5 Movies I Could Watch Every Day

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The beauty of being a movie-lover is that every day, at any moment, you can pop in a favorite film and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. Forget 3D advancements and Blu-rays – all that matters is the movie. On a computer screen or a projector, the wonders that we enjoy surpass size and volume; they latch onto our hearts and memories like timeless ticks.

Some films catch us at the perfect time. Whether it is the veritable naiveté of a child exploring new worlds or the mature mind of an adult looking for that next thought-provoking piece to spark some curiosity, films will always matter to the soul.

When I find myself at that unpredictable point in a day with nothing to do, I don’t look around for a book to read or a snack to eat. I stand up, walk over to my movie collection and decide the next two hours of my life. Almost always – especially when the choices overwhelm me – I resort to five golden movies – those that always win, no matter what.

The following are not necessarily my five favorite films of all time, but some of them are near the top of that list. Instead, these are the five films I could watch every single day, no matter the circumstance.

These are in no way an ultimatum. The list is simply my list. It is also in no order. I hope all of you will share your own ‘forever watchables’ in the comments section and explain why.


The Prestige

The Prestige Christian Bale 5 Movies I Could Watch Every Day

An unlikely movie on this list, The Prestige is not a household name like the others. It is truly the secret masterpiece of The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale find themselves in a rivalry that reaches deep into the supernatural. The film gives you something new with every viewing.

Sometimes the revelation of a plot twist can be amazing at first, only to fade away with time. The knowledge of the secret behind The Prestige‘s trick creates an endless ocean of repeatability. The nuances of the film reward the impassioned audience member with an unbelievable sense of doubt every time the “prestige” comes about.

Every character is pitch perfect to a point where even the most seasoned watcher of The Prestige can forget what he already knows. Those little details that emerge throughout the film are even more fascinating when you know the secret.

Nolan’s work is so focused and direct that it is easy to forget you are watching a movie that jumps around more than a Kris Kross concert. The plot would lose its direction if it was simply presented chronologically. Instead, it is constantly moving and always questioning the audience member’s confidence in their analysis.


Gladiator wheat field 5 Movies I Could Watch Every Day

My favorite film of all time is not instantly regarded as re-watchable. Gladiator is a serious film with a singular focus. Yet, the characters are so detailed and complex that each viewing somehow rewards you with a new journey. It truly deserved its Oscar for Best Picture.

Every scene is memorable – from the scruffy, opening battle to the epic showdown between Maximus and Commodus. Throughout the film, the scenes are elevated by a timeless score from Hans Zimmer. Arguably his best work, the score to Gladiator is as triumphant as it is mesmerizing.

But what sets Gladiator apart from so many like it is the full-circle story. Open-ended stories are becoming a staple in the film industry. Sequels are losing value  – especially when they are greenlit prior to the original’s release. But the simple fact that Maximus dies gives the film its glory. His death is an honorable and complete one. It is a sacrifice essential to the arc of a nearly perfect story.

Gladiator is a tremendously personal film set on a grand scale. Every chance Ridley Scott had to make a sprawling CGI epic, he brought the camera in and focused on the characters that mattered within the film. Because of this focus and determination on all levels of production, Gladiator has become a frequent visitor to my DVD player.

Continue to my top 3 go-to films…

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  1. GREAT List! I’m particularly impressed with your inclusion of The Prestige. It’s one of my favorites as well. The story/dialogue reminded me of a Caleb Carr novel and I agree, the performances, as well as the production values and direction were spot on.

    • I’ll agree with this. I haven’t seen the Prestige in a long while, but I need to rectify this. The movie is great, and DAVID BOWIE. Nuff said.

  2. My 5 movie that I could watch every day are (no order)

    Curse of the Black Pearl
    Kill Bill Vol. 1
    The Dark Night
    Hussle and Flow


    I did hear that they pitched a sequel 2 Galdiator but it didn’t get the green lit.

  3. i like all of those films. i could also watch the underworld films,island of dr moreau,splice,anaconda,mimmic,and alot of other creature features. i for one would love to see a great remake of island of dr moreau,creature from the black lagoon,mortal kombat,and resident evil,and a prequel to underwold the begining of the origins of the corvinus family,and steve altens the loch,and maybe a dino crisis if it was dark and gritty.a splice sequel would be really cool,and some more killer animal flicks of alot of different animals, but the only way i would want these films done is if they were taken very serious,and dark, and had good acting, great story,and a very good blend of practical and cgi effects.i think if they did a film were it kinda like jurrassic park but very dark, and it was at a zoo and the animals all seem to go crazy some how that would be the tricky part of the film but some how the animals get free as well and the sharks tank gets cracked open and well animals are going around terrorizing everyone and a group of survivors have to make it out and toward the end i was thinking that when they arrive home the dog starts growling and the film ends. but with some work on the story it could be really good.i really hope that the films i mention get some attention and get made.

  4. 1) Jackie Brown — Not my favorite Tarantino but, for me, the most watchable.
    2) King Kong (1932) — Never, ever gets old.
    3) The Departed — Like Jackie Brown, not my favorite Scorcese, but I can’t get enough of it.
    4) The Dark Knight — You said it all.
    5) Night at the Opera –The Marx Brothers are constantly on at my house and no matter how many times I watch it, the jokes still crack me up.

    Thanks for the opportunity to geek out a little.

  5. I always felt that Jurassic Park was Williams’s weakest “great theme”. That’s probably just me.

    As for endlessly rewatchable movies, I’m a lot less modern. In no particular order:

    SEVEN SAMURAI, and not only because it’s the greatest effing movie ever made. The Seven become more and more like old friends, each with a distinct personality, on each viewing. And the score is perhaps the greatest ever composed.

    DESTRY RIDES AGAIN (1939). Brian Donlevy in one of his sharpest roles as the heavy. Marlene Dietrich as the flawed dance hall girl and love interest. And young Jimmy Stewart in a fun role as the pacifist sheriff, with his charm amped up to 11: “Now, if I’d’a been carryin’ a gun, one of us might’a got hurt. And it might’a been me. And I would like that — WOULD I?”

    CASABLANCA. It never gets old. Never.

    THE BLUES BROTHERS. Some of the best running gags in the history of cinema, some of the best music by some of the best performers in the history of ever, and a truly jaw-dropping list of cameos that somehow all manage to be funny.

    EMPIRE OF THE SUN. Spielberg’s turning point film, and arguably the best he’ll ever make (note: not the popular opinion). This is the last Spielberg childhood movie, as well as his first serious adult film (that worked as intended).

    SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON. My favorite John Ford/John Wayne film, and one of Wayne’s finest performances.

    I could probably list ten more, but I’m already over the limit of five, so I’ll stop. :)

  6. - Aliens
    - Galaxy Quest
    - Serenity
    - The Matrix
    - Die Hard

    • You like Aliens over Alien?

      • Aliens had the action, Alien had the suspense. Both were amazing but it depends on what you are looking for. I liked Aliens myself over Alien.

      • I love Alien as well, but I don’t want to watch it that often. Aliens I could pop in once a week, no problem.


  7. Wow!!! I love how you included The Prestige and The Dark Knight. I agree 100%. I’m glad I’m not the only person who appreciates a gem such as The Prestige.

    So, I would say my top 5 are:

    1. The Dark Knight
    2. Hot Shots!
    3. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
    4. What About Bob?
    5. The Prestige

    Those are perfect movies I can watch numerous times any day of the week.

  8. You’ve booted the hornets’ nest with TDK, Mike! I couldn’t do it every day, but I have found myself rewatching it far more than Batman Begins. Not that I think it’s a better movie, just that I’ve got more from it on repeat viewings.

    Definitely with you on The Prestige. As you say, knowledge of the twist(s) only makes you watch it again paying renewed attention to the central performances. Nothing supernatural about it though, surely?

    Films I could watch every day and probably shouldn’t for mental health reasons are Memento, Terminator 2, Aliens, Donnie Darko, Primer, Godfather I & II, Blade Runner and Apocalypse Now.


      I’d say the idea of cloning at that time period is quite supernatural. As is most of the magic.

      • Supernatural is something that exists outside the laws of nature, or that can’t be explained by science or rational thought. Same with “magic”. The whole point of The Prestige is that everything in it – every move Angier and Borden make, even the structure of the movie itself – is an elaborate conjuring trick. Deception and sleight of hand. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s the tragedy of it.

        Clarke’s law: any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Tesla’s wireless power transmission experiments in Colorado Springs: science or magic? Angier just uses Tesla’s device as a conjuring trick on a massive scale.

        • I see your point, but…Have we proven that electricity can duplicate human tissue? That is what happened, and it was not sleight of hand with Angier’s character. Borden was the only trick. The human duplication was not something I considered to be a trick. It was, as Michael Caine put it, “not magic.”

          • No, but that doesn’t mean it’s outside the realm of rational explanation. Like many inventions or scientific innovations (practical and theoretical), that happened as an unintended side-effect of a seemingly-unrelated experiment. And doesn’t Michael Caine’s line just confirm that? If it wasn’t magic – in the sense of being something supernatural – then what was it?!

            • Plus Angier only goes to see Tesla on a fool’s errand concocted by Borden, who must have had some inkling that a form of teleportation might possible with the use of science, at least in theory.

  9. Nice choice with Jurassic Park. One of my all-time favorite movies.

    My list looks something like this:

    Die Hard
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    The Empire Strikes Back
    Jurassic Park

    Hmmm, no superhero movies in my list. That surprises me!!

    I could not watch TDK every day. Or every month. I like the movie, but I’d sooner watch Iron Man every day than TDK.

  10. my list

    5)Kill Bill(both volumes as a whole)

    4)Blade Runner

    3)Fast Times At Ridgemont High(yes, really suckers lol)

    2)Hardboiled(by far THE best Woo film)

    1)Robocop(a true classic)

    i stand by my personal picks, and im sure that there those of you scratching your head, well here is why i chose what i chose. Kill Bill because of its homage to just about everything that influenced QT, plus i just thought it was a cool movie, still do, and always will. Blade Runner is a no brainer, so, no explanation other than the fact the films visual are still some of the best even by todays standards. fast Times, well, because it is my go to comedy, plus, the cast, supporting cast ALL made thier mark on hollywood in the years to come. Hardboiled…well, NO blue screen crap, its the way an action movie should be made. Robocop, at the time had shocking violence, im mainly talking about thr death of Wellers character, and i just loved the humor it had, Verhouvan always had that type of humor in all his SF movies, which was great.

  11. 1. Casablanca
    2. The Dark Knight
    3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
    4. Edward Scissorhands
    5. Star Trek (2009)

  12. I’m sorry, where is Terminator 2 on this list?

    • Awesome movie, but not on my five most watchable…I have so many favorites (even my own Top 25 list), but these five are the commonly found playing in my home.

      • i jsut didnt like the fact there was a blatant mistake during the aquaduct chase scene, i understand budgets, but it was so obvious

  13. no T2, that movie always had a flaw for me.

  14. 5) The Rocky Horror Picture Show
    4) The Great Muppet Caper
    3) Batman (1989)
    2) The Empire Strikes Back
    1) The Dark Night

  15. What is this flaw Anthony?

    • the semi truck crashing down, the windshield came out, next scene it was magically reattached lol

      • That really ruins the entire movie for you?

        • never said it ruined the entire movie, nor did i ever say i disliked the film. i just happen to cringe when i see that scene lol

          • I endlessly love The Dark Knight, but I cringe every time that ass says, “Have a nice trip, see you next fall.” Only moment in the whole film I dislike.

  16. 5: The Dark Knight
    4: The Lost World (Jurassic Park sequel)
    3: Serenity
    2: King Kong
    1: Jurassic Park

  17. Yeah, not everybody has to like T2. I know I don’t.

  18. While Tarantino and Scorseses’s movies are my highest ranked favorites, I think it would be an endeavor to watch them every day (mainly because of length). So my list would be:

    The Dark Knight
    The Princess Bride
    Dead Alive

    I have seen The Dark Knight at least 8 times. Most likely more. It is my most played DVD.

    • dude!!! i agree with EVERYTHING on your list and the fact you included brain dead makes you my new best friend lol

      • Haha! Yeah, isn’t Brain Dead/Dead Alive amazing?? I’m a horror-comedy junkie. I so wish Hollywood still used those kinds of practical effects.

        • same you could get away with more and it added the right kind of touch so that a good balance between the suspension of disbelief of teh audience and realism. oh and “I kick arse for the lord” gets me every time XD

    • not all of QT films are long lol

      • Nope, but they are all AWFUL. IMO, of course.

        • i dont think they are all awful at all, but thats just my opinion

  19. 1) Donnie Brasco (Forget about it…)
    2) From dusk till down (where can i find the Tittytwister???!!!)
    3) The Dark Knight (why so serious?)
    4) Back to the Future (That’s heavy doc)
    5) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (just kidding)
    5 B) Loft (Belgian movie) Probebly unknown to you all. But a masterpiece with a great story and excellent twists.

  20. \Escape From NY
    \Terminator 2
    \The Time Machine (the orginal)
    \Heavy Metal
    \The Road Warrior

    • Heavy Metal!!!! my first R rated movie i even snuck into LOL

  21. 1. Gladiator- Seriously ’nuff said!
    2. Phenomenon- I know it’s corny but Duvall’s performance was incredible!
    3. I Love You, Man- I love a good bromance lol
    4. The Rocker- Great movie with great music too!
    5. Rock star- ^ same thing here

    • Oh and Galaxy Quest?

  22. Sin city
    The dark Knight
    Star trek (2009)
    Enter the Dragon
    - no specific order

    • lastdrag0n89, the last dragon didnt make your list?

  23. good movies. my list would be

    1. Eurotrip
    2. Dark Knight
    3. Kill Bill Vol. 1&2 (they are 1 movie to me)
    4. Shawshank Redemption
    5. Mary Poppins

    though these movies may not be on my list of greatest films, i love watching each one and can never get tired of any of them. good topic.

    • Kill Bill will always be a one piece to me as well, cant wait for QT to finish up on the whole bloody affair set

  24. i’ll try and put a few movies that people wouldn’t expect since i haven’t got a problem with watching movie over and over,

    Cloverfield -the best cinematic experience of my life
    Dog Soldiers- really makes you believe in modern british cinema
    Role Models- will never EVER cease to make me rofl like i’m on fire
    [rec]- i’m one of the few who likes quarantine too but i prefer the original
    superbad- my favourite out of the original apatow 3 of this, 40 yr old vrigin and knocked up

    • Superbad wasnt one of the Apatow 3. thats Virgin, Knocked up, and Funny People. Apatow just produced this movie for his good friend Seth Rogan, and someone else directed. I love the movie but its more in the feild of Anchorman and Walk Hard.

      good choices though

      • Just shows how much people’s tastes differ, because I didn’t like any one of those movies (haven’t seen Role Models, though).

      • yea sorry, i was referring to the fact that he produced them, i usually just lump all apatow productions together and they were the first 3 i watched that introduced me to his stuff.
        am i the only one who thought that with ‘funny people’ a movie about stand up comedy should have probably tried being purely a comedy instead of a dramady? i don’t mean to b**** but it was so not what i expected from a movie featuring rogen, hill AND sandler (also i don’t like it when adam sandler plays a dick, he’s such a lovely guy and it discomforts me)

  25. in no certain order

    The Dark Knight
    Pulp Fiction
    The Crow
    The Boondock Saints (the second one sucks)

  26. Whats amazing about “The Dark Knight” is that no matter what time of day it is, what mode your in, or what scene in the movie is playing… if your flipping through channels and you find this, your gonna stay there and finish it to the end. thats how it is with me anyway. i dont even consider it near one of the greatest films ever but i will never not enjoy this movie.

    • well, for me, is different, the film was tainted by maggie gyllenhall, i think thats how its spelled, not only is she a terrible acctress…well, i’ll stop there LOL

      • Would you prefer that Katie Holmes was in it again??

        • i actually would have preferred that. i have a hard time watching sequels that get parts recast with different actors and actresses, which is why i havent seen IM2 yet.

  27. monty python, did anyone mention the holy grail? no? fight club? nope… how about… scarface? godfather? and nobody here mentioned the greatest movie ever!!! Citizen Kane!!! how many years has that movie been declared number one? i understand (kind of) that nobody mentioned any other one of these movies, but nobody said CITIZEN KANE!!! Monsters!!!

    • Ah, but was Citizen Kane declared “most rewatchable movie ever”? I mentioned the first two Godfathers BTW!

      • so you did… my bad… but someone had to mention citizen kane! and im surprised that it had to be me… why didnt anyone mention it before?

  28. Shaun of the Dead, Big Trouble in Little China, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Aliens, Ghostbusters

    • Carpenter and Russell need to revisit the wacky Jack Burton agaon damnit

    • Solid list my friend! I haven’t seen “Big Trouble in Little China” but the other four are staples in my movie collection.

  29. Lol, on the Mary Poppins reference.

    Reminds me of that scene in Costners’ PostMan where all the slaves under that evil dude watch Mary Poppins every night. And b**** loudly when the operator suggests another movie.

    The Hills are alive,,,, ;-)

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