!

    I still have my Imperious Leader doll, displayed in a case.

    Punisher ’89- Despite the producer’s serious misstep in having the Skull appear only on the knives (they were nice though) there’s some things in this version which WERE good. The B film action, yes. Supporting actor…JEROEN KRABBE. (Ha! You thought I was going to say Louis Gossett Jr, didn’t you?! Ha! Actually, Lou wasn’t too bad) and we get a great line besides”Work In Progress” oh come on, Kofi!

    Star Trek-
    I agree that you are giving Search For Spock a bad rap. I strongly question your reservations for Voyage Home. (“Not so bad”? It is far better than that) and while I liked Nemesis, the TV history of TNG actually caused less enjoyment of the film. (and don’t be THAT quick to praise JJ on Star Trek- Shizon was ten times more the threat than Nero could dream of.)

    Voyager and Enterprise were not bad shows. Some horrid episodes, yes *specifically the finales* but not all were bad. It should also be noted that the recent Star Trek film does not entirely ‘reboot’ Enterprise.

    Star Wars-
    You are too kind on The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network.
    I hated the Ewoks films as much as anyone else, but the Joe Johnson swipe was uncalled for. May Greedo shoot first. That’s how low I feel about your comment.

    Which reminds me. Just where IS that that infamous little tweak to the original trilogy in your article? Did I miss it?

    At least you left the TV Doctor Strange alone (1978).

    • There was a TV Doctor Strange? Man, that must have been bad cause I never heard of it.

      • Actually, it wasn’t bad, just kind of…acid trippy.

  23. This is the most absurd article I have ever seen on this site.

    I am a geek and would never deny the existence of any of these shows, awful as some of them might be.

    I prefer the original BSG to the new one. At least the original had a sense of fun about it,

    Mentioning the Star Wars prequels is so terribly original, I love them all (apart from Attack Of The Clones), but leaving out the Star Wars Holiday Special (which I still own on DVD)is insane.

    Star Trek. Voyager I can understand but it still had some great episodes. I loved Enterprise, I genuinely did. As for the analysis of the films; I have enjoyed every single Star Trek film, albeit some less than others. What’s wrong with Nemesis? Or Insurrection? Or The Final Frontier ( What does God need with a starship?/I do not think you appreciate the gravity of your situation, I can assure you gravity is foremost on my mind).

    Indiana Jones. Again far from perfect, but using the South Park defence ( oh they ripped on it so it must terrible and cool to hate it) is ridiculous. Did they not rip on Avatar too? I enjoyed Crystal Skull immensely, it had some daft CGI bits and silly story telling, but you forget it wasnt just made for thirty year old fanboys but for kids and teenagers of the current generation. My younger brothers loved every second.

    You cant blame George Lucas for anything, he has given more than he can ever take.

    • Well said Sam well effing said!

    • Ok, so because you like SOME of the things on this list it makes my article “The Most Absurd Ever on the site?”

      Hyperbole much?

      I think the point of the article is, even though individual people may like them, NONE of the shows/movies listed here are currently held up by geeks as THE reason why the franchise they love is awesome.

      YOU may hold up the original BSG as the reason why that franchise rocks – but the majority of people nowadays would disagree and champion Moore’s version.

      You don’t hear people pointing to the prequels as the reason why Star Wars is awesome, or Voyager as the reason Star Trek is awesome. What you hear (if anything) is that “They’re ok” or “They’re not that bad.” These things are EXCUSED (at best), they are not BELOVED like, say, Wrath of Kahn or Empire Strikes Back.

      So I think our point is valid, Beckett. But feel free to disagree.
      Thanks for reading.

    • Um, wow.

    • Well, this is an opinion site. You do agree that it is a well-written and thought provoking editorial, correct?

  24. I really enjoyed the old live-action Batman and Hulk TV shows. I don’t understand why anyone would hate them; Adam West’s Batman was highly entertaining and certainly popularised the character, while the Lou Ferrigno Hulk was actually really good (I’m not joking), especially for its time.

    • I don’t really think Kofi was coming down on the Hulk TV show, just the TV movies.

  25. I try to pretend that all of the Burton/Shumacher Batman films exist.

    • And the Godzilla remake.

  26. I remember The Lone Gunmen.. actually, I remember seeing promos for it.. but never cared for it. and I was a HUGE X-Files fan

  27. Nice job with the article, guys! :thumbsup:

  28. I get that it wasn’t suppose to be taken serious I just thought it was incredibly stupid for the sane reason I hate Will Ferral movies it just wasn’t funny. The only thing I ever laughed at was ” sonedays u just can’t get rid of a bomb” other than that I found the show to just be really bad and it helped give us an entire decade of bad comics trying to recreate it. The show litterally ruined comics for an entire decade and batman was destroyed until Denny oneil saved him.

  29. Yeah, yeah. I get it. you’re all so cool and smart and you know better than to like something so awful.
    It’s so easy to look down your nose at generations of fans that loved a lot of these shows, many of which weren’t nearly as bad as you imply. Much of it comes down to a matter of taste and preferences.
    I even agree with most of your choices here, but I’m so tired of the condescending tone of articles like these. How do feel when I state the opinion that I thought the updated Battlestar Galactica was a mess – a needlessly dark and aimless jumble with a hilariously idiotic finale. Ten years from now it will probably be on a list like yours and we’ll will be asking how you could have possibly liked that kind of stuff.
    I’m probably being too harsh here but I do get sense of smug righteousness to it all.

    • Oh, finally. Someone else who couldn’t stand the updated BSG. I watched the whole thing, but I never understood why everyone thought it was so amazing. I heartily agree, it was a mess and the finale was just plain stupid. Plus, I loved the original Adama – and this one. I didn’t even like him most of the time. The original BSG made my childhood, along with The Bionic Woman and all the cheezy sci-fi and fantasy on TV (Manimal, Buck Rodgers, Greatest American Hero, Matthew Star…), including all the Star Trek series – DS9 is one of my favorite series, period, because it really got into what religious mania can and can’t get you – Kai Wynn was evil, evil, evil. I wouldn’t want to forget any of them. Not to mention that The Last Starfighter movie (as dated, perhaps, as it is) remains my favorite adventure movie of all time. As a girl who was shut out of most fanboy things by the fanboys themselves growing up, and being the only girl I knew in my school to love sci-fi, denying any of these (with the exception of the horrid Star Trek pre-quels, which, thankfully, were not a part of my childhood, and therefore did not scar it) would be a great loss to who I am.

      • p.s. As an X-File fan, I also really enjoyed The Lone Gunmen. Was it on parr with the X-Files? Hell, no, but I thought they had their own groove. And, I didn’t really care that the main characters weren’t god’s gift to women. I liked them. (From a man’s perspective, Did you forget about Zuleikha Robinson? She’s no slouch, btw.)