5 Movies I Could Watch Every Day

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The beauty of being a movie-lover is that every day, at any moment, you can pop in a favorite film and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. Forget 3D advancements and Blu-rays – all that matters is the movie. On a computer screen or a projector, the wonders that we enjoy surpass size and volume; they latch onto our hearts and memories like timeless ticks.

Some films catch us at the perfect time. Whether it is the veritable naiveté of a child exploring new worlds or the mature mind of an adult looking for that next thought-provoking piece to spark some curiosity, films will always matter to the soul.

When I find myself at that unpredictable point in a day with nothing to do, I don’t look around for a book to read or a snack to eat. I stand up, walk over to my movie collection and decide the next two hours of my life. Almost always – especially when the choices overwhelm me – I resort to five golden movies – those that always win, no matter what.

The following are not necessarily my five favorite films of all time, but some of them are near the top of that list. Instead, these are the five films I could watch every single day, no matter the circumstance.

These are in no way an ultimatum. The list is simply my list. It is also in no order. I hope all of you will share your own ‘forever watchables’ in the comments section and explain why.


The Prestige

The Prestige Christian Bale 5 Movies I Could Watch Every Day

An unlikely movie on this list, The Prestige is not a household name like the others. It is truly the secret masterpiece of The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale find themselves in a rivalry that reaches deep into the supernatural. The film gives you something new with every viewing.

Sometimes the revelation of a plot twist can be amazing at first, only to fade away with time. The knowledge of the secret behind The Prestige‘s trick creates an endless ocean of repeatability. The nuances of the film reward the impassioned audience member with an unbelievable sense of doubt every time the “prestige” comes about.

Every character is pitch perfect to a point where even the most seasoned watcher of The Prestige can forget what he already knows. Those little details that emerge throughout the film are even more fascinating when you know the secret.

Nolan’s work is so focused and direct that it is easy to forget you are watching a movie that jumps around more than a Kris Kross concert. The plot would lose its direction if it was simply presented chronologically. Instead, it is constantly moving and always questioning the audience member’s confidence in their analysis.


Gladiator wheat field 5 Movies I Could Watch Every Day

My favorite film of all time is not instantly regarded as re-watchable. Gladiator is a serious film with a singular focus. Yet, the characters are so detailed and complex that each viewing somehow rewards you with a new journey. It truly deserved its Oscar for Best Picture.

Every scene is memorable – from the scruffy, opening battle to the epic showdown between Maximus and Commodus. Throughout the film, the scenes are elevated by a timeless score from Hans Zimmer. Arguably his best work, the score to Gladiator is as triumphant as it is mesmerizing.

But what sets Gladiator apart from so many like it is the full-circle story. Open-ended stories are becoming a staple in the film industry. Sequels are losing value  – especially when they are greenlit prior to the original’s release. But the simple fact that Maximus dies gives the film its glory. His death is an honorable and complete one. It is a sacrifice essential to the arc of a nearly perfect story.

Gladiator is a tremendously personal film set on a grand scale. Every chance Ridley Scott had to make a sprawling CGI epic, he brought the camera in and focused on the characters that mattered within the film. Because of this focus and determination on all levels of production, Gladiator has become a frequent visitor to my DVD player.

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  1. My top 5 –
    5) Shutter Island – I can watch this over and over again and still feel the power of that scene showing what really happened with Teddy(Andrew)’s wife. The dream sequences are mind blowing as well.
    4) The Dark Knight – This movie brings back a lot of fine memories from the time that it was released. I had just graduated from high school, me and my friends were discovering philosophy and literature, and this movie prompted hours of discussion.
    3) I’m Not There – I’m a Dylan freak, and the freewheelin’ surrealism of this movie always puts a smile on my face.
    2) Into the Wild – I smile, I laugh, I shed a tear at the end. Just a great movie, putting a spotlight on the possibilities of a life outside of our modern world.
    1) TAXI DRIVER – My all time favorite. I can relate in a lot of ways to Travis Bickle…We’re both lonely and misanthropic. Watching him shows me just how far down I could fall, and that helps me keep my head above water. Plus, it’s just an all around amazing movie.

    • Honorable mentions go to Once Upon A Time in America, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, The Godfather (I & II), the Lord of the Rings Movies, and most Scorsese movies, all of which are always enjoyable experiences, but far too long to watch frequently.

  2. My Top 5 (In order) movies i can watch everyday:
    1) The Blues Brothers: My personal favorite
    2) Hard Boiled
    3) Planes, Trains and Automobiles : Any John Hughes movie for that matter, yes there are better JH movies than Breakfast Club and FB’s Day off!
    4) Speed
    5) Labyrinth : Just for David Bowie’s very very tight pants… LOL

    Honorable mensions:
    Any Christoper Nolan film(if he continues to make great films, he will no doubt be one of the greatest directors ever.), True Lies, Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo, all Back to the future movies (yes even the 3rd one), The first 3 Indiana Jones movies,All the Star Wars movies (yes even the prequels), all of John Wayne’s movies, The 2004 Punisher movie (yes it’s a guilty pleasure of mine), Mulholland Dr, Taken (another Guilty pleasure), All of the Rambo movies, Rocky 4 (for some reason it’s my fav Rocky movie), any Pixar movie, The lion King, The Newsies (It has a singing Christian Bale!), The Goonies, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Dumb and Dumber, and many more, just too lazy to list them all!!!

  3. The gladiator trend stuck around for another season and offers some daring variations , like the mid-shin version from Cri de Coeur. Balance a street chic look with a pair of Baltic flats.

  4. Yeah face/off kicks ass:)

  5. Movies I could watch every day? Ok….

    “Speed.” ‘Pop quiz Hot Shot. There’s a bomb on a bus.’ Need I say more?

    “The Princess Bride.” This movie has action, adventure, romance… It never gets old for me. ‘And you…friendless, brainless, helpless, hopeless! Do you want me to send you back to where you were? Unemployed in Greenland!’

    “Jurassic Park.” I’m with you all the way Mike. That movie is so much more real than anything CGI I’ve seen in a while. I love Laura Dern as well.

    “Hot Fuzz.” With or without the director commentary this movie has me laughing all the time! I just can’t get enough of it. I’m always quoting Bill Bailey’s ‘Nobody tells me nothin’.’

    “Aliens.” I love all the action in this movie. Paul Reiser is the best! I love him as the arm of the ‘evil corporation.’ What a douche!

    I’d never really thought of these movies in this capacity before. They’re not even on a shelf! I have them perpetually stacked right next to the TV!

  6. 1) John Carpenter’s The Thing
    2) Predator
    3) The Big Lebowski
    4) Clueless
    5) Any Rush Hour/Shanghai Noon movie.

  7. Great list tho i dont care for Kill Bill, but i love the others. Ii would have to say my list is:
    1. The Boondock Saints
    Probably the best cult movie ever, you like the brothers just in the opening credits. the sequel was ok, and I’m ready for a third.
    2. A Bridge Too Far
    Whenever I want to watch a war movie this is what i turn too, great cast, great directing just over all great movie even tho its about Market Garden. The theme song is good for it too.
    3. Gojira
    The original, Japanese horror masterpeice not the Americanized verion with Raymond Burr as Steve Martin (tho ill watch that one too). This is one of the true horror movies out there cause of its anti-nuclear tone throughout the movie. Its first few sequels (Godzilla Raids Again, King Kong vs Godzilla, and Mothra vs Godzilla) are great follow ups and enjoyable to watch over and over again too.
    4. The Lord Of the Rings: The Two Towers
    The better movie out of the trilogy, you know the main characters now and Frodo and Sams parts are not as annoying as in the third.
    5. That Thing You Do!
    Great Tom Hanks movie, great song.
    Yep those are my top 5, but runner ups would include:
    Fight Club
    Oceans 11
    A History of Violence
    Without a Paddle and more….

  8. The Commitments. Greatest musical ever filmed, yet hysterically funny, painful and heartwarming.

    Raising Arizona. Keep your damn hands offa my wife!

    2001. Boring, yet oddly never a bore to watch.

    Miller’s Crossing. Best movie ever by the Coen Borthes, and that is saying something.

    Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

    Planet of the Apes.

  9. Loved your list and everyone of yours would be on mine.

    • Thanks Shaw. :)

  10. 1.Raiders of the Lost Ark
    2.Toy Story 1,2 AND 3
    3.Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    4.Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist
    5.High Fidelity

    Honourable mentions: Dark Knight,Snatch,Fight Club,Kick-Ass,500 Days of Summer,Iron Man,Rebel Without a Cause and any of the Harry Potters

  11. 4 Movies I an watch every day and never get tired of (in addition to Gladiator, which I share with you):

    1) The Last Samurai
    2) Pan’s Labyrinth
    3) The Godfather
    4) The Lion King

  12. Ok Ill try to list the top 5 films by Genre id watch.

    1. Horror – A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
    2. Drama – James Cameron’s Titanic
    3. Sci-Fi – The Terminator
    4. Action – Commando
    5. Sports – Varsity Blues

    1. Comedy – Role Models
    2. Children’s – Toy Story
    3. Comic To Film – Batman ’89
    4. Family – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie
    5. Based off A True Story – Disney’s Remember The Titans

    • hmm interesting genre list there wally..i’ll post mine in a minute after i actually wake up lol

      • Thank You anthony, Lol in response to your Chick Flick Genre statement, is Showgirls considered a Chick Flick? LOL Other than that, I guess one that comes to mind is Mean Girls i guess. I havnt seen many cause i have no girlfriend so i dont have to worry about those kind of films lol.

        • lol..i was being sarcastic wally, i dont see those type of movies, even when i do have a gf, which currently i do lol

          • lol I know. just felt like i wanted to list a movie,lol.

  13. PS: hey wally you left out the chick flick genre LOL JK!!

  14. my top movies by genres, thanks againg for the idea wally. i have combined a couple of genres, like family/chidrens, and purposly ommited comic to film(too trendy these days)these are in no real order, ot preferance.
    drama-the usual suspects
    comedy-fast times at ridgemont high
    sci-fi-blade runner

    this list will differ from my origianl one, as that list was of five, and wasnt catagorized, but there are some on THIS list that are on that one too lol
    based on a true story- remember the titans
    fam/childrens-the sandlot

    • You’re welcome.

  15. Dang, I knew i was forgetting one Genre.

    Western – The Quick & The Dead w/ Gene Hackman & Sharon Stone

  16. @ Anthony

    Not a bad list. Been long time since i seen Hoosiers & Fast Times At Ridgemont High. I liked The Sandlot, but not the 2nd one. I guess i havnt listed Suspense or Thrillers yet, I need to look at my dvds and see what i have or have someone give me a list of old ones that most likely 80′s or 90′s up to this day. Anyways, im done for now. Peace.

    • oh yeah the good ol’ western


      with honorable mention to Pale Rider

  17. Repo Man,
    Drugstore Cowboy,
    Breakfast Club,
    the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

    • the one scene that cracks me up everytime i see the life aquatic, is the scene where wilson says “im going to fight you steve” then murray just punches him in the face “never tell someone that youre going to fight them” dunno if its word for word, but its a damn funny scene lol

  18. I share this list wholeheartedly, plus these:

    1.- THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. I put this on when I hate the world. It always reconciles me with it.
    2.- THE BIG LEBOWSKI /O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU: I put them together only because they are Coen films, as I am aware TBL is INFINITELY superior to OBWAT. But they are both so rich with memorable scenes and great characters that they are both required repeat viewings (and I don’t even own TBL).
    3.- WHEN HARRY MET SALLY: Must I explain?
    5.- THE PAPER. Yes, the tiny Ron Howard film. Maybe because I’m a journalist. :)

  19. Die hard
    who famed Roger rabbit
    the shawahank redemption

  20. Any movie with Hugh Jackman in it, preferably a musical, but action is ok..

    • though..this will be a big gasp! moment form a lot of screenranters out there, i have not seen the prestige yet…but i actually enjoyed jacman in Swordfish……dont hate, dont hate LOL

      • I hope me rattling on about it with Mike hasn’t spoiled it for you then, anthony. Got a bit carried away there…

        • i’ll see it regardless, just never got around to it yet lol

  21. My movies are as follows
    1) Lord of the Rings The Return of the King (1 and 2 as well)
    2) Wolverine :-D
    3) The Village
    4) Signs
    5) Spider -man 3, :-D(1 and two as well)

    The movies in brackets are optional if I just feel to start from the beginning of the entire story :-)

  22. omg you LIKEd the village AND signs?, sorry man, dont mean to laugh…but just wow lol

    • Hey come on bud, be a little open minded here for a minute. Every movie that is made is indeed made for everyone, but not all the movies will be accepted by everyone because some folks just don’t give a damn because some movies just don’t entertain them or live up to the hype expected. I’m just a guy with simple taste, and mine is good :-)

      • hmm alrighty then….

    • I liked Signs. It was freaky

      • That’s the spirit.

  23. 1. Return of the King
    2. Wall-E
    3. Princess Mononoke (BIG TIME MIYAZAKI FAN!!!)
    4. Iron Man
    5. Raiders of the Lost Ark

  24. This is definitely a great list. I love that Nolan has two films on your list. Mine would probably be without Gladiator or Jurassic and instead have Memento in there. . . that is such a great film, and it’s so twisty that multiple viewings in a day would be necessary to fully grasp what’s going on. But that’s a great list indeed and I agree with it.

  25. My top eleven in no specific order or genre:


  26. Keep in mind these are movies I could watch EVERYDAY…not all are necessarily my favorites. They’re just okay to watch on a daily basis.

    [5] 300
    [4] V For Vendetta
    [3] Any Pixar movie except Cars
    [2] The Dark Knight
    [1] Batman Begins

    • Or the one about the mouse (i don’t know how to spell it)

  27. 5. Tropic Thunder
    4. Pineapple Express
    3. Knocked Up
    2. The Terminator
    1. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

  28. I actually really hated Kill Bill. thought it was the biggest crap movie i’ve ever seen. But that’s my opinion :) Nice List (with one exception)

    • not hating it
      yet calling it crap?

      • He said he hated it.

  29. Toy Story 3 is officially my #1 movie i could watch every day! I have to see it again! Im going for my third time on thursday!!!!!:)

    • Amen! Hopefully going to see it for the second time tomorrow!